List of National Monuments in County Limerick

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Limerick. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
212 Kilmallock AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Abbeyfarm 52°24′09″N 8°34′30″W
622 Desmond CastleCastleAdare 52°34′10″N 8°46′56″W
201 Askeaton CastleCastleAskeaton 52°36′00″N 8°58′26″W
625 Ballylanders fortRingfortBallylanders 52°22′51″N 8°21′09″W
247 Lough GurEnclosureBruff 52°30′51″N 8°32′31″W
247 Lough Gur TombMegalithic Tomb unclassifiedLough Gur 52°30′31″N 8°31′55″W
85 Mungret ChurchesThree ChurchesBaunacloka, Dromdarrig 52°38′04″N 8°40′32″W
194 Hospital ChurchChurch (Knights Hospitallers)Barrysfarm 52°28′34″N 8°25′57″W
83 Dísert ÓengusaEarly Medieval HermitageCarrigeen (Croom) 52°31′15″N 8°44′41″W
636, 582 Desmond Hall and CastleMedieval Castle ComplexNewcastlewest 52°27′00″N 9°03′42″W
84 Clonkeen ChurchChurchClonkeen (Barrington) 52°38′38″N 8°27′36″W
345 Killeen CowparkChurchCowpark 52°36′29″N 8°53′38″W
663 Cush EarthworksEarthworksCush 52°22′52″N 8°26′34″W
315 Duntryleague passage tombPassage TombDeerpark (Duntryleague) 52°24′23″N 8°19′21″W
555 RathardRingfortGarryheakin 52°31′03″N 8°18′24″W
341 Killulta ChurchChurchGlennameade 52°37′45″N 8°50′10″W
268 Glenquin CastleCastleKilleedy 52°23′02″N 9°06′25″W
247 Lough Gur Stone CircleStone Circle (potential)Lough Gur 52°30′55″N 8°32′29″W
247 Lough Gur Standing StoneStanding StoneLough Gur
247 Grange stone circleEmbanked Stone CircleGrange 52°30′51″N 8°32′30″W
247 The SpectaclesHouse sites & field systemGrange 52°31′18″N 8°31′11″W
247 Crock IslandCrannógGrange 52°31′12″N 8°32′16″W
247 Lough Gur Megalithic StructureMegalithic StructureLough Gur
680 Kilmallock Medieval HouseMedieval HouseAbbeyfarm (Kilmallock) 52°24′02″N 8°34′23″W
408 Collegiate Church of SS Peter & PaulChurchKillmallock 52°24′04″N 8°34′29″W
173 King John's CastleCastleKilmallock 52°24′05″N 8°34′36″W
538 Kilmihill RingfortRingfortKilmihil (Ballingarry) 52°27′38″N 8°51′17″W
247 Lough Gur CemeteryCairnLough Gur 52°30′39″N 8°31′39″W
247 Lough Gur RingfortRingfortLough Gur
576 De Valera's CottageHouse with historic associationsKnockmore 52°26′01″N 8°39′25″W
86 Killaliathan Church (Killagholehane church, Our Lady of the Snows)ChurchLacka Lower 52°19′54″N 8°58′38″W
366 Kilrush ChurchChurchLimerick 52°39′39″N 8°39′19″W
288 King John's CastleCastleLimerick 52°40′11″N 8°37′32″W
383 Fanning's CastleCastleLimerick (Creagh Lane) 52°40′02″N 8°37′19″W
247 Lough Gur HousePrehistoric House SiteLough Gur
247 Lough Gur Wedge TombWedge TombLough Gur
247 KnockadoonPrehistoric HabitationLough Gur
247 Carraig AilleEnclosureLough Gur
247 Lough Gur Cemetery MoundCemetery MoundLough Gur
247 LeagunStanding StoneLough Gur
185 Askeaton AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Moig South 52°36′14″N 8°58′31″W
171 Monasteranenagh AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Monaster South 52°31′01″N 8°39′46″W
459 Ardagh FortRingfortReerasta South 52°29′37″N 9°04′05″W


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