List of Illinois townships

Of the 102 counties of the state of Illinois, 84 are organized into civil townships, usually referred to as simply "townships" in state law.

The legal name of each township is the form "___ Township" or "Town of ____".[1] State law specifies that no two townships in Illinois shall have the same name,[2] and that, if the Illinois Secretary of State compares the township abstracts and finds a duplicate, the county that last adopted the name shall instead adopt a different name at the next county board meeting.[3] Nonetheless, a few township names remain duplicates in Illinois.

Other forms

Cook County is organized into townships except for the city of Chicago: in 1902, voters in Chicago chose to abolish the eight townships in the city.[4]

There are 17 counties with no township government: Alexander, Calhoun, Edwards, Hardin, Johnson, Massac, Menard, Monroe, Morgan, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Randolph, Scott, Union, Wabash, and Williamson.[4] Each of those counties is instead divided into precincts.

Organization and naming

The operation of townships in Illinois is established primarily by the Township Code (60 ILCS 1). Each county has the option to adopt or discontinue the township form of government.[5]

Each township name is chosen by "in accordance with the express wish of the inhabitants"; but if "there is not a degree of unanimity as to the name", then the name may be chosen by the commissioners that are dividing the county into townships. In addition, if the county board is petitioned by a majority of the township's voters, the board may change the township's name.[2]

Each township is governed by an elected board, which consists of a "supervisor" plus four "trustees".[6] There are special provisions for automatic creation of a township in any city or village where township organization has been chosen for the county but some of the municipality's territory does not yet have an organized township;[7] for consolidating the territory of a city across multiple townships into a single township for the city at the voters' request;[8] and for creating an optional "coterminous" township that follow the borders of a city in most circumstances and allows the city council to act as the township board.[9]


60 ILCS 1/85-13 enumerates general services that townships are allowed to spend money on:

  • Public safety (including law enforcement, fire protection, and building code enforcement).
  • Environmental protection (including sewage disposal, sanitation, and pollution abatement).
  • Public transportation (including transit systems, paratransit systems, and streets and roads).
  • Health.
  • Recreation.
  • Libraries.
  • Social services for the poor and aged.
  • Development and retention of business, industrial, manufacturing, and tourist facilities within the township.

Other parts of 60 ILCS 1 authorize townships to provide cemeteries,[10] comfort stations, community buildings, hospitals, monuments, open spaces, parks, facilities for the developmentally disabled, and disposal of brush and leaves.[11] After approval by a referendum, a township may also provide water and sewer services and general waste collection.


