List of MPs elected in the 1807 United Kingdom general election

List of MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, 1807

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3rd UK Parliament (1806)
4th Parliament (1807)
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6th Parliament (1818)

This is a list of the MPs or Members of Parliament elected to the House of Commons for the constituencies of the Parliament of the United Kingdom in the 1807 United Kingdom general election , the 4th Parliament of the United Kingdom, and their replacements returned at subsequent by-elections, arranged by constituency.[1]

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Aberdeen Burghs (seat 1/1) James Farquhar
Aberdeenshire (seat 1/1) James Ferguson Tory
Abingdon (seat 1/1) George Knapp – died
Replaced by Henry Bowyer 1809 – resigned
Replaced by Sir George Bowyer 1811

Aldborough (seat 1/2) Henry Fynes Tory
Aldborough (seat 2/2) Gilbert Jones Tory
Aldeburgh (seat 1/2) Sir John Aubrey, Bt. – took office
Replaced by Sandford Graham 1812
Aldeburgh (seat 2/2) John McMahon Tory
Amersham (seat 1/2) Thomas Drake Tyrwhitt-Drake – died
Replaced by William Tyrwhitt-Drake 1810
Amersham (seat 2/2) Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake Tory
Andover (seat 1/2) Thomas Assheton Smith I Tory
Andover (seat 2/2) Newton Fellowes Whig
Anglesey (seat 1/1) Berkeley Paget Whig
Anstruther Easter Burghs (seat 1/1) John Anstruther – died
Replaced by Sir John Anstruther 1811
County Antrim(seat 1/2) Edmond Alexander MacNaghten Tory
County Antrim (seat 2/2) Hon. John Bruce Richard O'Neill Tory
Appleby (seat 1/2) Viscount Howick – resigned
Replaced by Nicholas William Ridley Colborne
Appleby (seat 2/2) James Cuthbert Whig
Argyllshire (seat 1/1) Lord John Campbell
Armagh (seat 1/1) Patrick Duigenan Tory
County Armagh (seat 1/2) William Brownlow Tory
County Armagh (seat 2/2) William Richardson Tory
Arundel (seat 1/2) Sir Arthur Piggott
Arundel (seat 2/2) Francis Wilder
Ashburton (seat 1/2) Walter Palk – resigned
Replaced by John Sullivan 1811
Ashburton (seat 2/2) Lord Charles Bentinck
Athlone (seat 1/1) Henry Wellesley – sat for Eye
Replaced by John Frewen Turner 1807
Aylesbury (seat 1/2) George Nugent, 1st Bt.
Aylesbury (seat 2/2) George Henry Compton Cavendish – died
Replaced by Thomas Hussey 1809
Ayr Burghs (seat 1/1) John Campbell – died
Replaced by Duncan Campbell 1809
Ayrshire (seat 1/1) David Boyle – resigned
Replaced by Sir Hew Dalrymple-Hamilton 1811


Banbury (seat 1/1) William Praed Election void
Replaced by Dudley Long North 1808
Bandon Viscount Boyle – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by George Tierney 1807
Banffshire (seat 1/1) Sir William Grant
Barnstaple (seat 1/2) William Taylor
Barnstaple (seat 2/2) George Woodford Thellusson – died
Replaced by William Busk 1812
Bath (seat 1/2) Lord John Thynne
Bath (seat 2/2) John Palmer – resigned
Replaced by Charles Palmer 1808
Beaumaris (seat 1/1) The Lord Newborough– died
Replaced by Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd 1807
Bedford (seat 1/2) William Lee-Antonie
Bedford (seat 2/2) Samuel Whitbread
Bedfordshire (seat 1/2) Hon. Richard FitzPatrick Whig
Bedfordshire (seat 2/2) Francis Pym Whig
Belfast James Edward May Tory
Bere Alston (seat 1/2) Hon. Josceline Percy
Bere Alston (seat 2/2) Lord Lovaine
Berkshire (seat 1/2) George Vansittart Tory
Berkshire (seat 2/2) Charles Dundas Whig
Berwickshire (seat 1/1) George Baillie
Berwick-upon-Tweed (seat 1/2) Alexander Allan
Berwick-upon-Tweed (seat 2/2) Sir Alexander Lockhart, Bt
Beverley (seat 1/2) John Wharton Whig
Beverley (seat 2/2) Richard William Howard Vyse
Bewdley (seat 1/1) Miles Peter Andrews
Bishops Castle (seat 1/2) William Clive
Bishops Castle (seat 2/2) John Robinson
Bletchingley (seat 1/2) Thomas Freeman Heathcote– resigned
Replaced by Charles Cockrell 1809
Bletchingley (seat 2/2) William Kenrick
Bodmin (seat 1/2) Sir William Oglander – resigned
Replaced by Charles Bragge Bathurst 1812
Bodmin (seat 2/2) Davies Giddy
Boroughbridge (seat 1/2) William Henry Clinton Tory
Boroughbridge (seat 2/2) Henry Dawkins – resigned
Replaced by Henry Clinton 1808
Bossiney (seat 1/2) Hon. James Stuart-Wortley Tory
Bossiney (seat 2/2) The Lord Rendlesham– died
Replaced by The Earl of Desart 1808
Boston (seat 1/2) William Alexander Madocks
Boston (seat 2/2) Thomas Fydell – died
Replaced by Peter Robert Drummond Burrell 1812
Brackley (seat 1/2) Anthony Henderson – died
Replaced by Henry Wrottesley 1810
Brackley (seat 2/2) Robert Haldane Bradshaw
Bramber (seat 1/2) John Irving
Bramber (seat 2/2) Henry Jodrell
Brecon (seat 1/1) Sir Robert Salusbury, Bt Tory
Breconshire (seat 1/1) Thomas Wood
Bridgnorth (seat 1/2) Isaac Hawkins Browne
Bridgnorth (seat 2/2) Thomas Whitmore
Bridgwater (seat 1/2) William Astell
Bridgwater (seat 2/2) George Pocock
Bridport (seat 1/2) Sir Samuel Hood, Bt
Bridport (seat 2/2) Sir Evan Nepean, Bt
Bristol (seat 1/2) Charles Bragge Bathurst took office
Replaced by Richard Hart Davis 1812
Bristol (seat 2/2) Evan Baillie
Buckingham (seat 1/2) Hon. Richard Griffin
Buckingham (seat 2/2) Thomas Grenville – resigned
Replaced by Lord George Grenville 1810
Buckinghamshire (seat 1/2) Earl Temple
Buckinghamshire (seat 2/2) Marquess of Titchfield – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced byWilliam Selby Lowndes 1810
Bury St Edmunds (seat 1/2) Lord Charles FitzRoy
Bury St Edmunds (seat 2/2) The Lord Templetown
Buteshire (seat 0/0) Alternated with Caithness. No representation in 1807'


