List of Murder, She Wrote novels

This is a list of fictional and non-fictional novels either from or inspired by Murder, She Wrote.

During the series many novels that J.B. Fletcher wrote, were mentioned. Her first novel, The Corpse Danced at Midnight, was made into a film in one episode, and later in the series another was made into a theatre play. The novel A Killing at Hastings Rock also underwent development to become a virtual reality video game.

In keeping with the spirit of the TV show, a series of official original novels have been written and published by the New American Library. The co-author credited for all of the novels is the fictitious "Jessica Fletcher". The first novel, Gin and Daggers, authored by American ghostwriter Donald Bain, included several inaccuracies to the TV series including Jessica driving a car which she could not do as she never learned to drive. Due to fans pointing out the errors, the novel was republished in 2000 with most of the inaccuracies corrected.

The title The Stain on the Stairs had previously been used by Agatha Christie in The Murder at the Vicarage as the title of a supposed detective story.

Fictional novels

Novels that were written by the fictional character of Jessica Fletcher (J.B. Fletcher) within the storyline of the series:

  • The Corpse Danced at Midnight
  • Dirge for a Dead Dachshund
  • A Faded Rose Beside Her
  • Murder on the Amazon
  • Lover's Revenge
  • The Umbrella Murders
  • Murder at the Inn
  • Murder at the Digs
  • Murder in a Minor Key
  • The Stain on the Stairs
  • The Mystery of the Mutilated Minion
  • The Belgrade Murders
  • Sanitarium of Death
  • Calvin Canterbury's Revenge
  • Murder at the Asylum
  • Murder Comes to Maine
  • Good-bye, Charlie
  • The Corpse That Wasn't There
  • Ashes, Ashes, Fall Down Dead
  • The Messengers of Midnight
  • Mrs. Parker's Revenge
  • The Poison in My Heart
  • All the Murderers
  • Murder at the Ridge Top
  • The Corpse at Vespers
  • The Triple Crown Murders
  • The Crypt of Death
  • A Killing at Hastings Rock
  • The Uncaught
  • Murder in White
  • The Dead Must Sing
  • The Killer Called Collect
  • Stone Cold Dead on Wall Street
  • Endangered
  • The Launch Pad Murders
  • Runway to Murder
  • The Venomous Valentine
  • A Case and a Half of Murder
  • Yours Truly, Damian Sinclair
  • The Dead Man Sang
  • The Corpse Swam by Moonlight
  • The Zero Aspect
  • The Corpse Danced Alone


A number of episodes were the basis for a series of novels released in the mid 1980s by Avon Books. Each book, with the exception of The Murder of Sherlock Holmes, utilizes two episodes from the show as the basis for each story.

  • The Murder of Sherlock Holmes (by James Anderson; 1985; based on the episode of the same name)
  • Hooray for Homicide (by James Anderson; 1985; based on the episodes "Deadly Lady" and "Hooray for Homicide")
  • Lovers and Other Killers (by James Anderson; 1986; based on the episodes "Lovers and Other Killers" and "It's a Dog's Life")
  • Murder in Two Acts (by David Deutsch; 1986; based on the episodes "Sing a Song of Murder" and "Murder in the Afternoon")

Spin-off novels

The following are novels inspired by the series, which are published by the New American Library. Donald Bain began writing the series in 1989 and continued authoring the books until his death in 2017. His wife, Renée Paley-Bain (1945–2016) formally received a co-author credit for three of the books. His daughter, Laurie Bain Wilson, also collaborated on three of the Murder, She Wrote novels.

After Bain's death in 2017, author Jon Land was approached to take over the series. Bain had been working on the 47th book in the series A Date with Murder, along with his grandson Zachary Bain Shippee. Land agreed to pick up where Bain left off and continue the series in his absence along with Shippee acting as consultant.[1] A Date with Murder is Bain's final Murder, She Wrote novel published posthumously, co-authored with Jon Land.

  • Gin and Daggers (1st edition) (1989)
  • Manhattans and Murder (1994)
  • Rum and Razors (1995)
  • Brandy and Bullets (1995)
  • Martinis and Mayhem (1995)
  • A Deadly Judgment (1996)
  • A Palette for Murder (1996)
  • The Highland Fling Murders (1997)
  • Murder on the QE2 (1997)
  • Murder in Moscow (1998)
  • A Little Yuletide Murder (1998)
  • Murder at the Powderhorn Ranch (1999)
  • Knock 'em Dead (1999)
  • Gin and Daggers (2nd edition) (2000)
  • Trick or Treachery (2000)
  • Blood on the Vine (2001)
  • Murder in a Minor Key (2001)
  • Provence - to Die for (2002)
  • You Bet Your Life (2002)
  • Majoring in Murder (2003)
  • Destination Murder (2003)
  • Dying to Retire (2004)
  • A Vote for Murder (2004)
  • The Maine Mutiny (2005)
  • Margaritas and Murder (2005)
  • A Question of Murder (2006)
  • Three Strikes and You're Dead (2006)
  • Coffee, Tea, or Murder? (2007)
  • Panning for Murder (2007)
  • Murder on Parade (2008)
  • A Slaying in Savannah (2008)
  • Madison Avenue Shoot (2009)
  • A Fatal Feast (2009)
  • Nashville Noir (2010)
  • The Queen's Jewels (2010)
  • Skating on Thin Ice (2011)
  • The Fine Art of Murder (2011)
  • Trouble at High Tide (2012)
  • Domestic Malice (2012)
  • Prescription for Murder (2013)
  • Close-Up on Murder (2013)
  • Aloha Betrayed (2014)
  • Death of a Blue Blood (2014)
  • Killer in the Kitchen (2015)
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher with Renée Paley-Bain (2015)
  • Design for Murder with Renée Paley-Bain (2016)
  • Hook, Line and Murder with Renée Paley-Bain (2016)
  • A Date with Murder with Jon Land (2018)
  • Manuscript for Murder by Jon Land (2018)
  • Murder in Red by Jon Land (2019)
  • A Time for Murder by Jon Land (2019)
  • The Murder of Twelve by Jon Land (2020)


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