Abington TownshipMercer County
Adams TownshipLaSalle County
Addison TownshipDuPage County
Aetna TownshipLogan County
Afton TownshipDeKalb County
Akron TownshipPeoria County
Alba TownshipHenry County
Albany TownshipWhiteside County
Alden TownshipMcHenry County
Algonquin TownshipMcHenry County
Alhambra TownshipMadison County
Allen TownshipLaSalle County
Allens Grove TownshipMason County
Allin TownshipMcLean County
Allison TownshipLawrence County
Alma TownshipMarion County
Alto TownshipLee County
Alton TownshipMadison County
Amboy TownshipLee County
Amity TownshipLivingston County
Anchor TownshipMcLean County
Andalusia TownshipRock Island County
Anderson TownshipClark County
Andover TownshipHenry County
Annawan TownshipHenry County
Antioch TownshipLake County
Appanoose TownshipHancock County
Apple River TownshipJo Daviess County
Arcola TownshipDouglas County
Arenzville TownshipCass County
Arispie TownshipBureau County
Aroma TownshipKankakee County
Arrington TownshipWayne County
Arrowsmith TownshipMcLean County
Artesia TownshipIroquois County
Asbury TownshipGallatin County
Ash Grove TownshipIroquois County
Ash Grove TownshipShelby County
Ashkum TownshipIroquois County
Ashland TownshipCass County
Ashley TownshipWashington County
Ashmore TownshipColes County
Ashton TownshipLee County
Assumption TownshipChristian County
Astoria TownshipFulton County
Athensville TownshipGreene County
Atkinson TownshipHenry County
Atlanta TownshipLogan County
Atlas TownshipPike County
Auburn TownshipClark County
Auburn TownshipSangamon County
Audubon TownshipMontgomery County
Augusta TownshipHancock County
Aurora TownshipKane County
Austin TownshipMacon County
Aux Sable TownshipGrundy County
Avena TownshipFayette County
Avoca TownshipLivingston County
Avon TownshipLake County
Ayers TownshipChampaign County
Bainbridge TownshipSchuyler County
Bald Bluff TownshipHenderson County
Bald Hill TownshipJefferson County
Ball TownshipSangamon County
Banner TownshipEffingham County
Banner TownshipFulton County
Barnett TownshipDeWitt County
Barnhill TownshipWayne County
Barr TownshipMacoupin County
Barren TownshipFranklin County
Barrington TownshipCook County
Barry TownshipPike County
Batavia TownshipKane County
Bath TownshipMason County
Bear Creek TownshipChristian County
Bear Creek TownshipHancock County
Bear Grove TownshipFayette County
Beardstown TownshipCass County
Beaucoup TownshipWashington County
Beaver Creek TownshipHamilton County
Beaver TownshipIroquois County
Beaverville TownshipIroquois County
Bedford TownshipWayne County
Bell Plain TownshipMarshall County
Belle Prairie TownshipLivingston County
Bellflower TownshipMcLean County
Belmont TownshipIroquois County
Belvidere TownshipBoone County
Bement TownshipPiatt County
Bennington TownshipMarshall County
Benton TownshipFranklin County
Benton TownshipLake County
Berlin TownshipBureau County
Bernadotte TownshipFulton County
Berreman TownshipJo Daviess County
Berry TownshipWayne County
Berwick TownshipWarren County
Berwyn TownshipCook County
Bethel TownshipMcDonough County
Beverly TownshipAdams County
Bible Grove TownshipClay County
Big Grove TownshipKendall County
Big Mound TownshipWayne County
Big Rock TownshipKane County
Big Spring TownshipShelby County
Biggsville TownshipHenderson County
Bird TownshipMacoupin County
Birmingham TownshipSchuyler County
Bishop TownshipEffingham County
Blackberry TownshipKane County
Blackhawk TownshipRock Island County
Blair TownshipClay County
Blandinsville TownshipMcDonough County
Blissville TownshipJefferson County
Bloom TownshipCook County
Bloomingdale TownshipDuPage County
Bloomington TownshipMcLean County
Bloomington City TownshipMcLean County
Blount TownshipVermilion County
Blue Mound TownshipMcLean County
Blue Mound TownshipMacon County
Blue Ridge TownshipPiatt County
Bluff Springs TownshipCass County
Bluffdale TownshipGreene County
Bois D'Arc TownshipMontgomery County
Bolo TownshipWashington County
Bond TownshipLawrence County
Bonpas TownshipRichland County
Bonus TownshipBoone County
Boone TownshipBoone County
Bourbon TownshipDouglas County
Bourbonnais TownshipKankakee County
Bowdre TownshipDouglas County
Bowlesville TownshipGallatin County
Bowling Green TownshipFayette County
Bowling TownshipRock Island County
Boynton TownshipTazewell County
Braceville TownshipGrundy County
Bradford TownshipLee County
Bradley TownshipJackson County
Breese TownshipClinton County
Bremen TownshipCook County
Brenton TownshipFord County
Bridgeport TownshipLawrence County
Brighton TownshipMacoupin County
Brimfield TownshipPeoria County
Bristol TownshipKendall County
Broadwell TownshipLogan County
Brookfield TownshipLaSalle County
Brooklyn TownshipLee County
Brooklyn TownshipSchuyler County
Brookside TownshipClinton County
Brookville TownshipOgle County
Broughton TownshipLivingston County
Brouilletts Creek TownshipEdgar County
Brown TownshipChampaign County
Browning TownshipFranklin County
Browning TownshipSchuyler County
Bruce TownshipLaSalle County
Brushy Mound TownshipMacoupin County
Brushy TownshipSaline County
Buck TownshipEdgar County
Buckeye TownshipStephenson County
Buckhart TownshipChristian County
Buckheart TownshipFulton County
Buckhorn TownshipBrown County
Buena Vista TownshipSchuyler County
Buffalo Hart TownshipSangamon County
Buffalo Prairie TownshipRock Island County
Buffalo TownshipOgle County
Bunker Hill TownshipMacoupin County
Bureau TownshipBureau County
Burgess TownshipBond County
Burlington TownshipKane County
Burns TownshipHenry County
Burnt Prairie TownshipWhite County
Burritt TownshipWinnebago County
Burton TownshipAdams County
Burton TownshipMcHenry County
Bushnell TownshipMcDonough County
Butler Grove TownshipMontgomery County
Butler TownshipVermilion County
Button TownshipFord County
Byron TownshipOgle County
Cahokia TownshipMacoupin County
Caledonia TownshipBoone County
Calumet TownshipCook County
Camargo TownshipDouglas County
Cambridge TownshipHenry County
Camden TownshipSchuyler County
Camp Point TownshipAdams County
Campton TownshipKane County
Canoe Creek TownshipRock Island County
Canteen TownshipSt. Clair County
Canton TownshipFulton County
Capital TownshipSangamon County
Carbondale TownshipJackson County
Carlinville TownshipMacoupin County
Carlyle TownshipClinton County
Carman TownshipHenderson County
Carmi TownshipWhite County
Carrier Mills TownshipSaline County
Carrigan TownshipMarion County
Carroll TownshipVermilion County
Carrollton TownshipGreene County
Carson TownshipFayette County
Carthage TownshipHancock County
Cartwright TownshipSangamon County
Casey TownshipClark County
Caseyville TownshipSt. Clair County
Casner TownshipJefferson County
Cass TownshipFulton County
