List of Australian Capital Territory courts and tribunals

The following is a list of courts and tribunals in the Australian Capital Territory:

List of boards, commissions, courts, and tribunals

Sitting boards, commissions, courts, and tribunals

The list of sitting boards and commissions is sourced from the ACT Government Informational Portal.[1]

Sitting boards and councils

  • ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies
  • ACT Cultural Council
  • ACT Government Procurement Board
  • ACT Government School Education Council
  • ACT Heritage Council
  • ACT Insurance Authority Advisory Board
  • ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Women
  • Australian Capital Territory Architects Board
  • Community Inclusion Board
  • Health Professions Registration Boards of the ACT
  • Medical Board of the ACT
  • Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing
  • Minister's Youth Advisory Council
  • Territory Records Advisory Council

Sitting commissions

  • Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission
  • ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

Sitting courts

Sitting tribunals

  • ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Abolished boards, courts and tribunals

Abolished boards

Abolished courts

Abolished tribunals

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