List of CEN technical committees

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is one of three European standardisation organisations in the European Union, listed in ANNEX I of the Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012[1]. Within the CEN, standards are drafted by Technical Committees (TCs)[2] of particular scope on the basis of national participation by the CEN members, i.e. the National Standardization Bodies of the European Union member states and some additional European country[3].

This is a list of CEN Technical Committees.

The following Technical Committees exist or existed within CEN:[4]

Technical CommitteeTitleCreatedStatus (June 2015)
CEN/TC 1Oil and gas pipelines; pipe requirements03.11.1993Disbanded
CEN/TC 2Shipbuilding details22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 3Kitchen equipment; functional dimensions22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 4Definitions in the field of building22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 5Building; architectural drawings22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 6Building; prefabricated partitions, 'dry' partitions22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 7Sanitary appliances01.01.1962Disbanded
CEN/TC 8Plastic tubes and products for buildings22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 9Banking22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 10Lifts, escalators and moving walks01.01.1962Active
CEN/TC 11Screw threads22.03.1991Active
CEN/TC 12Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 13Paper22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 14Cables and accessories for lifts22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 15Inland navigation vessels01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 16Basic standards. Drawing practice22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 17Units of measurement22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 18Steel22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 19Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin.01.01.1962Active
CEN/TC 20Textiles22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 21Machine tools22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 22Rubber22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 23Transportable gas cylinders01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 24Steering Committee for building02.05.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 25Lengths of corrugated asbestos cement sheeting22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 26Light metals and their alloys22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 27Sizes of large building components22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 28Building - pipes and fittings01.01.1962Disbanded
CEN/TC 29Building; pipes, rubbish chutes, etc.22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 30Building; tests, mineral materials22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 31Building; tests, determination of thermal characteristics22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 32Building, tests, determination of acoustic characteristics22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 33Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling01.01.1962Active
CEN/TC 34Water fittings and waste fittings for sanitary appliances - Dimensions - Quality01.01.1968Disbanded
CEN/TC 35Building; woodwork, iron-mongery (dimensions, quality)22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 36Valves and taps for water supply in buildings; dimensions; quality28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 37Building; tile (quality)22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 38Durability of wood and wood-based products01.01.1962Active
CEN/TC 39Gears22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 40Bolts, screws, nuts and accessories28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 41Classification of non-ferrous metal scrap22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 42Certification of products22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 43Office furniture01.01.1967Disbanded
CEN/TC 44Commercial and Professional Refrigerating Appliances and Systems, Performance and Energy Consumption01.01.1967Active
CEN/TC 45Base sizes of sales units of textile goods28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 46Fireplaces for liquid fuels01.01.1968Active
CEN/TC 47Atomizing oil burners and their components - Function - Safety - Testing01.01.1968Active
CEN/TC 48Domestic gas-fired water heaters01.01.1969Active
CEN/TC 49Gas cooking appliances01.01.1969Active
CEN/TC 50Lighting columns and spigots01.01.1969Active
CEN/TC 51Cement and building limes01.01.1973Active
CEN/TC 52Safety of toys01.01.1969Active
CEN/TC 53Temporary works equipment01.01.1970Active
CEN/TC 54Unfired pressure vessels01.01.1971Active
CEN/TC 55Dentistry01.01.1971Active
CEN/TC 56Dimensions of bed blankets01.01.1971Disbanded
CEN/TC 57Central heating boilers01.01.1971Active
CEN/TC 58Safety and control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels01.01.1971Active
CEN/TC 59Refrigerated farm milk coolers01.01.1971Disbanded
CEN/TC 60Workshop storage bins22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 61Quantitative chemical analysis of textile fibre mixtures28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 62Independent gas-fired space heaters01.01.1971Active
CEN/TC 63Packages for washing and cleaning powders01.01.1972Disbanded
CEN/TC 64Link chains01.01.1972Disbanded
CEN/TC 65Standardization of safety requirements related to the mechanical design of portable grinding machines01.01.1972Disbanded
CEN/TC 66Tests on glass fibre reinforced plastics01.01.1972Disbanded
CEN/TC 67Ceramic tiles01.01.1972Active
CEN/TC 68Builders' hoists for passenger and/or materials01.01.1972Disbanded
