List of National Monuments in County Cork

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Cork. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
645 Altar Wedge TombWedge TombAltar 51°30′49″N 9°38′38″W
314 Ardskeagh ChurchChurchArdskeagh (Fermoy barony) 52°19′55″N 8°37′41″W
301 BallybegDovecoteBallybeg East 52°13′13″N 8°40′11″W
301 BallybegTowerBallybeg West 52°13′12″N 8°40′07″W
301 Ballybeg AbbeyFriary (Augustinian)Buttevant 52°13′10″N 8°40′11″W
22 Templekieran, Clear IslandChurch & Cross inscribed pillarBallyieragh North 51°26′00″N 9°30′00″W
425 Ballinacarriga CastleCastleDunmanway 51°42′20″N 9°01′54″W
641 Barryscourt CastleCastleCarrigtwohill 51°54′17″N 8°15′34″W
594 BlossomfortRingfortBlossomfort 52°09′41″N 8°45′15″W
558 GlanworthMedieval towerBoherash 52°11′21″N 8°21′20″W
558 Glanworth CastleCastleGlanworth 52°11′17″N 8°21′17″W
558 Rock Abbey, GlanworthFriary (Franciscan)Boherash 52°11′21″N 8°21′22″W
450 Breeny More Stone CircleStone Circle & boulder burialsBreeny More 51°44′32″N 9°22′30″W
202 Buttevant AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Buttevant 52°13′52″N 8°40′09″W
233 CahervagliarRingfortCappeen West 51°47′35″N 8°59′49″W
660 CarrigagullaStone CircleBallinagree 52°00′01″N 8°54′59″W
255 Carrigaphooca CastleCastleMacroom 51°54′19″N 8°57′45″W
255 Carrigaphooca stone circleStone CircleCarrigaphooca 51°54′35″N 9°01′30″W
656 Castledonovan CastleCastleCastledonovan 51°41′32″N 9°16′57″W
281 Mallow CastleCastleCastlelands 52°08′05″N 8°38′18″W
536 Clodagh Standing StonesStanding Stones - PairClodagh, County Cork 51°41′53″N 9°13′27″W
240 Conna CastleCastleConna 52°05′40″N 8°06′06″W
592 Carn TiernaHillfort & CairnCoolcarron (Fermoy) 52°06′54″N 8°16′58″W
565 Coolcoulaghta Standing StonesStanding Stones - PairCoolcoulaghta 51°35′48″N 9°32′36″W
395 Coole Upper ChurchesTwo ChurchesCoole Upper 52°06′31″N 8°12′12″W
600 Derryarkane Stone CircleStone Circle & Standing StoneDerryarkane 51°43′43″N 9°22′19″W
296 Drishane CastleCastleDrishane More 52°04′31″N 9°02′55″W
339 Dromaneen CastleCastleDromaneen 52°07′35″N 8°43′50″W
381 Drombeg StoneCircle, Hut Site & Fulacht FiadhGlandore 51°33′52″N 9°05′13″W
169 Sherkin AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Sherkin Island 51°28′28″N 9°23′58″W
374 Farranahineeny Stone RowStone RowFarranahineeny 51°47′42″N 9°08′20″W
284 Knockdrum Stone FortCashelFarrandau 51°31′36″N 9°11′39″W
426 Ballycrovane Ogham StoneOgham StoneFaunkill and the Woods 51°42′47″N 9°56′41″W
535 Charles FortStar-Shaped-FortSummer Cove 51°41′47″N 8°29′56″W
552 Greenhill Ogham StonesOgham StonesGreenhill 52°04′42″N 8°36′28″W
502 Island Wedge TombWedge TombIsland (Rahan) 52°04′04″N 8°34′47″W
490 Kilbolane CastleCastleMilford 52°20′20″N 8°51′04″W
182 Kilcrea AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Ovens 51°51′54″N 8°42′41″W
316 Kileenemer ChurchChurchKilleenemer 52°12′56″N 8°19′43″W
436 Kilnaruane Carved Pillar StoneShaft of High CrossKilnaruane 51°40′17″N 9°28′05″W
420 KnocknakillaStone CircleMacroom and Millstreet 52°00′22″N 9°01′25″W
318 Labbacallee wedge tombWedge TombGlanworth 52°10′11″N 8°20′13″W
18 Labbamolaga ChurchChurch & Grave slabsLabbamolaga Middle 52°18′39″N 8°20′51″W
333 Liscarroll CastleCastleLiscarroll 52°15′40″N 8°48′12″W
571 LissacresigStone CircleLissacresig 51°55′33″N 9°03′49″W
571 LissacresigRingfortLissacresig 51°55′28″N 9°03′21″W
Maughanasilly Stone RowStone RowMaughanasilly 51°46′14″N 9°23′11″W
411 Castlelyons FriaryFriary (Carmelite)[1]Mohera 52°05′21″N 8°14′01″W
525 James FortStar-Shaped-Fort & BlockhouseCastlepark 51°41′59″N 8°30′37″W
517 Kanturk CastleCastleKanturk 52°09′55″N 8°54′10″W
580 Skeagh CairnRing barrow & CairnSkeagh (Abbeystrowry) 51°34′29″N 9°20′18″W
Mount GabrielPrehistoric copper minesSchull 51°33′07″N 9°31′51″W
618 Kinneigh Round TowerRound TowerCastletown-Kinneigh 51°45′50″N 8°58′31″W
21 Timoleague AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Timoleague 51°38′35″N 8°45′49″W
360 Desmond Castle or The French Prison, KinsaleTower HouseKinsale 51°42′26″N 8°31′29″W
299 Tullylease ChurchChurch & Grave SlabsTullylease 52°19′00″N 8°56′23″W
634 Michael Collins birth placeSite with historic associationsWoodfield (Kilkerranmore) 51°36′40″N 8°58′42″W
286 North Abbey, YoughalFriary (Dominican)Youghal 51°57′27″N 7°51′16″W



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