List of First National Pictures films

This is a list of films produced, co-produced, and/or distributed by First National Pictures.


Poster for Tarzan of the Apes (1918)
Poster for Daddy-Long-Legs (1919)
Poster for The Kid (1921)
Poster for Smilin' Through (1922)
Poster for Lorna Doone (1922)
Lobby card for Brawn of the North (1922)
Poster for The Hottentot (1922)
Lobby card for Flaming Youth (1923)
Poster for The Sea Hawk (1924)
Window card for The Lost World (1925)
Poster for The Half-Way Girl (1925)
Poster for Classified (1925)
Poster for Mademoiselle Modiste (1926)
Lobby card for Subway Sadie (1926)
Poster for Broadway Nights (1927)
Poster for Babe Comes Home (1927)
Poster for American Beauty (1927)
Poster for Her Wild Oat (1927)
Release Date Title Notes
June 23, 1917On TrialDistribution[1]
September 23, 1917The Fall of the RomanoffsDistribution[1]
December 3, 1917AlimonyDistribution[1]
December 23, 1917Daughter of DestinyDistribution[1]
February 1918The Light WithinDistribution[1]
March 1918The Sign InvisibleDistribution[1]
March 10, 1918My Four Years in GermanyDistribution[1]
April 2, 1918Tarzan of the ApesDistribution[1]
April 14, 1918A Dog's LifeDistribution[2]
April 30, 1918The Life MaskDistribution[1]
May 21, 1918Pershing's CrusadersDistribution[1]
June 1, 1918The Passing of the Third Floor BackDistribution[1]
June 23, 1918Tempered SteelDistribution[1]
July 6, 1918Empty PocketsDistribution[1]
October 1918The Panther WomanDistribution[1]
October 1, 1918The Romance of TarzanDistribution[1]
December 29, 1918Virtuous WivesDistribution[1]
January 19, 1919The Fighting RooseveltsDistribution[1]
January 19, 1919Auction of SoulsDistribution[1]
March 10, 1919A Midnight RomanceDistribution[1]
April 15, 1919Whom the Gods Would DestroyDistribution[1]
May 4, 1919Mary ReganDistribution[1]
May 11, 1919Daddy-Long-LegsDistribution[1]
May 11, 1919The Price of InnocenceDistribution[1]
June 22, 1919Bill Apperson's BoyDistribution[1]
August 24, 1919Burglar by ProxyDistribution[1]
September 1, 1919The HoodlumDistribution[1]
September 14, 1919A Temperamental WifeDistribution[1]
September 21, 1919Her Kingdom of DreamsDistribution[1]
September 29, 1919Back to God's CountryDistribution[3]
October 1919In WrongDistribution[1]
October 1919The ThunderboltDistribution[1]
November 10, 1919The Mind-the-Paint GirlDistribution[1]
November 16, 1919A Virtuous VampDistribution[1]
November 17, 1919Heart o' the HillsDistribution[1]
December 15, 1919In Old KentuckyDistribution[1]
December 28, 1919The Greatest QuestionDistribution[1]
December 1, 1919The Beauty MarketDistribution[1]
January 6, 1920A Daughter of Two WorldsDistribution[1]
January 15, 1920Even as EveDistribution[1]
January 25, 1920Two WeeksDistribution[1]
February 1920The Turning PointDistribution[1]
February 1, 1920The River's EndDistribution[1]
March 1920Polly of the Storm CountryDistribution[1]
March 1920The Inferior SexDistribution[1]
March 1, 1920The Fighting ShepherdessDistribution[1]
March 7, 1920In Search of a SinnerDistribution[1]
March 15, 1920The Family HonorDistribution[1]
March 21, 1920The Idol DancerDistribution[1]
March 29, 1920The Woman GivesDistribution[1]
April 1, 1920Passion's PlaygroundDistribution[1]
April 18, 1920Don't Ever MarryDistribution[1]
April 18, 1920The Love ExpertDistribution[1]
May 3, 1920The Yellow TyphoonDistribution[1]
June 15, 1920Married LifeDistribution
June 28, 1920Yes or No?Distribution[1]
July 1920The Perfect WomanDistribution[1]
July 18, 1920Go and Get ItDistribution[1]
August 192045 Minutes from BroadwayProduction and distribution[1]
August 1920Good ReferencesDistribution[1]
August 1920What Women LoveProduction and distribution[1]
August 1920The Woman in His HouseDistribution[1]