CEN/TC 69Industrial valves01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 70Manual means of fire fighting equipment01.01.1972Active
CEN/TC 71Application of the international system of units28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 72Fire detection and fire alarm systems01.01.1973Active
CEN/TC 73Methods of test for vehicle safety glass28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 74Flanges and their joints01.01.1972Active
CEN/TC 75Steel wire ropes28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 76Design and construction of gas and oil pipelines28.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 77Drainage equipment (systems, design rules, coordination)01.01.1973Disbanded
CEN/TC 78Capacities of glass jars for preserved fruit, vegetables and similar products01.01.1973Disbanded
CEN/TC 79Respiratory protective devices01.01.1974Active
CEN/TC 80Preparation for welding of pipes, valves and other fittings22.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 81Capacities of metal cans for fruit, vegetables and similar products01.01.1974Disbanded
CEN/TC 82Technological tests for doors, fastenings and their building hardware29.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 83Technological tests for windows, fastenings and their building hardware29.03.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 84Lifting hooks01.01.1985Disbanded
CEN/TC 85Eye protective equipment01.01.1975Active
CEN/TC 86Baths and shower trays made from acrylic materials01.01.1976Disbanded
CEN/TC 87Gas fuelled smokers lighters01.01.1976Disbanded
CEN/TC 88Thermal insulating materials and products01.01.1977Active
CEN/TC 89Thermal performance of buildings and building components01.01.1976Active
CEN/TC 90Climatic zones in Europe01.01.1976Disbanded
CEN/TC 91Particleboards - Formaldehyde01.01.1977Disbanded
CEN/TC 92Water meters01.01.1994Active
CEN/TC 93Ladders01.01.1978Active
CEN/TC 94Ready-mixed concrete - Production and delivery01.01.1978Disbanded
CEN/TC 95Technical safety requirements for the design and construction of injection moulding machines for plastics and rubber01.01.1979Disbanded
CEN/TC 96Drainage equipment outside buildings01.01.1979Disbanded
CEN/TC 97General purpose and special nails01.01.1979Disbanded
CEN/TC 98Lifting platforms01.01.1979Active
CEN/TC 99Wallcoverings01.01.1979Active
CEN/TC 100Tactile danger warnings on packaging01.01.1980Disbanded
CEN/TC 101Steel drums01.01.1980Disbanded
CEN/TC 102Sterilizers for medical purposes01.01.1982Active
CEN/TC 103Adhesives for wood and derived timber products01.01.1980Disbanded
CEN/TC 104Concrete and related products01.01.1981Active
CEN/TC 105Valves and fittings to equip radiators01.01.1981Disbanded
CEN/TC 106Large kitchen appliances using gaseous fuels01.01.1981Active
CEN/TC 107Prefabricated district heating and district cooling pipe system01.01.1982Active
CEN/TC 108Sealing materials and lubricants for gas appliances and gas equipment01.01.1982Disbanded
CEN/TC 109Central heating boilers using gaseous fuels01.01.1985Active
CEN/TC 110Heat exchangers01.01.1983Active
CEN/TC 111Propellants for commercial ammunition01.01.1984Disbanded
CEN/TC 112Wood-based panels01.01.1984Active
CEN/TC 113Heat pumps and air conditioning units01.01.1984Active
CEN/TC 114Safety of machinery01.01.1985Active
CEN/TC 115European first-aid box01.01.1985Disbanded
CEN/TC 116Bitumen sheeting01.01.1985Disbanded
CEN/TC 117Thermoplastic and elastomeric roofing and sealing sheeting01.01.1985Disbanded
CEN/TC 118Technical safety requirements for the design and construction of machines for the compression moulding of plastics and rubber01.01.1985Disbanded
CEN/TC 119Swap bodies for combined goods transport01.01.1986Active
CEN/TC 120Sacks for the transport of food aid01.01.1987Disbanded
CEN/TC 121Welding and allied processes01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 122Ergonomics01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 123Lasers and photonics01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 124Timber structures01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 125Masonry01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 126Acoustic properties of building elements and of buildings01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 127Fire safety in buildings01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 128Roof covering products for discontinuous laying and products for wall cladding01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 129Glass in building01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 130Space heating appliances without integral heat sources01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 131Gas burners using fans01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 132Aluminium and aluminium alloys01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 133Copper and copper alloys01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 134Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings01.01.1987Active
CEN/TC 135Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 136Sports, playground and other recreational facilities and equipment01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 137Assessment of workplace exposure to chemical and biological agents01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 138Non-destructive testing01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 139Paints and varnishes01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 140In vitro diagnostic medical devices01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 141Pressure gauges - Thermometers - Means of measuring and/or recording temperature in the cold chain01.01.1988Disbanded
