List of Major League Lacrosse awards

Major League Lacrosse (MLL) is a professional men's field lacrosse league consisting of nine teams in the United States. Since the league's first season in 2001, the MLL has given several annual awards to players and coaches.

Active Awards

Most Valuable Player

2001Ryan PowellRochester RattlersAttack
2002Greg CattranoBaltimore BayhawksGoaltender
2003Jay JalbertLong Island LizardsMidfielder
2004Conor GillBoston CannonsAttack
2005Gary GaitBaltimore BayhawksAttack
Mark MillonBoston CannonsAttack
2006Ryan PowellSan Francisco DragonsAttack
2007John Grant Jr.Rochester RattlersAttack
2008John Grant Jr.Rochester RattlersAttack
2009Paul RabilBoston CannonsMidfielder
2010Matt Poskay Boston CannonsAttack
2011Paul RabilBoston CannonsMidfielder
2012Brendan MundorfDenver OutlawsAttack
2013Kevin CrowleyHamilton NationalsMidfielder
2014Casey PowellFlorida LaunchAttack
2015Greg GurenlianNew York LizardsFace-off
2016Tom SchreiberOhio MachineMidfielder
2017Tom SchreiberOhio MachineMidfielder
2018Rob PannellNew York LizardsAttack
2019Lyle ThompsonChesapeake BayhawksAttack
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Offensive Player of the Year

2001John Grant, Jr.Rochester RattlersAttack
2002Mark MillonBaltimore BayhawksAttack
2003Mark MillonBaltimore BayhawksAttack
2004Blake MillerPhiladelphia BarrageMidfielder
2005Casey PowellRochester RattlersAttack
2006Ryan PowellSan Francisco DragonsAttack
2007John Grant, Jr.Rochester RattlersAttack
2008John Grant, Jr.Rochester RattlersAttack
2009Paul RabilBoston CannonsMidfielder
2010Matt Poskay Boston CannonsAttack
2011Paul RabilBoston CannonsMidfielder
2012Paul RabilBoston CannonsMidfielder
2013Kevin CrowleyHamilton NationalsMidfielder
2014Casey PowellFlorida LaunchAttack
2015Jordan WolfRochester RattlersAttack
2016Rob PannellNew York LizardsAttack
2017Eric LawDenver OutlawsAttack
2018Rob PannellNew York LizardsAttack
2019Lyle ThompsonChesapeake BayhawksAttack
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Defensive Player of the Year

2001Rob DoerrBaltimore Bayhawks
2002Christian CookNew Jersey Pride
2003Ryan CurtisBoston Cannons
2004Nicky PolancoPhiladelphia Barrage
2005Nicky PolancoLong Island Lizards
2006Brodie MerrillRochester Rattlers
2007Brodie MerrillRochester Rattlers
2008Brodie MerrillRochester Rattlers
2009Brodie MerrillToronto Nationals
2010Brodie MerrillToronto Nationals
2011Brodie MerrillHamilton Nationals
2012Lee ZinkDenver Outlaws
2013Lee ZinkDenver Outlaws
2014Mike ManleyRochester Rattlers
2015Joe FletcherNew York Lizards
2016Mike ManleyRochester Rattlers
Joel WhiteRochester Rattlers
2017Tucker DurkinFlorida Launch
2018Matt DunnDallas Rattlers
2019Liam ByrnesAtlanta Blaze
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Goaltender of the Year

2001Greg CattranoBaltimore Bayhawks
2002Greg CattranoBaltimore Bayhawks
2003Brian DoughertyLong Island Lizards
2004Greg CattranoPhiladelphia Barrage
2005Chris GarrityBoston Cannons
2006Brian DoughertyPhiladelphia Barrage
2007Brian DoughertyPhiladelphia Barrage
2008Mickey JarboeLos Angeles Riptide
2009Jesse SchwartzmanDenver Outlaws
2010Kip TurnerBoston Cannons
2011Drew AdamsLong Island Lizards
2012Drew AdamsLong Island Lizards
2013Jesse SchwartzmanDenver Outlaws
2014John GallowayRochester Rattlers
2015Drew AdamsNew York Lizards
2016John GallowayRochester Rattlers
2017Jack KellyDenver Outlaws
2018John GallowayDallas Rattlers
Niko AmatoChesapeake Bayhawks
2019Sean ScononeDallas Rattlers
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Rookie of the Year

