List of National Monuments in Connacht

The Irish state has officially approved the following List of National Monuments of Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland, a structure or site may be deemed to be a "National Monument", and therefore worthy of state protection, if it is of national importance. If the land adjoining the monument is essential to protect it, this land may also be protected.

National Monuments in Connacht

Galway - Leitrim - Mayo - Roscommon - Sligo

This list is initially sorted by county. If the list is sorted under another heading, the county links above will take you to the first item from the county in the sorted list

NM# Monument name Description Image TownlandCounty Location
278 KnockmoyChurchAbbert Demesne Galway53°26′27″N 8°44′35″W
166 Knockmoy AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Abbeyknockmoy Galway53°26′25″N 8°44′34″W
47 Kilconnell AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Kilconnell Galway53°19′57″N 8°24′03″W
273 Dunmore AbbeyFriary (Augustinian)Abbeyland North Galway53°37′05″N 8°44′29″W
512 Clontuskert AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Abbeypark Galway53°16′57″N 8°12′56″W
49 AnnaghdownEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteAnnaghdown Galway53°23′13″N 9°04′21″W
252 Ardamullivan CastleCastleArdamullivan Galway53°00′16″N 8°49′45″W
164 Athenry AbbeyPriory (Dominican)Athenry Galway53°17′43″N 8°44′52″W
406 Athenry CastleCastleAthenry Galway53°18′00″N 8°44′41″W
371 Aughrim RingfortsTwo RingfortsAttidermot Galway53°17′37″N 8°19′01″W
470 Aughnanure CastleCastleOughterard Galway53°25′06″N 9°16′31″W
369 Caheravoley FortHouse & BawnCaheravoley, Kilcahill Galway53°25′08″N 8°54′29″W
42 Doonbeg RingfortRingfortCarrownlisheen (Inishmaan) Galway53°05′00″N 9°35′41″W
42 Carrownlisheen Wedge Tomb (Diarmuid and Gráinne's Bed)Wedge TombCarrownlisheen (Inishmaan) Galway53°05′14″N 9°34′52″W
42 TemplesaghtmacreeChurchCarrownlisheen (Inishmaan) Galway53°05′02″N 9°35′25″W
42 Carrownlisheen CrossCrossCarrownlisheen (Inishmaan) Galway53°04′50″N 9°34′32″W
42 LabbanakinnerigaChurchCarrownlisheen (Inishmaan) Galway53°05′02″N 9°35′25″W
42 DoonfarvaghCashelCarrownlisheen (Inishmaan) Galway53°04′51″N 9°34′48″W
42 Kilcoonagh ChurchChurchCarrownlisheen (Inishmaan) Galway53°04′50″N 9°34′33″W
42 Dún Conor (Dún Conchuir)CashelCarrowntemple (Inishmaan) Galway53°05′00″N 9°35′41″W
248 Dunmore CastleCastleCastlefarm Galway53°37′26″N 8°45′20″W
467 St. Cuan's WellWell & Cross slabsCastlegar East Galway53°24′55″N 8°18′57″W
428 Feartagar or Jennings CastleCastleCastlegrove East Galway53°34′11″N 8°56′34″W
272 Isert Kelly CastleCastleCastlepark Galway53°09′29″N 8°43′08″W
259 Kiltartan CastleCastleCastletown (Kiltartan) Galway53°05′25″N 8°48′27″W
165 Claregalway AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Claregalway Galway53°20′48″N 8°56′40″W
563 Cloonigny CastleRingfort & CastleCloonigny Galway53°21′17″N 8°21′17″W
283 Derryhiveny CastleCastleDerryhiveny South Galway53°07′37″N 8°11′32″W
527 Doorus Demesne wedge tombWedge TombDoorus Demesne Galway53°09′08″N 8°58′20″W
