List of Hartford Whalers seasons

This is a list of seasons completed by the Hartford Whalers of the World Hockey Association and National Hockey League. This list documents the records and playoff results for all 25 seasons that the Hartford Whalers completed from their founding in 1972 in the WHA until the franchise relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina, and eventually Raleigh to become the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997.

Season-by-season record

World Hockey Association

Avco World Trophy champions Division/reg. season Champions League Leader

New England Whalers Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, Pts = Points, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against

1972–737846302943182631st, EasternWon Eastern Division Semi-Final (Ottawa), 4-1
Won Eastern Division Final (Cleveland), 4-1
Won Avco Cup (Winnipeg), 4-1
1973–747843314902912601st, EasternLost Eastern Division Semi-Final (Chicago), 3-4
1974–757843305912742791st, EasternLost Quarter-Final (Minnesota), 2-4
1975–768033407732552903rd, EasternWon Preliminary Round (Cleveland), 3-0
Won Quarter-Final (Indianapolis), 4-3
Lost Semi-Final (Houston), 3-4
1976–778135406762752904th, EasternLost Eastern Division Semi-Final (Quebec), 1-4
1977–788044315933352692nd, WHAWon Quarter-Final (Edmonton), 4-1
Won Semi-Final (Quebec), 4-1
Lost Avco Cup Final (Winnipeg), 0-4
1978–798037349832982874th, WHAWon Preliminary Round (Cincinnati), 2-1
Lost Semi-Final (Edmonton), 3-4
WHA Totals555281236386002,0461,938

National Hockey League

Stanley Cup Champions Conference Champions Division Champions League Leader

Hartford Whalers Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, Pts = Points, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against

1979–801979–8080273419733033124th, NorrisLost Preliminary Round (Montreal), 0–3
1980–811980–8180214118602923725th, NorrisDid not qualify
1981–821981–8280214118602643515th, AdamsDid not qualify
1982–831982–838019547452614035th, AdamsDid not qualify
1983–841983–8480284210662883205th, AdamsDid not qualify
1984–851984–858030419692683185th, AdamsDid not qualify
1985–861985–868040364843323024th, AdamsWon Adams Division Semi-Final (Quebec), 3–0
Lost Adams Division Final (Montreal), 3–4
1986–871986–878043307932872701st, AdamsLost Adams Division Semi-Final (Quebec), 2–4
1987–881987–888035387772492674th, AdamsLost Adams Division Semi-Final (Montreal), 2–4
1988–891988–898037385792992904th, AdamsLost Adams Division Semi-Final (Montreal), 0–4
1989–901989–908038339852752684th, AdamsLost Adams Division Semi-Final (Boston), 3–4
1990–911990–9180313811732382764th, AdamsLost Adams Division Semi-Final (Boston), 2–4
1991–921991–9280264113652472834th, AdamsLost Adams Division Semi-Final (Montreal), 3–4
1992–931992–938426526582843695th, AdamsDid not qualify
1993–941993–948427489632272886th, NortheastDid not qualify
1994–9511994–954819245431271415th, NortheastDid not qualify
1995–961995–968234399772372594th, NortheastDid not qualify
1996–971996–9782323911752262565th, NortheastDid not qualify
Relocated to Carolina
NHL totals1,4205347091771,2454,7045,345
Grand total1,9758159452151,8456,7507,283
1Season was shortened due to the 1994–95 NHL lockout.

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