List of Members of the International Hydrographic Organization

As of October 2019, the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) comprises 93 Member States, four of which are suspended because of their lapsed annual financial contribution. The IHO identifies its representative member organisations as the respective national hydrographic offices, although the member organisations of some countries are part of wider maritime or other administrations covering a larger range of tasks – for example, oceanography, transport, maritime regulation. In some nations—the UK and France, among others—the hydrographic offices are sub-organisations of the country's Ministry of Defence or the navy, in others they are civilian organisations.

List of member states



  •  DR Congo – Congolese Ministry of Transport and Communications, Directorate of the Navy and Waterways – suspended since July 1983
  •  Serbia – Serbian Directorate for Inland Waterways – suspended since January 2013
  •  Syria – Syrian General Directorate of Ports
  •  Vanuatu – Ministry of Lands, Geology, and Minerals


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