List of Gainsborough Pictures films

This is a list of films made by the British production company Gainsborough Pictures and its parent company Gaumont British between 1924 and 1950. The Gainsborough brand was first used in 1924, although several films had previously been made by the company's founders under a different name.[1] Gaumont British, which took control of Gainsborough in the late 1920s, had also made films prior to 1924. After the merger, the companies released a single slate of films each year.

Following a financial crisis at the company in 1936, Gaumont British ceased production and concentrated on distribution. Despite this, films continued to be released under the Gainsborough banner. In its later years the company was part of the Rank Organisation, and was shut down by the Rank management in 1950 as part of an economy drive.

During the 1920s and 1930s the company took part in several co-productions with Continental companies, notably the German firm UFA. Other films were made by Gainsborough under contract for 20th Century Fox. Also included are films made by Sydney Box's Triton Films.


Title Release Date Director
Claude DuvalApril 1924George A. Cooper
The Prude's FallMay 1924Graham Cutts
The Passionate Adventure July 1924Graham Cutts
The Eleventh CommandmentJuly 1924George A. Cooper
The Happy EndingJanuary 1925George A. Cooper
The BlackguardMarch 1925Graham Cutts
The RatAugust 1925Graham Cutts
Settled Out of Court October 1925George A. Cooper
Somebody's DarlingNovember 1925George A. Cooper
The Sea UrchinJanuary 1926Graham Cutts
The Pleasure GardenMay 1926Alfred Hitchcock
London LoveJuly 1926Manning Haynes
The Triumph of the RatSeptember 1926Graham Cutts
The LodgerSeptember 1926Alfred Hitchcock
The Mountain EagleSeptember 1926Alfred Hitchcock
Mademoiselle from ArmentieresSeptember 1926Maurice Elvey
Hindle WakesFebruary 1927Maurice Elvey
BlightyMarch 1927Norman Walker
The Queen Was in the ParlourApril 1927Graham Cutts
Roses of PicardyApril 1927Maurice Elvey
DownhillMay 1927Alfred Hitchcock
The Rolling RoadMay 1927Graham Cutts
The Glad EyeJune 1927Maurice Elvey
Easy VirtueJuly 1927Alfred Hitchcock
Ghost TrainJuly 1927Géza von Bolváry
The VortexSeptember 1927Adrian Brunel
A Sister to Assist 'ErSeptember 1927George Dewhurst
The Flight CommanderSeptember 1927Maurice Elvey
A Woman in PawnOctober 1927Edwin Greenwood
The ArcadiansOctober 1927Victor Saville
One of the BestNovember 1927Hayes Hunter
QuinneysDecember 1927Maurice Elvey
Sailors Don't CareJanuary 1928William Kellino
The Constant NymphFebruary 1928Adrian Brunel
The PhysicianMay 1928George Jacoby
Mademoiselle Parley Voo June 1928Maurice Elvey
What Money Can BuyJuly 1928Edwin Greenwood
A South Sea BubbleJuly 1928Hayes Hunter
Palais de danseJuly 1928Maurice Elvey
Smashing ThroughOctober 1928William Kellino
The Gallant HussarOctober 1928Géza von Bolváry
The First BornOctober 1928Miles Mander
You Know What Sailors AreNovember 1928Maurice Elvey
The WreckerDecember 1928Géza von Bolváry
A Light WomanDecember 1928Adrian Brunel
The Lady of the LakeDecember 1928James A. Fitzpatrick
Number SeventeenDecember 1928Géza von Bolváry
BalaclavaDecember 1928Maurice Elvey, Milton Rosmer
The Return of the RatMay 1929Graham Cutts
The Crooked BilletMay 1929Adrian Brunel
City of PlayJuly 1929Denison Clift
Taxi for TwoJuly 1929Denison Clift, Alexander Esway
High TreasonAugust 1929Maurice Elvey
The Devil's MazeAugust 1929Gareth Gundrey
Woman to WomanNovember 1929Victor Saville


