List of Judicial Committee of the Privy Council cases

This is a list of major cases decided by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. These include appeals from the following countries:[1]


Case nameCitationSubject
Maher v. Town Council of Portland (New Brunswick, Canada) (1875)
Guibord Affair case (Quebec, Canada) (1875)
Citizen's Insurance Co. v. Parsons (Ontario, Canada) (1880) Trade and Commerce clause of Constitution
Russell v. The Queen (New Brunswick, Canada) (1882) App. Cas. 829 first peace, order and good government case
McLaren v. Caldwell (Ontario, Canada) (1883) re. powers Canadian government
Hodge v. the Queen (1883) double aspect doctrine of Constitution
The Trustees, Executor and Agency Co. v. Short (1888) 58 L.J.P.C. 4
St. Catharines Milling & Lumber Co. v. The Queen (Canada) (1888), 14 App. Cas. 46 aboriginal rights
1888 – suspension of criminal appeals from Canada
Gibbs v. Messer (1891)
Liquidators of the Maritime Bank of Canada v. Receiver-General of New Brunswick (New Brunswick, Canada) [1892] A.C. 437 Canadian provincial sovereignty
Makin v. Attorney General for New South Wales (Australia) (1894) evidence of similar fact
Attorney-General for Ontario v. Attorney-General for the Dominion (Ontario, Canada) [1896] AC 348 national concern doctrine of Canadian constitution
Attorney General of Canada v. Attorney General of Ontario [1898] A.C. 700 (P.C.) turf war aka Provincial Fisheries Reference[2]
Union Colliery Co. of British Columbia v. Bryden (British Columbia, Canada) [1899] A.C. 580


Case nameCitationSubject
Cunningham v Homma (British Columbia, Canada) [1903] A.C. 151 Law preventing Japanese vote found valid; overridden by the Canadian Citizenship Act 1946
Bank of Montreal v Stuart [1910] UKPC 53 Undue influence
Attorney-General for Ontario v Attorney-General of Canada (Reference Appeal) (Ontario, Canada) [1912] A.C. 571
Royal Bank of Canada v. The King (Canada) [1913] A.C. 283
Canada v. Alberta[3] (Canada) [1922] A.C. 191 Emergency doctrine of Constitution of Canada
Fort Frances Pulp and Paper v. Manitoba Free Press (Canada) (1923)
Brooks-Bidlake and Whittall Limited v. Attorney-General for British Columbia (Canada) [1923] A.C. 450 (P.C.)
Toronto Electric Commissioners v. Snider (Ontario, Canada) [1925] A.C. 396
Nadan v The King (Canada) [1926] A.C. 482(PC) Removal of Canadian appeal to the JCPC held unconstitutional
1926 – criminal appeals from Canada permitted
Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General) (Canada) [1930] A.C. 124 Women's right to sit in the Senate
Proprietary Articles Trade Association v. Attorney General of Canada (Canada) [1931] A.C. 310 (P.C.)
In re Regulation and Control of Aeronautics in Canada[4] (Canada) [1932] A.C. 54
In re Regulation and Control of Radio Communication in Canada[5] (Canada) [1932] A.C. 304
1933 – no more criminal appeals from Canada
British Coal Corporation v. the King (Canada) [1935] A.C. 500 Upheld authority of Canadian Parliament to abolish appeals to the Privy Council in criminal cases.
Attorney-General of Canada v. Attorney-General of Ontario (Labour Conventions) (Ontario, Canada) [1937] A.C. 326
Sifton v. Sifton [1938] A.C. 656 Certainty of conditions in a devise
Vita Food Products Inc. v. Unus Shipping Co. Ltd. (Nova Scotia, Canada) [1939] A.C. 277 An express choice of law clause in a contract should be honoured as long as the agreement was bona fide and not against public policy.
Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd. v. Twentieth Century Fox Corp. [1939] 4 D.L.R. 353 Copyright in titles
Ontario (Attorney General) v. Canada Temperance Federation (Ontario, Canada) (1946) Examined the peace, order, and good government power of the Constitution Act, 1867
1949 – no more civil appeals from Canada
Subramaniam v Public Prosecutor [1956] 1 WLR 965 Hearsay exception
Overseas Tankship v Morts Dock & Engineering Co. Ltd. (The Wagon Mound No. 1) (Australia) [1961] A.C. 388 Leading authority on remoteness of damage in negligence.
Overseas Tankship v Miller Steamship Co. (The Wagon Mound No. 2) (Australia) [1967] A.C. 617 Defined remoteness of damages in a nuisance tort action
Goldman v Hargrave [1967] 1 A.C. 645
The Eurymedon (New Zealand) [1975] A.C. 154 Conditions of when a third party may seek protection of an exclusion clause in a contract between two parties.
Pao On v. Lau Yiu Long (Hong Kong) [1980] A.C. 614
Ong Ah Chuan v. Public Prosecutor (Singapore) [1980] UKPC 32, [1981] A.C. 648, [1981] 1 M.L.J. [Malayan Law Journal] 64, [1979–1980] S.L.R.(R.) [Singapore Law Reports (Reissue)] 710 Constitutionality of provisions in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973 (No. 5 of 1973) creating a rebuttable presumption of drug trafficking and imposing the mandatory death penalty for certain drug trafficking offences.
Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd v. Pub Squash Co Pty Ltd [1980] 2 N.S.W.L.R. 851 (JCPC)
1989 – appeals from Singapore restricted
Lee Ting Sang v Chung Chi-Keung (Hong Kong) [1990] UKPC 9
1994 – no more appeals from Singapore
Goss v Chilcott [1996] UKPC 17 (23 May 1996)
1997 – no more appeals from Hong Kong

2001 onwards

Case nameCitationSubject
T Choithram International SA v PagaraniBritish Virgin Islands [2001] 2 All ER 492 vesting of "imperfect gifts"
Dextra Bank & Trust Company Limited v Bank of JamaicaJamaica [2002] 1 All ER (Comm) 193, [2001] UKPC 50
Citco Banking Corporation NV v Pusser's Ltd - British Virgin Islands [2007] UKPC 13 Validity of amendments to company's constitutional documents
Cukurova Finance International Ltd & Anor v Alfa Telecom Turkey LtdBritish Virgin Islands [2013] UKPC 2 nature of the remedy of appropriation introduced into English law under the EU "Directive 2002/47/EC". 6 June 2002. on financial collateral arrangements
Stichting Shell Pensioenfonds v Krys - British Virgin Islands [2014] UKPC 41 anti-suit injunctions relating to insolvency proceedings
Nilon Limited v Royal Westminster Investments S.A. - British Virgin Islands [2015] UKPC 2 rectification of the share register; anchor defendants; forum non conveniens

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  1. Role of the JCPC, Lower courts recognising JCPC jurisdiction.
  3. (also known as the Board of Commerce Case)
  4. (The "Aeronautics Reference")
  5. (The "Radio Reference")
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