List of Interstate Highways

There are 70 primary Interstate Highways in the Interstate Highway System, a network of controlled-access freeways in the United States. They are assigned one- or two-digit route numbers, whereas their associated "auxiliary" Interstate Highways receive three-digit route numbers. Typically, odd-numbered Interstates run south-north, with lower numbers in the west and higher numbers in the east; even-numbered Interstates run west-east, with lower numbers in the south and higher numbers in the north. Highways whose route numbers are divisible by "5" usually represent major coast-to-coast or border-to-border routes (ex. I-10 travels from Santa Monica, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, traveling from the Pacific to Atlantic oceans). Additionally, auxiliary highways have their numbering system where a different number prefixes the number of its parent highway.

Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways
Highway shield for Interstate 90 and the Eisenhower Interstate System
Interstate Highways in the 48 contiguous states
System information
FormedJune 29, 1956[1]
Highway names
InterstatesInterstate X (I-X)
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Five route numbers are duplicated in the system, though the corresponding highways are separated by state lines which prevent confusion. The main list that discusses the primary Interstate Highways in the contiguous United States is followed by sections regarding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Contiguous United States

There are 70 primary Interstate Highways listed in the table below.

Number Length (mi)[2] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
I-2 46.875.3 US 83 in Peñitas, TexasI-69E/US 77/US 83 in Harlingen, Texas 02013-01-012013current Texas only
Associated routes: none
I-4 132.3212.9 I-275 in Tampa, FloridaI-95/SR 400 Daytona Beach, Florida 01959-01-011959current Florida only
Associated routes: none
I-5 1,381.292,222.97 Fed. 1 at Mexican border in San Ysidro, CaliforniaBC 99 at Canadian border in Blaine, Washington 01956-01-011956current Serves three states: CA, OR, WA
Associated routes: I-105, I-205, I-405, I-505, I-605, I-705, I-805; Future: I-305, I-905
I-8 348.25560.45 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard/Nimitz Boulevard in San Diego, CaliforniaI-10 in Casa Grande, Arizona 01964-01-011964current Serves two states: CA, AZ
Associated routes: none
I-10 2,460.343,959.53 SR 1 in Santa Monica, CaliforniaI-95/US 17/SR 228 in Jacksonville, Florida 01957-01-011957current Serves eight states: CA, AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL
Associated routes: I-110, I-210, I-310, I-410, I-510, I-610, I-710, I-910
I-11 22.84536.765 US 93/US 93 Bus. at Boulder City, NevadaI-215/I-515/US 93/US 95/SR 564 in Henderson, Nevada 02017-01-012017current Nevada only; planned extension north and south
Associated routes: none
I-12 85.59137.74 I-10 in Baton Rouge, LouisianaI-10/I-59 in Slidell, Louisiana 01967-01-011967current Louisiana only
Associated routes: none
I-14 25.140.4 US 190/SH 9 in Copperas Cove, TexasI-35 in Belton, Texas 02017-01-262017current Texas only; planned extension east and west
Associated routes: none
I-15 1,433.522,307.03 SR 15/32nd Street/Norman Scott Road in San Diego, CaliforniaHwy. 4 at Canadian border in Sweetgrass, Montana 01957-01-011957current Serves six states: CA, NV, AZ, UT, ID, MT
Associated routes: I-115, I-215, I-315, I-515
I-16 166.81268.45 I-75 in Macon, GeorgiaSR 404 and Montgomery Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Savannah, Georgia 01966-01-011966current Georgia only
Associated route: I-516
I-17 145.76234.58 I-10 in Phoenix, ArizonaI-40/SR 89A in Flagstaff, Arizona 01961-01-011961current Arizona only
Associated routes: none
I-19 63.35101.95 Fed. 15 at Mexican border in Nogales, ArizonaI-10 in Tucson, Arizona 01972-01-011972current Arizona only
Associated routes: none
Uses kilometers instead of miles
I-20 1,539.382,477.39 I-10 at Scroggins Draw, TexasI-95 in Florence, South Carolina 01957-01-011957current Serves six states: TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC
Associated routes: I-220, I-520, I-820
I-22 202.22325.44 I-269/US 78 near Byhalia, MississippiI-65/US 31 in Birmingham, Alabama 02012-01-012012current Serves two states: Mississippi, Alabama
Planned associated routes: I-222, I-422
I-24 316.36509.13 I-57 in Pulley's Mill, IllinoisI-75 in Chattanooga, Tennessee 01962-01-011962current Serves four states: Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia
Associated route: I-124
I-25 1,061.671,708.59 I-10/US 85/US 180 in Las Cruces, New MexicoI-90/US 87 in Buffalo, Wyoming 01957-01-011957current Serves three states: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming
Associated route: I-225
I-26 304.64490.27 US 11W in Kingsport, TennesseeUS 17 in Charleston, South Carolina 01960-01-011960current Serves three states: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina
Associated routes: I-126, I-526
I-27 124.13199.77 US 87/Loop 289 in Lubbock, TexasI-40/US 87/US 287 in Amarillo, Texas 01969-01-011969current Texas only
Associated routes: none
I-29 755.511,215.88 I-35/I-70/US 24/US 40/US 71 in Kansas City, MissouriUS 81 and PTH 29 at Canadian border in Pembina, North Dakota 01958-01-011958current Serves four states: Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota
Associated routes: I-129, I-229
I-30 366.76590.24 I-20 in Fort Worth, TexasI-40/US 65/US 67/US 167 in North Little Rock, Arkansas 01957-01-011957current Serves two states: Texas, Arkansas
Associated routes: I-430, I-530, I-630
I-35 1,568.382,524.06 US 83/SH 359/BS I-35 and MX-85 at Mexican border in Laredo, TexasMN 61/LSCT/26th Avenue in Duluth, Minnesota 01956-01-011956current Serves six states: TX, OK, KS, MO, IA, MN
Associated routes: I-35E, I-35W, I-135, I-235, I-335, I-435, I-535, I-635
I-37 143.00230.14 US 181 in Corpus Christi, TexasI-35/US 281 in San Antonio, Texas 01959-01-011959current Texas only
Associated routes: none
I-39 306.14492.68 I-55 in Normal, IllinoisWIS 29/US 51 in Wausau, Wisconsin 01984-01-011984current Serves two states: Illinois, Wisconsin
Associated routes: none
I-40 2,556.614,114.46 I-15 in Barstow, CaliforniaUS 117/NC 132 in Wilmington, North Carolina 01964-01-011964current Serves eight states: CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, AR, TN, NC
Associated routes: I-140, I-240, I-440, I-540, I-640, I-840
I-41 175282 I-94/US 41 in Russell, IllinoisI-43 in Howard, Wisconsin 02015-01-012015current Serves two states:
Illinois, Wisconsin
Associated routes: none
I-43 191.55308.27 I-39/I-90 in Beloit, WisconsinI-41/US 41/US 141 in Howard, Wisconsin 01981-01-011981current Wisconsin only
Associated routes: none
I-44 636.691,024.65 US 82/US 277/US 281/US 287 in Wichita Falls, TexasI-70 in St. Louis, Missouri 01958-01-011958current Serves three states: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri
Associated routes: I-244, I-444
I-45 284.91458.52 SH 87 in Galveston, TexasI-30/US 67/US 75 in Dallas, Texas 01971-01-011971current Texas only
Associated route: I-345
I-49 528.02849.77 I-10 in Lafayette, LouisianaI-435/I-470/US 50/US 71 in Kansas City, Missouri 01984-01-011984current Serves three states: Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri
Associated routes: none
I-55 964.251,551.81 I-10 in LaPlace, LouisianaUS 41 in Chicago, Illinois 01960-01-011960current Serves six states: LA, MS, TN, AR, MO, IL
Associated routes: I-155, I-255, I-355; I-555
I-57 386.12621.40 I-55 in Miner, MissouriI-94 in Chicago, Illinois 01965-01-011965current Serves two states: Missouri, Illinois. Planned in 1 more: Arkansas
Associated routes: none
I-59 445.23716.53 I-10/I-12 in Slidell, LouisianaI-24 in Wildwood, Georgia 01960-01-011960current Serves four states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia
Associated routes: I-359, I-459, I-759
I-64 963.521,550.64 I-70/US 61 in Wentzville, MissouriI-264/I-664 in Chesapeake, Virginia 01961-01-011961current Serves six states: MO, IL, IN, KY, WV, VA
Associated routes: I-264, I-464, I-564, I-664