Catlin TownshipVermilion County
Cave TownshipFranklin County
Cazenovia TownshipWoodford County
Cedar TownshipKnox County
Central TownshipBond County
Centralia TownshipMarion County
Centreville TownshipSt. Clair County
Cerro Gordo TownshipPiatt County
Chalmers TownshipMcDonough County
Chambersburg TownshipPike County
Champaign TownshipChampaign County
Champaign City TownshipChampaign County
Chandlerville TownshipCass County
Channahon TownshipWill County
Charleston TownshipColes County
Charlotte TownshipLivingston County
Chatham TownshipSangamon County
Chatsworth TownshipLivingston County
Chebanse TownshipIroquois County
Chemung TownshipMcHenry County
Cheney's Grove TownshipMcLean County
Chenoa TownshipMcLean County
Cherry Grove–Shannon TownshipCarroll County
Cherry Valley TownshipWinnebago County
Chester TownshipLogan County
Chesterfield TownshipMacoupin County
Chestnut TownshipKnox County
Chili TownshipHancock County
Chillicothe TownshipPeoria County
Chouteau TownshipMadison County
Christy TownshipLawrence County
Cicero TownshipCook County
Cincinnati TownshipPike County
Cincinnati TownshipTazewell County
Claremont TownshipRichland County
Clarion TownshipBureau County
Clarksburg TownshipShelby County
Clay City TownshipClay County
Clayton TownshipAdams County
Clayton TownshipWoodford County
Clear Lake TownshipSangamon County
Clement TownshipClinton County
Clinton TownshipDeKalb County
Clintonia TownshipDeWitt County
Clover TownshipHenry County
Clyde TownshipWhiteside County
Coal Valley TownshipRock Island County
Coe TownshipRock Island County
Colchester TownshipMcDonough County
Cold Brook TownshipWarren County
Cold Spring TownshipShelby County
Colfax TownshipChampaign County
Collinsville TownshipMadison County
Coloma TownshipWhiteside County
Colona TownshipHenry County
Columbus TownshipAdams County
Compromise TownshipChampaign County
Concord TownshipAdams County
Concord TownshipBureau County
Concord TownshipIroquois County
Condit TownshipChampaign County
Cooper TownshipSangamon County
Cooperstown TownshipBrown County
Copley TownshipKnox County
Coral TownshipMcHenry County
Cordova TownshipRock Island County
Cornwall TownshipHenry County
Cortland TownshipDeKalb County
Corwin TownshipLogan County
Cottage TownshipSaline County
Cotton Hill TownshipSangamon County
Cottonwood TownshipCumberland County
Council Hill TownshipJo Daviess County
Covington TownshipWashington County
Crane Creek TownshipMason County
Creek TownshipDeWitt County
Crescent TownshipIroquois County
Crete TownshipWill County
Crittenden TownshipChampaign County
Crook TownshipHamilton County
Crooked Creek TownshipCumberland County
Crooked Creek TownshipJasper County
Cropsey TownshipMcLean County
Crouch TownshipHamilton County
Cruger TownshipWoodford County
Cuba TownshipLake County
Cunningham TownshipChampaign County
Curran TownshipSangamon County
Custer TownshipWill County
Dahlgren TownshipHamilton County
Dakota TownshipStephenson County
Dale TownshipMcLean County
Dallas City TownshipHancock County
Danforth TownshipIroquois County
Danvers TownshipMcLean County
Danville TownshipVermilion County
Darwin TownshipClark County
Dawson TownshipMcLean County
Dayton TownshipLaSalle County
Decatur TownshipMacon County
Decker TownshipRichland County
Deer Creek TownshipTazewell County
Deer Park TownshipLaSalle County
Deerfield TownshipFulton County
Degognia TownshipJackson County
DeKalb TownshipDeKalb County
Delavan TownshipTazewell County
Dement TownshipOgle County
Denison TownshipLawrence County
Denning TownshipFranklin County
Denver TownshipRichland County
Derinda TownshipJo Daviess County
Derry TownshipPike County
DeSoto TownshipJackson County
Detroit TownshipPike County
DeWitt TownshipDeWitt County
Dillon TownshipTazewell County
Dimmick TownshipLaSalle County
Divernon TownshipSangamon County
Dix TownshipFord County
Dixon TownshipLee County
Dodds TownshipJefferson County
Dolson TownshipClark County
Dora TownshipMoultrie County
Dorchester TownshipMacoupin County
Dorr TownshipMcHenry County
Douglas TownshipClark County
Douglas TownshipEffingham County
Douglas TownshipIroquois County
Dover TownshipBureau County
Downers Grove TownshipDuPage County
Downs TownshipMcLean County
Drummer TownshipFord County
Drury TownshipRock Island County
Dry Grove TownshipMcLean County
Dry Point TownshipShelby County
Du Bois TownshipWashington County
Duncan TownshipMercer County
Dundee TownshipKane County
Dunham TownshipMcHenry County
Dunleith TownshipJo Daviess County
DuPage TownshipWill County
Durand TownshipWinnebago County
Durham TownshipHancock County
Dwight TownshipLivingston County
Eagle Creek TownshipGallatin County
Eagle Point TownshipOgle County
Eagle TownshipLaSalle County
Earl TownshipLaSalle County
East Bend TownshipChampaign County
East Eldorado TownshipSaline County
East Fork TownshipClinton County
East Fork TownshipMontgomery County
East Galena TownshipJo Daviess County
East Grove TownshipLee County
East Lincoln TownshipLogan County
East Nelson TownshipMoultrie County
East Oakland TownshipColes County
East St. Louis TownshipSt. Clair County
Eastern TownshipFranklin County
Eden TownshipLaSalle County
Edford TownshipHenry County
Edgar TownshipEdgar County
Edgington TownshipRock Island County
Edwardsville TownshipMadison County
El Paso TownshipWoodford County
Ela TownshipLake County
Elba TownshipKnox County
Elbridge TownshipEdgar County
Eldorado TownshipMcDonough County
Elgin TownshipKane County
Eliza TownshipMercer County
Elizabeth TownshipJo Daviess County
Elk Grove TownshipCook County
Elk Prairie TownshipJefferson County
Elk TownshipJackson County
Elkhart TownshipLogan County
Elkhorn Grove TownshipCarroll County
Elkhorn TownshipBrown County
Ellington TownshipAdams County
Ellison TownshipWarren County
Ellisville TownshipFulton County
Elm Grove TownshipTazewell County
Elm River TownshipWayne County
Elmira TownshipStark County
Elmwood TownshipPeoria County
Elsah TownshipJersey County
Elwood TownshipVermilion County
Embarrass TownshipEdgar County
Eminence TownshipLogan County
Emma TownshipWhite County
Emmet TownshipMcDonough County
Empire TownshipMcLean County
Enfield TownshipWhite County
Engelmann TownshipSt. Clair County
English TownshipJersey County
Eppards Point TownshipLivingston County
Equality TownshipGallatin County
Erie TownshipWhiteside County
Erienna TownshipGrundy County
Erin TownshipStephenson County
Esmen TownshipLivingston County
Essex TownshipKankakee County
Essex TownshipStark County
Evans TownshipMarshall County
Ewing TownshipFranklin County
Fairfield TownshipBureau County
Fairhaven TownshipCarroll County
Fairmount TownshipPike County
Fairview TownshipFulton County
Fall Creek TownshipAdams County
Fall River TownshipLaSalle County
