List of National Monuments in County Kilkenny

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Kilkenny. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
334 AghavillerChurch & Round TowerAghaviller 52°27′55″N 7°16′05″W
599 Ballyboodan Ogham StoneOgham Stone (AD 700-900)Ballyboodan 52°28′12″N 7°13′22″W
282 Ballylarkin ChurchChurchBallylarkin Upper 52°43′22″N 7°25′39″W
475 Callan Augustinian FriaryFriary (Augustinians)Callan North 52°32′45″N 7°23′14″W
455 Callan Church (St. Mary's)ChurchCallan South 52°32′39″N 7°23′25″W
79 Kilkieran High CrossesHigh CrossesCastletown (Iverk barony) 52°23′52″N 7°22′51″W
274 Clara CastleCastleClara Upper 52°40′10″N 7°09′08″W
77 Clonamery ChurchChurchClonamery 52°28′01″N 7°01′54″W
646 Coolhill CastleDonjonCoolhill 52°27′54″N 6°55′56″W
321 Burnchurch CastleCastle & TowerFarmley 52°34′34″N 7°17′51″W
522 Magdalan CastleCastleGardens
Kilkenny City
52°39′10″N 7°14′41″W
331, 344 St. John's Abbey, KilkennyPriory (Augustinian) (part of & chancel)Gardens
Kilkenny City
52°39′13″N 7°14′54″W
626 Kells CastleMotte & BaileyGarrynamann Lower
Kells ,County Kilkenny
52°32′18″N 7°16′01″W
214 St. Mary's Collegiate Church GowranCollegiate ChurchGowran 52°37′45″N 7°03′48″W
620 Graiguenamanagh AbbeyAbbey (Cistercians)Graiguenamanagh 52°32′27″N 6°57′16″W
74 GrangefertaghRound Tower & ChurchGrangefertagh 52°46′42″N 7°32′41″W
80 Jerpoint AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Jerpointabbey 52°30′39″N 7°09′28″W
300 Kilfane ChurchChurchKilfane Demesne 52°33′15″N 7°07′06″W
75 Killamery High CrossHigh CrossKillamery 52°28′31″N 7°26′45″W
324 Kilmogue Portal TombPortal TombKilmogue, Harristown 52°24′11″N 7°15′45″W
76 KilreeChurch, Round Tower & CrossKilree 52°31′05″N 7°16′07″W
655 Knockroe Megalithic TombPassage TombKnockroe (Kells, Killamery) 52°25′54″N 7°23′59″W
399 Dunmore CaveCaveBallyfoyle 52°44′02″N 7°14′48″W
180 Kells PrioryPriory (Augustinian)Rathduff (Madden) 52°32′19″N 7°16′01″W
376 Rathealy RingfortRingfortRathealy 52°41′41″N 7°25′57″W
73 Sheepstown ChurchChurchSheepstown 52°29′06″N 7°14′36″W
72 St. Francis Abbey (Kilkenny)Friary (Franciscan)St. Mary's Parish 52°39′21″N 7°15′12″W
191 Thomastown ChurchChurchThomastown 52°31′33″N 7°08′22″W
161 TullaherinRound TowerTullaherin 52°34′45″N 7°07′50″W
670 Tullaroan ChurchChurchTullaroan 52°39′29″N 7°26′01″W
78 Ullard ChurchChurchUllard 52°34′49″N 6°55′59″W
372 Callan MotteMotteWestcourt Demesne 52°32′48″N 7°23′29″W

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