List of Hi-de-Hi! episodes

This is an episode list for the BBC television sitcom Hi-de-Hi! by Jimmy Perry and David Croft broadcast between 1 January 1980[1] and 30 January 1988.[2]


Pilot (1980)

No. Title Director Airdate
00"Hey Diddle Diddle"[fn 1]David Croft1 January 1980 (1980-01-01)

It is 1959. Having become tired of academia, Cambridge University Archaeology Professor Jeffrey Fairbrother goes to Maplin's Holiday Camp as the new Entertainment Manager, a job he looks forward to with idealised optimism. Camp Host, Ted Bovis, instructs his new recruit, Camp Comedian Spike Dixon, in how to succeed at Maplins.

Note: This Pilot episode originally ran at 45 minutes. Some repeat broadcasts have edited it down to a more standard half-hour format.

Series One (1981)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto"David Croft26 February 1981 (1981-02-26)
A teenage girl (Gillian Taylforth) pursues Jeffrey Fairbrother, much to the jealousy of Gladys Pugh and the annoyance of her parents.
2"The Beauty Queen Affair"David Croft5 March 1981 (1981-03-05)
Jeffrey is placed in a difficult situation when he ignores a camper's bribery attempt to ensure his daughter wins the Holiday Princess competition, but she wins anyway.
3"The Partridge Season"John Kilby12 March 1981 (1981-03-12)
Mr Partridge takes a day off from his duties, relaxing in his chalet with a bottle or three of Scotch.
4"The Day of Reckoning"John Kilby19 March 1981 (1981-03-19)
A honeymooning couple are not what they seem, and the entertainments staff get caught up in their illegal activities.
5"Charity Begins At Home"John Kilby26 March 1981 (1981-03-26)
Ted's latest scheme to extract money from the campers doesn't quite go to plan. Meanwhile, an old couple (previously seen in the Pilot episode) make a return visit to Maplins.
6"No Dogs Allowed"[fn 2]John Kilby2 April 1981 (1981-04-02)
Jeffrey is engaged in a custody battle with his estranged wife – over a dog.

Series Two (1981–1982)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"If Wet – In the Ballroom"[fn 3][fn 4]John Kilby29 November 1981 (1981-11-29)
A run of wet weather – with more forecast – means the entertainment staff must come up with ever more creative ways of keeping the campers entertained.
2"Peggy's Big Chance"[fn 4]John Kilby6 December 1981 (1981-12-06)
Jeffrey Fairbrother persuades a visitor from Head Office to interview Peggy for her dream job of Maplin's Yellowcoat.
3"Lift Up Your Minds"John Kilby13 December 1981 (1981-12-13)
Convinced that campers can appreciate more intellectual art and entertainment alongside Knobbly Knees competitions, Jeffrey Fairbrother introduces lunchtime record recitals.
4"On With the Motley"John Kilby20 December 1981 (1981-12-20)
Ted has a chance of stardom when he's hired as a late replacement at an uptown show for a fellow comedian and it's rumoured that talent scouts from Opportunity Knocks will be in the audience.
5"A Night Not To Remember"John Kilby27 December 1981 (1981-12-27)
A series of unfortunate events leads Jeffrey to consume rather more alcohol than he intended, and he needs an escort back to his chalet. Meanwhile, Gladys has an admirer.
6"Sausages or Limelight"[fn 5]John Kilby3 January 1982 (1982-01-03)
Spike proposes to his girlfriend, but her father wants him to quit showbusiness and join his butcher's empire if they marry. Which is the path to happiness and success?