August 2, 1920Notorious Miss LisleDistribution[1]
August 16, 1920The Jack-Knife ManDistribution[1]
September 12, 1920The Master MindDistribution[1]
September 13, 1920Harriet and the PiperDistribution[1]
September 13, 1920The Kick in High LifeDistribution[1]
September 26, 1920A Splendid HazardDistribution[1]
October 1920CurtainDistribution[1]
October 1920In the Heart of a FoolDistribution[1]
October 4, 1920The Branded WomanDistribution[1]
October 10, 1920Peaceful ValleyDistribution[1]
October 31, 1920Twin BedsDistribution[1]
November 1920Old DadDistribution[1]
November 1, 1920Wet and WarmerDistribution[1]
November 22, 1920Love, Honor and BehaveDistribution
November 22, 1920The Devil's GardenDistribution[1]
November 28, 1920Dangerous BusinessDistribution
January 1921My Lady's LatchkeyDistribution[4]
January 1921Not GuiltyDistribution[4]
January 6, 1921The Great AdventureDistribution[4]
January 23, 1921Mama's AffairDistribution[4]
February 6, 1921The KidDistribution[4]
February 27, 1921The Old Swimmin' HoleDistribution[4]
March 1921Scrambled WivesDistribution[4]
March 23, 1921Trust Your WifeDistribution[4]
March 27, 1921Man, Woman & MarriageDistribution[4]
April 1921The Girl in the TaxiDistribution[4]
April 1, 1921Jim the PenmanDistribution[4]
April 1, 1921The Passion FlowerDistribution[4]
April 1, 1921Sowing the WindDistribution[4]
April 10, 1921The OathDistribution[4]
April 17, 1921The Sky PilotDistribution[4]
April 24, 1921Peck's Bad BoyDistribution[4]
May 1921CourageDistribution[4]
May 1921Lessons in LoveDistribution[4]
May 1921Playthings of DestinyDistribution[4]
May 1921Scrap IronDistribution[4]
May 1921The Sign on the DoorDistribution[4]
May 1, 1921Bob Hampton of PlacerDistribution[4]
May 1, 1921The Sky PilotDistribution[4]
June 1921Love's PenaltyDistribution[4]
June 1921Stranger than FictionDistribution[4]
June 17, 1921Wedding BellsDistribution[4]
June 26, 1921Salvation NellDistribution[4]
July 10, 1921The Golden SnareDistribution[4]
July 24, 1921NobodyDistribution[4]
August 1, 1921SerenadeDistribution[4]
August 1, 1921A Midnight BellDistribution[4]
August 20, 1921The Child Thou Gavest MeDistribution[4]
September 12, 1921Wife Against WifeDistribution[4]
September 26, 1921Bits of LifeDistribution[4]
October 10, 1921The Invisible FearDistribution[4]
October 17, 1921Two Minutes to GoDistribution[4]
October 17, 1921Woman's PlaceDistribution[4]
October 24, 1921Her Social ValueDistribution[4]
October 31, 1921My Lady FriendsDistribution[4]
November 7, 1921The Silent CallDistribution[4]
November 7, 1921The Wonderful ThingDistribution[4]
November 20, 1921Molly O'Distribution[4]
November 21, 1921StardustDistribution[4]
November 21, 1921Tol'able DavidDistribution[4]
November 27, 1921The Lotus EaterDistribution[4]
December 1921My BoyDistribution[4]
December 5, 1921R.S.V.P.Distribution[4]
December 12, 1921Her Mad BargainDistribution[4]
December 19, 1921Love's RedemptionDistribution[4]
December 26, 1921The Beautiful LiarDistribution[4]
December 26, 1921The Cave GirlDistribution[4]
January 1922The BarnstormerDistribution[4]
January 2, 1922The Song of LifeDistribution[4]
January 16, 1922The RosaryDistribution[4]
January 30, 1922Polly of the FolliesDistribution[4]
February 6, 1922The Seventh DayDistribution[4]
February 6, 1922Shattered IdolsDistribution[4]
February 13, 1922Red Hot RomanceDistribution[4]
February 13, 1922Smilin' ThroughDistribution[4]
February 20, 1922PenrodDistribution[4]
February 27, 1922Kindred of the DustDistribution[4]
March 1922Gas, Oil and WaterDistribution[4]
March 1922A Question of HonorDistribution[4]
March 1922The Woman's SideDistribution[4]
April 2, 1922The InfidelDistribution[4]
May 1922The Deuce of SpadesDistribution[1]
