List of National Monuments in County Kerry

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Kerry. In Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection unless the government decides to demolish it. If the land adjoining to the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
56 Annagh ChurchChurchAnnagh 52°14′54″N 9°45′17″W
430 Ardcanaght StonesOgham StonesArdcanaght 52°10′10″N 9°43′35″W
54 Ardfert CathedralCathedral & 2 ChurchesArdfert 52°19′44″N 9°46′54″W
358 Ardfert AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Ardfert 52°19′49″N 9°46′26″W
221.01 Arraglen Ogham StoneOgham StoneArraglen (Corkaguiney Barony) 52°11′12″N 10°20′28″W
355 GallaunmoreStanding stoneBallineetig 52°08′21″N 10°13′22″W
221.1416 BallinknockaneBurial ground & possible churchBallinknockane (Kilquane civil parish) 52°14′00″N 10°17′53″W
221.1416 BallinknockaneHut sitesBallinknockane (Kilquane civil parish) 52°14′03″N 10°17′30″W
221.1416 BallinknockaneHut site & souterrainBallinknockane (Kilquane civil parish) 52°14′12″N 10°17′37″W
168 Ballinskelligs AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Ballinskelligs 51°48′55″N 10°16′18″W
64 Ballintaggart Ogham StonesOgham StonesBallintaggart 52°07′40″N 10°14′35″W
221 Ballybowler North Ogham StoneOgham StoneBallybowler North 52°10′36″N 10°13′21″W
364 Ballymalis CastleCastleBallymalis 52°05′05″N 9°41′33″W
62 Teampall Geal (St. Manchan's Oratory)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Site & ogham stoneBallymorereagh 52°09′16″N 10°19′53″W
221.0712 Cathair na BhFionnúrachStone fort, huts & souterrainBallynavenooragh 52°13′34″N 10°17′53″W
221.0712 BallynavenooraghStone fort & hutBallynavenooragh 52°13′38″N 10°17′48″W
221.2425 Cathair na gCatCashel & Ogham StoneBallywiheen 52°09′22″N 10°24′27″W
221.2425 BallywiheenEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteBallywiheen 52°09′32″N 10°24′25″W
380, 492 BeenbaneCalluragh, hut sites, cross slab, enclosure, souterrain, cross, standing stonesBeenbane 51°49′55″N 10°09′25″W
500 Beginish houseStone-built houseBeginish 51°56′20″N 10°17′24″W
184 Caherconree FortPromontory Fort (Inland)Caherconree 52°11′51″N 9°51′47″W
221.4748 Caherdorgan North CashelCashelCaherdorgan North 52°10′45″N 10°20′22″W
221.4748 The Chancellor's HouseBuilding - medievalCaherdorgan North 52°10′54″N 10°20′18″W
238 Callanafersy (Lisgortnageragh)RingfortCallanafersy West 52°08′13″N 9°46′28″W
249 Carrigafoyle CastleCastleBallylongford 52°34′12″N 9°29′39″W
59 Church Island (Valentia Harbour)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteBeginish 51°56′15″N 10°17′00″W
60 Church Island (Lough Currane)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteLough Currane 51°50′07″N 10°07′49″W
228 CloghanecarhanRingfort & Ogham StoneCloghanecarhan 51°53′18″N 10°11′02″W
385 Dunloe Ogham StonesOgham StonesCoolmagort 52°03′36″N 9°38′05″W
346 Darrynane Beg Ogham StoneOgham StoneDerrynane 51°45′51″N 10°07′19″W
221.45 DoonmorePromontory FortDoonsheane 52°07′07″N 10°13′19″W
221.46 Emlagh Ogham StoneOgham StoneEmlagh 52°07′54″N 10°13′00″W
391 Emlagh East CashelCashelEmlagh East (Dingle civil parish) 52°07′58″N 10°13′31″W
177 Dunbeg FortPromontory FortFahan 52°06′12″N 10°24′31″W
65 Gallarus CastleCastleBaile na nGall 52°10′33″N 10°21′21″W
66 Gallarus OratoryEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteBaile na nGall 52°10′22″N 10°21′00″W
64 GarfinnyCemeteryGarfinny 52°08′53″N 10°14′03″W
612 Garfinny BridgeBridgeGarfinny/Flemingstown 52°08′59″N 10°13′38″W
156 Cathair SayerClochaunGlanfahan
156 Cathair MartínClochaunGlanfahan 52°06′07″N 10°25′29″W
156 Cathair MurphyClochaunGlanfahan
156 Cathair SíleoidClochánGlanfahan
156 Caher ConorCashelGlanfahan 52°06′06″N 10°25′17″W
221.33 Glin NorthClochán & stone fortGlin North 52°10′52″N 10°16′53″W
221.34 Glin NorthCashelGlin North 52°10′49″N 10°17′09″W
63 Rinn an ChaisleáinChurch siteGreat Blasket Island 52°06′19″N 10°30′40″W
61 Skellig MichaelEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteGreat Skellig 51°46′20″N 10°32′19″W
67 IllauntannigEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteIllauntannig 52°19′34″N 10°01′12″W
63 InishtooskertEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishtooskert 52°04′55″N 10°34′05″W
63 InishvickillaneEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishvickillane 52°02′39″N 10°36′31″W
183 Innisfallen AbbeyChurch, Oratory & Abbey (Benedictine)Innisfallen Island 52°02′48″N 9°33′15″W
329 Kilcoolaght East ogham stonesOgham StonesKilcoolaght East 52°04′26″N 9°44′46″W
593 Killelton ChurchChurchKillelton 52°13′41″N 9°52′26″W
65 KilmalkedarEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteKilmalkedar 52°11′06″N 10°20′11″W
221.22 Keelers' StoneBullaun StoneKilmalkedar 52°11′08″N 10°20′18″W
221.23 St. Brendan's OratoryChurchKilmalkedar 52°11′05″N 10°20′11″W
227 CahergallCashelKimego West 51°57′21″N 10°15′28″W
414 LeacanabuaileCashelKimego West 51°57′30″N 10°15′43″W
258 Lislaughtin AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Lislaughtin 52°33′27″N 9°28′12″W
260 Listowel CastleCastleListowel 52°26′33″N 9°39′00″W
611 Loher CashelCashelLoher 51°47′10″N 10°09′56″W
221.02 MaumanorigEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteMaumanorig 52°08′38″N 10°21′31″W
311 Muckross AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Killarney National Park 52°01′34″N 9°29′42″W
53 AghadoeEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteParkavonear 52°04′36″N 9°33′16″W
236 Parkavonear CastleCastleParkavonear 52°04′33″N 9°33′18″W
10001 IllaunloughanEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SitePortmagee 51°53′11″N 10°22′25″W
221.21 Rahinnane CastleCastle, Ringfort and SouterrainRahinnane 52°08′35″N 10°22′59″W
57 Ratass ChurchChurch & Ogham StoneRatass 52°16′01″N 9°40′55″W
55 RattooEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteRattoo 52°26′33″N 9°39′00″W
519 ReaskEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteReask 52°10′03″N 10°23′16″W
221.35 ReenconnellEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteReenconnell 52°11′07″N 10°18′11″W
534 Ross CastleCastleRoss Island 52°02′29″N 9°31′54″W
221.27 Dún an Óir (Fort del Oro)Promontory FortSmerwick 52°11′27″N 10°24′52″W
143 StaigueCashelSneem 51°48′18″N 10°00′56″W
303 Tonaknock CrossCrossTonaknock 52°22′59″N 9°41′54″W
295 Tullygarran ogham stonesTwo Ogham StonesTullygarran 52°16′33″N 9°38′33″W


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