List of Carolingian monasteries

This is a partial list of monasteries of the Carolingian Empire, in Western Europe around the year 800.

Abbey Foundation date (traditional) Founder (traditional) Location (present-day)
Altaripa Abbey
Altmünster Abbey
Altomünster Abbey 750 Alto
Amorbach Abbey 734 Amor, disciple of Pirmin
Andernach Abbey
Annegray Abbey c.585-590 Columbanus La Voivre, Haute-Saône
Argenteuil Abbey 656 / first mentioned 697
Barisis au Bois Abbey
Benedictbeuren Abbey c.740, 969/1031 (2nd creation, by Wolfold/Ellinger) Lantfrit, Waltram & Elilant of most noble Huosi family
Blois Abbey
Bobbio Abbey 614 Columbanus Bobbio
Chelles Abbey c.658 Balthild
Chiemsee Abbey
Corbie Abbey c.660 Balthild
Dol Abbey 6th century Samson of Dol
Echternach Abbey end of 7th century Willibrord
Faremoutiers Abbey c.620 Burgundofara
Fécamp Abbey 658 Waningus Fécamp
Ferrières Abbey 630 Columbanus
Flavigny Abbey 717 Widerad
Fleury Abbey c.640 Leodebaldus
Fritzlar Abbey (Frideslar) 724 Boniface
Gorze Abbey 749 Chrodegang of Metz
Fulda Abbey 744 Sturm
Hautvillers Abbey
Hersfeld Abbey 736, again 769 Sturm
Holzkirchen Abbey
Honau Abbey
Hornbach Abbey
Jumièges Abbey 654 Philibert
Kaiserswerth Abbey
Kempten Abbey
Kitzingen Abbey
Kochel Abbey
Landévennec Abbey c.485[1] Winwaloe (Guénolé)
Lérins Abbey 410 Honoratus
Lobbes Abbey 650 Landelin
Loches Abbey
Lorch Abbey
Lorsch Abbey 764 Cancor
Luxeuil Abbey c.585 Columbanus
Mazerolles Abbey
Mettlach Abbey
Mondsee Abbey 748 Odilo of Bavaria
Mont-St-Michel Abbey 708 Aubert
Montier-en-Der Abbey Ca 670 Berchar(ius)
Murbach Abbey 727 Pirmin
Nantua Abbey c.660 Amandus[2]
Neustadt am Main Abbey late 760s Megingoz
Niederaltaich Abbey 731 or 741 Odilo of Bavaria
Nivelles Abbey c.640 Gertrude of Nivelles
Noirmoutier Abbey
Nouaillé Abbey (Abbaye de Nouaillé-Maupertuis) End of seventh century[3]
Novalese Abbey 726 Abbo of Provence
Ochsenfurt Abbey
Ohrdrut Abbey
Orbais Abbey
Ottobeuren Abbey 764 Toto
Péronne Abbey
Prüm Abbey 720/21 Bertrada of Prüm and Caribert of Laon
Rebais Abbey 630s Audoin of Rouen
Reichenau Abbey 724 Pirmin
Remiremont Abbey Ca 620 Romaric
Sarlat Abbey
Schäftlarn Abbey 762 Waltrich
Saint-Amand Abbey 630s Amandus
Saint-Aubin d’Angers Before 616 Bobenus?
St Bavo Abbey, Ghent c. 630 Amandus
St Denis Abbey 623/39 Dagobert I
St Gall Abbey 1st half 8th century Gall
Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines Abbey First mentioned 819
St Hubert Abbey
St Maixent Abbey 459? Agapitus, but named after Maxentius
St Maurice d'Agaune Abbey 515 Sigismund of Burgundy Saint-Maurice, Switzerland
St Mesmin Abbey
St Mihiel Abbey
St Nazaire Abbey
St Omer Abbey 650s Bertin
St Peter Abbey, Ghent 631? Amandus
Saint-Pierre-le-Vif, Sens 6th century Theudechild
St Quentin Abbey
St Riquier Abbey 625/38 Richarius
St Trond Abbey 7th century Trudo
Saint Vaast Abbey 667 Audebert
St Wandrille Abbey 648 Wandregisel
Staffelsee Abbey
Stavelot-Malmédy Abbey c.650 Remaclus
Tauberbischofsheim Abbey Boniface
Tegernsee Abbey c.746 or c.765
Tonnerre Abbey c.800[4]
Weissenburg Abbey 7th century
Wessobrun Abbey c.753



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