List of National Monuments in County Dublin

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Dublin and the city of Dublin. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection unless the government decides to demolish it. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
310 Baldongan ChurchChurch & TowerBaldongan 53°33′11″N 6°07′44″W
437 Ballyedmonduff Wedge TombWedge TombBallyedmonduff 53°13′45″N 6°13′34″W
590 Balrothery TowerChurch TowerBalrothery 53°35′12″N 6°11′24″W
291 Brennanstown Portal TombPortal TombBrennanstown 53°15′14″N 6°09′32″W
32 Clondalkin Round TowerRound Tower & CrossClondalkin 53°19′19″N 6°23′43″W
285 Tully's CastleCastleClondalkin 53°19′15″N 6°23′24″W
444 Archbold's CastleCastleDalkey 53°16′40″N 6°06′23″W
33 Dalkey Island ChurchChurchDalkey Island 53°16′22″N 6°05′08″W
401 St. Mary's AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian) (Chapter house)Northside Dublin 53°20′51″N 6°16′09″W
34 St. Audoen's ChurchChurchSouthside Dublin 53°20′38″N 6°16′31″W
St. Stephen's GreenParkSouthside Dublin 53°20′17″N 6°15′33″W
230 Dunsoghly CastleCastleDunsoghly 53°25′37″N 6°19′06″W
276 Glencullen Standing StoneStanding StoneGlencullen 53°13′11″N 6°13′03″W
605 Grange AbbeyChurchDonaghmede 53°23′57″N 6°09′38″W
36 Howth ChurchChurchHowth 53°23′15″N 6°03′57″W
226 Kilgobbin CrossCrossKilgobbin 53°15′23″N 6°13′04″W
207, 587 Kill of the GrangeChurch, Well & Bullaun StoneKill of the Grange 53°16′53″N 6°09′40″W
35 Cill Iníon LéinínChurchKilliney 53°15′17″N 6°06′59″W
675 Kilmainham GaolPrisonKilmainham 53°20′31″N 6°18′35″W
493 KilmashogueWedge TombRathfarnham 53°15′02″N 6°16′02″W
343 Kiltiernan TombPortal TombKiltiernan 53°14′20″N 6°12′26″W
216 LaughanstownCrosses and wedge tombLaughanstown 53°14′32″N 6°09′06″W
225 Tully ChurchChurchLaughanstown 53°14′49″N 6°09′08″W
157 LuskRound Tower & Church TowerLusk 53°31′34″N 6°10′02″W
302 Casino at MarinoDemesne BuildingMarino 53°22′16″N 6°13′37″W
494 Monkstown CastleCastleMonkstown 53°17′20″N 6°09′02″W
628 Rathfarnham CastleCastle or Fortified HouseRathfarnham 53°17′53″N 6°17′01″W
162 RathmichaelEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteRathmichael 53°14′09″N 6°09′20″W
340 Swords CastleCastleSwords 53°27′37″N 6°13′12″W
464 TibraddenCairnRathfarnham 53°14′19″N 6°16′49″W
St. Helen's, BooterstownPeriod HouseBooterstown 53°18′17″N 6°12′20″W


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