List of Holocaust films

This is an index of films that deal with the Holocaust in Europe. Films dealing with the subject of the Holocaust include both documentary and narrative films. These films were produced from the early 1940s before the extent of the Holocaust was widely known and have continued to be made since then.[1]

The films span multiple genres, with documentary films including footage filmed both by the Germans for their propaganda purposes and by the Allies, compilations, survivor testimonies and docudramas, and narrative films including war films, action films, love stories, psychological dramas, and even comedies.[1]

Narrative films: 1940s · 1950s · 1960s · 1970s · 1980s  · 1980s · 1990s · 2000s · 2010s
Documentary films: 1940s · 1950s · 1960s · 1970s · 1980s  · 1990s · 2000s · 2010s
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Documentary films


Year Country Title Director Notes
1945 United Kingdom German Concentration Camps Factual Survey production supervised by Sidney Bernstein long shelved, completed in 2014; Alfred Hitchcock collaborated on production
1945 United States Death Mills Billy Wilder English Version of Die Todesmühlen; excerpted from German Concentration Camps Factual Survey
1945 Poland Majdanek - cmentarzysko Europy Aleksander Ford English title: Majdanek: Cemetery of Europe
1945 United States Nazi Concentration Camps[9] George Stevens Presented as evidence at The Nuremberg trials.
1945 United States The Nazi Plan George Stevens Presented as evidence at The Nuremberg trials
1945 Yugoslavia Jasenovac[10] Gustav Gavrin & Kosta Hlavaty
circa 1946 United Kingdom Memory of the Camps[11] original documentary supervised by Sidney Bernstein Shorter version of German Concentration Camps Factual Survey; reconstructed by American PBS series Frontline in 1984
1946 United States Seeds of Destiny Gene Fowler Jr. Shows devastation and solicits relief funds
1946 France Nous Continuons English Title: We Live Again. Deals with child survivors. In Yiddish.
1947 Soviet Union The Nuremberg Trials Yelizaveta Svilova Soviet view of the Nuremberg Trials


Year Country Title Director Notes
1956 France Nuit et brouillard Alain Resnais English title: Night and Fog. Written by Jean Cayrol, an escapee of Mauthausen. Music by Hanns Eisler.


Year Country Title Director Notes
1960 West Germany
Mein Kampf Erwin Leiser Swedish title: Den Blodiga tiden
1963 West Germany Chronik eines Mordes Joachim Hasler
1965 West Germany Der Vorletzte Akt Walter Krüttner English title: Last Act But One: Brundibar
1965 Canada Memorandum Donald Brittain and John Spotton French title: Pour mémoire
1965 Soviet Union Obyknovennyy fashizm Mikhail Romm English title: Ordinary Fascism
1966 United Kingdom Warsaw Ghetto
1967 Denmark Mordere iblandt os (TV) Henning Knudsen English title: Murderers Among Us
1968 United States The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Jack Kaufman Based on William L. Shirer book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
1968 Poland Archeologia Andrzej Brzozowski
1969 France
West Germany
Le Chagrin et la pitié Marcel Ophüls English title:The Sorrow and the Pity Vichy France government collaboration with Nazi Germany during the war.


Year Country Title Director Notes
1970 Netherlands Dingen die niet voorbijgaan Philo Bregstein English title: (The past that lives)
1972 West Germany Mendel Schainfelds zweite Reise nach Deutschland Hans-Dieter Grabe
1974 Israel The 81st Blow David Bergman, Jacques Ehrlich and Haim Gouri English title:The 81st Blow
1974 United Kingdom The World at War (TV) Michael Darlow Episode 20 Genocide (First broadcast 27 March 1974).
1976 United Kingdom
United States
West Germany
The Memory of Justice Marcel Ophüls 4.6 hours long Won Los Angeles Film Critics Special Award
1977 West Germany Reinhard Heydrich - Manager des Terrors Heinz Schirk