CEN/TC 142Woodworking machines - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 143Machine tools - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 144Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 145Plastics and rubber machines01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 146Packaging machines - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 147Cranes - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 148Continuous handling equipment and systems - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 149Power-operated warehouse equipment01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 150Industrial Trucks - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 151Construction equipment and building material machines - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 152Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 153Machinery intended for use with foodstuffs and feed01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 154Aggregates01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 155Plastics piping systems and ducting systems01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 156Ventilation for buildings01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 157Non-refillable metallic gas cartridges01.01.1988Disbanded
CEN/TC 158Head protection01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 159Hearing protectors01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 160Protection against falls from height including working belts01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 161Foot and leg protectors01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 162Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 163Sanitary appliances01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 164Water supply01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 165Waste water engineering01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 166Chimneys01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 167Structural bearings01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 168Chains, ropes, webbing, slings and accessories - Safety01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 169Light and lighting01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 170Ophthalmic optics01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 171Heat cost allocation01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 172Pulp, paper and board01.01.1988Active
CEN/TC 173Brushware01.01.1988Disbanded
CEN/TC 174Fruit and vegetable juices - Methods of analysis01.01.1988Disbanded
CEN/TC 175Round and sawn timber01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 176Heat meters01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 177Prefabricated reinforced components of autoclaved aerated concrete or light-weight aggregate concrete with open structure01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 178Paving units and kerbs01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 179Gas-fired air heaters01.01.1989Disbanded
CEN/TC 180Decentralized gas heating01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 181Dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 182Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 183Waste management01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 184Advanced technical ceramics01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 185Fasteners01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 186Industrial thermoprocessing - Safety01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 187Refractory products and materials01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 188Conveyor belts01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 189Geosynthetics01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 190Foundry technology01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 191Fixed firefighting systems01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 192Fire and Rescue Service Equipment01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 193Adhesives01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 194Utensils in contact with food01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 195Air filters for general air cleaning01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 196Machines for underground mines - Safety01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 197Pumps01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 198Printing and paper machinery - Safety01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 199Fans - Safety01.01.1989Disbanded
CEN/TC 200Tannery machinery - Safety01.01.1989Disbanded
CEN/TC 201Leather and imitation leather goods and footwear manufacturing machinery - Safety01.01.1989Disbanded
CEN/TC 202Foundry machinery01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 203Cast iron pipes, fittings and their joints01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 204Sterilization of medical devices01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 205Non-active medical devices01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 206Biological evaluation of medical devices01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 207Furniture01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 208Elastomeric seals for joints in pipework and pipelines01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 209Zinc and zinc alloys01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 210GRP tanks and vessels01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 211Acoustics01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 212Pyrotechnic articles01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 213Cartridge operated hand-held tools - Safety01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 214Textile machinery and accessories01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 215Respiratory and anaesthetic equipment01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 216Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 217Surfaces for sports areas01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 218Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 219Cathodic protection01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 220Tin and tin alloys01.01.1989Disbanded