254 DrumacooEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteDrumacoo Galway53°11′55″N 8°54′16″W
365 Drumharsna CastleCastleDrumharsna South Galway53°08′36″N 8°50′35″W
206 Fiddaun CastleCastleTubber Galway53°00′38″N 8°52′46″W
554 Kilnalekin AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Friary Galway53°06′11″N 8°23′31″W
439 Glinsk CastleCastleGlinsk Galway53°39′07″N 8°25′55″W
52 High IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteHigh Island and Kill Galway53°46′31″N 7°30′01″W
412 InchagoillEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInchagoill Galway53°29′09″N 9°18′59″W
41.01 Creggankeel FortCashelInisheer Galway53°03′26″N 9°31′07″W
41.05 St. Gobnet's Church (Kilgobnet)ChurchInisheer Galway53°03′58″N 9°31′45″W
41.06 Knockgrannary (Cnoc Raithní)Burial GroundInisheer Galway53°03′54″N 9°31′24″W
41.08 St. Cavan's ChurchChurchInisheer Galway53°03′50″N 9°30′50″W
41.07 O'Brien's Castle (Great Fort, Furmina Castle)CashelInisheer Galway53°03′43″N 9°31′09″W
41.02 Grave of the Seven Daughters (Cill na Seacht Niníon)Early Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInisheer Galway53°03′26″N 9°31′06″W
642 KilcornanDeserted Medieval VillageKilcornan (Monivea) Galway53°18′48″N 8°42′49″W
43.01 Arkin's CastleCastleKilleany (Inishmore) Galway53°06′17″N 9°39′47″W
43.04 Temple BenenChurchKilleany (Inishmore) Galway53°06′11″N 9°39′59″W
43.11 TurmartinWatch TowerKilleany (Inishmore) Galway53°05′29″N 9°38′20″W
43 Oghil Leacht CuimhneLeacht Cuimhne (cenotaph for those lost at sea)Killeany (Inishmore) Galway53°07′45″N 9°41′25″W
43 Tighlagh EanyChurchKilleany (Inishmore) Galway53°06′05″N 9°39′10″W
43 Killeany ClachánsClochánsKilleany (Inishmore) Galway53°06′35″N 9°41′19″W
43.03 St. Eany'sEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteKilleany (Inishmore) Galway53°06′12″N 9°39′50″W
43 Doocaher (Black Fort)Promontory FortKilleany (Inishmore) Galway53°06′16″N 9°41′15″W
51 Kilmacduagh monasteryChurches & Round TowerKilmacduagh Galway53°02′59″N 8°53′23″W
43 Temple MacDuaghChurchKilmurvy (Inishmore) Galway53°07′51″N 9°45′33″W
43.15 TemplenaneeveChurchKilmurvy (Inishmore) Galway53°07′51″N 9°45′33″W
43 Dun AengusPromontory FortInishmore Galway53°07′33″N 9°45′55″W
43 Clochán na CarraigeClochánKilmurvy (Inishmore) Galway53°08′32″N 9°45′37″W
446 Kiltiernan ChurchChurch & CashelKiltiernan East Galway53°11′17″N 8°50′34″W
627 Lackan RingfortRingfort & SouterrainLackan (Ardrahan) Galway53°09′49″N 8°46′56″W
621 Lissard RingfortsTwo Ringforts & SouterrainLissard Galway53°20′53″N 8°23′22″W
245 Castlekirk (Hen's Castle)CastleDrumsnauv Galway53°29′33″N 9°30′48″W
499 RathsoonyRingfortMasonbrook Galway53°10′30″N 8°30′56″W
499 Rahannagragh (Rahannagroagh)RingfortMasonbrook Galway53°10′37″N 8°30′51″W
609 Merlinpark Castle (Merlin Castle)CastleMerlinpark Galway53°16′47″N 8°59′53″W
498 The Seven MonumentsEmbanked Stone CircleMoanmore East Galway53°11′19″N 8°31′52″W
43 St. Kieran'sEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteOghil (Inishmore) Galway53°07′55″N 9°41′07″W
43 St. Soorney'sChurch & EnclosureOghil (Inishmore) Galway53°08′01″N 9°41′43″W
43 Temple an Cheathrair AluinnChurch & graveOghil (Inishmore) Galway53°07′47″N 9°42′58″W
