List of Casey, Crime Photographer stories in Black Mask

The Casey franchise was started in 1934 by George Harmon Coxe in Black Mask (magazine). A total of 22 stories were published in the magazine,[1] plus two serialized novels. Note the company these stories keep within the pages of Black Mask such as Raymond Chandler & E. Stanley Gardner. This magazine was an important part of the pulp magazine genre.

Casey, Crime Photographer shorts, published in Black Mask (magazine)
Title Volume-Issue, Month Year
Blood on the Lens25-09, Jan 1943
Buried Evidence
w/Tom Wade
18-05, July 1935
Casey Detective17-12, Feb 1935
Earned Reward18-01, Mar 1935
Fall Guy19-04, June 1936
Hot Delivery17-05, July 1934
Mr. Casey Flashgun's Murder18-08, Oct 1935
Mixed Drinks17-06, Aug 1934
Murder in the Red25-02, June 1942
Murder Mixup19-03, May 1936
Murder Picture17-11, Jan 1935
Once Around the Click24-01, May 1941
Pinch-Hitters17-07, Sep 1934
Portrait of Murder18-12, Feb 1936
Push-Over17-04, June 1934
Return Engagement17-01, Mar 1934
Special Assignment17-02, April 1934
Thirty Two Tickets to Win18-04, June 1935
Too Many Women19-04, Sep 1936
Two Man Job17-03, May 1934
Women are Trouble18-02, April 1935
Casey and the Blonde WrenAugust 1940

for more in depth information about the magazine see Black Mask (magazine)

In addition to these stories, the two earliest novels were serialized over three issues each.


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