List of Interstate Highways in Missouri

The Interstate Highways in Missouri are the segments of the national Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways[2] that are owned and maintained by the U.S. state of Missouri.

Interstate Highways of the Missouri Highway System
Highway markers Interstate 44, Interstate 435,and Interstate Business Loop 55
System information
Maintained by MoDOT
FormedJune 29, 1956 (1956-06-29)[1]
Highway names
InterstatesInterstate nn (I‑nn)
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Primary Interstates

Number Length (mi)[3] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
I-29 128.584206.936 Downtown Loop in Kansas City, MissouriI‑29 at Iowa state line south of Hamburg, IA 01963-01-011963current
I-35 114.448184.186 I‑35 at Kansas CityI‑35 north of Eagleville
I-44 293.184471.834 I‑44 west of JoplinI‑70 in St. Louis 01956-01-011956current
I-49 178.717287.617 US 71 in PinevilleI‑470 in Kansas City 02012-12-122012[4]current Will be extended to Arkansas
I-55 210.45338.69 I‑55 south of SteeleI‑55/I‑64 at St. Louis 01956-01-011956current
I-57 22.05635.496 I‑55 at SikestonI‑57 north of Charleston Will be extended into Arkansas
I-64 40.81665.687 I‑70 at WentzvilleI‑64 at St. Louis 01956-01-011956current
I-66 340547 Kansas state line west of JoplinKentucky state line south of Cairo, IL 01991-01-01199102015-01-012015 Was proposed as part of the East–West TransAmerica Corridor in 1991
I-70 250.063402.437 I‑70 at Kansas CityI‑70 at St. Louis 01956-01-011956current
I-72 2.0563.309 US 36/US 61 in HannibalI‑72 at Hannibal A 157-mile (253 km) extension has been proposed to Cameron
  •       Former

Auxiliary Interstates

Number Length (mi)[3] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
I-155 10.83417.436 I‑55/US 61 east of HaytiI‑155 east of Caruthersville
I-170 11.25518.113 I‑64/US 40 in Richmond HeightsI‑270 in Hazelwood
I-229 15.02224.176 I‑29/US 71 in St. JosephI‑29/US 59/US 71 north of St. Joseph 01986-01-011986current
I-244 21.04733.872 I‑55 south of Green ParkI‑70 in Bridgeton Previous designation for part of I-270
I-255 3.9796.404 I‑55 south of Green ParkI‑255/US 50 at Illinois state line south of St. Louis Missouri section of the eastern half of beltway around St. Louis
I-270 35.49757.127 I‑55 south of Green ParkI‑270 at Illinois state line at St. Louis Western half of beltway around St. Louis
I-435 55.18488.810 I‑435 at Kansas CityI‑435 Kansas state line at Parkville Missouri section of the beltway around Kansas City
I-470 17.08127.489 I‑435/US 50/US 71 in Kansas CityI‑70 in Independence 01970-01-011970[5]current Old US 250
I-635 3.7666.061 I‑635 at Kansas CityI‑29/US 71 in Kansas City
I-670 2.3233.739 I‑670 at Kansas CityI‑70/US 40 in Kansas City
  •       Former

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