Year Country Title Director Notes
1980 West Germany Der Gelbe Stern Dieter Hildebrandt English title:The Yellow Star
1981 Australia The Hunter and the Hunted John Oakley
1982 United States Genocide Arnold Schwartzman Best Documentary Feature Oscar winner
1982 Sweden The Story of Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz Peter Cohen and Bo Kuritzen
1982 United States Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die Laurence Jarvik Distributed by Kino International Corporation,
1983 United States To Bear Witness Gavin P. Boyle
1983 United Kingdom Schindler: The Documentary (TV) Jon Blair Released in the US in 1994 as Schindler: The Real Story
1983 United States The Work Bernard Offen
1984 United States A Generation Apart Jack Fisher
1984 United States Kaddish Steve Brand Based on book by Dr. Randolph Braham
1985 Soviet Union Babiy Yar: Lessons of History
1985 West Germany Die Befreiung von Auschwitz Irmgard von zur Mühlen English title:Liberation of Auschwitz 1945
1985 West Germany Goethe in D. Manfred Vosz
1985 France Shoah Claude Lanzmann 9½ hours long
1985 United States Say I'm a Jew[12] Pier Marton Jewish identity for Second Generation European Jews
1985 United States The Ties That Bind Su Friedrich
1986 Australia Paradise Camp Frank Heimans Concerns the Theresienstadt concentration camp
1986 United States Partisans of Vilna Joshua Waletzky Documentary produced by Aviva Kempner about the Jewish resistance in the Vilna Ghetto.
1986 West Germany Die Befreiung von Auschwitz Bengt von zur Mühlen
1988 Israel B'Glal Hamilhamah Hahi Orna Ben-Dor Niv English title:Because of That War
1988 United States
Hôtel Terminus: Klaus Barbie, sa vie et son temps Marcel Ophüls English title: Hôtel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie
1988 West Germany Mit 22 Jahren wollte man noch nicht sterben Rainer Ritzel
1988 France
Témoins Marcel Lozinski Polish title: Swiadkowie; English title: Witnesses: Anti-Semitism in Poland, 1946
1988 United States Voices from the Attic Debbie Goodstein
1989 Israel Hugo Yair Lev
1989 United States Lodz Ghetto Alan Adelson & Kate Taverna
1989 Sweden The Architecture of Doom Peter Cohen English title:The Architecture of Doom
1989 United States Yad Vashem: Preserving the Past to Ensure the Future Ray Errol Fox