CEN/TC 221Shop fabricated metallic tanks and equipment for storage tanks and for service stations01.01.1989Disbanded
CEN/TC 222Feather and down as filling material for any article, as well as finished articles filled with feather and down01.01.1989Disbanded
CEN/TC 223Soil improvers and growing media01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 224Personal identification and related personal devices with secure element, systems, operations and privacy in a multi sectorial environment01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 225AIDC technologies01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 226Road equipment01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 227Road materials01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 228Heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 229Precast concrete products01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 230Water analysis01.01.1989Active
CEN/TC 231Mechanical vibration and shock01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 232Compressors, vacuum pumps and their systems01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 233Biotechnology01.01.1990Dormant
CEN/TC 234Gas infrastructure01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 235Gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for use in gas transmission and distribution01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 236Non industrial manually operated shut-off valves for gas and particular combinations valves-other products01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 237Gas meters01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 238Test gases, test pressures and categories of appliances01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 239Rescue systems01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 240Thermal spraying and thermally sprayed coatings01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 241Gypsum and gypsum based products01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 242Safety requirements for passenger transportation by rope01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 243Cleanroom technology01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 244Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits01.01.1990Dormant
CEN/TC 245Leisure accommodation vehicles01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 246Natural stones01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 247Building Automation, Controls and Building Management01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 248Textiles and textile products01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 249Plastics01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 250Structural Eurocodes01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 251Health informatics01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 252Child use and care articles01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 253Self-adhesive tapes01.01.1990Disbanded
CEN/TC 254Flexible sheets for waterproofing01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 255Hand-held, non-electric power tools - Safety01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 256Railway applications01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 257Symbols and information provided with medical devices and nomenclature for regulatory data exchange01.01.1990Disbanded
CEN/TC 258Clinical investigation of medical devices01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 259Medical alarms and signals01.01.1990Disbanded
CEN/TC 260Fertilizers and liming materials01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 261Packaging01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 262Metallic and other inorganic coatings01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 263Secure storage of cash, valuables and data media01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 264Air quality01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 265Metallic tanks for the storage of liquids01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 266Thermoplastic static tanks01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 267Industrial piping and pipelines01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 268Cryogenic vessels and specific hydrogen technologies applications01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 269Shell and water-tube boilers01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 270Internal combustion engines01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 271Surface treatment equipment - Safety01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 272Metrology of porous filtration membranes01.01.1990Dormant
CEN/TC 273Logistics01.01.1990Disbanded
CEN/TC 274Aircraft ground support equipment01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 275Food analysis - Horizontal methods01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 276Surface active agents01.01.1990Active
CEN/TC 277Suspended ceilings01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 278Intelligent transport systems01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 279Value management - Value analysis, function analysis01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 280Offshore containers01.01.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 281Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecuing01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 282Installation and equipment for LNG01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 283Precious metals - Applications in jewellery and associated products01.01.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 284Greenhouses01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 285Non-active surgical implants01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 286Liquefied petroleum gas equipment and accessories01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 287Geographic Information01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 288Execution of special geotechnical works01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 289Leather01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 290Dimensional and geometrical product specification and verification01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 291Self-service shopping trolleys01.01.1991Disbanded
