List of Bus Lines in Lausanne

The Lausanne bus network has 39 regular bus lines including 10 trolley, 23 urban, and six regional.

City lines

1Maladière BlécheretteE
2Maladière-Lac DesertE
3Bellevaux Lausanne-GareE
4Coudraie Pully-GareE
6Maladière SallazE
7Val Verde St. FrancisE
8Grand-Mont Paudex-CanopyE
9Prilly-Church Lutry-CornicheE
12Montbenon FavergesE
13Provence North VerdeilE
16Montbenon Grand-VennesE
17Georgette RenensE
18Lausanne-Flon Crissier-TimonetE
21Blécherette Lausanne-GareE
22Lausanne-Flon ClochatteE
23Forest MailleferE
25Bourdonnette Pully-GareE
31Renens South Station South venogeE
32Crissier-Timonet GalicianE
33Mount Goulin Venoge NorthE
36Renens-North Station ClosaletE
38Renens North Station Prilly-ChurchE
41Montolieu Praz-SéchaudE
45Bois-Murat Chalet-à-GobetE
46Bois-Murat BallègueE
47Pully Port GranaE
48Daillettes Pully-ClergèreE
49Grands-Champs Pully-ClergèreE

Regional lines

54 Renens North Station - Cheseaux Station
56 Crissier Centre - Richardaz
60 Froideville-Dairy - Lausanne-Flon
62 Moudon-Gare - Croisettes
64 Chalet-à-Gobet - Croisettes
65 Servion Zoo - Sallaz
66 Montbenon - Grandvaux-Pra Grana
68/69 Lutry Port - Cross-sur-Lutry

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