Series Three (1982)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"Nice People With Nice Manners"[fn 6][fn 4]John Kilby31 October 1982 (1982-10-31)
Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves plan a tasteful party in their chalet, but things start to go wrong after they ask Peggy to deliver the invitations.
2"Carnival Time"[fn 7][fn 4]David Croft7 November 1982 (1982-11-07)
The Entertainment Staff are busy making plans for their float in Crimpton-on-Sea's annual carnival parade when the Dean of Jeffrey Fairbrother's college (John le Mesurier) arrives to persuade him to return to the University.
3"A Matter of Conscience"John Kilby14 November 1982 (1982-11-14)
Joe Maplin has coveted an empty plot of land next to the camp for years, hoping to extend the camp someday, so when plans to build a hospital on the site are revealed in the local newspaper, he orders the Entertainments Staff to act. However, not everyone is happy to go along with his plans.
4"The Pay-Off"John Kilby21 November 1982 (1982-11-21)
Still determined to get his hands on the plot of land, Joe Maplin sends a parcel of money to Jeffrey Fairbrother, with instructions to bribe local councillors. Meanwhile, Fred Quilley's favourite horse is in need of the vet.
5"Trouble and Strife"John Kilby28 November 1982 (1982-11-28)
Ted's ex-wife turns up at the camp, threatening Ted with jail if he doesn't pay the alimony payments he's missed. Ted decides it's time to put his best tricks for fiddling the campers into practice.
6"Stripes"[fn 4]John Kilby5 December 1982 (1982-12-05)
A letter from Joe Maplin results in a dressing-down for most of the Entertainments Staff – except Gladys, whom he decrees should be in charge of the other Yellowcoats. Resentment ensues when Gladys decides to wear her rank on her sleeve.

Series Four (1982–1983)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"Co-Respondent's Course"[fn 4]John Kilby12 December 1982 (1982-12-12)
The Honourable Max Tewkesbury wants to marry Jeffrey's estranged wife, and turns up at Maplins to persuade Jeffrey to give her grounds for divorce, but Jeffrey's not so enthusiastic.
2"It's a Blue World"John Kilby19 December 1982 (1982-12-19)
Ted's latest money-making scheme involves some 'adult' films and the use of the Laughing Cow Milk Bar after hours, unaware that the Yellowcoats are planning a party at the same venue.
3"Eruptions"David Croft26 December 1982 (1982-12-26)
A new mechanical exhibit in the ballroom causes problems for the Entertainments Staff, so they decide to take matters into their own hands.
4"The Society Entertainer"John Kilby2 January 1983 (1983-01-02)
New campers – a widow and her attractive daughter – turn Spike's head and he's suddenly changing his act to include 'more sophisticated' material, much to Ted's disappointment.
5"Sing You Sinners"[fn 4]David Croft9 January 1983 (1983-01-09)
When the local vicar announces he will no longer lead Sunday services at the camp due to Joe Maplin's increasingly bizarre suggestions, the Entertainments Staff attempt to fill the gap. There is an anachronism in this episode, it is set in 1959 yet Ted leads a singalong of the Tom Jones song "Delilah", which was not released until 1968.
6"Maplin Intercontinental"[fn 4]John Kilby16 January 1983 (1983-01-16)
Joe Maplin announces his plans to open a camp in the Bahamas, which will be staffed with the best Yellowcoat from each of his existing camps.
7"All Change"[fn 8]John Kilby23 January 1983 (1983-01-23)
When Barry and Yvonne announce they are splitting up, and Joe Maplin sends Joan Wainwright, Controller of Yellowcoats (Cheryl Murray), down to inspect the staff, Jeffrey has to re-allocate chalets as Peggy gets some wild ideas about what's really going on.

