List of Calder Cup champions

The Calder Cup is the trophy awarded annually to the playoff champion of the American Hockey League (AHL). First awarded in the 1937–38 season, it is named after Frank Calder, first president of the National Hockey League. The Calder Cup is distinct from the Calder Memorial Trophy, which is awarded annually to the Rookie of the Year in the National Hockey League.[1]

Teams from 28 different cities have won the Calder Cup. The Hershey Bears have won eleven championships, the most of any team currently in the AHL, and have competed in 23 finals, the most of any team in AHL history, compiling an 11–12 record in the finals. Teams representing Cleveland, Ohio are second, with ten championships, with the Barons franchise, which competed in the league until 1973, won nine titles, and the current iteration, the Cleveland Monsters, winning the tenth in 2016.[2]

The Most Valuable Player of the playoffs is awarded the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy. It was first awarded in 1984 and is named after the former president of the AHL, Jack Butterfield. The trophy has been won by 34 different players, with none having won it more than once.[3]

List of winners

  • (#)–Number of Calder Cups won at the time
  •      Player was a member of the defeated team in the Calder Cup Finals

Note: All Jack A. Butterfield Trophy winners played for the winning team, unless otherwise noted.

Season Winning team Series Losing team Jack A. Butterfield Trophy
1936–37 Syracuse Stars (1) 3–1 Philadelphia Ramblers Not awarded
1937–38 Providence Reds (1) 3–1 Syracuse Stars
1938–39Cleveland Barons (1)3–1Philadelphia Ramblers
1939–40Providence Reds (2)3–0Pittsburgh Hornets
1940–41Cleveland Barons (2)3–2Hershey Bears
1941–42Indianapolis Capitals (1)3–2Hershey Bears
1942–43Buffalo Bisons (1)3–0Indianapolis Capitals
1943–44Buffalo Bisons (2)4–0Cleveland Barons
1944–45Cleveland Barons (3)4–2Hershey Bears
1945–46Buffalo Bisons (3)4–3Cleveland Barons
1946–47Hershey Bears (1)4–3Pittsburgh Hornets
1947–48Cleveland Barons (4)4–0Buffalo Bisons
1948–49Providence Reds (3)4–3Hershey Bears
1949–50Indianapolis Capitals (2)4–0Cleveland Barons
1950–51Cleveland Barons (5)4–3Pittsburgh Hornets
1951–52Pittsburgh Hornets (1)4–2Providence Reds
1952–53Cleveland Barons (6)4–3Pittsburgh Hornets
1953–54Cleveland Barons (7)4–2Hershey Bears
1954–55Pittsburgh Hornets (2)4–2Buffalo Bisons
1955–56Providence Reds (4)4–0Cleveland Barons
1956–57Cleveland Barons (8)4–1Rochester Americans
1957–58Hershey Bears (2)4–2Springfield Indians
1958–59Hershey Bears (3)4–2Buffalo Bisons
1959–60Springfield Indians (1)4–1Rochester Americans
1960–61Springfield Indians (2)4–0Hershey Bears
1961–62Springfield Indians (3)4–1Buffalo Bisons
1962–63Buffalo Bisons (4)4–3Hershey Bears
1963–64Cleveland Barons (9)4–0Quebec Aces
1964–65Rochester Americans (1)4–1Hershey Bears
1965–66Rochester Americans (2)4–2Cleveland Barons
1966–67Pittsburgh Hornets (1)[A]4–0Rochester Americans
1967–68Rochester Americans (3)4–2Quebec Aces
1968–69Hershey Bears (4)4–1Quebec Aces
1969–70Buffalo Bisons (5)4–0Springfield Kings
1970–71Springfield Kings (4)4–0Providence Reds
1971–72Nova Scotia Voyageurs (1)4–2Baltimore Clippers
1972–73Cincinnati Swords (1)4–1Nova Scotia Voyageurs
1973–74Hershey Bears (5)4–1Providence Reds
1974–75Springfield Indians (5)4–1New Haven Nighthawks
1975–76Nova Scotia Voyageurs (2)4–1Hershey Bears
1976–77Nova Scotia Voyageurs (3)4–2Rochester Americans
1977–78Maine Mariners (1)4–1New Haven Nighthawks
1978–79Maine Mariners (2)4–0New Haven Nighthawks
1979–80Hershey Bears (6)4–2New Brunswick Hawks
1980–81Adirondack Red Wings (1)4–2Maine Mariners
1981–82New Brunswick Hawks (1)4–1Binghamton Whalers
1982–83Rochester Americans (4)4–0Maine Mariners
1983–84Maine Mariners (3)4–1Rochester AmericansBud Stefanski
1984–85Sherbrooke Canadiens (1)4–2Baltimore SkipjacksBrian Skrudland
1985–86Adirondack Red Wings (2)4–2Hershey BearsTim Tookey[B]
1986–87Rochester Americans (5)4–3Sherbrooke CanadiensDavid Fenyves
1987–88Hershey Bears (7)4–0Fredericton ExpressWendell Young
1988–89Adirondack Red Wings (3)4–1New Haven NighthawksSam St. Laurent
1989–90Springfield Indians (6)4–2Rochester AmericansJeff Hackett
1990–91Springfield Indians (7)4–2Rochester AmericansKay Whitmore
1991–92Adirondack Red Wings (4)4–3St. John's Maple LeafsAllan Bester
1992–93Cape Breton Oilers (1)4–1Rochester AmericansBill McDougall
1993–94Portland Pirates (1)4–2Moncton HawksOlaf Kölzig
1994–95Albany River Rats (1)4–0Fredericton CanadiensCorey Schwab & Mike Dunham
1995–96Rochester Americans (6)4–3Portland PiratesDixon Ward
1996–97Hershey Bears (8)4–1Hamilton BulldogsMike McHugh
1997–98Philadelphia Phantoms (1)4–2Saint John FlamesMike Maneluk
1998–99Providence Bruins (1)4–1Rochester AmericansPeter Ferraro
1999–00Hartford Wolf Pack (1)4–2Rochester AmericansDerek Armstrong
2000–01Saint John Flames (1)4–2Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PenguinsSteve Begin
2001–02Chicago Wolves (1)4–1Bridgeport Sound TigersPasi Nurminen
2002–03Houston Aeros (1)4–3Hamilton BulldogsJohan Holmqvist
2003–04Milwaukee Admirals (1)4–0Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PenguinsWade Flaherty
2004–05Philadelphia Phantoms (2)4–0Chicago WolvesAntero Niittymaki
2005–06Hershey Bears (9)4–2Milwaukee AdmiralsFrederic Cassivi
2006–07Hamilton Bulldogs (1)4–1Hershey BearsCarey Price
2007–08Chicago Wolves (2)4–2Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PenguinsJason Krog
2008–09Hershey Bears (10)4–2Manitoba MooseMichal Neuvirth
2009–10Hershey Bears (11)4–2Texas StarsChris Bourque
2010–11Binghamton Senators (1)4–2Houston AerosRobin Lehner
2011–12Norfolk Admirals (1)4–0Toronto MarliesAlexandre Picard
2012–13Grand Rapids Griffins (1)4–2Syracuse CrunchTomas Tatar
2013–14Texas Stars (1)4–1St. John's IceCapsTravis Morin
2014–15Manchester Monarchs (1)4–1Utica CometsJordan Weal
2015–16Lake Erie Monsters (1)4–0Hershey BearsOliver Bjorkstrand
2016–17Grand Rapids Griffins (2)4–2Syracuse CrunchTyler Bertuzzi
2017–18Toronto Marlies (1)4–3Texas StarsAndreas Johnsson
2018–19Charlotte Checkers (1)4–1Chicago WolvesAndrew Poturalski

