List of Allied propaganda films of World War II

During World War II and immediately after it, in addition to the many private films created to help the war effort, many Allied countries had governmental or semi-governmental agencies commission propaganda and training films for home and foreign consumption. Animated films are not included here.

British Empire and Commonwealth

United Kingdom


The Lion Has Wings Adrian Brunel, Brian Desmond Hurst, Michael Powell, Alexander Korda (uncredited)


The Call for Arms Brian Desmond Hurst
Civilian Front Mary Field
London Can Take It! Humphrey Jennings and Harry Watt
Men of the Lightship David MacDonald
Miss Grant Goes to the Door Brian Desmond Hurst
Musical Poster Number One Len Lye
Neighbours Under Fire Ralph Bond


An Airman's Letter to His Mother Michael Powell
ATS A film about the Auxiliary Territorial Service, a women's formation
The Battle of London Jack Kemp
Christmas Under Fire Charles Hasse and Harry Watt Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Ferry Pilot Pat Jackson
Fighting Fields Stanley Russell
Food for Freedom
Green Girdle Ralph Keene
The Heart of Britain Humphrey Jennings
How to Dig
How to File
Merchant Seamen
Plastic Surgery in Wartime
Queen's Messengers
Shunter Black's Night Off Max Munden produced by Verity Films
Target for Tonight
Words for Battle Humphrey Jennings


After Mein Kampf
Alice in Switzerland
Battle Is Our Business
Border Weave
Coastal Command J. B. Holmes
Greek Testament
Listen to Britain Humphrey Jennings Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Making a Compost Heap
Malta G.C.
Men of Tomorrow
Message from Canterbury
The Next of Kin
(aka Next of Kin)
Thorold Dickinson Originally a British War Office services training film by Ealing Studios based on the wartime security axiom that "Loose lips sink ships" / "Careless talk cost lives", it was also distributed commercially as its propaganda was of general strategic importance thus applicable to all citizens.
Night Shift
One of Our Aircraft is Missing Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
Trinity House
Twenty-One Miles Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Went the Day Well? Alberto Cavalcanti
We Serve Carol Reed
Winning Your Wings John Huston and Owen Crump (uncredited) Nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary


Before the Raid Jirí Weiss
Butterfly Bombs Louise Birt
Cameramen at War
Close Quarters Jack Lee
Desert Victory Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Feature
Development of the English Town Mary Field
Fires Were Started Humphrey Jennings
Glorious Colours Alfred Travers
It's Just the Way It Is Leslie Fenton
Lift Your Heads Michael Hankinson
The People's Land Ralph Keene
Scottish Mazurka
The Silent Village Humphrey Jennings The Nazi massacre at Lidice recreated in a Welsh village
Target for Today William Keighley
Waterlight Alberto Cavalcanti
The Volunteer Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger


Aventure malgache Alfred Hitchcock
Children of the City
Clean Milk
Debris Clearance
The Great Circle
Jungle Patrol
Liberation of Rome
Men of Rochdale
New Builders
North East Corner
Out of Chaos
Road to Russia
Sailors Do Care
Soil Erosion
Towards the Offensive
Tunisian Victory Frank Capra Co-production with US
V-1: The Robot Bomb
V. 1
Western Approaches
Willing Hands


Burma Victory Roy Boulting
A Diary for Timothy Humphrey Jennings
Farm Work
Homes for the People
Song of the People
The Ten Year Plan
This Was Japan
The True Glory Carol Reed Shows the final invasion and victory in Europe; won Academy Award for Documentary Feature


In Australia the Australian News and Information Bureau, as well as the Australian Department of Information, produced the following

1941 Advance to Libya Frank Hurley
1942 Kokoda Front Line! Ken G. Hall Won Academy Award for Documentary Feature
1942 Men of Timor Damien Parer
1942 Moresby Under the Blitz Ken G. Hall
1942 Soldiers Without Uniform Charles Chauvel
1943 Assault on Salamaua
1943 The Bismarck Convoy Smashed
1945 Mid East Frank Hurley


In Canada, the National Film Board of Canada either distributed or produced the following as part of its Canada Carries On and The World in Action series.


