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This is a list of Canadian ministries, the collective body of ministers of the Crown that advises the Canadian monarch—presently Queen Elizabeth II—on how to exercise their Crown prerogatives. Since Canadian Confederation, July 1, 1867, there have been 29 ministries.

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In Canada, a ministry is formed when a new prime minister is appointed and dissolved when that individual leaves office. The one exception occurred in 1917, when incumbent Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden formed a new national unity government (the 10th Canadian Ministry) as a wartime coalition composed primarily of members of his own Conservative Party with some individual Liberal Party members of parliament.

In contrast to various other Commonwealth realms (such as Australia and the United Kingdom) where a "new" ministry is considered to have been formed after every general election regardless of the winner, elections in Canada do not cause dissolution of the ministry unless they result in the government's defeat. As such, the current 29th Ministry, chaired by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, began governing shortly before the opening of the 42nd Parliament in 2015.

With a duration of 15 years, 87 days, the 8th Ministry, under the leadership of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, was the lengthiest; the 68-day-long 7th Ministry, under the leadership of Sir Charles Tupper, was the briefest. William Lyon Mackenzie King led three ministries—the 12th, 14th, and 16th—the most for any Canadian prime minister.


MinistryDatesPrime ministerPolitical partyDuration
011st Canadian Ministry01July 1, 1867  November 5, 1873John A. MacdonaldLiberal-Conservative6 years, 127 days
022nd Canadian Ministry02November 7, 1873  October 8, 1878Alexander MackenzieLiberal4 years, 335 days
033rd Canadian Ministry03October 17, 1878  June 6, 1891John A. MacdonaldLiberal-Conservative12 years, 232 days
044th Canadian Ministry04June 16, 1891  November 24, 1892John AbbottLiberal-Conservative1 year, 161 days
055th Canadian Ministry05December 5, 1892  December 12, 1894John Sparrow David ThompsonLiberal-Conservative2 years, 7 days
066th Canadian Ministry06December 21, 1894  April 27, 1896Mackenzie BowellConservative (Historical)1 year, 128 days
077th Canadian Ministry07May 1  July 8, 1896Charles TupperConservative (Historical)68 days
088th Canadian Ministry08July 11, 1896  October 6, 1911Wilfrid LaurierLiberal15 years, 87 days
099th Canadian Ministry09October 10, 1911  October 11, 1917Robert Laird BordenConservative (Historical)6 years, 1 day
1010th Canadian Ministry10October 12, 1917  July 10, 1920Robert Laird BordenUnionist2 years, 272 days
1111th Canadian Ministry11July 10, 1920  December 29, 1921Arthur MeighenNat'l Liberal & Conservative1 year, 172 days
1212th Canadian Ministry12December 29, 1921  June 28, 1926William Lyon Mackenzie KingLiberal4 years, 303 days
1313th Canadian Ministry13June 29  September 25, 1926Arthur MeighenConservative (Historical)88 days
1414th Canadian Ministry14September 25, 1926  August 7, 1930William Lyon Mackenzie KingLiberal3 years, 316 days
1515th Canadian Ministry15August 7, 1930  October 23, 1935Richard Bedford BennettConservative (Historical)5 years, 77 days
1616th Canadian Ministry16October 23, 1935  November 15, 1948William Lyon Mackenzie KingLiberal13 years, 23 days
1717th Canadian Ministry17November 15, 1948  June 21, 1957Louis St. LaurentLiberal8 years, 218 days
1818th Canadian Ministry18June 21, 1957  April 22, 1963John DiefenbakerProgressive Conservative5 years, 305 days
1919th Canadian Ministry19April 22, 1963  April 20, 1968Lester B. PearsonLiberal4 years, 364 days
2020th Canadian Ministry20April 20, 1968  June 4, 1979Pierre TrudeauLiberal11 years, 45 days
2121st Canadian Ministry21June 4, 1979  March 3, 1980Joe ClarkProgressive Conservative273 days
2222nd Canadian Ministry22March 3, 1980  June 30, 1984Pierre TrudeauLiberal4 years, 119 days
2323rd Canadian Ministry23June 30, 1984  September 17, 1984John TurnerLiberal79 days
2424th Canadian Ministry24September 17, 1984  June 25, 1993Brian MulroneyProgressive Conservative8 years, 281 days
2525th Canadian Ministry25 June 25, 1993  November 4, 1993Kim CampbellProgressive Conservative132 days
2626th Canadian Ministry26November 4, 1993  December 12, 2003Jean ChrétienLiberal10 years, 38 days
2727th Canadian Ministry27December 12, 2003  February 6, 2006Paul MartinLiberal2 years, 56 days
2828th Canadian Ministry28February 6, 2006  November 4, 2015Stephen HarperConservative9 years, 271 days
2929th Canadian Ministry29November 4, 2015  presentJustin TrudeauLiberal4 years, 42 days
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