^ A. Calder Cup won by second franchise known as the Pittsburgh Hornets. Previous franchise became the Rochester Americans.
^ B. Tim Tookey, Butterfield Trophy winner in 1985–86, played for the Hershey Bears, and is the only Butterfield Trophy winner to date to have played for a losing team in the Calder Cup finals.

Number of Calder Cups won by team

Bold denates an active AHL team

Team Championships Runner Up PCT.
Hershey Bears 11
Cleveland Barons 9
Springfield Indians 7
Rochester Americans 6
Buffalo Bisons 5
Adirondack Red Wings 4
Providence Reds 4
Maine Mariners 3
Nova Scotia Voyageurs 3
Pittsburgh Hornets 3
Chicago Wolves 2
Grand Rapids Griffins 2
Indianapolis Capitols 2
Philadelphia Phantoms 2
Albany River Rats 1 0 1.000
Binghamton Senators 1 0 1.000
Cape Breton Oilers 1 0 1.000
Charlotte Checkers 1 0 1.000
Cincinnati Swords 1 0 1.000
Hamilton Bulldogs 1 1
Hartford Wolf Pack 1 0 1.000
Houston Aeros 1 1
Cleveland Monsters 1 0 1.000
Manchester Monarchs 1 0 1.000
Milwaukee Admirals 1 0 1.000
New Brunswick Hawks 1 1
Norfolk Admirals 1 0 1.000
Portland Pirates 1 1
Providence Bruins 1 0 1.000
Saint John Flames 1 1
Sherbrooke Canadiens 1 1
Syracuse Stars 1 1
Texas Stars 1 2
Toronto Marlies 1 1
New Haven Nighthawks 0 4
Quebec Aces 0 3
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins 0 3
Syracuse Crunch 0 2 .000
Manitoba Moose 0 1 .000


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