43 OghillCashelOghil (Inishmore) Galway53°07′38″N 9°41′59″W
43 KilleanyClochánsOghil (Inishmore) Galway53°07′39″N 9°43′08″W
43 Killeany TombWedge TombOghil (Inishmore) Galway53°07′39″N 9°43′08″W
43 OnaghtCastle & house siteOnaght (Inishmore) Galway53°08′24″N 9°46′36″W
43 OnaghtClochánsOnaght (Inishmore) Galway53°08′32″N 9°45′37″W
43 Kilcholan ChurchChurchOnaght (Inishmore) Galway53°08′25″N 9°46′33″W
43 Onaght CashelCashelOnaght (Inishmore) Galway53°08′24″N 9°46′36″W
43 TemplebrecanEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteOnaght (Inishmore) Galway53°08′46″N 9°46′39″W
231 KillursaChurchOwer Galway53°28′04″N 9°08′42″W
462 Pallas CastleCastlePallas (Tynagh) Galway53°07′36″N 8°21′44″W
48 KilbennenChurch & Round TowerPollacorragune Galway53°32′20″N 8°53′31″W
461 Portumna AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Portumna Demesne Galway53°05′10″N 8°13′03″W
515 Portumna CastleCastlePortumna Demesne Galway53°05′12″N 8°13′14″W
46 RoscamEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteRoscam Galway53°15′51″N 8°59′06″W
50 Ross Errilly AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Headford Galway53°28′47″N 9°07′54″W
242 St. MacDara's IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteSt. MacDara's Island Galway53°18′16″N 9°55′02″W
643 TonaroastyDeserted Medieval VillageTonaroasty Galway53°11′36″N 8°32′47″W
505 Tuam High CrossHigh CrossTuam Galway53°30′50″N 8°51′18″W
431 Pearse's CottageHouse with historic associationsTurlough Galway53°23′10″N 9°37′12″W
327 Turoe stoneSculptured StoneBullaun Galway53°15′10″N 8°33′42″W
477 Aghaderrard Court TombCourt TombAghaderrard West Leitrim54°26′07″N 8°14′21″W
68 Fenagh ChurchesChurchesFenagh Leitrim54°01′05″N 7°50′06″W
405 Corracloona Court TombMegalithic TombCorracloona Leitrim54°20′05″N 8°00′16″W
69 Creevelea AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Creevelea Leitrim54°13′53″N 8°18′35″W
390 Parke's CastleCastleDromahair Leitrim54°15′53″N 8°20′04″W
508 Seán Mac Diarmada's HouseHouse with historical associationsKiltyclogher Leitrim
653 Worm Ditch (Black Pig's Dyke)Linear EarthworkLattone, Gortnaderrary Leitrim54°22′45″N 8°04′12″W
103 Moyne AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Abbeylands Mayo54°12′08″N 9°10′37″E
96 Aghagower Round TowerRound Tower & ChurchAghagower Mayo53°45′51″N 9°27′54″W
243 Aghalard CastleCastleAghalahard Mayo53°33′22″N 9°17′56″W
403 Balla Round TowerRound TowerBalla Mayo53°48′18″N 9°07′53″W
145 Ballina Portal Tomb (Dolmen of the Four Maols)Portal TombBallina Mayo54°06′25″N 9°09′57″W
501 Ballintubber AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Ballintubber Mayo53°45′23″N 9°16′58″W
325 Ballylahan CastleCastleBallylahan Mayo53°56′05″N 9°06′18″W
251 Ballymacgibbon CairnCairnBallymacgibbon North Mayo53°32′32″N 9°14′14″W
561 Barnacahoge CashelCashelBarnacahoge Mayo53°54′20″N 8°51′23″W
530 Boheh StoneRock ArtBoheh Mayo53°44′51″N 9°33′14″W
415 Breastagh Ogham StoneOgham StoneBreastagh Mayo54°14′47″N 9°15′12″W
244 Caherduff CastleCastleCaherduff Mayo53°33′08″N 9°14′41″W
631 Carbad MoreRingfortCarbad More Mayo54°14′10″N 9°15′27″W
