List of National Lacrosse Hall of Fame members

The members of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame are inducted by US Lacrosse and are enshrined at the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Members have been inducted into the hall of fame annually since 1957.[1] The National Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum moved to US Lacrosse's new headquarters in Sparks, Maryland in 2016.

Individuals are nominated in four distinct categories: players, coaches, contributors, or officials. Each year, the nominating and voting process takes place from January through April. The annual class of inductees is publicly announced over Memorial Day weekend in May, in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Championships held the same weekend. They are then officially inducted at a ceremony in September or October.[2]

In 1992, Rosabelle Sinclair, a pioneer of the women's game, was the first woman to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.[3] Since Sinclair, there have been 76 other woman inductees, and, combined with 287 men, there are 364 total inductees as of the 2010 class.

Hall of Fame inductees

1957Cox, Laurie D.ContributorHarvard University
1957Marsters, Charles E.PlayerHarvard University
1957Miller, Cyrus C.PlayerNew York University
1957Schmeisser, William C.Player/CoachJohns Hopkins University
1957Taylor, RoyPlayerCornell University
1958Abercrombie, Ronald T.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1958Brisotti, Albert A.PlayerNew York University
1958Collins, Carlton P.PlayerCornell University
1958Kirkpatrick, Andrew M.PlayerSt. John's College
1959Barnard, Norris C.OfficialSwarthmore College
1959Brower, Cyril D.PlayerHobart College
1959Fries, Waldemar H.PlayerCornell University
1959Hawkins, Russell S.PlayerNew York University
1959Harkinson Hudgins, WilliamPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1959Knipp, John C.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1959Starzenski, VictorContributorStevens Institute of Technology
1959Truitt, Reginald V.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1959Wylie, William C.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1959Davis, William A.PlayerNo affiliation
1960Kennedy, J. SarsfieldPlayerCrescent Athletic Club
1960Lydecker, Irving B.PlayerSyracuse University
1960Miller, Leon A.PlayerCarlisle Indian School
1960Hewitt Paige, JohnPlayerColgate University
1960Scott, Herbert T.PlayerCrescent Athletic Club
1960Touchstone, F. MorrisPlayer/CoachGeorge Williams
1961Blake, Avery F.PlayerSwarthmore College
1961Fitch, Frederic A.PlayerSyracuse University
1961Harkness, William J.PlayerPrinceton University
1961Maddren, WilliamPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1961Mallonee, C. GardenerPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1961Moore, William H.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1961Stuart, Edward M.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1961Sutherland, Conrad J.PlayerPrinceton University
1962Billing, Fred C.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1962Ford, Henry CrawfordPlayerSwarthmore College
1962Meistrell, Harland W.PlayerPrinceton University
1962Morrill, Jr., William K.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1962Ross, Victor K.PlayerSyracuse University
1962Turnbull, Douglass ClaylandPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1962Norris, Walter O.PlayerSt. John's College
1963Alexander, Fred C.PlayerHarvard University
1963Biddison, Thomas N.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1963Faber, John EdgarPlayerUniversity of Maryland
1963Hartdegen, CarlPlayerLehigh University
1963Pool, Robert P.PlayerSt. John's College
1963Stranahan, Jason G.ContributorUnion College
1963Thomsen, FerrisPlayer/CoachSt. John's College
1963Wilson, Harry E.PlayerUnited States Military Academy
1964Baker, Henry FenmorePlayerSwarthmore College
1964Breyer, Frank G.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1964Collins, Thomas WalterPlayerYale University
1964Kraus, Francis LucasPlayerHobart College
1964Moore, MillerPlayerUniversity of Pennsylvania
1964O'Connor, Claxton J.PlayerSt. John's University
1964Powell, Edwin EmersonPlayerUniversity of Maryland
1964Simmons, Sr., Roy D.PlayerSyracuse University
