List of Ministers for the Economy and Foreign Trade of Luxembourg

The Minister for the Economy and Foreign Trade (French: Ministre de l'Économie et du Commerce extérieur) is a position in the Luxembourgian cabinet, either by itself or combined with other positions, since 15 July 1964.

From 15 July 1964 until 6 February 1969, it was known as the Minister for the National Economy and Energy (French: Ministre de l'Économie nationale et de l’Énergie). In 1969, the Energy brief was separated and recombined with that of the Minister for Transport, leaving the Economy brief to amalgamate with others to create the post of Minister for the National Economy, Middle Class, and Tourism (French: Ministre de l'Économie nationale, des Classes moyennes et du Tourisme). Tourism was separated from 16 September 1977, creating the Minister for the National Economy and the Middle Class (French: Ministre de l'Économie nationale et des Classes moyennes). The position of Minister for the Economy (French: Ministre de l'Économie) was created on 14 July 1989, as it remained since, despite the role's absorption of other responsibilities. In 2009, it was renamed to the current 'Minister for the Economy and Foreign Trade'.

List of Ministers for the Economy

Minister Party Start date End date Prime Minister
Antoine Wehenkel LSAP 15 July 1964 6 February 1969 Pierre Werner
Marcel Mart DP 6 February 1969 15 June 1974
15 June 1974 16 September 1977 Gaston Thorn
Gaston Thorn DP 16 September 1977 16 July 1979
16 July 1979 22 November 1980 Pierre Werner
Colette Flesch DP 22 November 1980 20 July 1984
Jacques Poos LSAP 20 July 1984 14 July 1989 Jacques Santer
Robert Goebbels LSAP 14 July 1989 26 January 1995
26 January 1995 7 August 1999 Jean-Claude Juncker
Henri Grethen PD 7 August 1999 31 July 2004
Jeannot Krecké LSAP 31 July 2004 1 February 2012
Etienne Schneider LSAP 1 February 2012 Incumbent Xavier Bettel


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