Caernarvon Boroughs (seat 1/1) Hon. Sir Charles Paget
Caernarvonshire (seat 1/1) Robert Williams
Caithness (seat 0/0) Sir John Sinclair – took office
Replaced by George Sinclair 1811
Callington (seat 1/2) Lord Binning
Callington (seat 2/2) Thomas Carter – resigned
Replaced by William Stephen Poyntz 1810
Calne (seat 1/2) Joseph Jekyll
Calne (seat 2/2) Henry Smith
Cambridge (seat 1/2) Edward Finch Tory
Cambridge (seat 2/2) Robert Manners Tory
Cambridgeshire (seat 1/2) Lord Charles Manners
Cambridgeshire (seat 2/2) Charles Philip Yorke – took office
Replaced by Lord Francis Godolphin Osborne 1810
Cambridge University (seat 1/2) Sir Vicary Gibbs – took office
Replaced by John Henry Smyth 1812
Cambridge University (seat 2/2) Earl of Euston – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by The Viscount Palmerston 1811
Camelford (seat 1/2) Robert Adair Whig
Camelford (seat 2/2) Lord Henry Petty – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Henry Peter Brougham 1810
Canterbury (seat 1/2) John Baker Whig
Canterbury (seat 2/2) Edward Taylor
Cardiff Boroughs (seat 1/1) Lord William Stuart Tory
Cardigan Boroughs (seat 1/1) Hon. John Vaughan
Cardiganshire (seat 1/1) Thomas Johnes
Carlisle (seat 1/2) Walter Spencer Stanhope Tory
Carlisle (seat 2/2) John Christian Curwen Whig
Carlow (seat 1/1) Andrew Strahan Tory
County Carlow (seat 1/2) David Latouche Whig
County Carlow (seat 2/2) Walter Bagenal Whig
Carmarthen (seat 1/1) Vice-Admiral George Campbell
Carmarthenshire (seat 1/1) Lord Robert Seymour Tory
Carrickfergus (seat 1/1) James Craig Whig
Cashel (seat 1/1) Quintin Dick – resigned
Replaced by Robert Peel 1809
Castle Rising (seat 1/2) Richard Sharp
Castle Rising (seat 2/2) Charles Bagot – resigned
Replaced by Fulk Greville Howard 1808
County Cavan (seat 1/2) John Maxwell-Barry Tory
County Cavan (seat 2/2) Nathaniel Sneyd Tory
Cheshire (seat 1/2) Davies Davenport
Cheshire (seat 2/2) Thomas Cholmondeley
Chester (seat 1/2) John Grey Egerton
Chester (seat 2/2) Thomas Grosvenor
Chichester (seat 1/2) George White-Thomas
Chichester (seat 2/2) James du Pre
Chippenham (seat 1/2) James Dawkins
Chippenham (seat 2/2) John Maitland
Christchurch (seat 1/2) William Sturges Bourne Tory
Christchurch (seat 2/2) George Rose
Cirencester (seat 1/2) Michael Hicks-Beach
Cirencester (seat 2/2) Joseph Cripps
Clackmannanshire (seat 1/1) Alternated with Kinross-shire. Unrepresented in this Parliament
County Clare (seat 1/2) Francis Nathaniel Burton – resigned
Replaced by Augustine Fitzgerald 1808
County Clare (seat 2/2) Sir Edward O'Brien, 4th Baronet Whig
Clitheroe (seat 1/2) John Cust – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by James Gordon 1808
Clitheroe (seat 2/2) Hon. Robert Curzon
Clonmel (seat 1/1) Rt Hon. William Bagwell Tory
Cockermouth (seat 1/2) James Lowther – sat for Cumberland
Replaced by John Osborn 1807– resigned
Replaced by Viscount Lowther 1808
Cockermouth (seat 2/2) James Graham Tory
Colchester (seat 1/2) Robert Thornton Tory
Colchester (seat 2/2) Richard Hart Davis – resigned
Replaced by Hart Davis 1812
Coleraine (seat 1/1) Walter Jones – resigned
Replaced by John Poo Beresford 1809
Corfe Castle (seat 1/2) Peter William Baker Tory
Corfe Castle (seat 2/2) Henry Bankes Tory
Cork (seat 1/2) Hon. Christopher Hely-Hutchinson Whig
Cork (seat 2/2) Mountifort Longfield Tory
County Cork (seat 1/2) Viscount Bernard
County Cork (seat 2/2) Hon. George Ponsonby Whig
Cornwall (seat 1/2) John Hearle Tremayne Tory
Cornwall (seat 2/2) Sir William Lemon, Bt Whig
Coventry (seat 1/2) William Mills
Coventry (seat 2/2) Peter Moore
Cricklade (seat 1/2) Lord Porchester – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by William Herbert 1811
Cricklade (seat 2/2) Thomas Goddard
Cromartyshire (seat 0/0) Robert Bruce Aeneas Macleod
Cumberland (seat 1/2) Viscount Morpeth Tory
Cumberland (seat 2/2) John Lowther Tory