1965Deckman, Joseph H.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1965Frank, Henry SamuelPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1965Heagy, Albert B.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1965Julien, Joseph J.PlayerRutgers University
1965Lamb, Philip E.PlayerSwarthmore College
1965Thiel, Glenn N.PlayerSyracuse University
1965Turnbull, Jack I.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1966Erlanger, Milton S.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1966Evans, William W.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1966Flippin, Royce N.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1966Gould, Avery H.PlayerDartmouth College
1966Kelly, Donaldson NaylorPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1966Lotz, Edwin L.PlayerSt. John's University
1966MacIntyre, Malcolm A.PlayerYale University
1967Boucher, John W.PlayerSt. John's College
1967Guild, Lorne RandolfPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1967Jenkins, Victor J.PlayerSyracuse University
1967Linkous, Fred CecilPlayerUniversity of Maryland
1967Twitchell, Albert W.PlayerRutgers University
1968Auer, Gaylord R.PlayerBaltimore City College
1968Gilmore, Morris D.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1968Igelhart, James D.PlayerBaltimore Athletic Club
1968Lotz, Philip LeePlayerSt. John's University
1968Pugh, Gordon S.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1968Smith, Winthrop A.PlayerYale University
1969Armstrong, Gordan A.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1969Ellinger, Charles F.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1969Kelly, Caleb RedgravePlayerJohns Hopkins University
1969Kelly, John F.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1969LaMotte, F. GibbsPlayerMount Washington Lacrosse Club
1969Logan, William FrancesPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1969Strobhar, Thomas S.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1969Wyatt, Frederick A.PlayerUnion College
1970Marty, Ivan M.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1970Stude, Fritz R.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1970Truxton, ThomasPlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1971Ferris, Carlton J.PlayerHobart College
1971Hewitt, Frederic M.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1971Myers, HowardCoachUniversity of Virginia
1971Spring, Arthur F.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1971Yearley, ChurchPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1972Dobbin, William H.PlayerHobart College
1972Latimer, George AlvahPlayerRutgers University
1972Ritch, Wiliam N.CoachSyracuse University
1972Sothoron, NorwoodPlayerUniversity of Maryland
1972Tolson, John C.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1973Beggs, Harry G.PlayerYale University
1973Bilderback, Willis P.CoachRutgers University
1973Campbell, TylerPlayerPrinceton University
1973Lang, John D.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1973Smith, Everett W.PlayerSt. John's College
1974Christhilf, John F.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1974Donohue, John C.PlayerSt. John's College
1974Kaestner, Henry BenjaminPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1974McAnally, Charles G.PlayerUniversity of Pennsylvania
1974Robbins, Louis A.PlayerSyracuse University
1975Adams, James F.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1975Bunting, Lloyd M.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1975Chambers, Lee J.H.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1975Hartinger, James V.PlayerUnited States Military Academy
1975Hooper, William U.PlayerUniversity of Virginia
1976Budnitz, Emil A.ContributorJohns Hopkins University
1976Kappler, James R.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1976Lindsay, StewartPlayerSyracuse University
1976Scott, Robert H.CoachJohns Hopkins University
1977Chandlee, George M.ContributorYale University
1977Lamond, AngusPlayerSt. John's College
1977Pearre, SiffordPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1977Tunstall, Brooke W.CoachJohns Hopkins University
1977Webster, James McCormickPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1978Fitch, Hebert T.PlayerHobart College
1978Howard, John D.PlayerWashington College
