List of Copenhagen S-train stations

There are 84 stations in the Copenhagen S-train, an urban rail network which serves the Copenhagen metropolitan area in Denmark. Forty-six are elevated, twenty-one are street level, fifteen are below street, 4 has different grades, one is underground. Of the 84 stations, are 32 located inside the four one-figured ticket fare zones [1], and another 35 stations are located within the Copenhagen Urban area. Whilst just 17 stations can be said to be located in suburbs.[2]

Five suburban radials routes - A, B, Bx, C, E, H - become a cross city route at Valby and Dybbølsbro, going through the Boulevard Line, branching out after Svanemøllen and Hellerup with the exception of, with the F line running semicircularly around the central part of Copenhagen, linking Hellerup with Ny Ellebjerg. It is possible to make an approximately 20 km circular (or oval rather) lap inside the city centre and its innerboroughs, by changing line at Ryparken (or at Hellerup), in the north, and a second change at Ny Ellebjerg in the south. One such lap includes stops at 20 stations.

Three new stations are planned to be built, Favrholm, Køge Nord and Vinge. Enghave station is already closed to make room for Carlsberg Station, which is situated 200 meters from Enghave.

In the weekend, lines Bx, E and H do not operate during weekends and nights. Stations called by line E only are instead served by line A. Klampenborg, Ordrup and Charlottenlund are served by line F instead of line C on nights.


The following list names the stations. The first lists the already opened stations, while the second lists those that are planned to open in the future. The first table states the station's name, which lines serve it, whether it is elevated or underground (the grade), fastest weekday morning travel time in minutes to Nørreport, the ticket zone and any transfer possibilities available at the station. The second table lists future stations, which lines are scheduled serve it and available transfers. All stations are to be built above surface level.

Terminal station
# Transfer station

Current stations

Station Line Grade Opened Time Zone Transfer
Albertslund Elevated19632143/54
Allerød Street level19683271/82
Avedøre Elevated19721933
Bagsværd Elevated1977231
Ballerup Street level1949311, 3
Bernstorffsvej Elevated19361230
Birkerød Street level19682771
Bispebjerg Below street level1996172
Brøndby Strand Elevated19722144
Brøndbyøster Elevated1953181, 2
Buddinge Elevated1977191Ring 3 light rail (2024)
Carlsberg Below street level2016?3
Charlottenlund Street level1934134
Danshøj# Elevated, street level2005131
Dybbølsbro Below street level193461
Dyssegård Elevated1977142
Egedal Elevated2002404
Emdrup Below street level1977121
Farum Street level1977333
Flintholm# Elevated, street level2004153Copenhagen Metro
Frederikssund Street level1989482
Friheden Elevated19721533
Fuglebakken Elevated1936203
Grøndal Below street level1936183
Gentofte Street level19361430/31/40/41
Glostrup Street level1953183Ring 3 light rail (2024)
Greve Elevated19792767
Hareskov Street level1977273
Hellerup Street level193492/30Regional
Herlev Elevated1949223Ring 3 light rail (2024)
Hillerød Street level1968379Lokaltog
Holte Street level19362251/61
Hundige Below street level19762455/67
Husum Below street level1977203
Hvidovre Elevated1953153
Høje Taastrup Below street level1986303Regional, InterCity, InterCityExpress
Ishøj Elevated19762155Ring 3 light rail (2024)
Islev Elevated1949203
Jersie Elevated19833589/99
Jyllingevej Street level1949193
Jægersborg# Elevated19361441Lokaltog
Karlslunde Elevated19792967/77
KB Hallen Below street level2005203
Kildebakke Street level1977173
Kildedal Elevated2000363
Klampenborg Street level1977173Regional
København H Underground/Below street level193431Regional, InterCity, InterCityLyn, InterCityExpress, Copenhagen Metro (2019)
Køge Street level19774120Lokaltog, Regional
Køge Nord Elevated2019??High Speed trains
Langgade Elevated1941123
Lyngby Street level19361741/31Ring 3 light rail (2024)
Malmparken Elevated1989253
Måløv Elevated1989303
Nordhavn Elevated1934111Copenhagen Metro (2019)
Ny Ellebjerg Elevated200752Copenhagen Metro (2023), Regional
Nørrebro Elevated1934182Copenhagen Metro (2019)
Nørreport# Underground193401Copenhagen Metro, Regional
Ordrup Street level1924153
Peter Bangs Vej Elevated1941143
Ryparken# Elevated194193
Rødovre Elevated, Street level1964163
Skovbrynet Elevated1977253
Skovlunde Elevated1949273
Sjælør Street level1972102
Solrød Strand Elevated19793389
Sorgenfri Below street level19362151
Stengården Elevated1977213
Stenløse Elevated1989383
Svanemøllen# Below street level193472
Sydhavn Elevated197281/2Copenhagen Metro (2023)
Taastrup Elevated1963243
Valby Below street level, street level1934113Regional
Vallensbæk Elevated19722444/55Ring 3 light rail (2024)
Vangede Below street level1977153
Vanløse Street level, elevated1941163Copenhagen Metro
Veksø Elevated1989343
Vesterport Below street level193421
Vigerslev Allé Elevated2005173
Virum Elevated19362451
Værløse Elevated1977303
Ølby Elevated19833999/20Regional
Ølstykke Street level1989423
Østerport Below street level193421Copenhagen Metro 2019, Regional
Ålholm Below street level2005203
Åmarken Elevated1972153

Enghave station was closed, as the 100–200 m away, much more modern Carlsberg station opened instead, this was done during 2016. Høvelte station is a military station, with very few stops.

Future stations

Future station Line Grade Opened Time Zone Transfer
Favrholm[3] Street levelTBA00Lokaltog
Vinge[4] Street levelTBA00


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