Dartmouth (seat 1/2) Edmund Bastard
Dartmouth (seat 2/2) Arthur Howe Holdsworth
Denbigh Boroughs (seat 1/1) Robert Myddelton Biddulph
Denbighshire (seat 1/1) Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 5th Baronet
Derby (seat 1/2) William Cavendish – died
Replaced by Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish 1812
Derby (seat 2/2) Edward Coke
Derbyshire (seat 1/2) George Cavendish Whig
Derbyshire (seat 2/2) Edward Miller Mundy Tory
Devizes (seat 1/2) Joshua Smith
Devizes (seat 2/2) Thomas Grimston Estcourt
Devon (seat 1/2) John Pollexfen Bastard Tory
Devon (seat 2/2) Sir Lawrence Palk, Bt
County Donegal (seat 1/2) Sir James Stewart, Bt Tory
County Donegal (seat 2/2) Henry Vaughan Brooke – died
Replaced by Henry Conyngham Montgomery 1808
Dorchester (seat 1/2) Cropley Ashley Cooper – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Charles Henry Bouverie 1811
Dorchester (seat 2/2) Robert Williams
Dorset (seat 1/2) Edward Berkeley Portman
Dorset (seat 2/2) William Morton Pitt
Dover (seat 1/2) John Jackson
Dover (seat 2/2) Charles Jenkinson
County Down (seat 1/2) Hon. John Meade
County Down (seat 2/2) Francis Savage – resigned
Replaced by Robert Ward 1812
Downpatrick John Wilson Croker Tory
Downton (seat 1/2) Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie Whig
Downton (seat 2/2) Sir Thomas Plumer Tory
Drogheda Hon. Thomas Foster Tory
Droitwich (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Winnington, Bt Whig
Droitwich (seat 2/2) Andrew Foley Whig
Dublin (seat 1/2) Robert Shaw Tory
Dublin (seat 2/2) Rt Hon. Henry Grattan Whig
County Dublin (seat 1/2) Hans Hamilton Tory
County Dublin (seat 2/2) Richard Talbot Whig
Dublin University John Leslie Foster Tory
Dumfries Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir John Heron-Maxwell
Dumfriesshire (seat 1/1) Sir William Johnstone Hope
Dunbartonshire (seat 1/1) Henry Glassford – resigned
Replaced by Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun 1810
Dundalk Josias Dupré Porcher – sat for Old Sarum
Replaced by Patrick Craufurd Bruce 1807– resigned
Replaced by Thomas Hughan 1808– died
Replaced by Frederick William Trench 1812
Dungannon Lord Claude Hamilton – died
Replaced by Claude Scott 1809
Dungarvan Hon. George Walpole Whig
Dunwich (seat 1/2) Snowdon Barne
Dunwich (seat 2/2) The Lord Huntingfield
Durham (City of) (seat 1/2) Richard Wharton
Durham (City of) (seat 2/2) Ralph John Lambton
Durham (County) (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Vane-Tempest, Bt Tory
Durham (County) (seat 2/2) Ralphe Milbanke Whig
Dysart Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir Ronald Crauford Ferguson Whig


East Grinstead (seat 1/2) Sir Nathaniel Holland – died
Replaced by Richard Wellesley 1812 – resigned
Replaced by George William Gunning 1812 – resigned
Replaced by Nicholas Vansittart
East Grinstead (seat 2/2) Charles Rose Ellis
East Looe (seat 1/2) Sir Edward Buller Tory
East Looe (seat 2/2) David Vanderheyden Tory
East Retford (seat 1/2) Charles Craufurd
East Retford (seat 2/2) William Ingilby
Edinburgh (seat 1/1) Sir Patrick Murray – resigned
Replaced by William Dundas 1812
Edinburghshire (seat 1/1) Robert Saunders Dundas – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Sir George Clerk 1811
Elgin Burghs (seat 1/1) Archibald Campbell-Colquhoun – resigned
Replaced by William Dundas 1810– resigned
Replaced by Archibald Campbell to contest Edinburgh 1812
Elginshire (seat 1/1) Francis William Grant Tory
Ennis James Fitzgerald – resigned
Replaced by William Fitzgerald 1808
Enniskillen Charles Pochin Tory
Essex (seat 1/2) John Bullock– died
Replaced by John Archer Houblon 1810
Essex (seat 2/2) Eliab Harvey
Evesham (seat 1/2) William Manning
Evesham (seat 2/2) Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes – unseated on petition
Replaced by Humphrey Howorth 1808
Exeter (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Warwick Bampfylde
Exeter (seat 2/2) James Buller
Eye (seat 1/2) Henry Wellesley – resigned
Replaced by Charles Arbuthnot 1809|
Eye (seat 2/2) Mark Singleton


County Fermanagh (seat 1/2) Mervyn Archdall Tory
County Fermanagh (seat 2/2) Hon. Galbraith Lowry Cole Tory
Fife (seat 1/1) William Wemyss
Flint Boroughs (seat 1/1) William Shipley
Flintshire (seat 1/1) Sir Thomas Mostyn
Forfarshire (seat 1/1) William Maule
Fowey (seat 1/2) Reginald Pole Carew Tory
Fowey (seat 2/2) Robert Wigram (junior) Tory


Galway James Daly– resigned
Replaced by Frederick Ponsonby 1811
County Galway (seat 1/2) Richard Martin Tory
County Galway (seat 2/2) Denis Bowes Daly Tory
Gatton (seat 1/2) Sir Mark Wood, Bt
Gatton (seat 2/2) George Bellas Greenough
Glamorganshire (seat 1/1) Thomas Wyndham
Glasgow Burghs (seat 1/1) Archibald Campbell – resigned
Replaced by Alexander Houstoun 1809
Gloucester (seat 1/2) Henry Thomas Howard Whig
Gloucester (seat 2/2) Robert Morris Whig
Gloucestershire (seat 1/2) Lord Edward Somerset Tory
Gloucestershire (seat 2/2) George Cranfield Berkeley – resigned
Replaced by Viscount Dursley 1810
Grampound (seat 1/2) Andrew Cochrane-Johnstone – Void Election
Replaced by Robert Williams 1808 – unseated on petition
Replaced by William Holmes 1808
Grampound (seat 2/2) George Augustus Frederick Cochrane – Void Election
Replaced by John Teed 1808 – unseated on petition
Replaced by Andrew James Cochrane Johnstone 1812
Grantham (seat 1/2) Thomas Thoroton
Grantham (seat 2/2) Sir William Earle Welby, Bt
Great Bedwyn (seat 1/2) Sir Vicary Gibbs Tory
Great Bedwyn (seat 2/2) James Henry Leigh Tory
Great Grimsby (seat 1/2) Hon. Charles Anderson-Pelham – unseated on petition
Replaced by Colonel John Henry Loft 1808
Great Grimsby (seat 2/2) William Ellice
Great Marlow (seat 1/2) Pascoe Grenfell Whig
Great Marlow (seat 2/2) Owen Williams Whig
Great Yarmouth (seat 1/2) Hon. Edward Harbord Whig
Great Yarmouth (seat 2/2) Stephen Lushington – resigned
Replaced by Giffin Wilson 1808
Guildford (seat 1/2) Thomas Cranley Onslow Tory
Guildford (seat 2/2) Chapple Norton Whig