246 Eochy's CairnCairnCarn (Ballinchalla) Mayo53°35′19″N 9°15′48″W
458 Carrickkildavnet CastleCastleCarrickkildavnet Mayo53°52′51″N 9°56′46″W
293 Carrowcastle Wedge TombWedge TombCarrowcastle Mayo54°05′41″N 9°04′45″W
293 Carrowcrom Wedge TombMegalithic TombCarrowcrom Mayo54°05′24″N 9°02′52″W
196 Murrisk AbbeyFriary (Augustinian)Murrisk Mayo53°46′55″N 9°38′22″W
235 Burrishoole AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Newport Mayo53°53′56″N 9°34′21″W
483 Cashel CairnCairn / court tombCashel (Kilcummin) Mayo54°15′20″N 9°13′36″W
222A Burriscarra AbbeyFriary (Carmelite) & ChurchCastlecarra Mayo53°43′52″N 9°14′45″W
222B Castle CarraCastleCastlecarra Mayo53°43′17″N 9°15′19″W
432 Cong AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Cong Mayo53°32′25″N 9°17′12″W
308 TemplenagalliaghdooChurchErrew (Tirawley) Mayo54°03′16″N 9°15′49″W
307 Errew AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Errew (Tirawley) Mayo54°03′11″N 9°15′48″W
99A St. Dairbhile's ChurchChurchFallmore Mayo54°05′46″N 10°06′25″W
146 Glebe Stone CirclesStone CirclesGlebe (Cong), Nymphstown, Tonaleeaun Mayo53°32′52″N 9°15′54″W
198 Granuaile's CastleCastleGlen (Clare Island) Mayo53°47′59″N 9°57′05″W
99 InishgloraEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishglora Island Mayo54°12′31″N 10°07′13″W
379 Inishkea North IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SitesInishkea Islands Mayo54°08′00″N 10°11′16″W
102 Inishmaine AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Inishmaine Mayo53°35′53″N 9°18′05″W
619 Kilcashel Stone FortCashelKilcashel Mayo53°53′00″N 8°40′49″W
402 Kildermot Church (Killdermot Abbey)ChurchKildermot Mayo54°03′30″N 9°05′25″W
423 Kildun Standing StonesStanding StonesKildun Mayo53°59′20″N 9°50′24″W
95A Kinlough CastleCastle and churchKinlough Mayo53°29′55″N 9°06′59″W
296 Lankill Standing StoneStanding StoneLankill Mayo53°45′12″N 9°30′06″W
98 Meelick Round TowerRound TowerMeelick Mayo53°55′17″N 9°01′12″W
359 The Gods of the Neale MonumentMonumentNeale Park Mayo53°34′26″N 9°13′28″W
413 Kelly's CaveCaveNymphsfield Mayo53°32′40″N 9°16′45″W
664 Bunnadober MillMill ComplexRahard (Ballinrobe) Mayo53°36′27″N 9°16′04″W
269 Rathfran FriaryFriary (Dominican)Rathfran Mayo54°14′17″N 9°14′40″W
389 Rathfran Stone CircleStone circle, mound, ringfort, souterrain & enclosureRathfran Mayo54°14′38″N 9°14′24″W
633 Rathfranpark Wedge TombWedge TombRathfranpark Mayo54°14′31″N 9°15′09″W
454 Rockfleet CastleCastleNewport Mayo53°53′45″N 9°37′39″W
386 Rosdoagh Stone CircleStone CircleRosdoagh Mayo54°16′48″N 9°48′05″W
104 Rosserk AbbeyFriary (Franciscan)Rosserk Mayo54°10′17″N 9°08′36″W
95 Shrule AbbeyChurchShrule Mayo53°31′08″N 9°05′27″W
172 Strade AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Strade Mayo53°55′17″N 9°07′44″W
97 Clare Island AbbeyChurch (Cistercian)Lecarrow (Clare Island) Mayo53°47′36″N 9°59′21″W
105 Killala Round TowerRound TowerKillala Mayo54°12′47″N 9°13′15″W
100 Turlough ChurchChurch & Round TowerTurlough Mayo53°53′19″N 9°12′30″W
559 Altore Wedge TombWedge TombAltore Roscommon53°42′17″N 8°40′50″W