1978Lang, Millard T.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1978Morrill, Sr., William K.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1978Smith, Fred B.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1978Wicker, Charles E.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1979Blake, Jr., Avery F.PlayerSwarthmore College
1979Seivold, JosephPlayerWashington College
1980Beardmore, Clayton A.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1980Fewster, William L.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1980Krongard, Alvin B.PlayerPrinceton University
1980Miser, Robert S.PlayerUnited States Military Academy
1980Roberts, Milton R.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1981Fuller, William L.PlayerSyracuse University
1981Greene, Melvin R.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1981Hahn, Donald P.PlayerPrinceton University
1981Keating, James H.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1981Lewis, James C.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1981Urso, FrankPlayerUniversity of Maryland
1982Allner, Frederick A.PlayerPrinceton University
1982Schmidt, Austin F.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1982Willis, Ralph N.PlayerPrinceton University
1983Brown, JimPlayerSyracuse University
1983Moran, RichiePlayerUniversity of Maryland
1983Webb, Norman A.PlayerUnited States Military Academy
1984Gaines, Leonard T.PlayerPrinceton University
1984Kelley, Robert E.PlayerRutgers University
1984Sandell, Robert E.Player/OfficialJohns Hopkins University
1984Shoop, William P.PlayerRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1984Swindell, Philip W.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1985Kaestner, Benjamin H.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1985Cowan, Joseph W.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1985Garber, Richard F.CoachSpringfield College
1985Krongard, Howard J.PlayerPrinceton University
1985Simmons, John W.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1986Corcoran, Joseph W.CoachIthaca College
1986Cramblet, Peter B.PlayerUnited States Military Academy
1986Postel, Thomas J.PlayerC.W. Post
1986Wilder, Joseph R.PlayerDartmouth College
1987Ciccarone, Henry A.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1987Fish, Henry E.PlayerPrinceton University
1987Fraser, Ronald A.PlayerSyracuse University
1987Merrick, Robert G.PlayerYale University
1987Sollers, Joseph S.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1987Thomas, William F.PlayerWestern Maryland College
1988Betz, Ernest J.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1988Cafaro, Thomas R.PlayerUnited States Military Academy
1988Clark, Charles B.PlayerWashington University
1988Cohen, HarveyPlayerLafayette College
1988Heim, John C.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1988Hilliard, Milton E.PlayerCornell University
1988Hopkins, Heather R.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1989Cohen, Bruce L.PlayerCornell University
1989Eldredge, Peter H.PlayerUniversity of Virginia
1989Hayes, Thomas R.PlayerPennsylvania State University
1989Russell, C. MasonPlayerAnnapolis High School
1989Tamulevich, Carl J.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1989Thomas, JohnPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1990Darcangelo, James M.PlayerTowson University
1990Griebe, Robert E.PlayerTowson University
1990Lowe, Alan E.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1990Marshall, A. ArlynPlayerJohns Hopkins University
1990Smith, Neville K.PlayerConnecticut Valley Lacrosse Club
1990Wood, L. RayPlayerWashington College
1991Albertson, Donald G.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
1991Bauer, Theodore W.PlayerWashington & Lee University
1991French, Michael G.PlayerCornell University
1991Kowalchuk, Richard M.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1991Simmons, Jr., Roy D.PlayerSyracuse University
1992Chadwick, Sterling H.PlayerWashington & Lee University
1992Cuozzo, Joseph A.PlayerCortland State University
1992Lyons, Oren R.PlayerSyracuse University
1992McEneaney, EamonPlayerCornell University
1992Radebaugh, J. DouglassPlayerUniversity of Maryland
1992Sinclair, RosabelleContributorSt Leonards School
1992Orman, Ray VanPlayerCornell University