Fancy Creek TownshipSangamon County
Farm Ridge TownshipLaSalle County
Farmers TownshipFulton County
Farmington TownshipFulton County
Farrington TownshipJefferson County
Fayette TownshipLivingston County
Fayetteville TownshipSt. Clair County
Felix TownshipGrundy County
Fenton TownshipWhiteside County
Fidelity TownshipJersey County
Field TownshipJefferson County
Fillmore TownshipMontgomery County
Flagg TownshipOgle County
Flannigan TownshipHamilton County
Flat Branch TownshipShelby County
Flint TownshipPike County
Flora TownshipBoone County
Florence TownshipStephenson County
Florence TownshipWill County
Floyd TownshipWarren County
Fondulac TownshipTazewell County
Forest City TownshipMason County
Forrest TownshipLivingston County
Forreston TownshipOgle County
Fort Russell TownshipMadison County
Foster TownshipMadison County
Foster TownshipMarion County
Fountain Bluff TownshipJackson County
Fountain Creek TownshipIroquois County
Fountain Green TownshipHancock County
Four Mile TownshipWayne County
Fox TownshipJasper County
Fox TownshipKendall County
Frankfort TownshipFranklin County
Frankfort TownshipWill County
Franklin Grove TownshipLee County
Franklin TownshipDeKalb County
Frederick TownshipSchuyler County
Freeburg TownshipSt. Clair County
Freedom TownshipCarroll County
Freedom TownshipLaSalle County
Freeport TownshipStephenson County
Fremont TownshipLake County
Friends Creek TownshipMacon County
Fulton TownshipWhiteside County
Funk's Grove TownshipMcLean County
Galatia TownshipSaline County
Galesburg TownshipKnox County
Galesburg City TownshipKnox County
Galva TownshipHenry County
Ganeer TownshipKankakee County
Garden Hill TownshipWayne County
Garden Plain TownshipWhiteside County
Gardner TownshipSangamon County
Garfield TownshipGrundy County
Garrett TownshipDouglas County
Genesee TownshipWhiteside County
Geneseo TownshipHenry County
Geneva TownshipKane County
Genoa TownshipDeKalb County
Georgetown TownshipVermilion County
German TownshipRichland County
Germantown TownshipClinton County
Germanville TownshipLivingston County
Gillespie TownshipMacoupin County
Gilmer TownshipAdams County
Girard TownshipMacoupin County
Gladstone TownshipHenderson County
Godfrey TownshipMadison County
Gold Hill TownshipGallatin County
Gold TownshipBureau County
Goode TownshipFranklin County
Goodfarm TownshipGrundy County
Goose Creek TownshipPiatt County
Goose Lake TownshipGrundy County
Goshen TownshipStark County
Grafton TownshipMcHenry County
Grand Detour TownshipOgle County
Grand Prairie TownshipJefferson County
Grand Rapids TownshipLaSalle County
Grand Tower TownshipJackson County
Grandview TownshipEdgar County
Grandville TownshipJasper County
Granite City TownshipMadison County
Grant TownshipLake County
Grant TownshipVermilion County
Granville TownshipPutnam County
Gray TownshipWhite County
Green Garden TownshipWill County
Greenbush TownshipWarren County
Greene TownshipMercer County
Greene TownshipWoodford County
Greenfield TownshipGrundy County
Greenup TownshipCumberland County
Greenville TownshipBureau County
Greenwood TownshipChristian County
Greenwood TownshipMcHenry County
Gridley TownshipMcLean County
Griggsville TownshipPike County
Grisham TownshipMontgomery County
Grove TownshipJasper County
Groveland TownshipLaSalle County
Groveland TownshipTazewell County
Grover TownshipWayne County
Guilford TownshipJo Daviess County
Hadley TownshipPike County
Hagener TownshipCass County
Hahnaman TownshipWhiteside County
Haines TownshipMarion County
Hale TownshipWarren County
Hall TownshipBureau County
Hallock TownshipPeoria County
Hamel TownshipMadison County
Hamilton TownshipLee County
Hampshire TownshipKane County
Hampton TownshipRock Island County
Hancock TownshipHancock County
Hanna TownshipHenry County
Hanover TownshipCook County
Hanover TownshipJo Daviess County
Hardin TownshipPike County
Harlem TownshipStephenson County
Harlem TownshipWinnebago County
Harmon TownshipLee County
Harmony TownshipHancock County
Harp TownshipDeWitt County
Harris TownshipFulton County
Harrisburg TownshipSaline County
Harrison TownshipWinnebago County
Harristown TownshipMacon County
Harter TownshipClay County
Hartland TownshipMcHenry County
Harvel TownshipMontgomery County
Harwood TownshipChampaign County
Havana TownshipMason County
Haw Creek TownshipKnox County
Hawthorne TownshipWhite County
Hebron TownshipMcHenry County
Helvetia TownshipMadison County
Henderson TownshipKnox County
Hennepin TownshipPutnam County
Henry TownshipMarshall County
Hensley TownshipChampaign County
Heralds Prairie TownshipWhite County
Herrick TownshipShelby County
Hickory Hill TownshipWayne County
Hickory Point TownshipMacon County
Hickory TownshipSchuyler County
Highland TownshipGrundy County
Hillsboro TownshipMontgomery County
Hillyard TownshipMacoupin County
Hire TownshipMcDonough County
Hittle TownshipTazewell County
Holland TownshipShelby County
Hollis TownshipPeoria County
Homer TownshipWill County
Honey Creek TownshipAdams County
Honey Creek TownshipCrawford County
Honey Point TownshipMacoupin County
Hoosier TownshipClay County
Hope TownshipLaSalle County
Hopedale TownshipTazewell County
Hopewell TownshipMarshall County
Hopkins TownshipWhiteside County
Houston TownshipAdams County
Hoyleton TownshipWashington County
Hudson TownshipMcLean County
Humboldt TownshipColes County
Hume TownshipWhiteside County
Hunt City TownshipJasper County
Hunter TownshipEdgar County
Huntsville TownshipSchuyler County
Hurlbut TownshipLogan County
Hutsonville TownshipCrawford County
Hutton TownshipColes County
Illini TownshipMacon County
Illiopolis TownshipSangamon County
Independence TownshipSaline County
Indian Creek TownshipWhite County
Indian Grove TownshipLivingston County
Indian Point TownshipKnox County
Indian Prairie TownshipWayne County
Indiantown TownshipBureau County
Industry TownshipMcDonough County
Irishtown TownshipClinton County
Iroquois TownshipIroquois County
Irving TownshipMontgomery County
Irvington TownshipWashington County
Isabel TownshipFulton County
Island Grove TownshipSangamon County
Iuka TownshipMarion County
Jackson TownshipEffingham County
Jackson TownshipWill County
Jamaica TownshipVermilion County
Jarvis TownshipMadison County
Jasper TownshipWayne County
Jefferson TownshipStephenson County
Jersey TownshipJersey County
Johannisburg TownshipWashington County
Johnson TownshipChristian County
Johnson TownshipClark County
Joliet TownshipWill County
Jonathan Creek TownshipMoultrie County
Jordan TownshipWhiteside County
Joshua TownshipFulton County
Jubilee TownshipPeoria County
Kane TownshipGreene County
Kaneville TownshipKane County
Kankakee TownshipKankakee County
Kansas TownshipEdgar County