CEN/TC 292Characterization of waste01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 293Assistive products for persons with disability01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 294Communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 295Residential solid fuel burning appliances01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 296Tanks for the transport of dangerous goods01.01.1991Active
CEN/TC 297Free-standing industrial chimneys01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 298Pigments and extenders01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 299Gas-fired sorption appliances, indirect fired sorption appliances, gas-fired endothermic engine heat pumps and domestic gas-fired washing and drying appliances.01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 300Sea-going vessels and marine technology01.01.1992Disbanded
CEN/TC 301Road vehicles01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 302Milk and milk products - Methods of sampling and analysis01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 303Floor screeds and screed materials01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 304Information and communications technologies - European localization requirements01.01.1992Dormant
CEN/TC 305Potentially explosive atmospheres - Explosion prevention and protection01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 306Lead and lead alloys01.01.1992Dormant
CEN/TC 307Oilseeds, vegetable and animal fats and oils and their by-products - Methods of sampling and analysis01.01.1992Active
CEN/TC 308Characterization and management of sludge01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 309Footwear01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 310Advanced automation technologies and their applications01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 311Information Systems Engineering (ISE)01.01.1993Disbanded
CEN/TC 312Thermal solar systems and components01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 313Centrifuges - Safety requirements01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 314Mastic asphalt for waterproofing01.01.1993Dormant
CEN/TC 315Spectator facilities01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 316Medical products utilizing cells, tissues and/or their derivatives01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 317Derivatives from coal pyrolysis01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 318Hydrometry01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 319Maintenance01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 320Transport - Logistics and services01.01.1993Active
CEN/TC 321Explosives for civil uses01.01.1994Active
CEN/TC 322Equipments for making and shaping of metals - Safety requirements01.01.1994Active
CEN/TC 323Raised access floors01.01.1994Dormant
CEN/TC 324Castors and wheels01.01.1994Disbanded
CEN/TC 325Crime prevention through building, facility and area design01.01.1995Active
CEN/TC 326Gas supply for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)01.01.1995Active
CEN/TC 327Animal feeding stuffs - Methods of sampling and analysis01.01.1995Active
CEN/TC 328Standard measuring system for cleaning performance01.01.1995Disbanded
CEN/TC 329Tourism services01.01.1995Active
CEN/TC 330Qualification of construction enterprises01.01.1995Dormant
CEN/TC 331Postal services01.01.1996Active
CEN/TC 332Laboratory equipment01.01.1997Active
CEN/TC 333Cycles01.01.1998Active
CEN/TC 334Irrigation techniques01.01.1998Active
CEN/TC 335Solid biofuels05.04.2000Active
CEN/TC 336Bituminous binders30.08.2000Active
CEN/TC 337Road operation equipment and products09.11.2000Active
CEN/TC 338Cereal and cereal products02.05.2001Active
CEN/TC 339Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces - Methods of evaluation25.07.2001Active
CEN/TC 340Anti-seismic devices03.09.2001Active
CEN/TC 341Geotechnical Investigation and Testing12.09.2001Active
CEN/TC 342Metal hoses, hose assemblies, bellows and expansion joints11.02.2002Active
CEN/TC 343Solid Recovered Fuels25.03.2002Active
CEN/TC 344Steel static storage systems23.09.2002Active
CEN/TC 345Characterization of soils09.12.2002Active
CEN/TC 346Conservation of Cultural Heritage20.02.2003Active
CEN/TC 347Methods for analysis of allergens01.07.2003Active
CEN/TC 348Facility Management21.11.2003Active
CEN/TC 349Sealants for joints in building construction12.05.2004Active
CEN/TC 350Sustainability of construction works28.07.2005Active
CEN/TC 351Construction Products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances05.01.2006Active
CEN/TC 352Nanotechnologies09.12.2005Active
CEN/TC 353Information and Communication Technologies for Learning, Education and Training19.03.2007Active
CEN/TC 354Non-type approved light motorized vehicles for the transportation of persons and goods and related facilities16.10.2007Active
CEN/TC 355Lighters29.11.2007Active
CEN/TC 356Industrial fans - safety requirements29.11.2007Active
CEN/TC 357Stretched ceilings29.11.2007Active
CEN/TC 358Project Committee - Small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications04.12.2007Disbanded
CEN/TC 359Project Committee - Hyperbaric chambers04.12.2007Disbanded
CEN/TC 360Coating systems for chemical apparatus and plants against corrosion21.12.2007Active
CEN/TC 361Polymer modified bituminous thick coatings for waterproofing - Definitions/requirements and test methods21.12.2007Active
