List of Anglo-French conflicts on Hudson Bay

The Anglo-French conflicts on Hudson Bay were a series of conflicts in the 17th and 18th century between England and France for control over the area around the Hudson Bay.


After the English Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) built trading posts on Hudson Bay in 1668, the French tried to drive them out. This started in 1672, continued during King William's War, and mostly ended in 1713, when France recognized British sovereignty over the Bay in the Treaty of Utrecht. The last instance was in 1782, when the French captured Fort Churchill (Prince of Wales Fort).

Since the posts were held by at most a few dozen traders and laborers they could easily be captured by a small group of soldiers, but it was difficult to send soldiers to the Bay and impractical to keep them there over winter. The short ice-free season made it difficult to take all the posts in one year. Thus the posts changed hands more or less at random whenever one side or the other sent a force into the Bay. Only in 1697 did significant British and French forces met on the bay when the Battle of Hudson's Bay was fought.

List of conflicts


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