Kansas TownshipWoodford County
Kaskaskia TownshipFayette County
Keene TownshipAdams County
Keith TownshipWayne County
Keithsburg TownshipMercer County
Kelly TownshipWarren County
Kendall TownshipKendall County
Kent TownshipStephenson County
Kerr TownshipChampaign County
Kerton TownshipFulton County
Kewanee TownshipHenry County
Kickapoo TownshipPeoria County
Kilbourne TownshipMason County
Kinderhook TownshipPike County
King TownshipChristian County
Kingston TownshipDeKalb County
Kinkaid TownshipJackson County
Kinmundy TownshipMarion County
Knights Prairie TownshipHamilton County
Knox TownshipKnox County
La Harpe TownshipHancock County
La Prairie TownshipMarshall County
LaClede TownshipFayette County
Lacon TownshipMarshall County
Laenna TownshipLogan County
Lafayette TownshipColes County
LaFayette TownshipOgle County
Lagrange TownshipBond County
Lake Fork TownshipLogan County
Lake TownshipClinton County
Lake Villa TownshipLake County
Lakewood TownshipShelby County
LaMard TownshipWayne County
Lamoille TownshipBureau County
Lamoine TownshipMcDonough County
Lamotte TownshipCrawford County
Lancaster TownshipStephenson County
Lanesville TownshipSangamon County
Laona TownshipWinnebago County
Larkinsburg TownshipClay County
LaSalle TownshipLaSalle County
Lawndale TownshipMcLean County
Lawrence TownshipLawrence County
Leaf River TownshipOgle County
Lebanon TownshipSt. Clair County
Lee Center TownshipLee County
Lee TownshipBrown County
Lee TownshipFulton County
Leech TownshipWayne County
Leef TownshipMadison County
Leepertown TownshipBureau County
Lemont TownshipCook County
Lenox TownshipWarren County
Lenzburg TownshipSt. Clair County
Leroy TownshipBoone County
Levan TownshipJackson County
Levee TownshipPike County
Lewistown TownshipFulton County
Lexington TownshipMcLean County
Leyden TownshipCook County
Liberty TownshipAdams County
Liberty TownshipEffingham County
Libertyville TownshipLake County
Licking TownshipCrawford County
Lima TownshipAdams County
Limestone TownshipKankakee County
Limestone TownshipPeoria County
Lincoln TownshipOgle County
Linder TownshipGreene County
Linn TownshipWoodford County
Lisbon TownshipKendall County
Lisle TownshipDuPage County
Little Mackinaw TownshipTazewell County
Little Rock TownshipKendall County
Littleton TownshipSchuyler County
Lively Grove TownshipWashington County
Liverpool TownshipFulton County
Loami TownshipSangamon County
Lockport TownshipWill County
Locust TownshipChristian County
Loda TownshipIroquois County
Logan TownshipPeoria County
Lomax TownshipHenderson County
Lone Grove TownshipFayette County
Long Branch TownshipSaline County
Long Creek TownshipMacon County
Long Point TownshipLivingston County
Looking Glass TownshipClinton County
Loraine TownshipHenry County
Loran TownshipStephenson County
Loudon TownshipFayette County
Louisville TownshipClay County
Love TownshipVermilion County
Lovejoy TownshipIroquois County
Lovington TownshipMoultrie County
Lowe TownshipMoultrie County
Lucas TownshipEffingham County
Ludlow TownshipChampaign County
Lukin TownshipLawrence County
Lyman TownshipFord County
Lynchburg TownshipMason County
Lyndon TownshipWhiteside County
Lynn TownshipHenry County
Lynn TownshipKnox County
Lynnville TownshipOgle County
Lyons TownshipCook County
Mackinaw TownshipTazewell County
Macomb TownshipMcDonough County
Macomb City TownshipMcDonough County
Macon TownshipBureau County
Madison TownshipRichland County
Magnolia TownshipPutnam County
Mahomet TownshipChampaign County
Maine TownshipCook County
Maine TownshipGrundy County
Makanda TownshipJackson County
Malone TownshipTazewell County
Malta TownshipDeKalb County
Manchester TownshipBoone County
Manhattan TownshipWill County
Manito TownshipMason County
Manlius TownshipBureau County
Manlius TownshipLaSalle County
Manteno TownshipKankakee County
Maquon TownshipKnox County
Marengo TownshipMcHenry County
Marine TownshipMadison County
Marion TownshipLee County
Marion TownshipOgle County
Marissa TownshipSt. Clair County
Maroa TownshipMacon County
Marrowbone TownshipMoultrie County
Marshall TownshipClark County
Martin TownshipCrawford County
Martin TownshipMcLean County
Martinsburg TownshipPike County
Martinsville TownshipClark County
Martinton TownshipIroquois County
Maryland TownshipOgle County
Mascoutah TownshipSt. Clair County
Mason City TownshipMason County
Mason TownshipEffingham County
Massilon TownshipWayne County
Mattoon TownshipColes County
Maxwell TownshipSangamon County
May TownshipChristian County
May TownshipLee County
Mayberry TownshipHamilton County
Mayfield TownshipDeKalb County
Mazon TownshipGrundy County
McClellan TownshipJefferson County
McHenry TownshipMcHenry County
McKee TownshipAdams County
McKendree TownshipVermilion County
McLeansboro TownshipHamilton County
Meacham TownshipMarion County
Mechanicsburg TownshipSangamon County
Media TownshipHenderson County
Medina TownshipPeoria County
Melrose TownshipAdams County
Melrose TownshipClark County
Mendon TownshipAdams County
Mendota TownshipLaSalle County
Menominee TownshipJo Daviess County
Mercer TownshipMercer County
Meriden TownshipLaSalle County
Meridian TownshipClinton County
Metamora TownshipWoodford County
Middlefork TownshipVermilion County
Middleport TownshipIroquois County
Milan TownshipDeKalb County
Milford TownshipIroquois County
Milks Grove TownshipIroquois County
Mill Shoals TownshipWhite County
Millbrook TownshipPeoria County
Miller TownshipLaSalle County
Millersburg TownshipMercer County
Mills TownshipBond County
Millstadt TownshipSt. Clair County
Milo TownshipBureau County
Milton TownshipDuPage County
Mineral TownshipBureau County
Minonk TownshipWoodford County
Mission TownshipLaSalle County
Mississippi TownshipJersey County
Missouri TownshipBrown County
Moccasin TownshipEffingham County
Moline TownshipRock Island County
Momence TownshipKankakee County
Mona TownshipFord County
Monee TownshipWill County
Money Creek TownshipMcLean County
Monmouth TownshipWarren County
Monroe TownshipOgle County
Montebello TownshipHancock County
Montezuma TownshipPike County
Montgomery TownshipCrawford County
Montgomery TownshipWoodford County
Monticello TownshipPiatt County
Montmorency TownshipWhiteside County
Moore's Prairie TownshipJefferson County
Moraine TownshipLake County
Morgan TownshipColes County
Moro TownshipMadison County
Morris TownshipGrundy County
Morton TownshipTazewell County
Mosquito TownshipChristian County
Mound TownshipEffingham County
Mound TownshipMcDonough County
Mount Auburn TownshipChristian County
Mount Carroll TownshipCarroll County
Mount Erie TownshipWayne County
Mount Hope TownshipMcLean County
Mount Morris TownshipOgle County
Mount Olive TownshipMacoupin County
Mount Pleasant TownshipWhiteside County