I-65 887.301,427.97 I-10 in Mobile, AlabamaUS 12/US 20 in Gary, Indiana 01958-01-011958current Serves four states: Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana
Associated routes: I-165, I-265, I-465, I-565, I-865
I-66 76.28122.76 I-81 in Front Royal, VirginiaUS 29 in Washington, D.C. 01961-01-011961current Serves District of Columbia and one state: Virginia
Associated routes: None, had one proposed auxiliary route, I-266, but was cancelled due to freeway revolts.
I-68 113.15182.10 I-79 in Morgantown, West VirginiaI-70 in Hancock, Maryland 01991-01-011991current Serves two states: West Virginia, Maryland
Associated routes: None
I-69 841.301,353.94 I-69E/US 77 & I-69W/US 59 in Victoria, Texas (future)Hwy 402 at Canadian border in Port Huron, Michigan 01957-01-011957current Unfinished Texas section: Rosenberg (US-59/Spur 529) to Splendora (US 59/Mandell Road)
Unfinished Mississippi-Tennessee section: Banks, Mississippi (MS 304/MS 713) to Frayser, Tennessee (US 51/TN 3)
Unfinished Indiana section: Martinsville, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana
Serves six states: TX, MS, TN, KY, IN, MI. Planned/started in 2 more: LA, AR
Associated routes: I-69C, I-69E, I-69W, I-169, I-269, I-369, I-469; Planned: I-169 in Tennessee, I-369 in Kentucky
I-70 2,150.573,461.01 I-15 in Cove Fort, UtahPark and ride in Baltimore, Maryland 01956-01-011956current Serves 10 states: UT, CO, KS, MO, IL, IN, OH, WV, PA, MD
Associated routes: I-170, I-270, I-370, I-470, I-670
I-71 345.57556.14 I-64 in Louisville, KentuckyI-90 in Cleveland, Ohio 01959-01-011959current Serves two states: Kentucky, Ohio
Associated routes: I-271, I-471
I-72 179.29288.54 US 61 in Hannibal, MissouriChurch Street and University Avenue in Champaign, Illinois 01970-01-011970current Serves two states: Missouri, Illinois
Associated route: I-172
I-73 101.10162.70 US 220 near Stokesdale, North CarolinaI‑74 in Randleman, North Carolina 01997-01-011997current North Carolina only
Associated routes: none
I-74 488.83786.70 I-80 in Bettendorf, IowaUS 74/NC 41 near Lumberton, North Carolina 01974-01-011974current Serves five states: IA, IL, IN, OH, NC
Associated routes: I-474
I-75 1,786.472,875.04 SR 826/SR 916/SR 924 in Miami Lakes, FloridaCanadian border at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 01958-01-011958current Serves six states: FL, GA, TN, KY, OH, MI
Associated routes: I-175, I-275, I-375, I-475, I-575, I-675
I-76 186.48300.11 I-70 at Denver, ColoradoI-80 at Big Springs, Nebraska 01975-01-011975current Serves two states: Colorado, Nebraska
Associated routes: none
I-76 435.66701.13 I-71 in Westfield Center, OhioI-295 at Bellmawr, New Jersey 01964-01-011964current Serves three states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Associated routes: I-176, I-276, I-376, I-476, I-676; Future: I-576
I-77 610.10981.86 I-26 in Columbia, South CarolinaI-90 in Cleveland, Ohio 01958-01-011958current Serves five states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio
Associated route: I-277
I-78 146.28235.41 I-81 at Jonestown, PennsylvaniaCanal Street in New York City 01957-01-011957current Serves three states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York
Associated routes: I-278, I-478, I-678, I-878
I-79 343.46552.75 I-77 in Charleston, West VirginiaPA-5 in Erie, Pennsylvania 01967-01-011967current Serves two states: West Virginia, Pennsylvania
Associated routes: I-279, I-579
I-80 2,899.594,666.44 US 101 in San Francisco, CaliforniaI-95 in Teaneck, New Jersey 01956-01-011956current Serves 11 states: CA, NV, UT, WY, NE, IA, IL, IN, OH, PA, NJ
Associated routes: I-180, I-238, I-280, I-380, I-480, I-580, I-680, I-780, I-880, I-980
I-81 855.021,376.02 I-40 in Dandridge, TennesseeCanadian border at Wellesley Island, New York 01961-01-011961current Serves six states: TN, VA, WV, MD, PA, NY
Associated routes: I-381, I-481, I-581, I-781
I-82 143.58231.07 I-90 in Ellensburg, WashingtonI-84 in Hermiston, Oregon 01957-01-011957current Serves two states: Washington, Oregon
Associated route: I-182