All Out for War
Atlantic Patrol Stuart Legg
Children from Overseas Stanley Hawes
Controls for Victory Philip Ragan
Front of Steel John McDougall Narrated by Lorne Greene
Watch online
Home Front Stanley Hawes Watch online
Letter from Aldershot Stanley Hawes
Letter from Camp Borden Raymond Spottiswoode
Not Peace but a Sword Ross McLean Re-edited version of Lights Out in Europe
On Guard for Thee Stanley Hawes
Squadron 992 Frank Badgley
Timber Front Frank Badgley
Wings of Youth Raymond Spottiswoode Narrated by Lorne Greene


ACK ACK Peter Baylis French title: Défense contre avions
Battle of Brains Stanley Hawes
Call for Volunteers Radford Crawley
Churchill's Island Stuart Legg Won Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject. First NFB Oscar winner.
Fight for Liberty
Food, Weapon of Conquest Stuart Legg
Guards of the North Raymond Spottiswoode
Heroes of the Atlantic J.D. Davidson Watch online
Iceland on the Prairies Radford Crawley
The People's War
Soldiers All Stuart Legg
Strategy of Metals Raymond Spottiswoode
Strategy of Metals Graham McInnes Combination of A Call for Volunteers (above) and Ottawa, Wartime Capital
Tools of War
Warclouds in the Pacific Stuart Legg Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Who Sheds His Blood Judith Crawley
Wings of a Continent Raymond Spottiswoode


Battle for Oil Stuart Legg
Battle of the Harvests Stanley Jackson
Blitzkrieg Tactics Contains footage of Nazi film Feuertaufe
Everywhere in the World Stuart Legg Stresses Commonwealth and American solidarity
The Face of Time Graham McInnes Centenary of the Geological Survey of Canada. Contains war related information.
Ferry Pilot Stuart Legg
Field Training in Winter Stanley Hawes
Fighting Ships Graham McInnes
Forward Commandos Raymond Spottiswoode
Freighters Under Fire
Geopolitik - Hitler's Plan for Empire Stuart Legg
Great Guns Graham McInnes
If Philip Ragan
Inside Fighting Canada Jane Marsh Watch online
Inside Fighting China Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Inside Fighting Russia
Voice of Action James Beveridge Watch online


100,000 Cadets Nicholas Read
13 Platoon Julian Roffman
Action Stations Joris Ivens
A.R.P. in Schools Training children about what to do in an air raid
Banshees Over Canada[1] James Beveridge
Battle Is Our Business Julian Roffman
Battle Is Their Birthright Stuart Legg
Bombing the Nazis
Buying Fever Philip Ragan
Canada - Workshop of Victory
Canada's Youth Training Plan
Coal Face, Canada Robert Edmonds
Corvette Port Arthur Joris Ivens
Coupon Value
Curtailment of Civilian Industries Philip Ragan
Farm Front
Farmers Forum
First Aid in A.R.P.
Fighting Dutch Raymond Spottiswoode Co-produced with Netherlands Information Bureau
Fighting Norway Sydney Newman
The Gates of Italy Stuart Legg and Tom Daly Watch online
Getting out the Coal
Handle with Care George L. George
He Plants for Victory Philip Ragan Concerns Victory gardens
Industrial Workers
Proudly She Marches Jane Marsh Watch online
The War for Men's Minds Stuart Legg Watch online


According to Need Dallas Jones
Air Cadets Jane Marsh
Alaska Military Highway Julian Roffman
Back to Normal George Dunning Concerns life of war amputees
Balkan Powder Keg Stuart Legg
Battle of Europe Stuart Legg, Tom Daly
The Bayonet
Break-through James Beveridge Watch online
Canadian Army Sing-Song No. 1 Don Baker, B.K. Blake
Canadian Blood Saves Lives on All Fronts
Keep Your Mouth Shut Norman McLaren Narrated by Lorne Greene
Fortress Japan Stuart Legg
Infantry - Pride of the Army Dan Wallace
Road to the Reich Tom Daly
Target: Berlin Ernest Borneman
Train Busters
Trans-Canada Express Stanley Hawes Watch online
Zero Hour Stuart Legg


John Bull's Own Island Stuart Legg
Headline Hunters


1940 He's in the Navy George Radcliffe-Genge
1940 The Planes of Hindusthan George Radcliffe-Genge
1941 V for Victory Bibhuti Mitra
1941 Voice of Satan Ezra Mir
1941 Road to Victory Ezra Mir
1941 In Self-Defence Pittamandalam Venktatachalapathy Pathy
1942 The Golden Grain of Bharatkhand Pittamandalam Venktatachalapathy Pathy
1943 Home Front Pittamandalam Venktatachalapathy Pathy

United States

The United States had the largest film industry of any of the Allied powers, and its use for propaganda purposes is legendary. Because it was so big, there was no single governmental or semi-governmental agency that centrally controlled it. Instead, the Office of War Information co-ordinated efforts among many entities to produce propaganda:

OCIAA: Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs

OEM: Office for Emergency Management

OSS: Office of Strategic Services

USAAF: United States Army Air Forces

USASC: U.S. Army Signal Corps

USASSD: U.S. Army Special Service Division

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

USDT: United States Department of Treasury

USN: United States Navy

USDW: United States Department of War

WACMPI: War Activities Committee of the Motion Pictures Industry

Several of these films, although they have propaganda value, were used as training films for the United States armed forces.


