List of National Monuments in County Clare

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments in County Clare. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments

NM# Monument name Description Image Townland Location
11 Corcomroe AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Abbey West 53°07′37″N 9°03′14″W
648 BallyallabanRingfortsBallyallaban 53°05′24″N 9°09′31″W
574 Tau Cross (Cross Inneenboy)CrossBallycashen, Roughan 52°58′40″N 9°06′53″W
484 Ballyhickey Wedge TombWedge TombBallyhickey 52°50′04″N 8°51′20″W
591 Brian Boru's FortRingfortBallyvally 52°49′08″N 8°27′06″W
478 Bunratty CastleCastleBunratty East 52°41′48″N 8°48′42″W
466 Caheraphuca Wedge TombWedge TombCaheraphuca 52°56′05″N 8°54′18″W
354 CahermacnaghtenCashelCahermacnaghten 53°02′45″N 9°11′54″W
195 Canon Island AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Canon Island 52°40′44″N 9°02′13″W
197 Clare AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Clarecastle 52°49′44″N 8°58′08″W
583 Dromore CastleCastleDromore (Ruan) 52°55′31″N 8°57′46″W
204 DrumcliffChurch & Round TowerDrumcliff 52°52′04″N 8°59′51″W
170 Ennis FriaryFriary (Franciscan)Ennis 52°50′45″N 8°58′53″W
509 Gleninagh CastleCastleGleninagh North 53°08′16″N 9°12′21″W
14 Inchicronan AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Inchicronan 52°55′05″N 8°54′24″W
5 Inishcaltra (Inis Cealtra)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteMountshannon 52°54′53″N 8°27′01″W
7 KilfenoraChurchKilcarragh 52°59′23″N 9°13′23″W
9 Kilfenora AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Kilfenora 52°59′27″N 9°13′05″W
8 KilfenoraCathedral & CrossesKilfenora 52°59′26″N 9°13′01″W
279 St. Molua's ChurchChurchKillaloe 52°48′25″N 8°26′40″W
448 Leamaneh CastleCastleLeamaneah North 52°59′15″N 9°08′23″W
16 Dysert O'DeaChurch, Round Tower & CrossMollaneen 52°54′33″N 9°04′06″W
649 MooghaunHillfortMooghaun 52°47′42″N 8°52′27″W
176 Killone AbbeyAbbey (Augustinian)Ennis 52°48′22″N 9°00′15″W
12 OughtmamaThree ChurchesOughtmama 53°07′01″N 9°02′19″W
17 Ruan ChurchChurchPortlecka 52°55′41″N 8°59′24″W
632 PoulnabronePortal TombPoulnabrone 53°02′55″N 9°08′24″W
15 Quin AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Quin 52°49′09″N 8°51′47″W
427 Carrigaholt CastleCastleCarrigaholt 52°36′00″N 9°41′58″W
10 Scattery Island (Inis Cathaigh)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteKilrush 52°36′42″N 9°31′10″W
6 St. Flannan's ChurchChurchKillaloe 52°48′23″N 8°26′21″W
270 Slievenaglasha Wedge TombWedge TombSlievenaglasha 53°01′02″N 9°03′06″W
13 Temple CronanChurchTermon 53°02′46″N 9°03′40″W
224 Magh AdhairInauguration SiteToonagh 52°50′28″N 8°49′44″W
270 Tullycommon Wedge TombWedge TombTullycommon 53°01′32″N 9°03′31″W
270 CashlaungarrCashelTullycommon 53°00′48″N 9°04′47″W
270 CahercommaunCashelCarran 53°00′52″N 9°04′14″W


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