Mount Pulaski TownshipLogan County
Mount Sterling TownshipBrown County
Mount Vernon TownshipJefferson County
Mount Zion TownshipMacon County
Mountain TownshipSaline County
Moweaqua TownshipShelby County
Mulberry Grove TownshipBond County
Munson TownshipHenry County
Murdock TownshipDouglas County
Murphysboro TownshipJackson County
Na-Au-Say TownshipKendall County
Nachusa TownshipLee County
Nameoki TownshipMadison County
Naperville TownshipDuPage County
Nashville TownshipWashington County
Nauvoo TownshipHancock County
Nebraska TownshipLivingston County
Nelson TownshipLee County
Neoga TownshipCumberland County
Neponset TownshipBureau County
Nettle Creek TownshipGrundy County
Nevada TownshipLivingston County
New Athens TownshipSt. Clair County
New Berlin TownshipSangamon County
New Boston TownshipMercer County
New Douglas TownshipMadison County
New Haven TownshipGallatin County
New Lenox TownshipWill County
New Salem TownshipMcDonough County
New Salem TownshipPike County
New Trier TownshipCook County
Newburg TownshipPike County
Newcomb TownshipChampaign County
Newell TownshipVermilion County
Newman TownshipDouglas County
Newmansville TownshipCass County
Newport TownshipLake County
Newton TownshipWhiteside County
Newtown TownshipLivingston County
Niantic TownshipMacon County
Niles TownshipCook County
Nilwood TownshipMacoupin County
Nixon TownshipDeWitt County
Noble TownshipRichland County
Nokomis TownshipMontgomery County
Nora TownshipJo Daviess County
Normal TownshipMcLean County
Norman TownshipGrundy County
North Fork TownshipGallatin County
North Henderson TownshipMercer County
North Hurricane TownshipFayette County
North Litchfield TownshipMontgomery County
North Muddy TownshipJasper County
North Okaw TownshipColes County
North Otter TownshipMacoupin County
North Palmyra TownshipMacoupin County
Northeast TownshipAdams County
Northern TownshipFranklin County
Northfield TownshipCook County
Northville TownshipLaSalle County
Norton TownshipKankakee County
Norwood Park TownshipCook County
Nunda TownshipMcHenry County
O'Fallon TownshipSt. Clair County
Oak Park TownshipCook County
Oakdale TownshipWashington County
Oakland TownshipSchuyler County
Oakley TownshipMacon County
Oakwood TownshipVermilion County
Oblong TownshipCrawford County
Oconee TownshipShelby County
Odell TownshipLivingston County
Odin TownshipMarion County
Ogden TownshipChampaign County
Ohio Grove TownshipMercer County
Ohio TownshipBureau County
Okaw TownshipShelby County
Okawville TownshipWashington County
Old Ripley TownshipBond County
Old Town TownshipMcLean County
Olio TownshipWoodford County
Olive TownshipMadison County
Olney TownshipRichland County
Omaha TownshipGallatin County
Omega TownshipMarion County
Omphghent TownshipMadison County
Onarga TownshipIroquois County
Oneco TownshipStephenson County
Ontario TownshipKnox County
Ophir TownshipLaSalle County
Oquawka TownshipHenderson County
Ora TownshipJackson County
Oran TownshipLogan County
Orange TownshipClark County
Orange TownshipKnox County
Orchard TownshipWayne County
Oregon-Nashua TownshipOgle County
Orel TownshipWayne County
Orion TownshipFulton County
Orland TownshipCook County
Orvil TownshipLogan County
Osage TownshipLaSalle County
Osceola TownshipStark County
Osco TownshipHenry County
Oskaloosa TownshipClay County
Oswego TownshipKendall County
Otego TownshipFayette County
Ottawa TownshipLaSalle County
Otter Creek TownshipJersey County
Otter Creek TownshipLaSalle County
Otto TownshipKankakee County
Owego TownshipLivingston County
Owen TownshipWinnebago County
Oxford TownshipHenry County
Palatine TownshipCook County
Palestine TownshipWoodford County
Palmyra TownshipLee County
Palos TownshipCook County
Pana TownshipChristian County
Panola TownshipWoodford County
Panther Creek TownshipCass County
Papineau TownshipIroquois County
Paradise TownshipColes County
Paris TownshipEdgar County
Parker TownshipClark County
Partridge TownshipWoodford County
Patoka TownshipMarion County
Patterson TownshipGreene County
Patton TownshipFord County
Paw Paw TownshipDeKalb County
Pawnee TownshipSangamon County
Payson TownshipAdams County
Pea Ridge TownshipBrown County
Peach Orchard TownshipFord County
Pearl TownshipPike County
Pecatonica TownshipWinnebago County
Pekin TownshipTazewell County
Pella TownshipFord County
Pembroke TownshipKankakee County
Pendleton TownshipJefferson County
Penn TownshipShelby County
Penn TownshipStark County
Pennsylvania TownshipMason County
Peoria City TownshipPeoria County
Peotone TownshipWill County
Perry TownshipPike County
Perryton TownshipMercer County
Persifer TownshipKnox County
Peru TownshipLaSalle County
Pesotum TownshipChampaign County
Petty TownshipLawrence County
Philadelphia TownshipCass County
Phillips TownshipWhite County
Philo TownshipChampaign County
Phenix TownshipHenry County
Piasa TownshipJersey County
Pickaway TownshipShelby County
Pierce TownshipDeKalb County
Pigeon Grove TownshipIroquois County
Pike TownshipLivingston County
Pilot Grove TownshipHancock County
Pilot Knob TownshipWashington County
Pilot TownshipKankakee County
Pilot TownshipVermilion County
Pin Oak TownshipMadison County
Pine Creek TownshipOgle County
Pine Rock TownshipOgle County
Pitman TownshipMontgomery County
Pittsfield TownshipPike County
Pixley TownshipClay County
Plainfield TownshipWill County
Plato TownshipKane County
Pleasant Grove TownshipColes County
Pleasant Hill TownshipPike County
Pleasant Mound TownshipBond County
Pleasant Ridge TownshipLivingston County
Pleasant TownshipFulton County
Pleasant Vale TownshipPike County
Pleasant Valley TownshipJo Daviess County
Pleasant View TownshipMacon County
Plum Hill TownshipWashington County
Point Pleasant TownshipWarren County
Polk TownshipMacoupin County
Pomona TownshipJackson County
Pontiac TownshipLivingston County
Pontoosuc TownshipHancock County
Pope TownshipFayette County
Poplar Grove TownshipBoone County
Port Byron TownshipRock Island County
Portland TownshipWhiteside County
Prairie City TownshipMcDonough County
Prairie Creek TownshipLogan County
Prairie du Long TownshipSt. Clair County
Prairie Green TownshipIroquois County
Prairie TownshipCrawford County
Prairie TownshipEdgar County
Prairie TownshipHancock County
Prairie TownshipShelby County
Prairieton TownshipChristian County
Preemption TownshipMercer County
Preston TownshipRichland County
Princeton TownshipBureau County
Princeville TownshipPeoria County
Prophetstown TownshipWhiteside County
Proviso TownshipCook County
Putman TownshipFulton County
Quarry TownshipJersey County
Quincy TownshipAdams County
Quiver TownshipMason County
Raccoon TownshipMarion County
Radnor TownshipPeoria County
Raleigh TownshipSaline County