Year Country Title Director Notes
1990 United States C.A.N.D.L.E.S.: The Story of the Mengele Twins (TV) Gordon J. Murray
1991 France Premier convoi (TV) Jacky Assoun and Suzette Bloch
1991 United Kingdom Purple Triangles Martin Smith Describes the accounts of Jehovah's Witnesses in Nazi camps.[13]
1991 United Kingdom Chasing Shadows Naomi Gryn About the childhood experiences of Holocaust survivor Rabbi Hugo Gryn.[14]
1991 Canada A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell Jack Kuper Based on the diaries of Warsaw ghetto inmates
1991 United States They Risked Their Lives: Rescuers of the Holocaust Gay Block
1992 United States Sequel to Lódz Ghetto Alan Adelson
1992 Poland Miejsce urodzenia Paweł Łoziński English title: Birthplace
1992 France La Rafle du Vel-d'Hiv, La Marche du siècle William Karel
1992 Japan The Visas That Saved Lives Alan Adelson
1992 Sweden Återkomster Joanna Helander and Bo Persson
1993 Canada Children of the Shadows Marc Cukier
1994 Israel
Balagan Andres Veiel Based on the play Arbeit macht frei by Smadar Jaaron & David Maayan
1994 United States Diamonds in the Snow Mira Reym Binford
1994 United States Choosing One's Way: Resistance in Auschwitz/Birkenau Ted Kay and Allen Secher
1994 United States The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions (TV) Brian Blake Hosted by Walter Cronkite
1994 Austria Die Kunst des Erinnerns - Simon Wiesenthal Johanna Heer and Werner Schmiedel English title: The Art of Remembrance - Simon Wiesenthal
1994 Spain
La Memoria del agua Héctor Fáver English title:Memory of Water
1994 Unknown The Power of Conscience: The Danish Resistance and the Rescue of the Jews Alexandra Isles
1994 France
Tzedek Marek Halter
1994 Finland Vankileirien paratiisi Lisa Hovinheimo [15]IMDB
1995 United States
United Kingdom
Anne Frank Remembered (TV) Jon Blair
1995 Israel Bottles in the Cellar Shmuel Imberman
1995 United States Children Remember the Holocaust (TV) Mark Gordon Hosted by Keanu Reeves
1995 United States One Survivor Remembers (TV) Kary Antholis
1995 Israel Reshimot Vanda (TV) Vered Berman
1995 Belgium Rhodes nostalgie (TV) Diane Perelsztejn
1996 France Drancy Avenir Arnaud des Pallières Deportations from Paris[16]
1996 United States My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransports Melissa Hacker
1996 United Kingdom Nuremberg Stephen Trombley
1996 United States Survivors of the Holocaust Allan Holzman
1996 United Kingdom The Nazis: A Warning from History Laurence Rees and Tilman Remme
1997 Denmark
United Kingdom
The Island on Bird Street Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Based on the book by Uri Orlev
1997 United States Blood Money: Switzerland's Nazi Gold Stephen Crisman
1997 Switzerland Grüningers Fall Richard Dindo Based on the book by Stefan Keller
1997 United States My Hometown Concentration Camp Bernard Offen
1997 United States In the Shadow of the Reich: Nazi Medicine John Michalczyk Based on the book by Stefan Keller
1997 Switzerland Journal de Rivesaltes 1941–1942 Jacqueline Veuve
1997 United States The Long Way Home Mark Jonathan Harris Narrated by Morgan Freeman
1997 United States The Lost Children of Berlin Elizabeth McIntyre Narrated by Anthony Hopkins
1997 United States Out Loud! Miriam Bjeirre
1997 Germany Das Prinzip Dora Claudette Coulanges & Rolf Coulanges
1997 United States Raising the Ashes Michael O'Keefe
1997 Israel
Czech Republic
Shahor Lavan Zeh Tzivoni Tamir Paul
1997 United States The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Describes the time period of Adolf Eichmann from his being brought to Israel till his execution. Also an insight is given into the mind of the mass murderer
1997 France
Un vivant qui passe Claude Lanzmann English title: A Visitor from the Living
1997 Germany Unterwegs als sicherer Ort Dietrich Schubert English title On the Move Is a Safe Place
1997 Italy Memoria Ruggero Gabbai Selected for the "Berlin International Film Festival". Collection of about ninety eyewitnesses' interviews, the voices of the Italian survivors of the Shoah.
1998 Germany
Czech Republic
Diese Tage in Terezin Sibylle Schönemann English title Those Days in Terezin
1998 Germany
Fotoamator Dariusz Jablonski English title Photographer; French title Chronique couleur du ghetto de Łódź; German title Der Fotograf
1998 United States The Last Days James Moll Won Academy Award for Documentary Feature
1998 United States A Letter Without Words Lisa Lewenz
1998 Belgium Der Judenmord Michel Alexandre
1998 Switzerland Nachrichten aus dem Untergrund Andreas Hoessli English title Underground Messengers
1998 United States Never Forget Sherrie Drummond Short
1998 United States A Sculpture of Love and Anguish: The Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial David Braman
1999 United States Burning Questions Michael Porembski
1999 United States The Children of Chabannes Lisa Gossels
1999 Switzerland Children of the Night Jolanta Dylewska
1999 United States Eyewitness Bert Van Bork
1999 Germany Flucht in den Dschungel Michael Juncker
1999 Canada Hidden Heroes Karen Pascal
1999 Switzerland
Martin Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
1999 Germany Mendel lebt – Wiederbegegnung mit Mendel Szajnfeld Hans-Dieter Grabe
1999 United States
United Kingdom
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. Errol Morris
1999 United States Process B-7815 Bernard Offen
1999 United States Tak for Alt: Survival of a Human Spirit Laura Bialis & Broderick Fox & Sarah Levy
1999 Israel
Un spécialiste, portrait d'un criminel moderne Eyal Sivan Documentary film directed by Rony Brauman and Eyal Sivan, originally released in 1999 to theaters worldwide. Made entirely out of the restored original video recordings of Adolf Eichmann's trial at Jerusalem edited down to 120 minutes, the film focuses especially on the desk murderer's psychology. No narration or commentary is used, albeit the material is at times edited visually and acoustically to disturbing effect, to reflect the most disturbing nature of the events related in the words of the witnesses, the court, and the defendant, and scored with disturbing musique concrete or ambient music.

Official Selection of the 1999 Berlin International Film Festival,[17][18] winner of the Grimme-Preis in 2001.[17][18] Was criticized for tendentious editing making Eichmann appear in a more positive light and especially making prosecutor Gideon Hausner appear to display rude and unfair behavior in court, by Stewart Tryster, director of the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive, in his 2005 documentary Editing the Truth Away: The Eichmann Trial and The Specialist .[19][20]

Released on French VHS and DVD under its original title, on NTSC VHS as Adolf Eichmann: The Specialist, on Region 1 DVD as The Specialist: Portrait of a Modern Criminal, and on German VHS as Ein Spezialist. All of these home video editions are currently out-of-print.