1993Pitts, JacquelinPlayerSt. Lawrence University
1993Barry, Joyce CranContributorWycombe Abbey
1993Boyd, MargaretContributorWycombe Abbey
1993Corrigan, Eugene F.ContributorDuke University
1993DiMaggio, Agostino M.PlayerWashington College
1993Henrickson, Robert L.PlayerCornell University
1993Lichtfuss, Ernest J.PlayerWashington & Lee University
1993O'Neill, Michael J.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1993Richey, ElizabethPlayerRadcliffe College
1993Schreiber, Douglas M.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1993Vache, Jane L.ContributorWest Chester University
1993Cross, Suzanne R.ContributorNo affiliation
1994Shellenberger, BettyPlayerAgnes Irwin
1994Allen, VirginiaCoachSwarthmore College
1994Burke, James E.PlayerCortland State University
1994Conner, Jay D.PlayerUniversity of Virginia
1994Eisenbrandt, Frederick H.PlayerDuke University
1994Haussermann, CarolinePlayerVirginia Women's Lacrosse Association
1994Kane, Christopher J.PlayerCornell University
1994Messere, Michael A.PlayerCortland State University
1994Oswald, JanePlayer/CoachBeaver College
1994Schuyler, GretchenPlayerBoston University
1995No inductions in this year
1996Beroza, William S.PlayerRoanoke College
1996Heinze, Kathleen A.PlayerDartford College
1996Marino, William G.PlayerCornell University
1996Matthews, Leslie S.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1996Semanik, Mary FetterPlayerPhiladelphia Women's Lacrosse Association
1996Tammaro, Angela E.PlayerBoston University
1996Valestra, John M.PlayerRutgers University
1996Waldvogel, Michael J.PlayerCortland State University
1996Wolstenholme, Judith S.PlayerUrsinus College
1997Green, Tina SloanPlayerWest Chester University
1997Kowalski, Stanley F.PlayerCortland State University
1997Potter, James L.PlayerUniversity of Virginia
1997Rogers, Nolan H.ContributorDuke University
1997Russell, Enid ClinchardPlayerUrsinus College
1997Schneck, Brendan M.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1997Smith, Janet A.PlayerUrsinus College
1997Smith, NathaliePlayerBouvé College
1997Sombrotto, Vincent J.PlayerHofstra University
1997Wheeler, HelenaPlayerWestchester Lacrosse Association
1998Driscoll, John F.PlayerUniversity of Virginia
1998Greenberg, Mark J.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1998Lanzl, Connie BurgessPlayerWilson College
1998Longstreth, Barbara H.PlayerBeaver College
1998Murphy, Charles D.ContributorPrinceton University
1998Willetts, Alice PutnamContributorPhiladelphia Team
1998Rocha, Candace FinnPlayerPennsylvania State University
1998Rule, Robert J.PlayerCornell University
1998Schooley, Susanne M.PlayerGlassboro State College
1998Williams, Elizabeth F.PlayerUniversity of Pennsylvania
1998Urick, David J.PlayerCortland State University
1999Cross, Dee FictherPlayerShippensburg State
1999Farrell, Michael C.PlayerUniversity of Maryland
1999Federico, Michael S.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
1999Finley, Richard C.PlayerSyracuse University
1999Garinger, Marjorie D.PlayerUrsinus College
1999Keigler, Thomas N.PlayerWashington & Lee University
1999Stahl, Sue DayPlayerUrsinus College
1999Tyler, SuzanneCoachNortheastern University
1999Walchak, ValerieContributorWest Chester University
1999Wehrum, PaulCoachCortland State University
2000Buzzell, Michael A.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
2000Coakley, Anne O.PlayerBoston Women's Lacrosse Association
2000Cook, Kevin A.PlayerCornell University
2000Delaney-Scheetz, SusanPlayerWest Chester University
2000Dougherty, Betsy WilliamsPlayerPennsylvania State University
2000Kuklick, Janice RensimerPlayerWest Chester University
2000Patterson, John WesleyPlayerSpringfield College
2000Quinn, Lawrence J.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
2000Roth, Linda SwartsPlayerWest Chester University
2000Smith, Edward DoyleContributorJohns Hopkins University/ University of Virginia
2001Kotz, Bradley A.PlayerSyracuse University
2001Allen, HelenPlayerNew York Women's Lacrosse Association
2001Borbee, Karen EmasPlayerUniversity of Delaware
2001DeTommaso, JohnPlayerJohns Hopkins University
2001Duquette, Thomas B.PlayerUniversity of Virginia
2001Garvey, JamesOfficialAdelphi College
2001Geiger, KathleenPlayerTemple University
