List of National Monuments in County Offaly

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Offaly. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
672 Cadamstown BridgeBridgeCadamstown 53°07′53″N 7°39′25″W
617 CannakillDeserted Medieval VillageCannakill 53°20′45″N 7°17′31″W
510 Kinnitty CrossHigh cross & medieval wallKinnitty 53°06′11″N 7°41′51″W
497 Saighir (Seir Kieran)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteChurchland and Clonmore 53°04′15″N 7°47′34″W
336 Clonfinlough StoneRock ArtClonfinlough 53°19′03″N 7°56′09″W
532 Clonin EarthworksEarthworksClonin and Bawnmore 53°14′16″N 7°18′46″W
81 ClonmacnoiseEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteClonmacnoise 53°19′37″N 7°59′10″W
678,313 Durrow AbbeyCross, Church, graveslabs & motteDurrow 53°19′34″N 7°31′22″W
504 Gallen AbbeyChurch & SlabsGallen 53°15′45″N 7°49′24″W
82 Rahan ChurchesChurchesRahan 53°16′45″N 7°36′45″W


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