Title Release Date Director
Just for a SongMarch 1930Gareth Gundrey
Alf's ButtonMarch 1930William Kellino
The Night PorterMarch 1930Sewell Collins
Journey's EndApril 1930James Whale
Greek StreetMay 1930Sinclair Hill
Symphony in Two FlatsJuly 1930Gareth Gundrey
The Great GameSeptember 1930Jack Raymond
A Warm CornerSeptember 1930Victor Saville
Bed and BreakfastDecember 1930Walter Forde
P.C. JosserJanuary 1931Milton Rosmer
BraceletsFebruary 1931Sewell Collins
Third Time LuckyFebruary 1931Walter Forde
The Stronger SexFebruary 1931Gareth Gundrey
The Sport of KingsFebruary 1931Victor Saville
No Lady May 1931Lupino Lane
Down RiverMay 1931Peter Godfrey
The RingerMay 1931Walter Forde
Night in MontmartreJuly 1931Leslie Hiscott
The Hound of the BaskervillesJuly 1931Gareth Gundrey
The Man They Couldn't ArrestAugust 1931Hayes Hunter
The Ghost TrainSeptember 1931Walter Forde
The Happy EndingOctober 1931Millard Webb
Hindle WakesOctober 1931Victor Saville
Michael and MaryOctober 1931Victor Saville
The CalendarOctober 1931Hayes Hunter
Sunshine SusieDecember 1931Victor Saville
A Gentleman of ParisDecember 1931Sinclair Hill
Congress DancesDecember 1931Erik Charell
Lord BabsFebruary 1932Walter Forde
The Frightened LadyMarch 1932Hayes Hunter
The Faithful HeartMay 1932Victor Saville
White FaceMay 1932Hayes Hunter
Jack's the BoyJune 1932Walter Forde
Love on WheelsJuly 1932Victor Saville
Marry MeOctober 1932Wilhelm Thiele
BaroudOctober 1932Rex Ingram
Happy Ever AfterOctober 1932Paul Martin, Robert Stevenson
Tell Me TonightOctober 1932Anatole Litvak
There Goes the BrideOctober 1932Albert de Courville
Rome ExpressNovember 1932Walter Forde
After the BallDecember 1932Milton Rosmer
The MidshipmaidDecember 1932Albert de Courville
The Man from TorontoJanuary 1933Sinclair Hill
The Good CompanionsMarch 1933George Pearson
Soldiers of the KingMarch 1933Maurice Elvey
King of the RitzMarch 1933Carmine Gallone
F.P.1April 1933Karl Hartl
The Only GirlMay 1933Friedrich Hollaender
Sleeping CarJune 1933Anatole Litvak
Waltz TimeJune 1933William Thiele
The Lucky NumberJune 1933Anthony Asquith
It's a BoyJuly 1933Tim Whelan
Falling for YouJuly 1933Jack Hulbert, Robert Stevenson
Britannia of BillingsgateJuly 1933Sinclair Hill
Orders Is OrdersJuly 1933Walter Forde
Early to BedJuly 1933Ludwig Berger
The GhoulAugust 1933Hayes Hunter
I Was a SpyAugust 1933Victor Saville
The Fire RaisersSeptember 1933Michael Powell
Just SmithSeptember 1933Tom Walls
Channel CrossingOctober 1933Milton Rosmer
A Cuckoo in the NestOctober 1933Tom Walls
Friday the ThirteenthNovember 1933Victor Saville
The Constant NymphDecember 1933Basil Dean
Aunt SallyDecember 1933Tim Whelan
Turkey TimeDecember 1933Tom Walls
Jack AhoyFebruary 1934Walter Forde
The Night of the PartyFebruary 1934Michael Powell
Red EnsignFebruary 1934Michael Powell
Waltzes from ViennaFebruary 1934Alfred Hitchcock
Unfinished SymphonyMarch 1934Willi Forst
The BattleMarch 1934Nicholas Farkas
Princess CharmingApril 1934Maurice Elvey
EvergreenApril 1934Victor Saville
A Cup of KindnessMay 1934Tom Walls
Wild BoyMay 1934Albert de Courville
Chu Chin ChowJuly 1934Walter Forde
My Song for YouAugust 1934Maurice Elvey
Little FriendAugust 1934Berthold Viertel
EvensongOctober 1934Victor Saville
