List of National Monuments in County Louth

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Louth. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
326 Aghnaskeagh CairnsTwo CairnsAghnaskeagh 54°03′39″N 6°21′28″W
LH018-040 Athclare CastleCastleAthclare 53°29′08″N 6°14′07″W
480 Mansfieldstown ChurchChurchBawn 53°53′49″N 6°26′45″W
249 Carlingford CastleCastleCarlingford 54°02′36″N 6°11′13″W
242 The MintUrban Tower HouseCarlingford 54°02′24″N 6°11′11″W
388 Dun DealganMotteCastletown 54°00′50″N 6°25′49″W
526 Donaghmore SouterrainSouterrainDonaghmore 54°00′11″N 6°27′36″W
511 St. Laurence's GateTown GateDrogheda 53°46′31″N 7°30′01″W
92 DromiskinChurch & Round TowerDromiskin 53°55′20″N 6°23′54″W
144 Greenmount motteMotteGreenmount 53°52′41″N 6°23′08″W
623 Carlingford AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Carlingford 54°02′17″N 6°11′04″W
579 Lisnaran FortRingfortLinns 53°52′58″N 6°20′49″W
93 Mellifont AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Drogheda 53°44′33″N 6°27′59″W
94 MonasterboiceHigh crosses, churches & round towerMonasterboice 53°46′39″N 6°25′05″W
312 St. Mochta's HouseChurchPriorstate 53°57′12″N 6°32′44″W
476 Proleek DolmenPortal Tomb & wedge TombProleek 54°02′14″N 6°20′54″W
474 ClochafarmoreStanding StoneRathiddy 53°58′28″N 6°27′57″W
597 Ravensdale ParkCairnRavensdale Park 54°04′45″N 6°19′18″W
460 Castleroche CastleCastleDundalk 54°02′47″N 6°29′18″W
562 Rockmarshall Court TombCourt TombAnnaloughan 54°00′33″N 6°17′05″W
298 Roodstown CastleCastleRoodstown 53°52′21″N 6°29′12″W
178 Termonfeckin CastleCastleTermonfeckin 53°45′43″N 6°16′01″W
529 Townleyhall passage gravePassage TombTownleyhall 53°43′16″N 6°27′05″W


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