Haddington Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir George Warrender, 4th Baronet
Haddingtonshire (seat 1/1) Charles Hope
Hampshire (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay – died
Replaced by Thomas Freeman Heathcote 1808
Hampshire (seat 2/2) William John Chute
Harwich (seat 1/2) William Huskisson Tory
Harwich (seat 2/2) John Hiley Addington
Haslemere (seat 1/2) Robert Ward Tory
Haslemere (seat 2/2) Charles Long Tory
Hastings (seat 1/2) George Canning
Hastings (seat 2/2) Sir Abraham Hume
Haverfordwest (seat 1/1) The 2nd Baron Kensington
Hedon (seat 1/2) George Johnstone
Hedon (seat 2/2) Anthony Browne
Helston (seat 1/2) Sir John St Aubyn, Bt
Helston (seat 2/2) Richard Richards – resigned
Replaced by The Lord Dufferin and Claneboye 1807
Hereford (seat 1/2) Thomas Powell Symonds
Hereford (seat 2/2) Richard Philip Scudamore
Herefordshire (seat 1/2) Thomas Foley cWhig
Herefordshire (seat 2/2) Sir John Cotterell, Bt Tory
Hertford (seat 1/2) Edward Spencer Cowper Whig
Hertford (seat 2/2) Nicolson Calvert Whig
Hertfordshire (seat 1/2) Hon. Thomas Brand Whig
Hertfordshire (seat 2/2) Sir John Sebright, Bt Whig
Heytesbury (seat 1/2) Dr Charles Moore
Heytesbury (seat 2/2) Viscount FitzHarris
Higham Ferrers (seat 1/1) William Windham – died
Replaced by Viscount Duncannon 1810
Hindon (seat 1/2) William Beckford Whig
Hindon (seat 2/2) Benjamin Hobhouse Whig
Honiton (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Hamilton
Honiton (seat 2/2) Augustus Cavendish-Bradshaw
Horsham (seat 1/2) Sir Samuel Romilly – unseated on petition
Replaced by Joseph Marryat 1808
Horsham (seat 2/2) Love Jones-Parry – unseated on petition
Replaced by Henry Goulburn 1808
Huntingdon (seat 1/2) William Meeke Farmer – resigned
Replaced by Samuel Farmer
Huntingdon (seat 2/2) John Calvert
Huntingdonshire (seat 1/2) Viscount Hinchingbrooke
Huntingdonshire (seat 2/2) William Henry Fellowes
Hythe (seat 1/2) William Deedes
Hythe (seat 2/2) Thomas Godfrey – died
Replaced by Sir John Perring


Ilchester (seat 1/2) Richard Brinsley Sheridan Whig
Ilchester (seat 2/2) Michael Angelo Taylor Whig
Inverness Burghs (seat 1/1) Peter Baillie – died
Replaced by Charles Grant 1811
Inverness-shire (seat 1/1) Charles Grant (senior) Pittite/Tory
Ipswich (seat 1/2) Sir Home Riggs Popham
Ipswich (seat 2/2) Robert Alexander Crickett


Kent (seat 1/2) Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bt Tory
Kent (seat 2/2) William Honywood Whig
County Kerry (seat 1/2) Henry Arthur Herbert Whig
County Kerry (seat 2/2) Rt Hon. Maurice Fitzgerald Whig
County Kildare (seat 1/2) Lord Robert Stephen Fitzgerald Whig
County Kildare (seat 2/2) Robert La Touche Whig
Kilkenny (seat 1/1) Charles Harward Butler – resigned
Replaced by Robert Williams 1809
County Kilkenny (seat 1/2) Hon. Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby Whig
County Kilkenny (seat 2/2) Hon. James Wandesford Butler Whig
Kincardineshire (seat 1/1) William Adam – resigned
Replaced by George Harley Drummond 1812
King's County (seat 1/2) Hardress Lloyd Tory
King's County (seat 2/2) Thomas Bernard (senior) Tory
King's Lynn (seat 1/2) Lord Walpole – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Lord Walpole 1809
King's Lynn (seat 2/2) Sir Martin ffolkes, Bt
Kingston upon Hull (seat 1/2) Viscount Mahon Whig
Kingston upon Hull (seat 2/2) John Staniforth Tory
Kinross-shire (seat 0/0) William Adam – sat for Kincardineshire
Replaced by David Clephane 1807– took office
Replaced by Thomas Graham 1811
Kinsale (seat 1/1) Henry Martin Whig
Kirkcudbright Stewartry (seat 1/1) Montgomery Granville John Stewart Tory
Knaresborough (seat 1/2) Viscount Ossulston Whig
Knaresborough (seat 2/2) Lord John Townshend Whig


