List of National Monuments in County Mayo

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Mayo. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
103 Moyne AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Abbeylands 54°12′08″N 9°10′37″E
96 Aghagower Round TowerRound Tower & ChurchAghagower 53°45′51″N 9°27′54″W
243 Aghalard CastleCastleAghalahard 53°33′22″N 9°17′56″W
403 Balla Round TowerRound TowerBalla 53°48′18″N 9°07′53″W
145 Ballina Portal Tomb (Dolmen of the Four Maols)Portal TombBallina 54°06′25″N 9°09′57″W
501 Ballintubber AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Ballintubber 53°45′23″N 9°16′58″W
325 Ballylahan CastleCastleBallylahan 53°56′05″N 9°06′18″W
251 Ballymacgibbon CairnCairnBallymacgibbon North 53°32′32″N 9°14′14″W
561 Barnacahoge CashelCashelBarnacahoge 53°54′20″N 8°51′23″W
530 Boheh StoneRock ArtBoheh 53°44′51″N 9°33′14″W
415 Breastagh Ogham StoneOgham StoneBreastagh 54°14′47″N 9°15′12″W
244 Caherduff CastleCastleCaherduff 53°33′08″N 9°14′41″W
631 Carbad MoreRingfortCarbad More 54°14′10″N 9°15′27″W
246 Eochy's CairnCairnCarn (Ballinchalla) 53°35′19″N 9°15′48″W
458 Carrickkildavnet CastleCastleCarrickkildavnet 53°52′51″N 9°56′46″W
293 Carrowcastle Wedge TombWedge TombCarrowcastle 54°05′41″N 9°04′45″W
293 Carrowcrom Wedge TombMegalithic TombCarrowcrom 54°05′24″N 9°02′52″W
196 Murrisk AbbeyFriary (Augustinian)Murrisk 53°46′55″N 9°38′22″W
235 Burrishoole AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Newport 53°53′56″N 9°34′21″W
483 Cashel CairnCairn / court tombCashel (Kilcummin) 54°15′20″N 9°13′36″W
222A Burriscarra AbbeyFriary (Carmelite) & ChurchCastlecarra 53°43′52″N 9°14′45″W
222B Castle CarraCastleCastlecarra 53°43′17″N 9°15′19″W
432 Cong AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Cong 53°32′25″N 9°17′12″W
308 TemplenagalliaghdooChurchErrew (Tirawley) 54°03′16″N 9°15′49″W
307 Errew AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Errew (Tirawley) 54°03′11″N 9°15′48″W
99A St. Dairbhile's ChurchChurchFallmore 54°05′46″N 10°06′25″W
146 Glebe Stone CirclesStone CirclesGlebe (Cong), Nymphstown, Tonaleeaun 53°32′52″N 9°15′54″W
198 Granuaile's CastleCastleGlen (Clare Island) 53°47′59″N 9°57′05″W
99 InishgloraEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishglora Island 54°12′31″N 10°07′13″W
379 Inishkea North IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SitesInishkea Islands 54°08′00″N 10°11′16″W
102 Inishmaine AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Inishmaine 53°35′53″N 9°18′05″W
619 Kilcashel Stone FortCashelKilcashel 53°53′00″N 8°40′49″W
402 Kildermot Church (Killdermot Abbey)ChurchKildermot 54°03′30″N 9°05′25″W
423 Kildun Standing StonesStanding StonesKildun 53°59′20″N 9°50′24″W
95A Kinlough CastleCastle and churchKinlough 53°29′55″N 9°06′59″W
296 Lankill Standing StoneStanding StoneLankill 53°45′12″N 9°30′06″W
98 Meelick Round TowerRound TowerMeelick 53°55′17″N 9°01′12″W
359 The Gods of the Neale MonumentMonumentNeale Park 53°34′26″N 9°13′28″W
413 Kelly's CaveCaveNymphsfield 53°32′40″N 9°16′45″W
664 Bunnadober MillMill ComplexRahard (Ballinrobe) 53°36′27″N 9°16′04″W
269 Rathfran FriaryFriary (Dominican)Rathfran 54°14′17″N 9°14′40″W
389 Rathfran Stone CircleStone circle, mound, ringfort, souterrain & enclosureRathfran 54°14′38″N 9°14′24″W
633 Rathfranpark Wedge TombWedge TombRathfranpark 54°14′31″N 9°15′09″W
454 Rockfleet CastleCastleNewport 53°53′45″N 9°37′39″W
386 Rosdoagh Stone CircleStone CircleRosdoagh 54°16′48″N 9°48′05″W
104 Rosserk AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Rosserk 54°10′17″N 9°08′36″W
95 Shrule AbbeyChurchShrule 53°31′08″N 9°05′27″W
172 Strade AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Strade 53°55′17″N 9°07′44″W
97 Clare Island AbbeyChurch (Cistercian)Lecarrow (Clare Island) 53°47′36″N 9°59′21″W
105 Killala Round TowerRound TowerKillala 54°12′47″N 9°13′15″W
100 Turlough ChurchChurch & Round TowerTurlough 53°53′19″N 9°12′30″W


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