May 1922One Clear CallDistribution[1]
May 1, 1922The Woman He MarriedDistribution[4]
May 15, 1922The Primitive LoverDistribution[4]
May 22, 1922SonnyDistribution[4]
May 27, 1922Fools FirstDistribution[4]
June 1922The Half BreedDistribution[4]
June 4, 1922Domestic RelationsDistribution[4]
June 22, 1922The Crossroads of New YorkDistribution[4]
July 1922Alias Julius CaesarDistribution[4]
July 1922Hurricane's GalDistribution[4]
July 1922The MasqueraderDistribution[4]
July 1922SmudgeDistribution[1]
July 1922Rose o' the SeaDistribution[4]
August 7, 1922TroubleDistribution[4]
August 21, 1922Heroes and HusbandsDistribution[4]
September 1, 1922Skin DeepDistribution[4]
September 1, 1922The Light in the DarkDistribution[4]
September 17, 1922The Eternal FlameDistribution[4]
October 1922White ShouldersDistribution[4]
October 1, 1922Lorna DooneDistribution[4]
October 8, 1922The Bond BoyDistribution[4]
October 15, 1922East Is WestDistribution[4]
October 30, 1922Oliver TwistDistribution[4]
November 1, 1922Brawn of the NorthDistribution[4]
December 1922Omar the TentmakerDistribution[4]
December 1922The Woman ConquersDistribution[4]
December 4, 1922MinnieDistribution[4]
December 25, 1922The HottentotDistribution[4]
January 1, 1923FuryDistribution[4]
January 19, 1923Bell Boy 13Distribution[4]
January 23, 1923Money! Money! Money!Distribution[4]
January 28, 1923The Voice from the MinaretDistribution[4]
February 4, 1923What a Wife LearnedDistribution[4]
February 4, 1923The Dangerous AgeDistribution[4]
February 12, 1923Mighty Lak' a RoseDistribution[4]
February 26, 1923The PilgrimDistribution[4]
March 5, 1923Scars of JealousyDistribution[4]
March 12, 1923RefugeDistribution[4]
March 18, 1923The Isle of Lost ShipsDistribution[4]
March 26, 1923DaddyDistribution[4]
April 9, 1923Her Fatal MillionsDistribution[4]
April 16, 1923Slander the WomanDistribution[4]
April 22, 1923The Bright ShawlDistribution[4]
April 23, 1923The Sunshine TrailDistribution[4]
April 30, 1923Within the LawDistribution[4]
May 3, 1923The Girl of the Golden WestProduction and distribution[5]
May 7, 1923The Lonely RoadDistribution[4]
June 3, 1923A Man of ActionDistribution[4]
June 4, 1923Children of DustDistribution[4]
June 11, 1923Slippy McGeeDistribution[4]
June 18, 1923Penrod and SamDistribution[4]
July 1, 1923Wandering DaughtersDistribution[4]
July 15, 1923The Scarlet LilyDistribution[4]
July 22, 1923The Brass BottleDistribution[4]
July 29, 1923TrilbyDistribution[4]
July 30, 1923Circus DaysDistribution[4]
August 20, 1923The HuntressDistribution[4]
August 27, 1923DulcyDistribution[4]
September 1923The Age of DesireDistribution[4]
September 1923Her ReputationDistribution[4]
September 1, 1923The Broad RoadDistribution[4]
September 10, 1923The Fighting BladeDistribution[4]
September 16, 1923Potash and PerlmutterDistribution[4]
October 1, 1923Ashes of VengeanceDistribution[4]
October 8, 1923The Bad ManDistribution[4]
October 15, 1923ThundergateDistribution[4]
October 22, 1923The Meanest Man in the WorldDistribution[4]
October 29, 1923PonjolaDistribution[4]
November 12, 1923Flaming YouthProduction and distribution[5]
November 12, 1923Jealous HusbandsDistribution[4]
November 19, 1923The Dangerous MaidDistribution[4]
November 26, 1923The WantersDistribution[4]
November 28, 1923Anna ChristieDistribution[5]
December 17, 1923The Eternal CityDistribution[4]
December 17, 1923Twenty-OneDistribution[4]
December 23, 1923Boy of MineDistribution[5]
December 23, 1923Her Temporary HusbandDistribution[5]
December 24, 1923The Song of LoveDistribution[4]
December 29, 1923Black OxenDistribution[4]
December 30, 1923Boy of MineDistribution[4]
December 31, 1923ChastityDistribution[4]
January 1924Painted PeopleDistribution[4]