My Old DutchOctober 1934Sinclair Hill
The Camels are ComingOctober 1934Tim Whelan
Jew SüssOctober 1934Lothar Mendes
My Heart is CallingDecember 1934Carmine Gallone
Lady in DangerDecember 1934Tom Walls
Road HouseDecember 1934Maurice Elvey
The Man Who Knew Too MuchDecember 1934Alfred Hitchcock
Dirty WorkDecember 1934Tom Walls
TemptationDecember 1934Max Neufeld
The Iron DukeJanuary 1935Victor Saville
Things Are Looking UpJanuary 1935Albert de Courville
The Phantom LightJanuary 1935Michael Powell
Oh, Daddy!February 1935Graham Cutts
Fighting StockMarch 1935Tom Walls
Heat WaveMay 1935Maurice Elvey
Bulldog JackMay 1935Walter Forde
Forever EnglandMay 1935Walter Forde
The 39 StepsJune 1935Alfred Hitchcock
The Divine SparkJune 1935Carmine Gallone
The ClairvoyantAugust 1935Maurice Elvey
Me and MarlboroughAugust 1935Victor Saville
Stormy WeatherAugust 1935Tom Walls
Boys Will Be BoysAugust 1935William Beaudine
Car of DreamsSeptember 1935Graham Cutts
The Passing of the Third Floor BackSeptember 1935Berthold Viertel
The Guv'norOctober 1935Milton Rosmer
First a GirlNovember 1935Victor Saville
The TunnelNovember 1935Maurice Elvey
Foreign AffairesDecember 1935Tom Walls
King of the DamnedJanuary 1935Walter Forde
Jack of All TradesFebruary 1936Jack Hulbert, Robert Stevenson
First OffenceMarch 1936Herbert Mason
Rhodes of AfricaMarch 1936Berthold Viertel
Pot LuckApril 1936Tom Walls
Tudor RoseMay 1936Robert Stevenson
It's Love AgainMay 1936Victor Saville
Secret AgentMay 1936Alfred Hitchcock
Where There's a WillJune 1936William Beaudine
Seven SinnersJuly 1936Albert de Courville
Everything Is ThunderAugust 1936Milton Rosmer
East Meets WestSeptember 1936Herbert Mason
The Man Who Changed His MindSeptember 1936Robert Stevenson
Everybody DanceOctober 1936Charles Reisner
His LordshipNovember 1936Herbert Mason
All InNovember 1936Marcel Varnel
Strangers on HoneymoonNovember 1936Albert de Courville
SabotageDecember 1936Alfred Hitchcock
Windbag the SailorDecember 1936William Beaudine
The Flying DoctorDecember 1936Miles Mander
OHMSJanuary 1937Raoul Walsh
Good Morning, BoysFebruary 1937Marcel Varnel
Head Over HeelsFebruary 1937Sonnie Hale
The Great BarrierFebruary 1937Milton Rosmer
O-Kay for Sound April 1937Marcel Varnel
Take My TipMay 1937Herbert Mason
King Solomon's MinesJuly 1937Robert Stevenson
Said O'Reilly to McNabJuly 1937William Beaudine
GangwayAugust 1937Sonnie Hale
Doctor SynAugust 1937Roy William Neill
Non-Stop New YorkSeptember 1937Robert Stevenson
Oh, Mr Porter!October 1937Marcel Varnel
Young and InnocentNovember 1937Alfred Hitchcock
Owd BobJanuary 1938Robert Stevenson
Bank HolidayJanuary 1938Carol Reed
Sailing AlongFebruary 1938Sonnie Hale
Strange BoardersJune 1938Herbert Mason
Convict 99June 1938Marcel Varnel
Alf's Button AfloatJuly 1938Marcel Varnel
The Lady VanishesSeptember 1938Alfred Hitchcock
Hey! Hey! USAOctober 1938Marcel Varnel
CrackerjackOctober 1938Albert de Courville
Climbing HighDecember 1938Carol Reed
Old Bones of the RiverDecember 1938Marcel Varnel
Ask a PolicemanMay 1939Marcel Varnel
A Girl Must LiveMay 1939Carol Reed
Where's That Fire?August 1939Marcel Varnel
The Frozen LimitsNovember 1939Marcel Varnel
Inspector Hornleigh on HolidayNovember 1939Wallace Forde