Series Five (1983–1984)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"Concessions"John Kilby27 November 1983 (1983-11-27)
Ted and Mr Partridge sneak out to perform at a Chamber of Commerce dinner in Crimpton-on-Sea, taking Peggy along to earn some extra money waitressing. But Peggy overhears something that could have major repercussions for Joe Maplin and the staff back at the camp.
2"Save Our Heritage"John Kilby4 December 1983 (1983-12-04)
Joe Maplin's latest plans for expansion are being held up by a widow living in an old thatched cottage nearby. The Entertainments Staff join forces to thwart Joe Maplin's plans to force her out and demolish the cottage.
3"Empty Saddles"John Kilby11 December 1983 (1983-12-11)
Deeply upset by Joe Maplin's plans to dispose of his horses, Fred Quilley devises a plan which leaves him with more than he bargained for.
4"The Marriage Settlement"John Kilby18 December 1983 (1983-12-18)
Jeffrey Fairbrother's wife visits the camp to discuss their forthcoming divorce. Gladys is devastated after erroneously believing they have reconciled.
5"The Graven Image"John Kilby8 January 1984 (1984-01-08)
Joe Maplin installs a statue of himself in each of his holiday camps, but the unveiling of the Crimpton-on-Sea camp's statue isn't quite the dignified occasion that convention demands.
6"Peggy's Pen Friend"John Kilby15 January 1984 (1984-01-15)
Peggy is due to meet her pen-friend for the first time. When the Entertainments Staff discover he's a middle-aged (or quite possibly older) man, they fear for her welfare, but Peggy is determined to enjoy a romantic time.
7"The Epidemic"[fn 9][fn 10]John Kilby22 January 1984 (1984-01-22)
A Chad craze breaks out at the camp, leading Ted to concoct a bizarre tale to encourage the campers to help clean up the graffiti. Barry's efforts to help the clearup result in a back injury, leading Yvonne to call on an old dancing partner to step into his shoes.

Series Six (1984)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"Together Again"David Croft3 November 1984 (1984-11-03)
It is 1960 and the Entertainments Staff return to Crimpton-on-Sea for the new season. Waiting for them is Jeffrey Fairbrother's letter explaining that he has resigned his post with Maplins.
2"Ted at the Helm"[fn 11]David Croft10 November 1984 (1984-11-10)
Ted takes charge of the Entertainments Staff in Jeffrey's absence. Three new girl Yellowcoats join the staff.
3"Opening Day"David Croft17 November 1984 (1984-11-17)
It's the first day of the season, and the Entertainments Staff prepare to greet the season's first campers down at the station.
4"Off with the Motley"[fn 4]David Croft24 November 1984 (1984-11-24)
Peggy gets the offer of a promotion, but it's not the one she wanted.
5"Hey Diddle Diddle, Who's on the Fiddle?"[fn 12]David Croft1 December 1984 (1984-12-01)
Spike queries the real reason that Clive Dempster may have been given the job as Entertainment Manager.
6"Raffles"David Croft25 December 1984 (1984-12-25)
Ted wants to sell his broken-down old car, currently languishing in the stables. As it can't be driven out, he needs to be creative, and luckily Clive's car is of an identical model and colour…

Series Seven (1985–1986)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"The Great Cat Robbery"[fn 4]David Croft25 December 1985 (1985-12-25)
Peggy and the Yellowcoats read about the demise of a famous cat-burglar, who stayed on the camp the previous summer. The police have still to find some of his ill-gotten gains and are offering a reward – did he hide them on the camp?
2"It's Murder"David Croft5 January 1986 (1986-01-05)
As Mr Partridge's behaviour gets increasingly out of hand, protests ensue from the campers while Barry and Yvonne start a petition to get him sacked. However things take a turn for the worse following the masked ball.
3"Who Killed Mr Partridge?"David Croft12 January 1986 (1986-01-12)
The Entertainments Staff gather in the staff room in the early hours as the mystery of Mr Partridge's fate unfolds.
4"Spaghetti Galore"David Croft19 January 1986 (1986-01-19)
It's Gladys' birthday, and the staff plan a surprise dinner at Tony's Trattoria, but they're not the only ones.
5"A Lack of Punch"[fn 13][fn 4]Robin Carr and David Croft26 January 1986 (1986-01-26)
The Entertainments Staff pitch in to provide entertainment for the younger campers in the absence of Mr Partridge.
6"Ivory Castles in the Air"Robin Carr and David Croft9 February 1986 (1986-02-09)
Corporate sponsorship rears its head at Maplins as the Yellowcoats compete to find the Fluorabrite Couple of the Year, while Clive has a proposition for Gladys.
7"Man Trap"[fn 14]Robin Carr and David Croft16 February 1986 (1986-02-16)
In the aftermath of the Fluorabrite Couple of the Year competition, the truth takes a back seat to Joe Maplin's quest for publicity.