1999 United States Witness: Voices from the Holocaust Joshua M. Greene & Shiva Kumar
1999 Germany Drei deutsche Mörder. Aufzeichnungen über die Banalität des Bösen Ebbo Demant
1999 Poland ... gdzie jest mój starszy syn Kain Agnieszka Arnold Considers Jedwabne pogrom


Year Country Title Director Notes
2000 United Kingdom Auschwitz: The Final Witnesses Sheldon Lazarus
2000 Spain Cerca del Danubio Felipe Vega
2000 United States Fighter Amir Bar-Lev
2000 United States Typhoons' Last Storm Lawrence Bond
2000 Israel Hazehut Ha'Avuda Shel Hanita Vered Berman
2000 United Kingdom The Holocaust on Trial Leslie Woodhead
2000 United Kingdom
United States
Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport Mark Jonathan Harris
2000 United States Paragraph 175 Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman Documentary about gays and the Holocaust
2000 Israel Reshimat Ahava David Fisher
2000 Germany Das Himmler-Projekt Romuald Karmakar
2001 United States Exodus to Berlin Jeff Kamen and Peter Laufer
2001 United States Holocaust: New York Tolerance Center Scott Goldstein
2001 Germany Eine Liebe in Auschwitz Thilo Thielke & Jens Nicolai
2001 Poland Śmierć Zygelbojma Dżamila Ankiewicz
2001 Poland Sąsiedzi Agnieszka Arnold Concerns Jedwabne pogrom
2001 France Sobibor, 14 octobre 1943, 16 heures Claude Lanzmann English title: Sobibor, Oct. 14, 1943, 4 p.m.
2001 Canada Struma Radu Gabrea
2001 Slovakia Svedok Dušan Hudec
2002 Illusion Concerns Kurt Gerron
2002 United States Last Dance Mirra Bank
2002 Poland Pamiętam Marcel Lozinski English title:I Remember
2002 United States
United Kingdom
Prisoner of Paradise Malcolm Clarke & Stuart Sender
2002 United States Sudbina mi nije dala da odem Dominik Sedlar & Jakov Sedlar English title:Fate Did Not Let Me Go
2002 Canada Undying Love Helene Klodawsky
2003 United States Berga: Soldiers of Another War Charles Guggenheim
2003 United States
Den Danske løsning Karen Cantor & Camilla Kjærulff English title:The Danish Solution: The Rescue of the Jews in Denmark
2003 Australia Long Shadows: Stories from a Jewish Home Kate Hampel
2003 United States Luboml: My Heart Remembers Eileen Douglas & Ron Steinman
2003 Germany Mariannes Heimkehr Stefan Röttger & Gert Monheim
2003 Germany Land der Vernichtung Romuald Karmakar
2004 United States A is for Auschwitz: A Weekend with My Grandparents
2004 Canada Against the Odds Jedrzej Jonasz
2004 United States Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust Daniel Anker
2004 Poland Hawaii and the Holocaust Bernard Offen
2004 United States Paper Clips Elliot Berlin & Joe Fab About the Paper Clips Project
2004 Italy La fuga degli innocenti Leone Pompucci
2004 Germany Wege der Tübinger Juden. Eine Spurensuche Ulrike Baumgärtner
2004 United Kingdom Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution' Also known as Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State Dominic Sutherland, Martina Balazova and Detlef Siebert Companion book: Auschwitz: A New History
2004 Germany
Czech Republic
The Ninth Day Volker Schlöndorff Based on a portion of Pfarrerblock 25487 (ISBN 2-87963-286-2), the diary of Father Jean (1907–1994)
2005 Chile Holocausto:Tercera Generación Daniel Segal & Daniel Halpern
2005 Germany Mit dem Mut der Verzweifelten – Jüdischer Widerstand gegen Hitler Rena Giefer & Thomas Giefer
2005 Germany
2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß Malte Ludin English title: 2 or 3 Things I Know About Him — Ludin's family's reaction to their father's role in sending Jews to Auschwitz
2005 Hungary Process (TV) Péter Muszatics
2005 Israel A Treasure in Auschwitz (TV) Yahaly Gat
2005 Germany Wenn lang die Bilder schon verblassen... KZ Theresienstadt - Propagandafilm und Wirklichkeit Thilo Pohle
2005 Germany Winterkinder - Die schweigende Generation Jens Schanze
2006 France Amants des hommes Isabelle Darmengeat English title: Men lovers
2006 France Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing their Crimes Christian Delage
2006 United States Borrowing Time Robert Allan Black
2006 United States Journey to Justice Steve Palackdharry
2006 United States Knocking Joel Engardio and Tom Shepard
2006 Italy La Strada di Levi Davide Ferrario
2006 Germany Der letzte Zug Joseph Vilsmaier, Dana Vávrová
2006 Austria
The Counterfeiters Stefan Ruzowitzky
2006 United Kingdom Kz Rex Bloomstein
2008 Israel Classmates of Anne Frank Eyal Boers
2008 Germany Gerdas Schweigen Britta Wauer
2009 Israel Defamation Yoav Shamir
2009 Germany Der weiße Rabe – Max Mannheimer Carolin Otto