Lanarkshire (seat 1/1) Lord Archibald Hamilton Whig
Lancashire (seat 1/2) Thomas Stanley
Lancashire (seat 2/2) John Blackburne
Lancaster (seat 1/2) Peter Patten
Lancaster (seat 2/2) John Dent
Launceston (seat 1/2) Earl Percy – sat for Northumberland
Replaced by Richard Henry Alexander Bennet 1807 – resigned
Replaced by Jonathan Raine 1812
Launceston (seat 2/2) James Brogden Tory
Leicester (seat 1/2) Thomas Babington
Leicester (seat 2/2) Samuel Smith
Leicestershire (seat 1/2) Lord Robert William Manners
Leicestershire (seat 2/2) George Anthony Legh Keck
County Leitrim (seat 1/2) Henry John Clements Tory
County Leitrim (seat 2/2) John La Touche
Leominster (seat 1/2) John Lubbock
Leominster (seat 2/2) Henry Bonham
Lewes (seat 1/2) Henry Shelley – died
Replaced by George Shiffner 1812
Lewes (seat 2/2) Thomas Kemp – died
Replaced by Thomas Read Kemp 1811
Lichfield (seat 1/2) George Granville Venables Vernon Whig
Lichfield (seat 2/2) Sir George Anson Whig
Limerick Charles Vereker Tory
County Limerick (seat 1/2) Hon. William Henry Quin
County Limerick (seat 2/2) William Odell
Lincoln (seat 1/2) William Monson – died
Replaced by The Earl of Mexborough 1808
Lincoln (seat 2/2) Richard Ellison
Lincolnshire (seat 1/2) Charles Anderson-Pelham
Lincolnshire (seat 2/2) Charles Chaplin
Linlithgow Burghs (seat 1/1) William Maxwell
Linlithgowshire (seat 1/1) Sir Alexander Hope
Lisburn Earl of Yarmouth Tory
Liskeard (seat 1/2) William Eliot Tory
Liskeard (seat 2/2) Viscount Hamilton Tory
Liverpool (seat 1/2) Isaac Gascoyne Tory
Liverpool (seat 2/2) Lieutenant General Banastre Tarleton Tory
London (City of) (seat 1/4) William Curtis Tory
London (City of) (seat 2/4) Sir James Shaw, Bt Tory
London (City of) (seat 3/4) Sir Charles Price Tory
London (City of) (seat 4/4) Harvey Christian Combe Whig
Londonderry Sir George Fitzgerald Hill, Bt Tory
County Londonderry (seat 1/2) Hon. Charles William Stewart Tory
County Londonderry (seat 2/2) Lord George Thomas Beresford Tory
County Longford (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Fetherston, Bt Tory
County Longford (seat 2/2) Viscount Forbes Tory
Lostwithiel (seat 1/2) George Peter Holford
Lostwithiel (seat 2/2) Ebenezer Maitland
County Louth (seat 1/2) John Foster Tory
County Louth (seat 2/2) John Jocelyn – took office
Replaced by Viscount Jocelyn 1810
Ludgershall (seat 1/2) Magens Dorrien-Magens Tory
Ludgershall (seat 2/2) Thomas Everett – died
Replaced by Joseph Hague Everett 1810 – resigned
Replaced by The Lord Headley 1811
Ludlow (seat 1/2) Viscount Clive Tory
Ludlow (seat 2/2) Henry Clive
Lyme Regis (seat 1/2) Henry Fane Tory
Lyme Regis (seat 2/2) Lord Burghersh Tory
Lymington (seat 1/2) George Duckett
Lymington (seat 2/2) John Kingston


Maidstone (seat 1/2) George Simson
Maidstone (seat 2/2) George Longman
Maldon (seat 1/2) Joseph Holden Strutt Tory
Maldon (seat 2/2) Charles Callis Western Whig
Mallow Denham Jephson Whig
Malmesbury (seat 1/2) Sir George Bowyer – resigned
Replaced by Abel Smith 1810
Malmesbury (seat 2/2) Philip Gell Tory
Malton (seat 1/2) The Lord Headley Void Election
Replaced by Bryan Cooke 1808
Malton (seat 2/2) Robert Lawrence Dundas|
Marlborough (seat 1/2) Lord Bruce Whig
Marlborough (seat 2/2) Viscount Stopford – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Edward Stopford 1810
County Mayo (seat 1/2) Rt Hon. Denis Browne Tory
County Mayo (seat 2/2) Hon. Henry Augustus Dillon Whig
County Meath (seat 1/2) Thomas Bligh Whig
County Meath (seat 2/2) Sir Marcus Somerville, Bt Whig
Merionethshire (seat 1/1) Sir Robert Williames Vaughan
Middlesex (seat 1/2) George Byng Whig
Middlesex (seat 2/2) William Mellish Tory
Midhurst (seat 1/2) Samuel Smith – sat for Leicester
Replaced by Thomas Thompson 1807
Midhurst (seat 2/2) James Abercromby Whig
Milborne Port (seat 1/2) Lord Paget – resigned
Replaced by Viscount Lewisham 1810 – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Edward Paget 1810
Milborne Port (seat 2/2) Hugh Leycester
Minehead (seat 1/2) John Denison Tory
Minehead (seat 2/2) John Fownes Luttrell 1807 Tory
Mitchell (seat 1/2) Edward Leveson Gower – resigned
Replaced by Sir James Hall 1807
Mitchell (seat 2/2) George Galway Mills – resigned
Replaced by Charles Trelawny-Brereton 1808 – resigned
Replaced by John Bruce 1809
County Monaghan (seat 1/2) Richard Dawson – died
Replaced by Thomas Charles Stewart Corry 1807
County Monaghan (seat 2/2) Charles Powell Leslie II
Monmouth Boroughs (seat 1/1) Lord Charles Somerset
Monmouthshire (seat 1/2) Lt Col. Sir Charles Morgan
Monmouthshire (seat 2/2) Capt Lord Arthur John Henry Somerset
Montgomery (seat 1/1) Whitshed Keene
Montgomeryshire (seat 1/1) Charles Williams-Wynn Tory
Morpeth (seat 1/2) William Ord Whig
Morpeth (seat 2/2) Hon. William Howard


