List of Fitzroy Football Club leading goalkickers

The following is a list of Fitzroy Football Club leading goalkickers in each of their seasons in the Australian Football League (formerly the Victorian Football League).

SeasonLeading GoalkickerGoals
1897Chris Kiernan11
1898Chris Kiernan18
1899Bill McSpeerin18
1900Chris Kiernan21
1901Gerald Brosnan33
1902Percy Trotter22
1903Percy Trotter27
1904Percy Trotter36
1905Alf Wilkinson30
1906Percy Trotter28
1907Jim Sharp24
1908Wally Johnson27
1909Billy Dick26
1910Bob Briggs30
1911Bruce Campbell25
1912Jimmy Freake53
1913Jimmy Freake56
1914Jimmy Freake47
1915Jimmy Freake66
1916Tom Heaney27
1917Jimmy Freake37
1918Jimmy Freake29
1919Bob Merrick42
1920Bob Merrick53
1921Bob Merrick32
1922Bob Merrick47
1923Jimmy Freake45
1924Jack Moriarty82
1925Jack Moriarty63
1926Jack Moriarty48
1927Jack Moriarty83
1928Jack Moriarty68
1929Jack Moriarty58
1930Charlie Chapman46
1931Jack Moriarty53
1932Jack Moriarty81
1933Jack Moriarty70
1934Len Pye39
1935Dinny Ryan46
1936Haydn Bunton, Sr.33
1937Haydn Bunton, Sr.37
1938Fred Hughson62
1939Clen Denning37
1940Claude Curtin56
1941Claude Curtin65
1942Claude Curtin61
1943Jack Grant42
1944Allan Ruthven46
1945Allan Ruthven42
1946Claude Curtin56
1947Eddie Hart64
1948Eddie Hart61
1949Eddie Hart53
1950Eddie Hart50
1951Eddie Hart65
1952Tony Ongarello50
1953Joe Hickey40
1954Allan Ruthven31
1955Norm Johnstone32
1956Tony Ongarello33
1957Owen Abrahams31
1958Tony Ongarello53
1959Kevin Wright43
1960Kevin Wright36
1961Owen Abrahams32
1962Wally Clark21
1963Gary Lazarus35
1964Ralph Rogerson27
1965Gary Lazarus32
1966Gary Lazarus39
1967Gary Lazarus35
1968Doug Searl31
1969Doug Searl68
1970Alex Ruscuklic49
1971John Murphy47
1972Garry Wilson37
1973Garry Wilson43
1974David Wall35
1975Renato Serafini34
1976John Murphy35
1977Bob Beecroft59
1978Bob Beecroft65
1979Bob Beecroft87
1980Bob Beecroft63
1981Bernie Quinlan73
1982Bernie Quinlan53
1983Bernie Quinlan116
1984Bernie Quinlan105
1985Bernie Quinlan84
1986Richard Osborne62
1987Richard Osborne62
1988Richard Osborne60
1989Richard Osborne68
1990Paul Roos49
1991Darren Wheildon29
1992Richard Osborne58
1993Alastair Lynch68
1994Darren Wheildon26
1995Chris Johnson25
1996Anthony Mellington22


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