Title Release Date Director
Band WaggonJanuary 1940Marcel Varnel
They Came by NightFebruary 1940Harry Lachman
For FreedomApril 1940Maurice Elvey
Charley's (Big-Hearted) AuntApril 1940Walter Forde
Night Train to MunichMay 1940Carol Reed
Girl in the NewsAugust 1940Carol Reed
GasbagsNovember 1940Marcel Varnel
Neutral PortNovember 1940Marcel Varnel
The Ghost TrainMarch 1941Walter Forde
Inspector Hornleigh Goes To ItMarch 1941Walter Forde
KippsMarch 1941Carol Reed
Once a CrookJune 1941Herbert Mason
Cottage to LetAugust 1941Anthony Asquith
I Thank YouSeptember 1941Marcel Varnel
Hi Gang!December 1941Marcel Varnel
Back-Room BoyApril 1942Herbert Mason
The Young Mr PittJune 1942Carol Reed
UncensoredJuly 1942Anthony Asquith
King Arthur Was a GentlemanDecember 1942Marcel Varnel
It's That Man AgainFebruary 1943Walter Forde
We Dive at DawnApril 1943Anthony Asquith
Miss London Ltd.May 1943Val Guest
The Man in GreyJuly 1943Leslie Arliss
Dear OctopusAugust 1943Harold French
Millions Like UsSeptember 1943Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder
Time FliesFebruary 1944Walter Forde
Bees in ParadiseMarch 1944Val Guest
Fanny by GaslightMay 1944Anthony Asquith
Give Us the MoonJuly 1944Val Guest
Two Thousand WomenAugust 1944Fran Launder
Love StoryOctober 1944Leslie Arliss
Madonna of the Seven MoonsDecember 1944Arthur Crabtree
Waterloo RoadJanuary 1945Sidney Gilliat
A Place of One's OwnMarch 1945Bernard Knowles
They Were SistersApril 1945Arthur Crabtree
I'll Be Your SweetheartJune 1945Val Guest
The Wicked LadyDecember 1945Leslie Arliss
CaravanApril 1946Arthur Crabtree
The Magic BowOctober 1946Bernard Knowles
The Root of All EvilFebruary 1947Brock Williams
The Man WithinApril 1947Bernard Knowles
The BrothersMay 1947David MacDonald
Dear MurdererJune 1947Arthur Crabtree
The Upturned GlassJune 1947Lawrence Huntington
Holiday CampAugust 1947Ken Annakin
JassyAugust 1947Bernard Knowles
When the Bough BreaksNovember 1947Lawrence Huntington
Easy MoneyJanuary 1948Bernard Knowles
SnowboundMarch 1948David MacDonald
MirandaApril 1948Ken Annakin
Broken JourneyApril 1948Ken Annakin
Good-Time GirlMay 1948David MacDonald
The CalendarJune 1948Arthur Crabtree
My Brother's KeeperJuly 1948Alfred Roome
The Blind GoddessSeptember 1948Harold French
QuartetOctober 1948Ken Annakin, Arthur Crabtree
Harold French, Ralph Smart
Here Come the HuggettsNovember 1948Ken Annakin
Portrait from LifeDecember 1948Terence Fisher
Vote for HuggettFebruary 1949Ken Annakin
The Bad Lord ByronMarch 1949David MacDonald
It's Not CricketApril 1949Alfred Roome
A Boy, a Girl and a BikeApril 1949Ralph Smart
The Huggetts AbroadMay 1949Ken Annakin
Marry Me!June 1949Terence Fisher
Christopher ColumbusJune 1949David MacDonald
Helter SkelterJuly 1949Ralph Thomas
Don't Ever Leave MeJuly 1949Arthur Crabtree
The Lost PeopleJuly 1949Bernard Knowles, Muriel Box
Diamond CityOctober 1949David MacDonald
Boys in BrownDecember 1949Montgomery Tully
Traveller's JoyDecember 1949Ralph Thomas


Title Release Date Director
The Astonished HeartMarch 1950Terence Fisher
So Long at the FairMay 1950Terence Fisher
TrioJuly 1950Ken Annakin, Harold French

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