2001Harkness, NedCoachRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2001Lubking, Susan W.PlayerUrsinus College
2001Ware, LanettaPlayer/CoachUniversity of Richmond
2002Chance, Nancy VadnerContributorBoston Women's Lacrosse Association
2002Colburn, Zachary T.PlayerUniversity of Pennsylvania
2002Dow, Heather C.PlayerUniversity of Virginia
2002Dressel, Delverene A.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
2002Hess, Eleanor PeteContributorUSWLA
2002Hoody, Sandra KayPlayerTowson University
2002Marino, Gerard RoddyPlayerUniversity of Virginia
2002McGeeney, George W.PlayerUniversity of Baltimore
2002Tierney, William G.CoachPrinceton University
2002Williams, Julie R.Player/CoachUniversity of Virginia
2003Miller, JanePlayerNortheastern University
2003Risch, Alison HerseyPlayerUS National Team
2003Cheek, JohnPlayerWashington College
2003Kurtz, Aggie BixlerPlayerSmith College
2003Schnydman, JerryPlayerJohns Hopkins University
2003Scroggs, WilliamCoachJohns Hopkins University
2003Sheckells, TomOfficialUnited States Military Academy
2003Ulman, BernardOfficialUniversity of Maryland
2003Wagner, JoanOfficialMillersville University
2003Werley, Merle "Mike" McCallisterPlayerWest Chester University
2004Barbieri, JanePlayerWest Chester University
2004Edell, DickCoachTowson University
2004Gioia, RosaliaContributorHunter College
2004Hufnell, JackieOfficialWest Chester University
2004Jordan, BarbPlayerPennsylvania State University
2004Kohn, PeterContributorMiddlebury College
2004LoCascio, SalPlayerUniversity of Massachusetts
2004Pietramala, DavidPlayerJohns Hopkins University
2004Stevenson, RuthContributorTemple University
2004Thearle, MichaelPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2005Barnes, Mildred J.PlayerBoston Lacrosse Association
2005Emmer, John "Jack"CoachWashington and Lee University / United States Military Academy
2005Engelke, NormanPlayerCornell University
2005Gait, GaryPlayerSyracuse University
2005Gait, PaulPlayerSyracuse University
2005Ganzenmuller, Susan L.OfficialWells College
2005Haus, Thomas R.PlayerUniversity of North Carolina
2005Hayden, Dorothy LeeContributorBaltimore Lacrosse Club
2005O'Leary, Amanda MoorePlayer/CoachTemple University
2005Rattray, Gillian D.CoachPennsylvania State University
2006Barnhill, Ethel "Feffie"ContributorUrsinus College
2006Cook, Jeffrey G.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
2006Coughlin, Michael D.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
2006Gallagher, DaniellePlayerCollege of William and Mary
2006Harper, Jo Ann "Josie"CoachWest Chester University
2006Heath, Gloria W.PlayerSmith College
2006Mackesey, Daniel R.PlayerCornell University
2006McCabe, Patrick J.PlayerSyracuse University
2006Phillips, John D.ContributorCornell University
2006Weatherall, Sandy BryanPlayerDartmouth College
2007Cummings-Danson, GailPlayerTemple University
2007Dunn, GertrudePlayerWest Chester University
2007Ford, SusanContributorConnecticut College
2007Goldstein, TimothyPlayerCornell University
2007Kidder, Susan K.PlayerEast Stroudsburg University
2007Lowe, DarrenPlayerBrown University
2007Pfluger, Sharon G.CoachCollege of New Jersey
2007Ripplemyer, Karl "Rip"PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
2007Sears, ThomasPlayerUniversity of North Carolina
2007Wood, BrianPlayerJohns Hopkins University
2008Brennan, RobertaPlayerBoston Women's Lacrosse Association
2008Craun, LynnOfficialJames Madison University
2008Dillon, PatContributorTowson University
2008Marechek, TomPlayerSyracuse University
2008Sailer, ChrisCoachPrinceton University
2008Starsia, DomCoachBrown University
2008Tracy, GeorgePlayerUnited States Naval Academy
2008Watts, DickContributorJohns Hopkins University
2009Greer Brown, CheriePlayerUniversity of Virginia
2009Long, Jeffrey J.PlayerUnited States Naval Academy
2009Miller O’Donnell, JenniferOfficialWest Chester University
2009Wilk Strosberg, JessicaPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2009Lowe, KevinPlayerPrinceton University
2009Millon, MarkPlayerUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
2009Price Genovese, PatriciaCoachNo affiliation
2009Curry, ToddPlayerSyracuse University
2010Bacigalupo, ScottPlayerPrinceton University
2010Burnett, MichaelPlayerUniversity of North Carolina
2010Ford, Harry McNamara "Mac"PlayerUniversity of North Carolina