Ramsey TownshipFayette County
Randolph TownshipMcLean County
Rantoul TownshipChampaign County
Raritan TownshipHenderson County
Rawlins TownshipJo Daviess County
Raymond TownshipChampaign County
Raymond TownshipMontgomery County
Reading TownshipLivingston County
Rector TownshipSaline County
Reed TownshipWill County
Reynolds TownshipLee County
Rice TownshipJo Daviess County
Rich TownshipCook County
Richfield TownshipAdams County
Richland Grove TownshipMercer County
Richland TownshipLaSalle County
Richland TownshipMarshall County
Richland TownshipShelby County
Richmond TownshipMcHenry County
Richview TownshipWashington County
Richwood TownshipJersey County
Richwoods TownshipPeoria County
Ricks TownshipChristian County
Ridge TownshipShelby County
Ridgeland TownshipIroquois County
Ridgway TownshipGallatin County
Ridott TownshipStephenson County
Riley TownshipMcHenry County
Rio TownshipKnox County
Ripley TownshipBrown County
River Forest TownshipCook County
Riverside TownshipAdams County
Riverside TownshipCook County
Rivoli TownshipMercer County
Roanoke TownshipWoodford County
Roberts TownshipMarshall County
Robinson TownshipCrawford County
Rochester TownshipSangamon County
Rock Creek TownshipHancock County
Rock Creek–Lima TownshipCarroll County
Rock Grove TownshipStephenson County
Rock Island TownshipRock Island County
Rock Run TownshipStephenson County
Rockbridge TownshipGreene County
Rockford TownshipWinnebago County
Rockton TownshipWinnebago County
Rockvale TownshipOgle County
Rockville TownshipKankakee County
Rocky Run-Wilcox TownshipHancock County
Rogers TownshipFord County
Rome TownshipJefferson County
Romine TownshipMarion County
Roodhouse TownshipGreene County
Rooks Creek TownshipLivingston County
Rosamond TownshipChristian County
Roscoe TownshipWinnebago County
Rose TownshipShelby County
Rosedale TownshipJersey County
Rosefield TownshipPeoria County
Roseville TownshipWarren County
Ross TownshipEdgar County
Ross TownshipPike County
Ross TownshipVermilion County
Round Grove TownshipLivingston County
Rountree TownshipMontgomery County
Rozetta TownshipHenderson County
Rubicon TownshipGreene County
Rural TownshipRock Island County
Rural TownshipShelby County
Rush TownshipJo Daviess County
Rushville TownshipSchuyler County
Russell TownshipLawrence County
Rutland TownshipKane County
Rutland TownshipLaSalle County
Rutledge TownshipDeWitt County
Ruyle TownshipJersey County
Sadorus TownshipChampaign County
Saint Rose TownshipClinton County
Sainte Marie TownshipJasper County
Salem TownshipCarroll County
Salem TownshipKnox County
Salem TownshipMarion County
Salina TownshipKankakee County
Saline TownshipMadison County
Salt Creek TownshipMason County
Sand Prairie TownshipTazewell County
Sand Ridge TownshipJackson County
Sandoval TownshipMarion County
Sandwich TownshipDeKalb County
Sangamon TownshipPiatt County
Sangamon Valley TownshipCass County
Santa Anna TownshipDeWitt County
Santa Fe TownshipClinton County
Saratoga TownshipGrundy County
Saratoga TownshipMarshall County
Sargent TownshipDouglas County
Saunemin TownshipLivingston County
Savanna TownshipCarroll County
Scales Mound TownshipJo Daviess County
Schaumburg TownshipCook County
Sciota TownshipMcDonough County
Scotland TownshipMcDonough County
Scott TownshipChampaign County
Scott TownshipOgle County
Scottville TownshipMacoupin County
Sefton TownshipFayette County
Selby TownshipBureau County
Seminary TownshipFayette County
Senachwine TownshipPutnam County
Seneca TownshipMcHenry County
Serena TownshipLaSalle County
Seven Hickory TownshipColes County
Seward TownshipKendall County
Seward TownshipWinnebago County
Shabbona TownshipDeKalb County
Shafter TownshipFayette County
Sharon TownshipFayette County
Shawnee TownshipGallatin County
Shaws Point TownshipMacoupin County
Shelbyville TownshipShelby County
Sheldon TownshipIroquois County
Sheridan TownshipLogan County
Sherman TownshipMason County
Shields TownshipLake County
Shiloh TownshipEdgar County
Shiloh TownshipJefferson County
Shiloh Valley TownshipSt. Clair County
Shipman TownshipMacoupin County
Shirland TownshipWinnebago County
Shoal Creek TownshipBond County
Sidell TownshipVermilion County
Sidney TownshipChampaign County
Sigel TownshipShelby County
Silver Creek TownshipStephenson County
Six Mile TownshipFranklin County
Smallwood TownshipJasper County
Smithton TownshipSt. Clair County
Somer TownshipChampaign County
Somerset TownshipJackson County
Somonauk TownshipDeKalb County
Songer TownshipClay County
Sonora TownshipHancock County
South Crouch TownshipHamilton County
South Dixon TownshipLee County
South Flannigan TownshipHamilton County
South Fork TownshipChristian County
South Grove TownshipDeKalb County
South Homer TownshipChampaign County
South Hurricane TownshipFayette County
South Litchfield TownshipMontgomery County
South Macon TownshipMacon County
South Moline TownshipRock Island County
South Muddy TownshipJasper County
South Ottawa TownshipLaSalle County
South Otter TownshipMacoupin County
South Palmyra TownshipMacoupin County
South Rock Island TownshipRock Island County
South Ross TownshipVermilion County
South Twigg TownshipHamilton County
South Wheatland TownshipMacon County
Southwest TownshipCrawford County
Sparta TownshipKnox County
Spring Bay TownshipWoodford County
Spring Creek TownshipPike County
Spring Garden TownshipJefferson County
Spring Grove TownshipWarren County
Spring Lake TownshipTazewell County
Spring Point TownshipCumberland County
Spring TownshipBoone County
Springfield TownshipSangamon County
Squaw Grove TownshipDeKalb County
St. Albans TownshipHancock County
St. Anne TownshipKankakee County
St. Charles TownshipKane County
St. Clair TownshipSt. Clair County
St. Francis TownshipEffingham County
St. Jacob TownshipMadison County
St. Joseph TownshipChampaign County
St. Mary's TownshipHancock County
Stanford TownshipClay County
Stanton TownshipChampaign County
Staunton TownshipMacoupin County
Sterling TownshipWhiteside County
Steuben TownshipMarshall County
Stevenson TownshipMarion County
Stickney TownshipCook County
Stites TownshipSt. Clair County
Stockland TownshipIroquois County
Stockton TownshipJo Daviess County
Stone Fort TownshipSaline County
Stonington TownshipChristian County
Stookey TownshipSt. Clair County
Stratton TownshipEdgar County
Stronghurst TownshipHenderson County
Sublette TownshipLee County
Suez TownshipMercer County
Sugar Creek TownshipClinton County
Sugar Grove TownshipKane County
Sugarloaf TownshipSt. Clair County
Sullivan TownshipLivingston County
Sullivan TownshipMoultrie County
Sullivant TownshipFord County
Summit TownshipEffingham County
Sumner TownshipKankakee County
Sumner TownshipWarren County
