List of Assemblies of God people

The following are notable people associated (past or present) with the Assemblies of God.

Name Role Country Notes
A. A. Allen Preacher active in the 1950s and 1960s United States of America Known for his "raise the dead" campaign
John Ashcroft Former U.S. attorney general, Missouri senator (1995), and Missouri governor (1985–93) United States of America Known as the first Assemblies of God congressman
Carlos Avendaño Founder of the National Restoration Party, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica from 2002 to 2006 and 2010 to 2014. Was a presidential candidate in the 2014 election. Also a pastor.[1] Costa Rica
Jim Bakker Founder of The PTL Club United States of America
Tammy Faye Bakker Ex-wife of Jim Bakker and PTL co-leader United States of America Subject of film "The Eyes of Tammy Faye"
Daniel Berg Founded the Assembly of God in Brazil with Gunnar Vingren in 1911 Sweden
Moya Brennan Grammy Award-winning Irish singer Ireland
Johnny Cash Singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author. United States of America
João Campos de Araújo Politician and Pastor, member of chamber of deputies Brazil
Silas Câmara Politician and Pastor, member of chamber of deputies Brazil
Lazarus Chakwera Politician and since 2013 head of the Malawi Congress Party. Also former president of Malawian division of the Assemblies of God. Malawi Resigned as preident of the Assemblies of God in Malawi in 2013 to focus on political career.[2]
Alan Chambers Former president of Exodus International, the largest ex-gay organization in the world United States of America
Gary Chapman Singer-songwriter United States of America Parents were ordained Assemblies of God ministers and pastored an A. of G. in Texas; once married to Amy Grant (m. 1982–97)
Toni Childs Pop singer, raised in the Assemblies of God United States of America
David Yonggi Cho Senior Pastor of the largest church in the world, Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea Korea
Vern Clark Admiral (United States Navy, Retired) – Former Chief of Naval Operations, graduate of Evangel College Springfield, Missouri United States of America
Bruce Cozart member of the Arkansas House of Representatives from Hot Springs United States of America [3]
Jan Crouch co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network United States of America
Paul Crouch co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network United States of America
Nicky Cruz Former gang member; now Assemblies of God minister. Author of autobiography Run Baby Run United States of America
Richard Dortch Illinois District Superintendent (1971–83) when he joined PTL; the 2nd PTL executive to spend time in federal prison for his crimes related to the PTL scandal United States of America
Iliafi Esera Senior Pastor of Faith City Church in Wanganui, NZ.; currently General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand and Assistant Superintendent of the AGNZ (2003–11) New Zealand
Andrew Evans Previously Senior Pastor of Paradise Church; founder of the Family First Party and Member of the South Australian Legislative Council Australia
John Wesley Fletcher Oklahoma City-based pastor United States of America Defrocked twice and convicted of perjury in charges stemming from the PTL scandal.
Israel Folau Rugby league, rugby union, and Aussie rules footballer. Was raised Mormon,[4] but converted to being an active member of an Assemblies of God fellowship in 2011.[5] Australia Folau was criticized in the Australian media for faith-inspired anti-gay social media post.[6]
Jason Frenn Missionary-evangelist and author who holds citywide crusades throughout Latin America and the United States; an honorary member of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Alliance and hosts a daily live radio program with a million listeners on Radio Nueva Vida Latin America and The United States Has spoken to over 4.5 million people in live events and has seen more than 450,000 first-time decisions for Christ
Mickey Gilley Rock-n-Roll and Country star, singer, pianist, guitarist United States of America Performed with cousins Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart at the Ferriday First Assembly of God church (Ferriday, Louisiana)
Richard Grenell Political commentator, Diplomat, U.S. Ambassador to Germany (2018-present) United States of America
Jessica Hahn Church Secretary whose sexual involvement with Jim Bakker was one factor that triggered the PTL Ministry scandal and subsequent investigation United States of America
Steve Hill Evangelist who led the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida in the 1990s United States of America
Benny Hinn Televangelist, host of This Is Your Day on TBN; was ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1994, and subsequently resigned his ordination in 1996 United States of America
Brian Houston Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church Australia
Ben Hoyle Current National Youth Facilitator A/G NZ and Director of Youth of the Nation NZ New Zealand
Tim Johnson Politician, attorney, and real estate broker. Served in the U.S. House of Representatives

from Illinois's 15th district from 2001 to 2013.

