List of National Monuments in County Sligo

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Sligo. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
342 Ballinafad CastleCastleBallinafad 54°01′34″N 8°20′09″W
373 Castlebaldwin CastleCastleCastlebaldwin 54°04′41″N 8°22′10″W
523 Cabragh Wedge Tomb (The Giant's Grave)Wedge TombCabragh (Leyny) 54°10′27″N 8°40′26″W
568 Carns CairnCairnCarns (Calry) 54°15′20″N 8°27′01″W
277.01 Carricknagat Megalithic TombsMegalithic TombsCarricknagat (Tirerrill) 54°11′19″N 8°24′04″W
518 Carrowkeel Passage Tomb CemeteryPassage Tomb CemeteryCarrowkeel 54°03′04″N 8°22′26″W
153.01 Carrowmore Passage Tomb CemeteryStone circle, Ring barrow, Passage tomb, Ringfort, Megalithic structure, CashelCarrowmore 54°15′23″N 8°30′56″W
638 Ballymote CastleCastleBallymote 54°05′15″N 8°31′10″W
479 Carrowreagh Court TombCourt TombCarrowreagh (Leyny) 54°03′36″N 8°56′32″W
277.02 Cashelore (Cashel Bir, Bawnboy)CashelCastleore 54°12′36″N 8°22′39″W
118 Church IslandChurchChurch Island (Lough Gill) 54°15′13″N 8°23′12″W
159 Cashelmore (Clogher Stone Fort)CashelClogher 53°56′04″N 8°30′50″W
338 Creevykeel Court TombCourt TombCreevykeel 54°26′19″N 8°26′00″W
433 Cummeen Court TombCairnsCummeen 54°16′37″N 8°31′36″W
119 Drumcliffe High Crosses & Round TowerHigh Crosses & Round TowerDrumcliffe 54°19′34″N 8°29′42″W
277.03 Gortlownan MotteMotteGortlownan 54°13′17″N 8°20′20″W
607 Gortnaleck Court TombCourt TombGortnaleck 54°23′04″N 8°29′03″W
152 Heapstown CairnCairnHeapstown 54°05′42″N 8°20′54″W
117 Inishmurray IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishmurray Island 54°25′54″N 8°39′25″W
153.02 Knocknarea passage tombsPassage tombs & CairnsKnocknarea 54°15′35″N 8°34′28″W
153.03 Queen Meave's TombCairnKnocknarea 54°15′32″N 8°34′29″W
377 Magheraghanrush Court TombCourt TombMagheraghanrush 54°16′46″N 8°22′52″W
465 Moytirra East Court TombCourt TombMoytirra East 54°04′31″N 8°17′01″W
189 Sligo AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Sligo 54°16′15″N 8°28′12″W


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