Sumpter TownshipCumberland County
Sunbury TownshipLivingston County
Swan TownshipWarren County
Sycamore TownshipDeKalb County
Symmes TownshipEdgar County
Talkington TownshipSangamon County
Tamalco TownshipBond County
Tampico TownshipWhiteside County
Tate TownshipSaline County
Taylor TownshipOgle County
Taylorville TownshipChristian County
Tennessee TownshipMcDonough County
Terre Haute TownshipHenderson County
Teutopolis TownshipEffingham County
Texas TownshipDeWitt County
Thompson TownshipJo Daviess County
Thornton TownshipCook County
Timber TownshipPeoria County
Todds Point TownshipShelby County
Tolono TownshipChampaign County
Tompkins TownshipWarren County
Tonti TownshipMarion County
Toulon TownshipStark County
Towanda TownshipMcLean County
Tower Hill TownshipShelby County
Tremont TownshipTazewell County
Trivoli TownshipPeoria County
Troy Grove TownshipLaSalle County
Troy TownshipWill County
Truro TownshipKnox County
Tunbridge TownshipDeWitt County
Tuscola TownshipDouglas County
Twigg TownshipHamilton County
Tyrone TownshipFranklin County
Union Grove TownshipWhiteside County
Union TownshipCumberland County
Union TownshipEffingham County
Union TownshipFulton County
Union TownshipLivingston County
Unity TownshipPiatt County
Urbana TownshipChampaign County
Ursa TownshipAdams County
Ustick TownshipWhiteside County
Utica TownshipLaSalle County
Valley TownshipStark County
Vance TownshipVermilion County
Vandalia TownshipFayette County
Venedy TownshipWashington County
Venice TownshipMadison County
Vergennes TownshipJackson County
Vermillion TownshipLaSalle County
Vermont TownshipFulton County
Vernon TownshipLake County
Versailles TownshipBrown County
Victor TownshipDeKalb County
Victoria TownshipKnox County
Vienna TownshipGrundy County
Vinegar Hill TownshipJo Daviess County
Viola TownshipLee County
Virden TownshipMacoupin County
Virgil TownshipKane County
Virginia TownshipCass County
Wabash TownshipClark County
Waddams TownshipStephenson County
Wade TownshipClinton County
Wade TownshipJasper County
Waldo TownshipLivingston County
Walker TownshipHancock County
Walkerville TownshipGreene County
Wall TownshipFord County
Wallace TownshipLaSalle County
Walnut Grove TownshipKnox County
Walnut Grove TownshipMcDonough County
Walnut TownshipBureau County
Walshville TownshipMontgomery County
Waltham TownshipLaSalle County
Wapella TownshipDeWitt County
Wards Grove TownshipJo Daviess County
Warren TownshipJo Daviess County
Warren TownshipLake County
Warsaw TownshipHancock County
Washington TownshipCarroll County
Washington TownshipTazewell County
Washington TownshipWill County
Waterford TownshipFulton County
Watson TownshipEffingham County
Wauconda TownshipLake County
Waukegan TownshipLake County
Wauponsee TownshipGrundy County
Wayne TownshipDuPage County
Waynesville TownshipDeWitt County
Webber TownshipJefferson County
Weller TownshipHenry County
Wesley TownshipWill County
West Deerfield TownshipLake County
West Galena TownshipJo Daviess County
West Jersey TownshipStark County
West Lincoln TownshipLogan County
West Peoria TownshipPeoria County
West Point TownshipStephenson County
West TownshipEffingham County
West TownshipMcLean County
Western Mound TownshipMacoupin County
Western TownshipHenry County
Westfield TownshipBureau County
Westfield TownshipClark County
Wethersfield TownshipHenry County
Wheatfield TownshipClinton County
Wheatland TownshipBureau County
Wheatland TownshipFayette County
Wheatland TownshipWill County
Wheeling TownshipCook County
White Hall TownshipGreene County
White Oak TownshipMcLean County
White Rock TownshipOgle County
Whitefield TownshipMarshall County
Whitley TownshipMoultrie County
Whitmore TownshipMacon County
Wilberton TownshipFayette County
Will TownshipWill County
Williams TownshipSangamon County
Willow Branch TownshipPiatt County
Willow Creek TownshipLee County
Willow Hill TownshipJasper County
Wilmington TownshipWill County
Wilson TownshipDeWitt County
Wilton TownshipWill County
Windsor TownshipShelby County
Winfield TownshipDuPage County
Winnebago TownshipWinnebago County
Winslow TownshipStephenson County
Witt TownshipMontgomery County
Wood River TownshipMadison County
Woodbine TownshipJo Daviess County
Woodbury TownshipCumberland County
Woodland TownshipCarroll County
Woodland TownshipFulton County
Woodside TownshipSangamon County
Woodstock TownshipSchuyler County
Woodville TownshipGreene County
Woosung TownshipOgle County
Worth TownshipCook County
Worth TownshipWoodford County
Wrights TownshipGreene County
Wyanet TownshipBureau County
Wyoming TownshipLee County
Wysox TownshipCarroll County
Wythe TownshipHancock County
Xenia TownshipClay County
Yates TownshipMcLean County
Yellowhead TownshipKankakee County
York TownshipCarroll County
York TownshipClark County
York TownshipDuPage County
Yorktown TownshipHenry County
Young America TownshipEdgar County
Young Hickory TownshipFulton County
Zanesville TownshipMontgomery County
Zif TownshipWayne County
Zion TownshipLake County
Zuma TownshipRock Island County

Coterminous townships

Several townships in Illinois are coterminous, each having boundaries identical to an incorporated municipality. Also called "townships within a city" or a "coterminous municipality," conterminous townships are governed by the state's Township Code, and granted additional privileges and powers.[12] Those privileges and powers include the ability to combine township offices and city offices except that of township supervisor whose role then becomes supervisor of general assistance, the ability for the city council to exercise all of the powers of the township board, and the ability to unilaterally annex small portion of adjacent township territory.[12]

Some townships are functionally coterimnous, in which a city completely encompasses their boundaries, but also includes additional territory of adjacent townships such. Examples of functionally coterminous municipalities include Granite City Township, Madison County; City of Peoria Township, Peoria County; and Capital Township, Sangamon County.[13] These townships retain coterminous status as it relates to the function and structure of their local government - for instance, Capital Township's roads are maintained by the Springfield Department of Public Works as opposed to a township highway commission. However, unlike physically conterminous municipalities, functional coterminous municipalities can not unilaterally annex small portions of adjacent township territory,[14] and must follow the regular annexation process laid out in the Illinois Municipal Code.[15]

As of 2013, coterminous townships included:

Former townships

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