Series Eight (1986)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"Pigs Might Fly"[fn 15]Robin Carr and David Croft8 November 1986 (1986-11-08)
Barry has left Yvonne, who is distraught and refuses to leave her chalet. Gladys decides the only answer is to call on Julian Dalrymple-Sykes, her partner of yesteryear.
2"The New Broom"Robin Carr15 November 1986 (1986-11-15)
Alec Foster, the new Camp Controller (Ewan Hooper) arrives on camp, and woe betide anyone who displeases him.
3"Orphan of the Storm"Robin Carr22 November 1986 (1986-11-22)
Alec Foster continues to dominate life at the camp, with Peggy suffering the brunt of his bullying ways.
4"God Bless Our Family"Robin Carr and David Croft6 December 1986 (1986-12-06)
Clive's Aunt and Uncles arrive at the camp, intent on making him see sense and return to Dempster Hall.
5"Only the Brave"Robin Carr and David Croft13 December 1986 (1986-12-13)
The staff take a late-night trip to the cinema to celebrate April's birthday, but Gladys falls asleep during the film and has a strange dream...
6"September Song"David Croft27 December 1986 (1986-12-27)
Ted falls for a young woman holidaying with her parents, and the two plan to form a musical act together.

Series Nine (1987–88)

No. Title Director Airdate
1"Tell It to the Marines"David Croft26 December 1987 (1987-12-26)
Ted's boasting to the visiting Royal Marines leads to a showdown over the Marines' assault course between the Marines and the Yellowcoat men.
2"Marry Go Round"Mike Stephens2 January 1988 (1988-01-02)
Spike worries that being in love is eroding his comic abilities, but asking Gladys for advice only complicates matters further.
3"The Perils of Peggy"[fn 4]Mike Stephens9 January 1988 (1988-01-09)
Peggy tries to smooth the path to happiness of the various romantic entanglements at Maplins.
4"Let Them Eat Cake"Mike Stephens16 January 1988 (1988-01-16)
The Entertainments Staff prepare to stage their French Revolution Tableau on the pool, but the rehearsals don't bode well for a successful show.
5"Wedding Bells"Mike Stephens23 January 1988 (1988-01-23)
It's Gladys and Clive's wedding day, if they can make it to the church without mishap or unwanted guests.
6"The Wind of Change"Mike Stephens30 January 1988 (1988-01-30)
The season is coming to a close. When Dawn is taken to hospital with appendicitis, Peggy is appointed her replacement. A visit from Alec Foster means that their careers at Maplins are over


  1. Some repeat showings of have been edited down into a standard 30 minute version.
  2. Final appearance of Mary (Penny Irving)
  3. First appearance of Gary (Chris Andrews) and the short-lived Val (Gail Harrison)
  4. Features a guest appearance of Ramona (Jean Lear)
  5. Final appearance of Val (Gail Harrison)
  6. First appearance of Tracey Bentward (Susan Beagley)
  7. Guest starring John Le Mesurier as the Dean
  8. Guest appearance of Cheryl Murray as Joan Wainwright
  9. Final appearance of Jeffrey Fairbrother (Simon Cadell), Betty Whistler (Rikki Howard) and Tracey Bentward (Susan Beagley)
  10. First Appearance of Julian Dalrymle Sykes (Ben Aris) who returns as a regular in series 8.
  11. First appearance of Sqdn-Ldr Clive Dempster DFC (David Griffin), April (Linda Regan), Dawn (Laura Jackson) and Babs (Julie-Christian Young)
  12. Final appearance of Mr Partridge (Leslie Dwyer)
  13. First appearance of Uncle Sammy Morris (Kenneth Connor)
  14. Final appearance of Barry Stuart Hargreaves (Barry Howard) and Babs (Julie Christian-Young)
  15. First appearance of Alec Foster (Ewan Hooper) and Julian Dalrymple-Sykes (Ben Aris) who previously made a guest appearance in the fifth series becomes a regular from this episode onwards


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