List of English statutes

11th century

  • Laws of William the Conqueror 1070–1087[1]
    • One God to be revered throughout the whole realm; peace and security to be preserved between English and Normans
    • Oath of loyalty
    • Protection of the King's Peace
    • Frenchmen to pay "scot and lot"
    • Live cattle to be sold in cities
    • Defence of French allegations of offences
    • Hold the law of King Edward
    • Freeman's pledge and surety
    • Prohibition on the sale of any man by another outside the country
    • Forbidding killings and hangings
  • Writ concerning spiritual and temporal courts c. 1072
  • Writ concerning conduct of sheriffs c. 1077
  • Coronation Charter 1100 [2]
    • Freedom of the Church of God
    • Redemption of lands by just and lawful "relief"
    • Marriage
    • Dower
    • Common mintage
    • Pardon of Debts and Fees owing to the King's brother
    • Bequeathments of barons' properties
    • Forfeiture by barons or the King's men
    • Remission of all murder-fines incurred before the crowning of the King
    • Retention of forests
    • Relieving Knight's burden on their land
    • Peace to be kept in all the kingdom
    • Restoration of the law of King Edward
    • Return of lands belonging to the King

12th century

  • Charter concerning the holding of courts of shire and hundred 1108–1111
  • Charter on confirmation of laws c. 1135
  • Charter on liberties of church 1136
  • Charter describing the Treaty of Winchester 1153
  • Charter on confirmation of liberties 1154
  • Constitutions of Clarendon 1164 [3]
  • Writ of Henry II addressed to the bishops of England 1164
  • Assize of Clarendon 1166
  • Charter of Henry II granting Meath to Hugh of Lassy 1172
  • Assize of Northampton 1176
  • Assize of Arms 1181
  • Assize of the Forest 1184[4]
  • Ordinance of the Saladin Tithe 1188[5]

13th century


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