List of Chesterfield Pictures films

This is a list of films released by the American studio Chesterfield Pictures between its founding in 1925 and 1937 when it was absorbed into the larger Republic Pictures. The studio was a Poverty Row producer, distributing mainly low-budget second features. In 1932 it merged with another company Invincible Pictures, and distributed films put out under that name. In total Chesterfield handled more than a hundred films during its twelve year existence.[1]


Title Release Date Director
A Jungle Heroine April 1925Bertram Bracken
The Were-Tiger May 1925Paul Hurst
The Last ManJune 1925Bertram Bracken
The Lion's Mate July 1925
A Jungle Tragedy August 1925
Beasts of the Veldt September 1925
Sagebrush Lady October 1, 1925Horace B. Carpenter
Flashing Steeds November 1, 1925
The Girl of the WestDecember 1, 1925Alan James
Fangs of Fate December 9, 1925Horace B. Carpenter
The Last Chance1926
Lucky Spurs 1926
A String of Diamonds March 1, 1926Frank S. Mattison
The Love Fighter May 1, 1926Lou Carter
Western Trails May 15, 1926Horace B. Carpenter
The WolfJune 1, 1926Lou Carter
Beyond All Odds June 15, 1926Alan James
Detective K-9July 1, 1926William Bertram
Code of the Northwest July 25, 1926Frank S. Mattison
Dumb Romeo August 1, 1926Frank S. Mattison
Thundering Speed August 15, 1926Alan James
Fangs of Vengeance September 1, 1926William Bertram
Beyond the Trail September 1926Albert Herman
The Silent Trailer October 1, 1926Francis Ford
Dog Scents November 1, 1926Francis Ford
Lure of the West November 1926Alan James
Dog of Dogs December 1, 1926Ernest Van Pelt
The Call of the Wilderness December 5, 1926Jack Nelson
Doc's Dog January 1, 1927Ernest Van Pelt
Almost HumanMarch 1, 1927Robin Williamson
The Thief Trapper April 1, 1927
The Sky Rider June 5, 1927Alan James
Avenging Fangs June 15, 1928Ernest Van Pelt
The Adorable Cheat August 15, 1928Burton L. King
The House of Shame October 1, 1928Burton L. King
South of Panama November 15, 1928Charles J. Hunt
Below the DeadlineJanuary 1, 1929J.P. McGowan
Just Off BroadwayMay 1, 1929Frank O'Connor
The Peacock Fan March 17, 1929Phil Rosen
Campus Knights March 1929Albert H. Kelley
Circumstantial EvidenceApril 1, 1929Wilfred Noy
Silent Sentinel May 15, 1929Alan James
The House of SecretsMay 26, 1929Edmund Lawrence
Love at First SightDecember 15, 1929Edgar Lewis


Title Release Date Director Notes
Ladies in LoveMay 15, 1930Edgar Lewis
The Jazz CinderellaSeptember 1, 1930Scott Pembroke
The Midnight SpecialDecember 7, 1930 Duke Worne
The Lawless Woman May 5, 1931Richard Thorpe
The Lady from Nowhere August 1, 1931Richard Thorpe
Grief Street October 1, 1931Richard Thorpe
The Devil PlaysDecember 15, 1931Richard Thorpe
Second ChancesMarch 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
Dangerous GroundApril 1, 1932Richard Thorpe
The Midnight Lady May 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
Forbidden Company June 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
Beauty Parlor June 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
Thrill of Youth August 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
The King Murder September 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
Slightly Married October 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
Women Won't Tell November 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
The Secrets of Wu SinDecember 15, 1932Richard Thorpe
ForgottenFebruary 15, 1933Richard Thorpe
Love Is DangerousMarch 15, 1933Richard Thorpe
I Have Lived June 15, 1933Richard Thorpe
Strange People June 17, 1933Richard Thorpe
By Appointment OnlyJuly 7, 1933Frank R. Strayer
Notorious But Nice August 5, 1933Richard Thorpe
Dance Girl DanceSeptember 1, 1933Frank R. Strayer
A Man of Sentiment September 15, 1933Richard Thorpe
On the Stroke of Nine October 30, 1933Richard Thorpe
In the MoneyNovember 7, 1933Frank R. Strayer
Twin HusbandsNovember 30, 1933Frank R. Strayer
Rainbow Over Broadway December 1, 1933Richard Thorpe
Cross Streets January 22, 1934Frank R. Strayer
The QuitterFebruary 5, 1934Richard Thorpe
Stolen SweetsMarch 15, 1934Richard Thorpe
City ParkMay 1, 1934Richard Thorpe
In Love with Life May 12, 1934Frank R. Strayer
Green EyesJune 15, 1934Richard Thorpe
Fifteen Wives July 15, 1934Frank R. Strayer
Fugitive Road August 22, 1934Frank R. Strayer
The Curtain FallsOctober 2, 1934Charles Lamont
Port of Lost Dreams October 15, 1934Frank R. Strayer
The World Accuses November 12, 1934Charles Lamont
The Ghost Walks December 1, 1934Frank R. Strayer
Sons of SteelDecember 15, 1934Charles Lamont
Symphony of Living January 20, 1935Frank R. Strayer
A Shot in the DarkFebruary 1, 1935Charles Lamont
Public OpinionMarch 15, 1935Frank R. Strayer
One in a MillionMarch 21, 1935Frank R. Strayer
Circumstantial EvidenceMarch 30, 1935Charles Lamont
The Girl Who Came BackJune 21, 1935Charles Lamont
Society Fever June 23, 1935Frank R. Strayer
Death from a DistanceJuly 3, 1935Frank R. Strayer
Happiness C.O.D. September 10, 1935Charles Lamont
Condemned to Live September 15, 1935Frank R. Strayer
The Lady in Scarlet October 20, 1935Charles Lamont
False PretensesOctober 22, 1935Charles Lamont
TangoFebruary 14, 1936Phil Rosen
The Bridge of SighsFebruary 15, 1936Phil Rosen
Ring Around the MoonFebruary 15, 1936Charles Lamont
The Dark HourFebruary 18, 1936Charles Lamont
August Weekend February 18, 1936Charles Lamont
Murder at Glen Athol February 28, 1936Frank R. Strayer
The Little Red Schoolhouse March 2, 1936Charles Lamont
Footlights and Shadows March 12, 1936Frank R. Strayer
Brilliant Marriage March 25, 1936Phil Rosen
Three of a KindMay 20, 1936Phil Rosen
Below the Deadline June 8, 1936Charles Lamont
Easy MoneyJune 14, 1936Phil Rosen
It Couldn't Have Happened (But It Did)August 1, 1936Phil Rosen
Missing Girls September 10, 1936Phil Rosen
Lady LuckSeptember 14, 1936Charles Lamont
House of SecretsOctober 28, 1936Roland D. Reed
Ellis IslandNovember 5, 1936Phil Rosen
Red Lights Ahead November 29, 1936Roland D. Reed


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