List of National Monuments in County Meath

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Meath. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
Alexander Reid moundBarrow moundAlexander Reid 53°39′04″N 6°37′48″W
546 Ardmulchan Passage TombPassage TombArdmulchan 53°40′58″N 6°36′35″W
496 Ardmulchan FortRingfortArdmulchan 53°40′28″N 6°37′36″W
239 Cannistown ChurchChurchArdsallagh 53°37′07″N 6°40′05″W
539 Athcarne CastleCastleAthcarne 53°37′19″N 6°26′29″W
287 Athlumney CastleCastleAthlumney 53°39′01″N 6°40′30″W
186, 468 The Yellow Steeple & Nangle CastlePriory (Augustinian) & CastleTrim 53°33′23″N 6°47′19″W
356 Balrath CrossCrossBalrath 53°37′25″N 6°29′18″W
187 Bective AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Bective 53°34′58″N 6°42′10″W
469 Sheep GateTown DefencesTrim 53°33′19″N 6°47′16″W
637 Calliaghstown Well (St. Columcille's Well)Holy WellCalliaghstown 53°40′17″N 6°19′46″W
544 Carrickdexter Cross (Baronstown Cross)Stone cross (early 17th century)Carrickdexter 53°42′11″N 6°34′57″W
676,148 Hill of TaraRitual & burial site, church & graveyardCastletown Tara and Castleboy 53°35′03″N 6°36′53″W
107 Castlekeeran CrossesCrossesCastlekeeran 53°44′28″N 6°57′16″W
199 St. Patrick's ChurchChurchDuleek 53°39′19″N 6°25′12″W
179 Duleek ChurchChurch & CrossesCommons 53°39′18″N 6°25′08″W
440 Dowdall Cross (Duleek)CrossCommons 53°39′15″N 6°25′09″W
290, 155 LoughcrewPassage Tomb Cemetery & Other Monuments, Cairn & Standing StoneOldcastle 53°44′34″N 7°08′08″W
264 Cruicetown ChurchChurch & CrossCruicetown 53°48′16″N 6°47′37″W
309 Danestown FortRingfort/RingworkDanestown 53°37′27″N 6°31′24″W
106 Donaghmore ChurchChurch & Round TowerDonaghmore 53°40′13″N 6°39′44″W
232 Donore CastleCastleDonore (Lune barony) 53°29′37″N 6°56′31″W
410 Dowth MoundMound, Standing StoneDowth 53°42′13″N 6°27′01″W
652 Dowth Passage TombPassage TombDowth 53°42′14″N 6°27′02″W
482 Dunmoe CastleCastleDunmoe 53°40′27″N 6°38′13″W
489 Church of St. NicholasChurchDunsany 53°32′11″N 6°37′03″W
400 St. Seachnail's ChurchChurchDunshaughlin 53°30′52″N 6°32′22″W
472 Fourknocks Passage TombPassage TombFourknocks 53°35′48″N 6°19′35″W
541 Gaulstown BarrowRound barrowGaulstown 53°37′43″N 6°27′25″W
257 Killeen ChurchChurchKilleen 53°32′10″N 6°35′41″W
409 Knowth Passage TombCemeteryKnowth 53°42′04″N 6°29′29″W
549 Knowth MoundEnclosure & MoundKnowth 53°42′04″N 6°29′29″W
543 Loughbracken FortMound and baileyLoughbrackan 53°50′09″N 6°40′38″W
514 Trim CastleCastleTrim 53°33′15″N 6°47′23″W
651 Mountfortescue HillfortRingditch, Tumulus & HillfortMountfortescue 53°45′43″N 6°34′34″W
147.03 NewgrangePassage TombNewgrange 53°41′41″N 6°28′26″W
110 Newtown AbbeyCathedralNewtown (Trim) 53°33′20″N 6°46′21″W
551 NinchBarrowNinch 53°40′37″N 6°14′38″W
261 Rath MeaveRitual Enclosure (Henge)Odder, Belpere 53°34′00″N 6°36′33″W
289 Rathmore ChurchChurch, Cross & BaseRathmore 53°38′35″N 6°52′21″W
495 Realtogue FortRingfortRealtogue (Realtoge) 53°38′33″N 6°35′00″W
322 Athcarne CrossWayside cross (c. 1700)Gaulstown 53°37′39″N 6°26′58″W
25 Robertstown CastleCastle (17th century)Robertstown 53°48′06″N 6°48′33″W
542 Robertstown FortBivallate ingfortRobertstown 53°47′39″N 6°49′13″W
553 Newtown TrimSt. John's PriorySaint Johns 53°33′18″N 6°46′05″W
547 Sarsfieldstown CrossWayside cross (c. 1500)Sarsfieldstown 53°39′14″N 6°15′27″W
109 Skryne ChurchChurch & CrossesSkryne 53°35′10″N 6°33′47″W
666,188 Hill of SlaneChurch & CollegeSlane 53°43′02″N 6°32′35″W
108 St. Columb's HouseChurchKells 53°43′42″N 6°52′51″W
158 Kells Round TowerRound Tower & High CrossesKells 53°43′39″N 6°52′46″W
679 Porch FieldsTown gate & medieval roadwayTrim 53°33′19″N 6°47′16″W
150 Hill of WardEarthworksWardstown 53°37′26″N 6°53′10″W


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