January 21, 1924Abraham LincolnDistribution[4]
February 1924The Love MasterDistribution[4]
February 3, 1924When a Man's a ManDistribution[4]
February 25, 1924TormentDistribution[4]
February 29, 1924Lilies of the FieldDistribution[4]
March 1, 1924Flowing GoldDistribution[4]
March 3, 1924Why Men Leave HomeDistribution[4]
March 10, 1924The Galloping FishDistribution[4]
March 24, 1924The Enchanted CottageProduction and distribution[4]
March 24, 1924SecretsDistribution[4]
March 30, 1924The GoldfishDistribution[4]
April 5, 1924The Marriage CheatDistribution[4]
April 13, 1924A Son of the SaharaDistribution[4]
April 20, 1924The Woman on the JuryProduction and distribution[5]
April 27, 1924Those Who DanceDistribution[4]
May 4, 1924CythereaDistribution[4]
May 11, 1924The White MothDistribution[4]
May 25, 1924The Perfect FlapperProduction and distribution[5]
June 14, 1924The Sea HawkDistribution[4]
June 15, 1924For SaleProduction and distribution[4]
June 29, 1924A Self-Made FailureDistribution[4]
July 20, 1924The Girl in the LimousineDistribution[4]
July 27, 1924Single WivesDistribution[4]
August 1924TarnishDistribution[4]
September 1, 1924In Hollywood with Potash and PerlmutterDistribution[4]
September 28, 1924In Every Woman's LifeDistribution[4]
October 1, 1924Her Night of RomanceDistribution[3]
October 5, 1924The Silent WatcherDistribution[3]
October 12, 1924Christine of the Hungry HeartDistribution[3]
October 19, 1924Madonna of the StreetsDistribution[3]
October 26, 1924The Only WomanDistribution[3]
November 2, 1924Husbands and LoversDistribution[3]
November 23, 1924ClassmatesDistribution[3]
November 30, 1924Inez from HollywoodDistribution[3]
December 7, 1924Born RichDistribution[3]
December 14, 1924Love's WildernessDistribution[3]
December 21, 1924Idle TonguesDistribution[3]
December 28, 1924So BigProduction and distribution[6]
January 4, 1925Flaming LoveDistribution[7]
January 11, 1925As Man DesiresProduction and distribution[6]
January 18, 1925A Thief in ParadiseDistribution[7]
January 25, 1925The LadyDistribution[7]
January 25, 1925Learning to LoveDistribution[7]
February 1, 1925EnticementDistribution[7]
February 2, 1925The Lost WorldProduction and distribution[6]
February 15, 1925If I Marry AgainProduction and distribution[6]
February 22, 1925Her Husband's SecretDistribution[7]
March 1, 1925New ToysDistribution[7]
March 15, 1925The Heart of a SirenDistribution[7]
March 15, 1925One Year to LiveProduction and distribution[6]
March 22, 1925DéclasséeDistribution[7]
March 22, 1925I Want My ManDistribution[7]
March 29, 1925SallyProduction and distribution[6]
April 12, 1925His Supreme MomentDistribution[7]
April 12, 1925One Way StreetProduction and distribution[6]
April 30, 1925Playing with SoulsDistribution[7]
May 3, 1925Soul-FireDistribution[7]
May 10, 1925ChickieProduction and distribution[6]
May 17, 1925The Necessary EvilProduction and distribution[6]
May 24, 1925The TalkerProduction and distribution[6]
June 7, 1925The White MonkeyDistribution[7]
June 16, 1925Just a WomanProduction and distribution[6]
June 21, 1925The Desert FlowerDistribution[7]
June 21, 1925The Making of O'MalleyProduction and distribution[6]
July 12, 1925The Lady Who LiedProduction and distribution[6]
July 19, 1925The Marriage WhirlDistribution[7]
July 26, 1925The Scarlet WestDistribution[7]
August 2, 1925Her Sister from ParisDistribution[7]
August 9, 1925Fine ClothesDistribution[7]
August 16, 1925The Half-Way GirlProduction and distribution[6]
August 16, 1925Winds of ChanceProduction and distribution[6]
August 23, 1925The KnockoutDistribution[7]
August 30, 1925GraustarkDistribution[7]
September 1925SandraDistribution[7]
September 6, 1925Shore LeaveDistribution[7]