Year Country Title Director Notes
2010 Canada Song of the Lodz Ghetto David Kaufman
2010 Israel
A Film Unfinished Yael Hersonski
2011 Germany Auschwitz Uwe Boll
2011 Israel
The Flat Arnon Goldfinger
2011 Turkey Turkish Passport Burak Arlıel A documentary about the Jews who were rescued by Turkish diplomats through having been given Turkish diplomatic passports.
2011 Israel
Hitler's Children Chanoch Zeevi
2012 Austria Dann bin ich ja ein Mörder Walter Manoschek Subject of the film is Adolf Storms & the Deutsch Schützen massacre
2012 United States Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors Heather Elliott-Famularo
2012 United States Misa's Fugue Sean Gaston
2012 United States No Place on Earth Janet Tobias Documentary about a group of Jews who lived in caves in Ukraine for nearly 18 months to escape the Holocaust.
2012 United States REFUGE: Stories of the Selfhelp Home Ethan Bensinger Documentary about the last generation of Holocaust Survivors and Refugees at Chicago's Selfhelp Home
2012 United States The Resort Galina Kalashnikova
2012 Netherlands
United States
Transport XX to Auschwitz Karen Lynne & Richard Bloom
2012 United States Hiding Halina Jeff MacIntyre 9 out of 10 Jewish children perished during the Holocaust. Those who survived were hidden. "Hiding Halina" is a documentary about a little girl who beat the odds.
2013 Austria
Das Radikal Böse Stefan Ruzowitzky
2013 Canada
United States
United Kingdom
The Lady in Number 6 Malcolm Clarke
2013 Italy The Longest Journey Ruggero Gabbai A documentary about the last days of the Jews of Rhodes.
2013 France Last of the Unjust Claude Lanzmann
2014 Poland Warsaw Uprising Jan Komasa Documentary film using archived and colorized footage of Warsaw uprising original Polish title Powstanie Warszawskie (2014)
2014 United States Berlin Calling Nigel Dick A punk fan from Los Angeles traces her father's journey back to the concentration camp in Theresienstadt where he spent two years of his life.
2014 Israel
Farewell Herr Schwarz Yael Reuveny An Israeli woman living in Germany, granddaughter of a survivor, explores the ramifications of discovering a great-uncle who, unbeknownst to the family in Israel, lived out his life in East Germany near the camp he was held in.
2014 United Kingdom Night Will Fall Andre Singer
2014 France Shoah, les Oubliés de l’Histoire Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot
2014 Israel
Czech Republic
United States
Gisi Natasha Dudinski The story of Gisi Fleischmann, a woman who believed she could stop the Holocaust if only she managed to raise enough money.
2015 United Kingdom What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy David Evans
2016 Germany Austerlitz Sergei Loznitsa Documentary showing how tourists act while visiting the Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps.
2017 United States The Zookeeper's Wife
2018 United States The Number on Great-Grandpa's Arm Amy Schatz It features a conversation between a ten year old and his Grandfather, a Holocaust survivor.
2018 United States Who Will Write Our History Roberta Grossman
2018 United States Operation Finale Chris Weitz Dramatization of the Mossad's clandestine operation to kidnap Adolf Eichmann from Argentina for his trial in Jerusalem.
2018 Canada The Accountant of Auschwitz Matthew Shoychet Trial of Oskar Gröning who worked as accountant in Auschwitz, responsible for murder of over 300,000 Jews[21].
2019 Hungary A Pásztor László Illés English title: The Shepherd - The main character is an old shepherd, who lives alone on a ranch. After his daughter got killed by Nazis, he decided in his grief to save as many Jewish lives as possible.

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