Nairnshire (seat 0/0) Alternated with Cromartyshire. No representation in 1807
New Romney (seat 1/2) The Earl of Clonmell Tory
New Romney (seat 2/2) Hon. George Ashburnham Tory
New Ross William Wigram
New Shoreham (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Merrik Burrell, Bt Tory
New Shoreham (seat 2/2) Timothy Shelley
Newark (seat 1/2) Henry Willoughby Tory
Newark (seat 2/2) Sir Stapleton Cotton, Bt
Newcastle-under-Lyme (seat 1/2) James Macdonald
Newcastle-under-Lyme (seat 2/2) Edward Bootle-Wilbraham
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (seat 1/2) Charles John Brandling
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (seat 2/2) Sir Matthew White Ridley, 2nd Baronet
Newport (Cornwall) (seat 1/2) William Northey Tory
Newport (Cornwall) (seat 2/2) Edward Morris Whig
Newport (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) The Viscount Palmerston – resigned
Replaced by Cecil Bisshopp 1811
Newport (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Sir Arthur Wellesley – resigned
Replaced by Leonard Thomas Worsley Holmes 1809
Newry Hon. Francis Needham Tory
Newton (Lancashire) (seat 1/2) Colonel Peter Heron
Newton (Lancashire) (seat 2/2) John Ireland Blackburne
Newtown (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) Sir Robert Barclay Tory
Newtown (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Dudley Long North – resigned
Replaced by George Anderson-Pelham 1808
Norfolk (seat 1/2) Thomas Coke Whig
Norfolk (seat 2/2) Sir Jacob Astley, Bt Whig
Northallerton (seat 1/2) Hon. Edward Lascelles Tory
Northallerton (seat 2/2) Henry Peirse (younger) Whig
Northampton (seat 1/2) Spencer Perceval – assassinated
Replaced by Lord Compton 1812
Northampton (seat 2/2) Edward Bouverie – died
Replaced by William Hanbury 1810
Northamptonshire (seat 1/2) Viscount Althorp Whig
Northamptonshire (seat 2/2) William Ralph Cartwright Tory
Northumberland (seat 1/2) Charles Grey Earl Percy – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Sir Charles Monck 1812
Northumberland (seat 2/2) Thomas Richard Beaumont
Norwich (seat 1/2) William Smith Radical
Norwich (seat 2/2) John Patteson Tory
Nottingham (seat 1/2) Daniel Parker Coke
Nottingham (seat 2/2) John Smith Tory
Nottinghamshire (seat 1/2) Anthony Hardolph Eyre
Nottinghamshire (seat 2/2) Charles Pierrepoint


Okehampton (seat 1/2) Gwyllym Lloyd Wardle Whig
Okehampton (seat 2/2) Albany Savile Tory
Old Sarum (seat 1/2) Nicholas Vansittart – took office
Replaced by James Alexander 1812
Old Sarum (seat 2/2) Josias du Pre Porcher Tory
Orford (seat 1/2) Lord Robert Seymour – sat for Carmarthenshire
Replaced by William Sloane 1807
Orford (seat 2/2) Lord Henry Moore Tory
Orkney and Shetland (seat 1/1) Malcolm Laing
Oxford (seat 1/2) Francis Burton
Oxford (seat 2/2) John Ingram Lockhart
Oxfordshire (seat 1/2) Lord Francis Spencer
Oxfordshire (seat 2/2) John Fane
Oxford University (seat 1/2) Sir William Scott Tory
Oxford University (seat 2/2) Charles Abbot Tory


Peeblesshire (seat 1/1) James Montgomery
Pembroke Boroughs (seat 1/1) Hugh Barlow – died
Replaced by Sir Hugh Owen 1809 – died
Replaced by John Owen 1809
Pembrokeshire (seat 1/1) Lord Milford
Penryn (seat 1/2) Henry Swann Tory
Penryn (seat 2/2) Charles Lemon Whig
Perth Burghs (seat 1/1) Sir David Wedderburn, Bt Tory
Perthshire (seat 1/1) Lord James Murray – resigned
Replaced by James Andrew John Lawrence Charles Drummond 1812
Peterborough (seat 1/2) French Laurence – died
Replaced by Marquess of Tavistock 1809
Peterborough (seat 2/2) William Elliot Whig
Petersfield (seat 1/2) Hylton Jolliffe
Petersfield (seat 2/2) Booth Grey
Plymouth (seat 1/2) Thomas Tyrwhitt – took office
Replaced by Benjamin Bloomfield 1812
Plymouth (seat 2/2) Admiral Sir Charles Pole
Plympton Erle (seat 1/2) Viscount Castlereagh
Plympton Erle (seat 2/2) William Assheton Harbord – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Henry Drummond 1810
Pontefract (seat 1/2) Robert Pemberton Milnes
Pontefract (seat 2/2) John Savile
Poole (seat 1/2) Vacant – No return made due to tie
Sir Richard Bickerton 1808
Poole (seat 2/2) John Jeffery – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Benjamin Lester Lester 1809
Portarlington Hon. William Lamb
Portsmouth (seat 1/2) John Markham Whig
Portsmouth (seat 2/2) Sir Thomas Miller, Bt Whig
Preston (seat 1/2) Lord Stanley Whig
Preston (seat 2/2) Samuel Horrocks Tory


Queenborough (seat 1/2) Joseph Hunt – Expelled
Replaced by Richard Wellesley 1810 – took office
Replaced by Robert Moorsom 1812
Queenborough (seat 2/2) Hon. John Villiers Tory
Queen's County (seat 1/2) Hon. William Wellesley-Pole Tory
Queen's County (seat 2/2) Henry Brooke Parnell Whig


Radnor Boroughs (seat 1/1) Richard Price
Radnorshire (seat 1/1) Walter Wilkins Whig
Reading (seat 1/2) Charles Shaw-Lefevre
Reading (seat 2/2) John Simeon
Reigate (seat 1/2) Edward Charles Cocks
Reigate (seat 2/2) Viscount Royston – died
Replaced by James Cocks 1808
Renfrewshire (seat 1/1) Boyd Alexander William McDowall – died
Replaced by Archibald Speirs 1810
Richmond (Yorkshire) (seat 1/2) Arthur Shakespeare – resigned
Replaced by Lawrence Dundas 1808 – resigned
Replaced by George Heneage Lawrence Dundas 1812
Richmond (Yorkshire) (seat 2/2) Charles Lawrence Dundas – died
Replaced by Robert Chaloner 1810
Ripon (seat 1/2) Frederick John Robinson Tory
Ripon (seat 2/2) George Gipps Tory
Rochester (seat 1/2) John Calcraft Whig
Rochester (seat 2/2) Sir Thomas Thompson
County Roscommon (seat 1/2) Arthur French Whig
County Roscommon (seat 2/2) Hon. Stephen Mahon Whig
Ross-shire (seat 1/1) Alexander Mackenzie Fraser – died
Replaced by Hugh Innes 1809
Roxburghshire (seat 1/1) John Rutherford
Rutland (seat 1/2) Gerard Noel Noel – resigned
Replaced by Charles Noel Noel 1808
Rutland (seat 2/2) The Lord Henniker
Rye (seat 1/2) Sir John Nicholl – sat for Great Bedwyn
Replaced by Sir William Elford 1807 – resigned
Replaced by William Jacob 1808
Rye (seat 2/2) The Earl of Clancarty – took office
Replaced by Stephen Rumbold Lushington 1807