2010Gaffney, Eleanor KeadyPlayerBoston Women's Lacrosse Association / U.S. National Team
2010Hartog, Francesca DenPlayerHarvard University
2010Kaley, JackCoachNo affiliation
2010Rosen, BonniePlayerUniversity of Virginia
2010Stefano, Mary McCarthyPlayerPennsylvania State University
2011Allison, BruceContributorUSILA President
2011McKinny, Suzanne H.UmpireUrsinus College
2011Reese, JonPlayerYale University
2011Davis, TraciPlayerUrsinus College
2011Lanahan Zvosec, SandraPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2011Huntley, David W.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
2011Lawlor, John JakePlayerUnited States Naval Academy
2012Foote, MissyCoachMiddlebury College
2012Amonte Hiller, KellyPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2012Adams, JenPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2012Hubbard, JessePlayerPrinceton University
2012Colsey, RoyPlayerSyracuse University
2012Nelson, TimPlayerSyracuse University
2012Timchal, CindyCoachNorthwestern / Maryland / Navy
2012Dougherty, BrianPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2013Miller, BillPlayerHobart College
2013Watson, MichaelPlayerUniversity of Virginia
2013Carney Burke, QuinnPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2013Berkman, JimCoachSalisbury University
2013Stumpf, TracyPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2013Heether, Sue D.PlayerLoyola University Maryland
2013Wade, RyanPlayerUniversity of North Carolina
2013DeJuliis, MichelePlayerPenn State University
2014Cockerton, StanPlayerNorth Carolina State University
2014Uhlfelder, MichelePlayerUniversity of Maryland
2014Mitchell, StevePlayerJohns Hopkins University
2014Watson, MargeryContributorUrsinus College
2014Millon, Erin BrownPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2014Wakefield, CaroleContributorLacrosse Magazine
2014Jalbert, JayPlayerUniversity of Virginia
2014Voelker, Peter G.PlayerUniversity of North Carolina
2015Voelker, BrianPlayerJohns Hopkins University
2015Curran, JakeContributorUniversity of Florida
2015Elicker, Julie HullPlayerJames Madison University
2015Hartranft, BobCoachSUNY Oswego
2015Vaughan, MaggiePlayerHarvard University
2015Geppi-Aikens, DianeCoachLoyola University Maryland
2015Nelson, SarahPlayerHarvard University
2015Fin, DomPlayerSyracuse University
2015Lockwood, CharliePlayerSyracuse University
2016Anderson, MargiePlayerUniversity of Massachusetts
2016Mike MorrillPlayerJohns Hopkins University
2016Miles, GlenPlayerUnited States Naval Academy
2016Shek, RobertPlayerTowson University
2016Doyle, Michele LeFevrePlayerWest Chester University
2016Tucker, JohnPlayerJohns Hopkins University
2016Dayton, JuliePlayerLongwood University
2016Basner, KimOfficialWest Chester University
2016Connelly, JoannePlayerPenn State University
2017Knight, DougPlayerUniversity of Virginia
2017Powell, CaseyPlayerSyracuse University
2017Zimmerman, DonCoachJohns Hopkins / UMBC
2017Payette, LauretteContributorUSWLA
2017Wood, Robyn NyePlayerUniversity of Virginia
2017McDonald, JimContributorWashington & Lee University
2017Sweet, BrooksPlayerUniversity of Massachusetts
2017Lane, Leslie BlankinPlayerHollins University
2017Redfern, Jill JohnsonPlayerUrsinus College
2018Morrow, DavidPlayerPrinceton University
2018Friedman, Leigh BuckPlayerTowson University
2018Powell, RyanPlayerSyracuse University
2018Haugen, A.J.PlayerJohns Hopkins University
2018Wescott, DeniseContributorUniversity of Maryland
2018Kahoe, AlexPlayerUniversity of Maryland
2018Kirby, Tami WorleyPlayerPenn State University
2018Kilgour, PhyllisCoachRadnor High School
2018Cassese, KevinPlayerDuke University

Source: [4]

Schools/affiliations by number of inductees

School/affiliation Number of inductees
Johns Hopkins University 66
University of Maryland 32
Syracuse University 21
Cornell University 17
Princeton University 16
United States Naval Academy 14
University of Virginia 14
West Chester University 12
United States Military Academy 8
St. John's College 8
Cortland State University 7
Swarthmore College 7
Ursinus College 7
Hobart College 6
Pennsylvania State University 6
Rutgers University 6
Yale University 6
Washington and Lee University 6

Only includes schools/affiliations with more than five inductees
Source: [5]

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