United States of America
Jonas Brothers Pop rock boy band United States of America Father Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr. is an ordained Assemblies of God minister and former pastor in Wyckoff, New Jersey
Johnny Key Republican member of the Arkansas State Senate from Mountain Home in Baxter County United States of America [7]
Phil Keaggy Guitarist, singer, songwriter and founding member of rock band Glass Harp United States of America Two weeks after Keaggy's mother died in 1970 he became a Christian and attended a small Assembly of God Church in Boardman, Ohio
Sam Kinison Controversial comedian in the late 1980s and early 1990s; before becoming a comedian, he was an Assembly of God evangelist United States of America
Jerry Lee Lewis Rock-and-roll pianist, singer; at age 8 sang for Ferriday First Assembly of God Church (Ferriday, Louisiana), played at tent revivals United States of America Cousin to Jimmy Swaggart and Mickey Gilley
Linda Gail Lewis Singer United States of America Sister to Jerry Lee Lewis, began performing with him at the Ferriday First Assembly of God church (Ferriday, Louisiana)
John Mahama President of Ghana from 2012 to 2017[8] Reported to be raised Presbyterian, but is now an active member of the Assembly of God/[9] Ghana
Silas Malafaia Pastor, author, and televangelist Brazil
Aimee Semple McPherson Former Assemblies of God church planter and evangelist who later became the founder of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel United States of America
Lemma Megersa Minister of Defense Ethiopia Also a board member of the Assemblies of God in Ethiopia.[10]
Scott Morrison 30th Prime Minister of Australia Australia
Marilyn Musgrave Politician, attorney, and real estate broker. Served in the U.S. House of Representatives

from Colorado's 4th district from 2003 to 2009.

United States of America
Danny Nalliah Pastor of The Fire Ministries in Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Ronaldo Nogueira Pastor and politician, member of chamber of deputies Brazil
Sarah Palin Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice President Candidate; attended Assembly of God Church for two decades until 2002 United States of America
Everaldo Pereira Pastor, businessman, and politician. President of the Social Christian Party (Brazil), candidate in the 2014 election.[11] Brazil
Scott Perkins Radio personality; known as the "Country Parson" to country music listeners in the Topeka, Kansas market; founding pastor of the FarmHouse Cowboy Church in Topeka. United States of America
David du Plessis One of the founding fathers of the charismatic movement outside of the traditional Pentecostal churches South Africa
Elvis Presley (1935–1977) "King of Rock & Roll," singer, actor, born in Tupelo, Mississippi; sang in choir at First Assembly of God (Tupelo) and at camp meetings United States of America
Samani Pulepule Former Chief Apostle and General Superintendent of the World Samoan AOG Fellowship (1966–2011); also Senior Pastor of the largest Samoan congregation in the world, Auckland Samoan Assembly of God, NZ Samoa, based in New Zealand regarded as one of the eldest serving pastor and superintendent in the Assemblies of God
Jane Russell Hollywood actress United States of America Funeral was conducted by the Pacific Christian Center, an Assemblies of God congregation in Santa Maria, California
Gene Scott Internationally known preacher, former president of University Network and helped found Oral Roberts University United States of America
Guy Sebastian Pop, R&B, and soul singer-songwriter who attended Paradise Community Church; the first winner of Australian Idol (2003) and is a judge on the Australian version of The X-Factor[12] Australia Has sung with the then Paradise Community Church Youth Conference Planetshakers[12][13]
Marina Silva activists and politician, presidential candidate in the 2010, 2014, and 2018 elections. Brazil Silva has been at times criticized by the church leadership for her leftist stance on many issues such as drug reform.[14]
Kristy Starling Contemporary Christian music artist; participant in Assembly of God National Fine Arts Festival competition United States of America
Jimmy Swaggart Former Assemblies of God evangelist; televangelist, founder of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, and gospel music artist United States of America Cousin to Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley, began performing at the Ferriday First Assembly of God church (Ferriday, Louisiana)
Hidekazu Takayama Pastor and politician, member of chamber of deputies Brazil
Todd Tiahrt U.S. Representative from Kansas 4th District, graduate of Evangel College Springfield, Missouri United States of America
Gunnar Vingren Founded the Assemblies of God in Brazil with Daniel Berg in 1911 Sweden
Doug Wead Former special assistant to George H.W. Bush and author; was once an Assemblies of God evangelist United States of America
José Wellington Bezerra da Costa Current President of the Assemblies of God in Brazil Brazil
Smith Wigglesworth Healing Evangelist, the "Apostle of Faith," instrumental in founding future Elim and Assemblies of God national fellowships; spoke at Assemblies of God conferences but never joined the organization England
David Wilkerson Former Assemblies of God evangelist; founder of Teen Challenge, founder and pastor of independent Times Square Church in New York City from 1987 until the time of his death on April 27, 2011; famous for the book The Cross and the Switchblade, instrumental in conversion of Nicky Cruz United States of America
Bill Wilson Leader of Metro Ministries International United States of America
George O. Wood General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God (2007–2017) United States of America


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