September 13, 1925What Fools MenProduction and distribution[6]
September 20, 1925The Live WireDistribution[7]
September 27, 1925The Dark AngelDistribution[7]
October 4, 1925The Pace That ThrillsProduction and distribution[6]
October 5, 1925The Silent WatcherProduction and distribution[6]
October 11, 1925ClassifiedDistribution[7]
October 18, 1925The Pace That ThrillsProduction and distribution[6]
October 18, 1925Why Women LoveDistribution[7]
October 25, 1925The Beautiful CityDistribution[7]
November 1, 1925The New CommandmentDistribution[7]
November 8, 1925Scarlet SaintProduction and distribution[6]
November 15, 1925We ModernsDistribution[7]
November 22, 1925The Unguarded HourProduction and distribution[6]
November 25, 1925Clothes Make the PirateDistribution[7]
December 6, 1925The Splendid RoadDistribution[7]
December 13, 1925JoannaDistribution[7]
December 27, 1925InfatuationDistribution[7]
January 3, 1926Too Much MoneyProduction and distribution[6]
January 10, 1926Just SupposeDistribution[7]
January 13, 1926Bluebeard's Seven WivesProduction and distribution[6]
January 24, 1926The Reckless LadyDistribution[6]
January 31, 1926The Girl from MontmartreDistribution[7]
February 1, 1926Memory LaneDistribution[6]
February 7, 1926Rainbow RileyDistribution[6]
February 14, 1926The Far CryProduction and distribution[6]
February 21, 1926IreneProduction and distribution[7]
February 28, 1926The Dancer of ParisProduction and distribution[6]
March 14, 1926High SteppersDistribution[7]
March 21, 1926Mademoiselle ModisteDistribution[6]
March 21, 1926Tramp, Tramp, TrampDistribution[6]
March 28, 1926Her Second ChanceProduction[6]
April 4, 1926KikiDistribution[7]
April 11, 1926Old Loves and NewDistribution[7]
May 2, 1926The Greater GloryProduction and distribution[6]
May 16, 1926The Wilderness WomanDistribution[7]
May 23, 1926The Wise GuyDistribution[7]
May 30, 1926Ranson's FollyDistribution[7]
June 6, 1926Ella CindersDistribution[7]
June 13, 1926Sweet DaddiesProduction and distribution[6]
June 17, 1926The Sporting LoverDistribution[7]
June 20, 1926PuppetsDistribution[7]
June 27, 1926Miss NobodyProduction and distribution[6]
July 4, 1926The Brown DerbyDistribution[7]
July 11, 1926Men of SteelProduction and distribution[6]
July 11, 1926The SavageProduction and distribution[6]
July 25, 1926The Great DeceptionDistribution[7]
July 26, 1926MismatesProduction and distribution[6]
August 1, 1926Señor DaredevilDistribution[7]
August 8, 1926Into Her KingdomDistribution[7]
August 8, 1926Pals FirstDistribution[7]
August 15, 1926The Amateur GentlemanDistribution[7]
August 22, 1926It Must Be LoveDistribution[7]
September 4, 1926Don Juan's Three NightsDistribution[7]
September 5, 1926The Duchess of BuffaloDistribution[7]
September 5, 1926The Strong ManDistribution[7]
September 12, 1926Subway SadieDistribution[7]
September 26, 1926ParadiseDistribution[7]
October 17, 1926The Prince of TemptersDistribution[7]
October 17, 1926Forever AfterProduction and distribution[8]
October 25, 1926Midnight LoversDistribution[7]
October 31, 1926Syncopating SueDistribution[7]
November 14, 1926Stepping AlongDistribution[7]
November 14, 1926The Unknown CavalierDistribution[7]
November 15, 1926Ladies at PlayProduction and distribution[6]
November 20, 1926The Blonde SaintDistribution[7]
November 21, 1926The Silent LoverProduction and distribution[7]
November 28, 1926TwinkletoesDistribution[7]
December 12, 1926Just Another BlondeDistribution[7]
December 12, 1926The White Black SheepDistribution[7]
January 1, 1927The Lady in ErmineDistribution[7]
January 2, 1927The Lunatic at LargeProduction and distribution[7]
January 16, 1927The Masked WomanProduction and distribution[6]
January 23, 1927The Perfect SapDistribution[7]