I-83 85.03136.84 President Street and Fayette Street in Baltimore, MarylandI-81 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 01959-01-011959current Serves two states: Maryland, Pennsylvania
Associated route: I-283
I-84 769.621,238.58 I-5 in Portland, OregonI-80 in Echo, Utah 01980-01-011980current Serves three states: Oregon, Idaho, Utah
Associated route: I-184
I-84 232.71374.51 I-81 in Scranton, PennsylvaniaI-90 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts 01963-01-011963current Serves four states: Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts
Associated routes: I-384, I-684
I-85 666.051,071.90 I-65 in Montgomery, AlabamaI-95 in Petersburg, Virginia 01958-01-011958current Serves five states: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia
Associated routes: I-185, I-285, I-385, I-485, I-585, I-785, I-985; Planned: I-685
I-86 62.85101.15 I-84 near Declo, IdahoI-15 in Chubbuck, Idaho 01980-01-011980current Idaho only
Associated routes: none
I-86 223.39359.51 I-90 near North East, PennsylvaniaNY 17/NY 79 in Windsor, New York 01999-01-011999current Serves two states: Pennsylvania, New York
Associated routes: none
I-87 12.920.8 I-440/US 64/US 264 in Raleigh, North CarolinaUS 64/US 264 in Wendell, North Carolina 02017-01-012017current North Carolina only
Associated routes: None, will eventually have one spur route, I-587; shortest Interstate highway in contiguous United States
I-87 333.49536.70 I-278 in New York CityA-15 at Canadian border in Champlain, New York 01957-01-011957current New York only
Associated routes: I-287, I-587, I-787
I-88 140.6226.3 I-80/IL 92 near East Moline, IllinoisI-290/IL 110 in Hillside, Illinois 01987-01-011987current Illinois only
Associated routes: none
I-88 117.75189.50 I-81 in Binghamton, New YorkI-90 in Schenectady, New York 01968-01-011968current New York only
Associated routes: none
I-89 191.12307.58 I-93/SR 3A in Bow, New HampshireRoute 133/Future A-35 at Canadian border in Highgate, Vermont 01960-01-011960current Serves two states: New Hampshire, Vermont
Associated route: I-189
I-90 3,020.444,860.93 4th Avenue and Edgar Martinez Drive in Seattle, WashingtonMA 1A in Boston, Massachusetts 01956-01-011956current Serves 13 states: WA, ID, MT, WY, SD, MN, WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, NY, MA
Associated routes: I-190, I-290, I-390, I-490, I-590, I-690, I-790, I-890, I-990
Longest Interstate highway
I-91 290.37467.31 I-95 in New Haven, ConnecticutA-55 at Canadian border in Derby Line, Vermont 01958-01-011958current Serves three states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont
Associated routes: I-291, I-391, I-691
I-93 189.95305.69 I-95/US 1 in Canton, MassachusettsI-91 St. Johnsbury, Vermont 01957-01-011957current Serves three states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont
Associated routes: I-293, I-393
I-94 1,585.202,551.13 I-90 in Billings, MontanaHighway 402 at Canadian border in Port Huron, Michigan 01956-01-011956current Serves seven states: MT, ND, MN, WI, IL, IN, MI
Associated routes: I-194, I-294, I-394, I-494, I-694, I-794, I-894
I-95 1,908.483,071.40 US 1 in Miami, FloridaNB 95 at Canadian border in Houlton, Maine 01957-01-011957current Serves DC and 15 states: FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME
Associated routes: I-195, I-295, I-395, I-495, I-595, I-695, I-795, I-895
I-96 192.06309.09 US 31 in Norton Shores, MichiganI-75 in Detroit, Michigan 01959-01-011959current Michigan only
Associated routes: I-196, I-296, I-496, I-696
I-97 17.6228.36 US 50 in Annapolis, MarylandI-695/I-895I-695/I-895 in Glen Burnie, Maryland 01987-01-011987current Maryland only
Associated routes: None, had 2 auxiliary routes planned, I-197 and I-297, but they were replaced by I-595 and MD Route 3.
I-99 98.34158.26 I-70/I-76 in Bedford, PennsylvaniaI-86/NY 17 in Painted Post, New York 01998-01-011998current Unfinished Pennsylvania section: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania (I-80) to New York state line near Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania (US 15)
Serves two states: Pennsylvania, New York
Associated routes: none

