List of Majority Leaders of the Minnesota Senate

This is a list of Majority Leaders of the Minnesota Senate. The Majority Leader is the head of the majority party in the Minnesota Senate, and is the most powerful political figure in the body.

NameTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty/Caucus
Charles N. Orr19331949Conservative
Archie H. Miller19491959Conservative
John M. Zwach19591967Conservative
Stanley W. Holmquist19671973Conservative
Nick Coleman19731981Democratic-Farmer-Labor
Roger Moe19812003Democratic-Farmer-Labor
John Hottinger20032004Democratic-Farmer-Labor
Dean Johnson20042007Democratic-Farmer-Labor
Larry Pogemiller20072011Democratic-Farmer-Labor
Amy Koch20112011Republican
Dave Senjem20112013Republican
Tom Bakk20132017Democratic-Farmer-Labor
Paul Gazelka2017IncumbentRepublican
Majority Leader of the Minnesota Senate
Paul Gazelka

since January 3, 2017
Inaugural holderCharles N. Orr
FormationJanuary 1933
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Notes on Minnesota political party names

In 1913, Minnesota legislators began to be elected on nonpartisan ballots. Nonpartisanship also was an historical accident that occurred in the 1913 session when a bill to provide for no party elections of judges and city and county officers was amended to include the Legislature in the belief that it would kill the bill. Legislators ran and caucused as "Liberals" or "Conservatives" roughly equivalent in most years to Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Republican, respectively. The law was changed in 1973, in 1976, Senate members again ran with party designation.

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