January 31, 1927The Overland StageDistribution[7]
February 6, 1927McFadden's FlatsProduction and distribution[6]
February 13, 1927An Affair of the FolliesDistribution[7]
February 20, 1927Easy PickingsProduction and distribution[6]
February 27, 1927The Sea TigerProduction and distribution[6]
March 5, 1927Three HoursDistribution[7]
March 6, 1927Orchids and ErmineDistribution[7]
March 13, 1927High HatDistribution[7]
March 20, 1927Venus of VeniceProduction and distribution[6]
March 26, 1927Long PantsDistribution[7]
March 27, 1927The Notorious LadyDistribution[7]
April 3, 1927Somewhere in SonoraDistribution[7]
April 17, 1927See You in JailDistribution[7]
April 21, 1927CamilleDistribution[7]
April 24, 1927ConvoyDistribution[7]
May 1, 1927All AboardDistribution[7]
May 1, 1927The Tender HourDistribution[7]
May 15, 1927Broadway NightsDistribution[7]
May 22, 1927Babe Comes HomeProduction and distribution[6]
May 29, 1927Lost at the FrontDistribution[7]
June 5, 1927The Land Beyond the LawDistribution[7]
June 5, 1927The Sunset DerbyProduction and distribution[6]
June 12, 1927Dance MagicDistribution[7]
June 19, 1927FramedProduction and distribution[6]
June 26, 1927Naughty but NiceDistribution[7]
July 3, 1927Lonesome LadiesProduction and distribution[6]
July 9, 1927The Prince of HeadwaitersDistribution[7]
July 10, 1927The Devil's SaddleDistribution[7]
July 24, 1927White Pants WillieDistribution[7]
July 31, 1927For the Love of MikeDistribution[7]
August 7, 1927The Poor NutDistribution[7]
August 14, 1927The Stolen BrideProduction and distribution[6]
August 21, 1927Hard-Boiled HaggertyProduction and distribution[6]
August 28, 1927Three's a CrowdDistribution[7]
September 1, 1927The Patent Leather KidProduction and distribution[6]
September 3, 1927The Life of RileyProduction and distribution[6]
September 11, 1927Smile, Brother, SmileDistribution[7]
September 25, 1927The Drop KickProduction and distribution[6]
September 25, 1927Rose of the Golden WestProduction and distribution[6]
September 27, 1927The Red RaidersDistribution[7]
October 9, 1927American BeautyProduction and distribution[6]
October 16, 1927The Crystal CupDistribution[7]
October 23, 1927Breakfast at SunriseDistribution[7]
October 30, 1927No Place to GoDistribution[7]
November 6, 1927Gun GospelDistribution[7]
November 13, 1927The GorillaProduction and distribution[6]
November 20, 1927Home MadeDistribution[7]
November 27, 1927Man CrazyDistribution[7]
December 4, 1927A Texas SteerProduction and distribution[6]
December 4, 1927The Valley of the GiantsProduction and distribution[6]
December 9, 1927The Private Life of Helen of TroyProduction and distribution[6]
December 10, 1927French DressingProduction and distribution[6]
December 18, 1927The Love MartProduction and distribution[6]
December 25, 1927Her Wild OatProduction and distribution[6]
January 1, 1928The Shepherd of the Hills
January 22, 1928Sailors' WivesProduction and distribution[6]
January 29, 1928The NooseProduction and distribution[6]
February 5, 1928The Whip WomanProduction and distribution[6]
February 19, 1928The Wagon ShowProduction and distribution[6]
February 26, 1928Flying RomeosProduction and distribution[6]
March 4, 1928Mad HourProduction and distribution[6]
March 11, 1928Burning DaylightProduction and distribution[6]
March 18, 1928The Heart of a Follies GirlProduction and distribution[6]
March 25, 1928The Big NoiseProduction and distribution[6]
April 8, 1928The Little Shepherd of Kingdom ComeProduction and distribution[6]
April 15, 1928Chinatown CharlieProduction and distribution[6]
April 22, 1928The Canyon of AdventureDistribution[7]
April 29, 1928Harold TeenProduction and distribution[6]