CEN/TC 362Healthcare services - Quality management systems21.12.2007Active
CEN/TC 363Organic contaminants (tar) in biomass producer gases21.12.2007Active
CEN/TC 364High Chairs21.12.2007Active
CEN/TC 365Internet Filtering21.12.2007Active
CEN/TC 366Materials obtained from End-of-Life Tyres (ELT)18.01.2008Active
CEN/TC 367Breath-alcohol testers18.01.2008Active
CEN/TC 368Product Identification18.01.2008Active
CEN/TC 369Candle fire safety18.01.2008Active
CEN/TC 370Project Committee - Security services18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 371Energy Performance of Building project group18.01.2008Active
CEN/TC 372Project Committee - Cinematographic Works18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 373Project Committee - Services of Real Estate Agents18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 374Project Committee - Business Support Services18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 375Project Committee - Customer Contact Services18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 376Project Committee - Print Media Analyses Services18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 377Air Traffic Management18.01.2008Active
CEN/TC 378Project Committee - Springs18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 379Project Committee - Supply Chain security18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 380Project Committee - Hearing aid specialist services18.01.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 381Management consultancy services06.03.2008Active
CEN/TC 382PFOS13.03.2008Active
CEN/TC 383Sustainably produced biomass for energy applications21.05.2008Active
CEN/TC 384Project Committee - Airport and aviation security services01.07.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 385Project Committee - Services for sheltered housing for the elderly13.06.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 386Photocatalysis01.07.2008Active
CEN/TC 387Project Committee - Food data31.07.2008Disbanded
CEN/TC 388Perimeter Protection16.09.2008Active
CEN/TC 389Innovation Management02.12.2008Active
CEN/TC 390Project Committee - Criteria for design, performance, test methods and maintenance of roof gardens28.01.2009Disbanded
CEN/TC 391Societal and Citizen Security28.01.2009Active
CEN/TC 392Cosmetics21.01.2009Active
CEN/TC 393Equipment for storage tanks and for filling stations16.01.2009Active
CEN/TC 394Project Committee - Services of chiropractors21.01.2009Disbanded
CEN/TC 395Engineering consultancy services20.02.2009Disbanded
CEN/TC 396Earthworks31.03.2009Active
CEN/TC 397Baling presses - Safety requirements06.04.2009Active
CEN/TC 398Child Protective Products22.04.2009Active
CEN/TC 399Gas Turbines applications - Safety06.07.2009Active
CEN/TC 400Horizontal standards in the fields of sludge, biowaste and soil24.11.2009Active
CEN/TC 401Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarettes23.03.2010Active
CEN/TC 402Domestic Pools and Spas26.03.2010Active
CEN/TC 403Aesthetic surgery and aesthetic non-surgical medical services27.04.2010Active
CEN/TC 404Services of pest management companies10.08.2010Active
CEN/TC 405Expertise services07.12.2010Active
CEN/TC 406Mechanical products - Ecodesign methodology07.12.2010Active
CEN/TC 407Cylindrical helical springs made from round wire and bar - Calculation and design10.02.2011Active
CEN/TC 408Natural gas and biomethane for use in transport and biomethane for injection in the natural gas grid24.03.2011Active
CEN/TC 409Beauty Salon Services31.03.2011Active
CEN/TC 410Consumer confidence and nomenclature in the diamond industry31.03.2011Active
CEN/TC 411Bio-based products25.05.2011Active
CEN/TC 412Indoor sun exposure services27.07.2011Active
CEN/TC 413Insulated means of transport for temperature sensitive goods with or without cooling and/or heating device08.08.2011Active
CEN/TC 414Services in Osteopathy02.11.2011Active
CEN/TC 415Sustainable and Traceable Cocoa29.11.2011Active
CEN/TC 416Health risk assessment of chemicals06.12.2011Active
CEN/TC 417Maritime and port security services06.12.2011Active
CEN/TC 418Project Committee - Exchange format in marine and transport insurance13.02.2012Disbanded
CEN/TC 419Forensic Science Processes30.05.2012Active
CEN/TC 420Service Excellence Systems13.06.2012Active
CEN/TC 421Emission safety of combustible air fresheners02.10.2012Active
CEN/TC 422Side curtains ventilation systems - safety07.11.2012Active
CEN/TC 423Means of measuring and/or recording temperature in the cold chain06.02.2013Active
CEN/TC 424Care services for cleft lip and/or palate19.04.2013Active
CEN/TC 425Halal Food19.04.2013Active
CEN/TC 426Domestic appliances used for water treatment not connected to water supply20.06.2013Active
CEN/TC 427Services of Medical Doctors with additional qualification in Homeopathy07.08.2013Active
CEN/TC 428e-competences and ICT Professionalism28.08.2013Active
CEN/TC 429Food hygiene - Commercial warewashing machines - Hygiene requirements and testing25.09.2013Active
CEN/TC 430Nuclear energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection25.09.2013Active
CEN/TC 431Service Chain for Social Care Alarms16.10.2013Active
CEN/TC 432Competency for Customs Representatives30.10.2013Active
CEN/TC 433Entertainment Technology - Machinery, equipment and installations11.03.2014Active
CEN/TC 434Electronic Invoicing07.05.2014Active
CEN/TC 435Tattooing services07.07.2014Active
CEN/TC 436Cabin Air Quality on commercial aircraft - Chemical Agents16.12.2014Active
CEN/TC 437Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids21.01.2015Active
CEN/TC 438Additive Manufacturing28.01.2015Active
CEN/TC 439Private security services18.02.2015Active
CEN/TC 440Electronic Public Procurement04.03.2015Active
CEN/TC 441Fuel labelling04.03.2015Active
CEN/TC 442Building Information Modelling (BIM)08.04.2015Active
CEN/TC 443Feather and down16.04.2015Active


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