2001Keith CromwellBridgeport BarrageAttack
2002Conor GillBoston CannonsAttack
2003Adam DonegerRochester RattlersMidfielder
2004Ryan BoylePhiladelphia BarrageAttack
2005Brodie MerrillBaltimore BayhawksDefenseman
2006Matt WardBaltimore BayhawksAttack
2007Alex SmithRochester RattlersMidfielder
2008Kevin HuntleyLos Angeles RiptideAttack
2009Dan HardyDenver OutlawsMidfielder
2010Ned Crotty Chicago MachineAttack
2011Jeremy Boltus Hamilton NationalsAttack
2012Matt GibsonLong Island LizardsAttack
2013Rob PannellNew York LizardsAttack
2014Kieran McArdleFlorida LaunchAttack
2015Joey SankeyCharlotte HoundsAttack
2016Jack KellyDenver OutlawsGoalie
2017Josh ByrneChesapeake BayhawksAttack
2018Chris CloutierDenver OutlawsAttack
2019Alex WoodallAtlanta BlazeFace-off
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Coach of the Year

2001John DeTommasoLong Island Lizards
2002Scott HillerBoston Cannons
2003Ted GeorgalasNew Jersey Pride
2004Sal LoCascioPhiladelphia Barrage
2005Scott HillerBoston Cannons
2006Tony ReschPhiladelphia Barrage
2007John TuckerLos Angeles Riptide
2008Tony ReschPhiladelphia Barrage
2009Brian ReeseDenver Outlaws
2010Jim MuleLong Island Lizards
2011Bill DayeBoston Cannons
2012Joe SpallinaLong Island Lizards
2013Jim StagnittaDenver Outlaws
2014Tim SoudanRochester Rattlers
2015John TuckerBoston Cannons
2016Jim StagnittaCharlotte Hounds
2017Tom MarianoFlorida Launch
2018Bill WarderDallas Rattlers
2019Tony SeamanDenver Outlaws
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Man of the Year Award

2018Scott RatliffAtlanta BlazeDefenseman
2019Nick MarroccoBoston CannonsGoalie

Named in honor of David Huntley , the former MLL coach for the Atlanta Blaze, Hamilton Nationals, Toronto Nationals, and Chesapeake Bayhawks, who passed away in December 2017, the award will be presented to the lacrosse athlete who has demonstrated, “sportsmanship and professionalism that are beyond reproach” and who “makes selfless, meaningful contributions to Major League Lacrosse, the game of lacrosse, and to his community.”

Discontinued Awards

Iron Lizard Award

2001Joe GhedinaLong Island LizardsMidfielder
2002Paul CantabeneBaltimore BayhawksMidfielder
2003Jon HessNew Jersey PrideAttack

Major League Lacrosse's SoBe Iron Lizard Award was given to the player who most embodied the traits of toughness, tenacity and determination regardless of pain or injury during season. The award was discontinued after 2003.

Sportsman of the Year

2004Kevin FinneranLong Island LizardsMidfielder
2005Pat McCabeLong Island LizardsDefenseman
2006Michael CulverChicago MachineDefenseman
2007Greg BiceLos Angeles RiptideDefenseman
2008Tom ZummoBoston CannonsMidfielder
2009Tim GoettelmannLong Island LizardsAttack
2010Tim GoettelmannLong Island LizardsAttack
2011Greg BiceRochester RattlersDefenseman

The Sportsman of the Year award was discontinued after 2011.

Most Improved Player of the Year

2005Andrew CombsRochester RattlersAttack
2006John ChristmasBoston CannonsAttack
2007Spencer FordLos Angeles RiptideAttack
2008Merrick ThomsonNew Jersey PrideAttack
2009Chris EckBoston CannonsMidfielder
2010Peet PoillonChesapeake Bayhawks Midfielder
2011Stephen PeyserLong Island LizardsMidfielder
2012Jeremy SievertsDenver OutlawsMidfielder
2013Drew SniderDenver OutlawsMidfielder
2014Justin TurriRochester RattlersMidfielder
2015Davey EmalaBoston CannonsMidfielder
2016Mike ChanenchukCharlotte HoundsMidfielder
2017Kyle BernlohrOhio MachineGoalie
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Discontinued after 2017.

Community Service Award

2005Ryan McClayNew Jersey PrideDefenseman

Major League Lacrosse's Starbucks Community Service Award. Awarded only in 2005.


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