St Albans (seat 1/2) Joseph Thompson Halsey
St Albans (seat 2/2) James Walter Grimston – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Daniel Giles 25 January 1809
St Germans (seat 1/2) Joseph Sydney Yorke – resigned
Replaced by Charles Philip Yorke 27 April 1810
St Germans (seat 2/2) Matthew Montagu Tory
St Ives (seat 1/2) Samuel Stephens
St Ives (seat 2/2) Sir Walter Stirling, 1st Baronet Whig
St Mawes (seat 1/2) William Shipley – sat for the Flint Boroughs
Replaced by Viscount Ebrington 1807
Replaced by Scrope Bernard 1809

St Mawes (seat 2/2) Scrope Bernard – resigned
Replaced by Earl Gower 1808
Salisbury (seat 1/2) Viscount Folkestone
Salisbury (seat 2/2) Matthew Russell
Saltash (seat 1/2) Hon. Richard Griffin Whig
Saltash (seat 2/2) John Pedley – resigned
Replaced by Michael George Prendergast 1809

Sandwich (seat 1/2) Peter Rainier – died
Replaced by John Spratt Rainier 1808
Sandwich (seat 2/2) Charles Jenkinson
Scarborough (seat 1/2) Charles Manners Sutton Tory
Scarborough (seat 2/2) Hon. Edmund Phipps Tory
Seaford (seat 1/2) George Hibbert Tory
Seaford (seat 2/2) John Leach Tory
Selkirkshire (seat 1/1) William Eliott-Lockhart
Shaftesbury (seat 1/2) Edward Loveden Loveden Whig
Shaftesbury (seat 2/2) Captain Sir Home Riggs Popham
Shrewsbury (seat 1/2) Thomas Jones – died
Replaced by Henry Grey Bennet 1811
Shrewsbury (seat 2/2) Hon. William Hill Tory
Shropshire (seat 1/2) John Kynaston
Shropshire (seat 2/2) John Cotes
Sligo George Canning Tory
County Sligo (seat 1/2) Edward Synge Cooper Tory
County Sligo (seat 2/2) Charles O'Hara Whig
Somerset (seat 1/2) Thomas Lethbridge Tory
Somerset (seat 2/2) William Dickinson Tory
Southampton (seat 1/2) George Henry Rose
Southampton (seat 2/2) Josias Jackson
Southwark (seat 1/2) Henry Thornton Independent
Southwark (seat 2/2) Sir Thomas Turton, Bt
Stafford (seat 1/2) Edward Monckton Tory
Stafford (seat 2/2) Richard Mansel-Philipps Tory
Staffordshire (seat 1/2) Sir Edward Littleton – died
Replaced by Edward John Walhouse 1812
Staffordshire (seat 2/2) Earl Gower Lord Granville Leveson Gower Whig
Stamford (seat 1/2) Albemarle Bertie – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Charles Chaplin 1809
Stamford (seat 2/2) John Leland – died
Replaced by Evan Foulkes 1808
Steyning (seat 1/2) James Lloyd Whig
Steyning (seat 2/2) Robert Hurst Whig
Stirling Burghs (seat 1/1) Alexander Campbell
Stirlingshire (seat 1/1) Charles Elphinstone Fleeming
Stockbridge (seat 1/2) Joseph Foster Barham Whig
Stockbridge (seat 2/2) George Porter Whig
Sudbury (seat 1/2) Sir John Coxe Hippisley
Sudbury (seat 2/2) Emanuel Felix Agar
Suffolk (seat 1/2) Sir Charles Bunbury, Bt
Suffolk (seat 2/2) Thomas Gooch
Surrey (seat 1/2) Samuel Thornton Whig
Surrey (seat 2/2) George Holme Sumner Tory
Sussex (seat 1/2) John Fuller
Sussex (seat 2/2) Charles William Wyndham
Sutherland (seat 1/1) William Dundas – resigned
Replaced by John Randoll Mackenzie 1808 – died
Replaced by George Macpherson Grant 1809


Tain Burghs (seat 1/1) John Randoll Mackenzie – resigned
Replaced by William Henry Fremantle 1808
Tamworth (seat 1/2) William Loftus
Tamworth (seat 2/2) Sir Robert Peel Tory
Taunton (seat 1/2) Alexander Baring
Taunton (seat 2/2) John Hammet – died
Replaced by Henry Powell Collins 1811
Tavistock (seat 1/2) Lord William Russell Whig
Tavistock (seat 2/2) Richard Fitzpatrick – sat for Bedfordshire
Replaced by Viscount Howick 1807 – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by George Ponsonby 1808
Tewkesbury (seat 1/2) Charles Hanbury Tracy Whig
Tewkesbury (seat 2/2) Christopher Bethell Codrington Tory
Thetford (seat 1/2) Lord William FitzRoy
Thetford (seat 2/2) Thomas Creevey 1807
Thirsk (seat 1/2) William Frankland
Thirsk (seat 2/2) Robert Greenhill-Russell Whig
County Tipperary (seat 1/2) Hon. Montagu James Mathew Whig
County Tipperary (seat 2/2) Hon. Francis Aldborough Prittie Whig
Tiverton (seat 1/2) William Fitzhugh Tory
Tiverton (seat 2/2) Hon. Richard Ryder Tory
Totnes (seat 1/2) Benjamin Hall
Totnes (seat 2/2) William Adams – died
Replaced by Thomas Peregrine Courtenay 1811
Tralee Sir Arthur Wellesley – sat for Newport I.o.W.
Replaced by Evan Foulkes 1807 – resigned
Replaced by James Stephen 1808
Tregony (seat 1/2) Geoffrey Wentworth Wentworth – resigned
Replaced by William Gore Langton 1808
Tregony (seat 2/2) James O'Callaghan Whig
Truro (seat 1/2) Edward Boscawen – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Charles Frederick Powlett Townshend 1808 – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by William John Bankes 1810
Truro (seat 2/2) John Lemon Whig
County Tyrone (seat 1/2) Hon. Thomas Knox
County Tyrone (seat 2/2) James Stewart