Other jurisdictions

In addition to the 48 contiguous states, Interstate Highways are found in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. The Federal Highway Administration funds four routes in Alaska and three routes in Puerto Rico under the same program as the rest of the Interstate Highway System. However, these routes are not required to meet the same standards as the mainland routes:


The Interstate Highways in the island of Oʻahu, Hawaii are signed with the standard Interstate Highway shield, with the letter "H-" prefixed before the number. They are fully controlled-access routes built to the same standards as the mainland Interstate Highways.

Number Length (mi)[2] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
H-1 27.1643.71 Route 93 in KapoleiRoute 72 in Honolulu 01959-01-011959current Associated route: H-201
H-2 8.3313.41 H-1 in Pearl CityRoute 99 in Wahiawa 01976-01-011976current
H-3 15.3224.66 H-1 & H-201 in HalawaMarine Corps Base Hawaii 01997-01-011997current
H-4 6.510.5 Was to have provided relief around the congested areas of H-1, but the idea was not popular and was never built.
  •       Former


Alaska's Interstate Highways are unsigned as such, although they all have state highway numbers that do not match the Interstate Highway numbers.[4]

Number Length (mi)[2] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
A1 408.23656.98 AnchorageCanadian border in Alcan Border 01976-01-011976current Glenn Highway, Richardson Highway, Tok Cut-Off, Alaska Highway[5][6][7][8]
A2 202.18325.38 TokFairbanks 01976-01-011976current Alaska Highway, Richardson Highway[6][7][8]
A3 148.12238.38 AnchorageSoldotna 01976-01-011976current Seward Highway, Sterling Highway[5][7][8]
A4 323.69520.93 Gateway, near PalmerFairbanks 01976-01-011976current Parks Highway[5][6][7][8]

Puerto Rico

Like Alaska, Puerto Rico signs its Interstate Highways as territorial routes, and the numbers do not match their official Interstate Highway designations. Many of the territory's routes are freeway-standard toll roads.[9]

Number Length (mi)[2] Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
PRI-1 71.08114.39 PR-2 in PoncePR-2 in San Juan 01953-01-011953current Follows PR-52
PRI-2 138.13222.30 PR-1 in PoncePR-3 in San Juan 01953-01-011953current Follows PR-22
PRI-3 65.27105.04 PR-3 in HumacaoPR-2 in San Juan 01953-01-011953current Follows PR-66

The title of interactive fiction I-0 refers to the fictional "Interstate Zero".[10]

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