488 Ardcarn MoundMound & RingfortArdcarn Roscommon53°57′42″N 8°12′32″W
682 Castle NaghtenMotte and BaileyBallycreggan Roscommon53°27′11″N 8°03′38″W
362 Roscommon AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Ballypheasan Roscommon53°37′29″N 8°11′30″W
487 Carnagh West RingfortRingfortCarnagh West Roscommon53°30′48″N 8°02′39″W
473, 294 RathcroghanArchaeological ComplexTulsk Roscommon53°48′07″N 8°18′14″W
586 McDermott's CastleCastleCastle Island (Lough Key) Roscommon53°59′22″N 8°13′57″W
320 Castlestrange stoneSculptured StoneAthleague Roscommon53°35′06″N 8°16′14″W
557 Inchmacnerin AbbeyPriory (Augustinian)Church Island (Lough Key) Roscommon53°59′40″N 8°15′39″W
181 Roscommon CastleCastleRoscommon Roscommon53°38′00″N 8°11′00″W
608 Cloonshanville High CrossHigh CrossCloonshanville Roscommon53°52′03″N 8°23′24″W
650 Drummin fortRingfort & Ogham StonesDrummin Roscommon53°50′04″N 8°22′08″W
397 Emlagh High CrossHigh crosses: two shafts and head fragmentsEmlagh Roscommon53°44′43″N 8°27′23″W
167 Boyle AbbeyAbbey (Cistercian)Knocknashee Roscommon53°58′25″N 8°17′49″W
556 Trinity AbbeyAbbey (Premonstratensian)Trinity Island (Lough Key) Roscommon53°59′21″N 8°15′16″W
342 Ballinafad CastleCastleBallinafad Sligo54°01′34″N 8°20′09″W
373 Castlebaldwin CastleCastleCastlebaldwin Sligo54°04′41″N 8°22′10″W
523 Cabragh Wedge Tomb (The Giant's Grave)Wedge TombCabragh (Leyny) Sligo54°10′27″N 8°40′26″W
568 Carns CairnCairnCarns (Calry) Sligo54°15′20″N 8°27′01″W
277.01 Carricknagat Megalithic TombsMegalithic TombsCarricknagat (Tirerrill) Sligo54°11′19″N 8°24′04″W
518 Carrowkeel Passage Tomb CemeteryPassage Tomb CemeteryCarrowkeel Sligo54°03′04″N 8°22′26″W
153.01 Carrowmore Passage Tomb CemeteryStone circle, Ring barrow, Passage tomb, Ringfort, Megalithic structure, CashelCarrowmore Sligo54°15′23″N 8°30′56″W
638 Ballymote CastleCastleBallymote Sligo54°05′15″N 8°31′10″W
479 Carrowreagh Court TombCourt TombCarrowreagh (Leyny) Sligo54°03′36″N 8°56′32″W
277.02 Cashelore (Cashel Bir, Bawnboy)CashelCastleore Sligo54°12′36″N 8°22′39″W
118 Church IslandChurchChurch Island (Lough Gill) Sligo54°15′13″N 8°23′12″W
159 Cashelmore (Clogher Stone Fort)CashelClogher Sligo53°56′04″N 8°30′50″W
338 Creevykeel Court TombCourt TombCreevykeel Sligo54°26′19″N 8°26′00″W
433 Cummeen Court TombCairnsCummeen Sligo54°16′37″N 8°31′36″W
119 Drumcliffe High Crosses & Round TowerHigh Crosses & Round TowerDrumcliffe Sligo54°19′34″N 8°29′42″W
277.03 Gortlownan MotteMotteGortlownan Sligo54°13′17″N 8°20′20″W
607 Gortnaleck Court TombCourt TombGortnaleck Sligo54°23′04″N 8°29′03″W
152 Heapstown CairnCairnHeapstown Sligo54°05′42″N 8°20′54″W
117 Inishmurray IslandEarly Medieval Ecclesiastical SiteInishmurray Island Sligo54°25′54″N 8°39′25″W
153.02 Knocknarea passage tombsPassage tombs & CairnsKnocknarea Sligo54°15′35″N 8°34′28″W
153.03 Queen Meave's TombCairnKnocknarea Sligo54°15′32″N 8°34′29″W
377 Magheraghanrush Court TombCourt TombMagheraghanrush Sligo54°16′46″N 8°22′52″W
465 Moytirra East Court TombCourt TombMoytirra East Sligo54°04′31″N 8°17′01″W
189 Sligo AbbeyFriary (Dominican)Sligo Sligo54°16′15″N 8°28′12″W

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