Wallingford (seat 1/2) William Hughes Whig
Wallingford (seat 2/2) Richard Benyon Tory
Wareham (seat 1/2) Granby Thomas Calcraft – resigned
Replaced by Samuel Romilly 1808

Wareham (seat 2/2) Hon. John William Ward Tory
Warwick (seat 1/2) Charles Mills
Warwick (seat 2/2) Lord Brooke Tory
Warwickshire (seat 1/2) Dugdale Stratford Dugdale
Warwickshire (seat 2/2) Charles Mordaunt
Waterford Sir John Newport, Bt Tory
County Waterford (seat 1/2) John Claudius Beresford – resigned
Replaced by Sir William Beresford 1811
County Waterford (seat 2/2) Richard Power Whig
Wells (seat 1/2) Charles William Taylor Whig
Wells (seat 2/2) Clement Tudway
Wendover (seat 1/2) Viscount Mahon – sat for Kingston upon Hull
Replaced by Francis Horner 1807
Wendover (seat 2/2) George Smith Whig
Wenlock (seat 1/2) John Simpson
Wenlock (seat 2/2) Cecil Forester
Weobley (seat 1/2) Lord George Thynne Lord Guernsey – resigned
Replaced by Lord Apsley 1812
Weobley (seat 2/2) Lord Guernsey – resigned
Replaced by Lord Apsley 1812
West Looe (seat 1/2) Ralph Allen Daniell
West Looe (seat 2/2) James Buller – took office
Replaced by Joseph Sydney Yorke 1812
Westbury (seat 1/2) Edward Lascelles – sat for Northallerton
Replaced by Henry Lascelles 1807
Westbury (seat 2/2) Glynn Wynn – resigned
Replaced by Francis Whittle 1809
Replaced by John de Ponthieu 1810
County Westmeath (seat 1/2) William Smyth – resigned
Replaced by Hon. Hercules Robert Pakenham 1808
County Westmeath Gustavus Hume-Rochfort
Westminster (seat 1/2) Francis Burdett Whig
Westminster (seat 2/2) Lord Cochrane Whig
Westmorland (seat 1/2) James Lowther Tory
Westmorland (seat 2/2) The Lord Muncaster Tory
Wexford Richard Nevill – resigned
Replaced by Peter Parker 1810 – resigned
Replaced by Richard Nevill 1811
County Wexford (seat 1/2) Abel Ram Whig
County Wexford (seat 2/2) William Congreve Alcock Whig
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 1/4) Sir James Pulteney – died
Replaced by Sir John Murray 1811
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 2/4) Richard Augustus Tucker Steward
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 3/4) Charles Adams Tory
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (seat 4/4) Gabriel Tucker Steward – resigned
Replaced by Sir John Lowther Johnstone 1810
Replaced by Joseph Hume 1812
Whitchurch (seat 1/2) William Brodrick
Whitchurch (seat 2/2) Hon. William Augustus Townshend
County Wicklow (seat 1/2) William Hoare Hume Whig
County Wicklow (seat 2/2) William Tighe Whig
Wigan (seat 1/2) John Hodson Tory
Wigan (seat 2/2) Sir Robert Leigh Tory
Wigtown Burghs (seat 1/1) Edward Richard Stewart – took office
Replaced by Lyndon Evelyn 1809
Wigtownshire (seat 1/1) William Maxwell
Wilton (seat 1/2) Ralph Sheldon
Wilton (seat 2/2) Captain the Hon. Charles Herbert
Wiltshire (seat 1/2) Henry Penruddocke Wyndham Whig
Wiltshire (seat 2/2) Richard Godolphin Long Tory
Winchelsea (seat 1/2) Sir Frederick Fletcher Vane – resigned
Replaced by Sir Oswald Mosley 1807
Winchelsea (seat 2/2) Calverley Bewicke Whig
Winchester (seat 1/2) Sir Henry St John-Mildmay, Bt
Winchester (seat 2/2) Richard Grace Gamon
Windsor (seat 1/2) Edward Disbrowe Tory
Windsor (seat 2/2) Richard Ramsbottom – resigned
Replaced by John Ramsbottom 1810
Woodstock (seat 1/2) Sir Henry Dashwood, Bt
Woodstock (seat 2/2) William Frederick Elliot Eden – died
Replaced by George Eden 1810
Wootton Bassett (seat 1/2) Sir John Murray – resigned
Replaced by Robert Knight 1811
Wootton Bassett (seat 2/2) John Cheesment Severn – resigned
Replaced by Benjamin Walsh 1808 – Expelled
Replaced by John Attersoll 1812
Worcester (seat 1/2) William Gordon Whig
Worcester (seat 2/2) Abraham Robarts Whig
Worcestershire (seat 1/2) William Lyttelton
Worcestershire (seat 2/2) William Lygon
Wycombe (seat 1/2) Sir Thomas Baring, Bt
Wycombe (seat 2/2) Sir John Dashwood-King, Bt Tory


Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) (seat 1/2) Jervoise Clarke Jervoise – died
Replaced by Benjamin Cooke Griffinhoofe 1808 – resigned
Replaced by John Delgarno 1808 – resigned
Replaced by Viscount Valentia 1808 – resigned
Replaced by Thomas Myers 1810
Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) (seat 2/2) Hon. William Orde-Powlett
Replaced by Admiral Sir John Orde
York (seat 1/2) Sir William Mordaunt Milner – died
Replaced by Lawrence Dundas 1811
York (seat 2/2) Sir Mark Masterman-Sykes Whig
Yorkshire (seat 1/2) Viscount Milton Tory
Yorkshire (seat 2/2) William Wilberforce Tory
Youghal (seat 1/1) Viscount Boyle – succeeded to a peerage
Replaced by Sir John Keane 1807


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