May 6, 1928Lady Be GoodProduction and distribution[6]
May 13, 1928Vamping VenusProduction and distribution[6]
May 20, 1928The Yellow LilyProduction and distribution[6]
May 27, 1928The Hawk's NestProduction and distribution[6]
June 3, 1928The Upland RiderProduction and distribution[6]
June 10, 1928Three-Ring MarriageProduction and distribution[6]
June 17, 1928Wheel of ChanceProduction and distribution[6]
June 24, 1928Happiness AheadProduction and distribution[6]
July 8, 1928The Good-Bye KissDistribution[6]
July 8, 1928The Head ManProduction and distribution[6]
July 22, 1928Heart to HeartProduction and distribution[6]
August 19, 1928Out of the RuinsProduction and distribution[6]
August 26, 1928Oh, Kay!Production and distribution[6]
September 9, 1928The Night WatchProduction and distribution[6]
September 16, 1928WaterfrontProduction and distribution[6]
September 16, 1928The WhipProduction and distribution[6]
September 23, 1928Show GirlProduction and distribution[6]
October 7, 1928The CrashProduction and distribution[6]
October 14, 1928Do Your DutyProduction and distribution[6]
October 18, 1928Lilac TimeProduction and distribution[6]
October 21, 1928The Companionate MarriageDistribution[7]
October 28, 1928The Glorious Trail
November 4, 1928The Haunted HouseProduction and distribution[6]
November 11, 1928OutcastProduction and distribution[7]
December 2, 1928AdorationProduction and distribution[6]
December 5, 1928The BarkerProduction and distribution[6]
December 16, 1928Naughty BabyProduction and distribution[6]
December 23, 1928The Phantom CityProduction and distribution[6]
December 29, 1928Scarlet SeasProduction and distribution[6]
January 6, 1929Synthetic SinProduction and distribution[7]
February 10, 1929Weary RiverProduction and distribution[6]
February 17, 1929The Lawless LegionProduction and distribution[6]
February 17, 1929The Royal RiderProduction and distribution[6]
February 17, 1929Seven Footprints to SatanProduction and distribution[6]
March 3, 1929Children of the RitzProduction and distribution[6]
March 12, 1929Why Be Good?Production and distribution[6]
March 24, 1929Love and the DevilProduction and distribution[6]
March 31, 1929The Divine LadyProduction and distribution[7]
April 2, 1929His Captive WomanProduction and distribution[6]
April 7, 1929The California MailProduction and distribution[6]
April 28, 1929The House of HorrorProduction and distribution[6]
May 5, 1929Hot StuffProduction and distribution[6]
May 8, 1929The SquallProduction and distribution[6]
May 12, 1929Two Weeks OffProduction and distribution[6]
June 2, 1929CareersProduction and distribution[6]
June 21, 1929Broadway BabiesProduction and distribution[6]
June 23, 1929The Girl in the Glass CageProduction and distribution[6]
July 7, 1929The Man and the MomentProduction and distribution[6]
July 20, 1929DragProduction and distribution[6]
July 28, 1929Smiling Irish EyesProduction and distribution[6]
August 4, 1929Hard to GetProduction and distribution[6]
August 11, 1928Dark StreetsProduction and distribution[6]
August 25, 1929Her Private LifeProduction and distribution[6]
August 31, 1929The Girl from Woolworth'sProduction and distribution[6]
September 15, 1929The Great DivideProduction and distribution[6]
October 1, 1929Young NowheresProduction and distribution[6]
October 25, 1929The Isle of Lost ShipsProduction and distribution[6]
November 4, 1929ParisProduction and distribution[7]

Films as a Warner Bros. subsidiary

As a subsidiary of Warner Bros., First National Pictures, Inc., continued to be a copyright claimant and trademark on motion pictures until 1936. Notable examples of First National Pictures titles are listed below.[6][7]










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