List of DSB locomotives and multiple units

This is a list of locomotives and multiple unit classes of the DSB, the primary train operator in Denmark. Steam locomotive classes were usually designated by a single capital letter, whereas diesel locomotives and DMUs are named with two (occasionally, three) letters, the first being an M for "motor"; electric locomotives and EMUs are given two-letter combinations, the first being an E. The classes are referred to as "litra" (from Latin littera, "letter") in Danish, e.g. "litra MY" for the class MY locomotives. In addition to this class designation, each locomotive or multiple unit within a class has its own number.

The list is sorted chronologically by date of first delivery of a locomotive or multiple unit of the particular class. For classes no longer in regular service at DSB, the year of last retirement is listed. Some classes have been sold to Railion after DSB Gods was merged with it in 2001; in that case, year of retirement is put in parentheses. For each class, the wheel arrangement is given in UIC notation.

Steam locomotives

Name (litra) Built Retired Wheel arr. Notes
A 129-159188219562'B
B 21-26, 45-49(1893)19321'B
G 77...65118841968CDelivered in three series (#77-81, #101-106 and #160-173 + #601-651, respectively)
K 501-600189419742'B
F 423...70018981976C
D 801-900190219741'C
C 701-719190319692'B
P 901-933190719622'B1'
R 934-963191219722'CDelivered in two series (#934-953 and #954-963, respectively)
H 783-800192319761'DDelivered in two series (#789-800 and #783-788, respectively)
S 721-740192419761'C2'
Q 337-35119301976D
E 964-999(1937)19762'C1'Former Swedish class F
PR 901...930194319642'C1'Rebuilt from class P locomotives
T 297-299(1948)19672'CFormer German class P 8 (BR 38)
N 201-210(1952)19701'EFormer German BR 50/BR 52

Diesel locomotives

Name (litra) Built Retired Wheel arr. Notes
MT 101-10619271943A1-1A
MV 115-116192919551AA2
MW 117-11819291938A1-2A
MX 131-132193219582-D-2
MY 1101-115919542001A1A-A1A6 locomotives with weaker prime mover renamed MV in 1968, some later renamed back to MY
MH 201-20319571993?C
MY 1201-120219571969A1A-A1ADanish-built locomotives designed to compete with the Swedish-American built "MY class" locomotive
MT 151-16719582000Bo-Bo
MH 301-42019602002C
MX 1001-104519601993A1A-A1A
MZ 1401-14611967(2001)Co-Co
ME 1501-15371981-Co-Co
MJ 506, 51019931994BoReturned to manufacturer as DSB was not satisfied with the locomotives
MK 601-6251996(2001)BDSB still owns one MK (625), which is used for shunting at Belvedere.

Electric locomotives

Name (litra) Numbers Built Retired Wheel arr. Notes
EA3001-30221984-1986, 1992-Bo-BoDSB has 5 locomotives left, used for regional trains on Sjælland
EG3101-31121999-2000-Co-CoAll locomotives owned by DBCSC


Name (litra) Numbers Built Retired Wheel arr. Notes
MA601-60319251942-19531ARenamed from M 1-3 in 1928; renumbered 48-50 in 1934; renumbered 601-603 in 1941
MC611-61219261943-19471A1Renumbered from 21-22 in 1941
ME621-6271927-19281932-19561ARenamed from M 31-47 in 1928; renumbered 621-627 in 1941
MF631-6471928-19291938-19561ARenumbered from 51-68 in 1941; 5 rebuilt to MC 651-655 in 1950
MR531-534192819562-AARenumbered from 201, 203, 204 and 206 in 1941
ML501-51519301934-19582-AARenumbered from 84-99 in 1941
MQ521-52419321957-19603-A1ARenumbered from 207-210 in 1941
MP540-54919341962-19663-A1ARenumbered from 251-260 in 1941
1966-19842-B or 3-B
MSMS 401-406
AA 431-433
MBMB 407-416
AB 434-438
FJ 446-450
MK-FKMK 675, 677, 679, 681, 683
FK 676, 678, 680, 682, 684
MBF481-483, 484(1949)(1958)1A-A1
MA (Sølvpilen)MA 460-470
AM 500-509
BM 520-525
BR 530-535
BMK 530-535
BS 480-489
1963-19661995MA 460-AM 500-BMK 530-BS 480 has been preserved at the Danish Railway Museum.
MRMR 4001-4062
MR 4063-4299
MRD 4201-4299
MLML 4901-4907
FL 7901-7905
MF (IC3)MFA 5001-5096
FF 5401-5496
MFB 5201-5296
1989-1998-Sets 01-92 built for DSB, 93-96 are bought from Blekinge Länstrafik, and were built in 1991.
MQ (Desiro)MQ 4111-4130
MQ 4911-4930
2002, 2010-
MG (IC4)MG 5601-5683
FH 6601-6683
FG 6801-6883
MG 5801-5883
2003-2013-Set 09 is owned by Gadaffi and was never delivered to DSB
MP (IC2)MP 5701-5723
FP 6701-6723
2004-2013(2016)The trains were delivered late, and a few has been sold to Romania.


Name (litra) Numbers Built Retired Wheel arr. Notes
ER (IR4)ER 2001-2044
FR 2201-2244
FR 2301-2344
ER 2101-2144
ET (Øresundståg)ET 4301-4411
FT 4701-4811
ET 4501-4611
2000-2012-111 total
34 trainsets are owned by DSB
77 are owned by various Swedish operators


Name (litra) Numbers Built Retired Wheel arr. Notes
First generation
First delivery
MM 701-742
FM 861-881
First generation
Second delivery
MM 743-762
FM 882-892
FS 901-922
FS 992-999
First generation
Third delivery
MM 763-778
FS 976-991
First generation
Fourth delivery
MM 779-802
FS 976-991
First generation
Fifth delivery
MM 803-819
FS 935-951
Second generation
First delivery
MM 7501-7507
FS 7001-7007
Second generation
Second delivery
MM 7601-7806
FS 7101-7306
Second generation
Third delivery
FU 8001-8065
MU 8501-8565
Third generation
First delivery
MC 6501-6508
FC 6001-6008
Third generation
Second delivery
MC 6509-6524
FC 6009-6024
Fourth generation
8-car train
SA 8101-8205
SB 8301-8405
SC 8601-8705
SD 8801-8905
SD 9801-9905
SC 9601-9705
SB 9301-9405
SA 9101-9205
1995-2005-SA 8132 has had a new DSB livery applied in 2018.
Fourth generation
4-car train
SE 4101-4131
SF 4301-4331
SG 5401-4531
SH 4701-4731


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