Pre-December films given IMDb release date where available.

TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
Aluminum WACMPI
America Builds Ships WACMPI; OPM Released June 5
America Preferred WACMPI; USDT Released 20 May
Army in Overalls WACMPI; OPM Released June 5
Bits and Pieces WACMPI; OPM Released June 5
Defense Review No. 1 WACMPI
Defense Review No. 2 WACMPI
Men and Ships WACMPI; BPI Released June 23
Pots to Planes WACMPI; OEM Released November 22
Power for Defense WACMPI; NDC Released February 18
Preflight Inspection of the B-17E USASC; UASAAF War Department Training Film 1-532
Red Cross Trailer WACMPI;
Where Do We Go? WACMPI; USO Released May 28
Women in Defense WACMPI; OEM Released May 28; narrated by Katharine Hepburn; written by Eleanor Roosevelt


TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
Africa, Prelude to Victory OWI
The Arm Behind the Army USASC
Ring of Steel OEM Recruiting short, narrated by Spencer Tracy, released April 7
The Battle of Midway John Ford USN, WACMPI Academy Award for Documentary Feature 1942*
Campus on the March OWI
Colleges at War
Defense Review No. 3
Fighting the Fire Bomb
Fuel Conservation
Hemp for Victory Raymond Evans USDA
Henry Browne, Farmer USDA Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Hitler--Dead or Alive Nick Grinde
Homes for Defense
How to Fly the B-24D Airplane
Introduction to the P-39
It's Everybody's War OWI Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Japanese Relocation WACMPI; OWI Japanese American internment
Keep 'Em Rolling
Keeping Fit
Lake Carrier
Manpower OWI
Mister Gardenia Jones OWI Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Morgenthau Trailer
Night Shift Starring Danny Kaye
Why We Fight:Prelude to War Frank Capra USASSD; USASC Academy Award for Documentary Feature 1942*
Safeguarding Military Information Preston Sturges AMPAS
Servicing P-39: Bore Sighting All Guns
Sex Hygiene John Ford USASC
Training Women For War Production NYA Narrated by Eleanor Roosevelt[2]
Torpedo Squadron John Ford USN
U.S. Coast Guard
United China Relief
Winning Your Wings John Huston
Owen Crump (uncredited)
USAAF Starring James Stewart; Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
The World at War Lowell Mellett OWI
Wood for War Arthur H. Wolf USDT
Your Air Raid Warden
Your American Tragedy
  • The 1942 Academy Award for Best Documentary, whose time frame included part of 1943, was split among four films, including the two seen here. Also, that year saw the amalgamation of the feature and short subject documentary categories into a single category.


TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
A Challenge to Democracy OWI; OSS; WRA Concerns Japanese American internment
GI Bill of Rights Army-Navy Screen Magazine
Air Support USN
At the Front OWI; WACMPI
American Saboteur USDA; USFS; WACMPI
The Autobiography of a 'Jeep' Joseph Krumgold (uncredited) OWI
Brazil at War OWI; OIAA
British Torpedo Plane Tactics USN; Walt Disney Pictures
Basic Electricity, As Applied to Electronic Control Systems USN; Walt Disney Pictures
Black Marketing William Castle OWI; WACMPI
Brothers in Blood WACMPI
Chief Neeley Reports to the Nation WACMPI; USN Concerns women's auxiliary, WAVES
Combat America USAF Narrated by Clark Gable
Community Transportation OWI; WACMPI
Customs of the Service USASC
Day of Battle OWI; WACMPI
December 7th John Ford, Gregg Toland USN; USDW Won an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Destination Island X USN; WACMPI
Ditching: Before and After USAF
Dive Bombing USAF
Doctors at War OWI; WACMPI
Education for Death- The Making Of The Nazi Clyde Geronimi Based on the non-fiction book of the same name by American author Gregor Ziemer, also this film is by The Walt Disney Company, and the characters speak German
Family Feud WACMPI
Farmer at War OWI; WACMPI
The First Motion Picture Unit USAAF
Flying the P-39 USAAF
Food and Magic OWI; WACMPI
Food for Fighters OWI; WACMPI
German Industrial Manpower OSS
Handling Aviation Gasoline in the Field USAAF
His New World OWI; Narrated by Spencer Tracy
How to Fly the B-17 USAAF
How to Fly the P-47 USAAF
How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines OSS
How to Shoot a Rifle USAAF
Kill or Be Killed USA
Materials Handling in AAF Depots USAAF
Message from Malta OWI; WACMPI
Mission Accomplished OWI; WACMPI
Negro Colleges in War Time WACMPI; OWI
No Exceptions WACMPI; OWI
Oil Fires, Their Prevention and Extinguishment USAAF
Oil Is Blood WACMPI; OWI
Operation of C-1 Autopilot USAAF
Our Enemy- The Japanese USN; OWI
P-38 Flight Characteristics S.C. Burden USAAF
Paratroops WACMPI; OWI
Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter Bernard Vorhaus First Motion Picture Unit, United States Army Air Forces; OWI Starring Ronald Reagan
Reconnaissance Pilot USAAF
Report from the Aleutians John Huston WACMPI; USASC Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature
Right of Way WACMPI; OWI
Servicing P-39:Procedure for Uncrating USAAF
Servicing P-39: Synchronizing .50 Caliber Fuselage Guns USAAF
The Sikorsky Helicopter USAAF
Since Pearl Harbor WACMPI; American Red Cross Wartime activities of the Red Cross
Suckerbait USA Caution against Nazi spies
Suggestion Box WACMPI; OWI
Tank Convoy
Three Cities OWI
To the People of the United States Arthur Lubin PHS Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
Tomorrow We Fly USN Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject)
The Tree in a Test Tube Charles McDonald USDA Laurel and Hardy short about use of wood in the war effort
Troop Train WACMPI; OWI
Turbosupercharger: Flight Operation USAAF
Turbosupercharger: Master of the Skies USAAF
Uncrating and Assembly of the P-47 Thunderbolt Airplane USAAF
War Department Report Oliver Lincoln Lundquist OSS Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature
Wartime Nutrition WACMPI; OWI
We've Never Been Licked John Rawlins Texas A&M University Features William Frawley of I Love Lucy as a Japanese agent
When Work Is Done OWI
Why We Fight:The Nazis Strike Frank Capra USASSD; USASC
Why We Fight:Divide and Conquer Frank Capra USASSD; USASC
Why We Fight:The Battle of Britain Frank Capra USASSD; USASC
Why We Fight:The Battle of Russia Frank Capra USASSD; USASC Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Feature
Wings Up OWI; WACMPI; First Motion Picture Unit, United States Army Air Forces Narrated by Clark Gable
You, John Jones! Mervyn LeRoy WACMPI; Dramatic short starring James Cagney


TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
The 957th Day USN; OWI
America's Hidden Weapon WACMPI; OWI
The Articles of War USASC
At His Side WACMPI; ARC Activities of the Red Cross for that year
Attack in the Pacific
Attack! Battle of New Britain Robert Presnell Sr.
The B-17 'Flying Fortress': Elementary Ground Work USAAF
B-29 Flight Procedure and Combat Crew Functioning USAAF
The Battle for the Marianas USDW; WACMPI
Battle Stations USCG; WACMPI Concerns women's Coast guard auxiliary, SPARS
Fighting Americans Max Dresner Toddy Pictures Co. Race film made in co-operation with the US Govt.
The Fighting Lady Edward Steichen USN Won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature
Freedom Comes High Lewis Allen USN Dramatic short
Gracias Amigos OIAA Latin American contributions to the war effort
Highballing to Victory APSC; WACMPI
How to Fly the B-25 USN; WACMPI
How to Fly the B-26 Airplane USN; WACMPI
Hymn of the Nations Alexander Hammid OWI nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
It Can't Last USN;
It's Murder WACMPI
It's Your War Too WACMPI; USDW; USASC Concerns women's Army auxiliary WACS
Liberation of Rome APS; OWI; WACMPI; British Service Units
Land and Live in the Jungle USAAF
Memo for Joe Richard Fleischer WACMPI
Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress William Wyler First Motion Picture Unit, United States Army Air Forces
Motion Pictures on the Fighting Front
Movies at War USDW; WACMPI
The Negro Soldier Stuart Heisler USDW; WACMPI
No Alternative WACMPI; OWI
One Inch from Victory
The Price of Rendova USA; WACMPI
Report from the Front OWI Narrated by Humphrey Bogart
Report to Judy WACMPI; OWI Concerns the women's naval auxiliary WAVES
Return to Guam USN
Road to Victory LeRoy Prinz WACMPI
Supervising Women Workers USOE
Target: Japan USN; WACMPI
Tunisian Victory Frank Capra and Hugh Stewart USASC; British Service Units
The War Speeds Up
What Makes a Battle USAPS (with co-operation of USASC, USN, USMC etc.)
Why of Wartime Taxes WACMPI; OWI
Why We Fight: The Battle of China Frank Capra USASSD; USASC Second Sino-Japanese War
With the Marines at Tarawa Louis Hayward WACMPI; OWI Authentic footage of the Battle of Tarawa, filmed by the photographers of the 2nd Marine Division; won an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject


TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
6th Marine Division on Okinawa USMC Battle of Okinawa
Airborne Lifeboat USAAF
The All-Star Bond Rally Michael Audley USDT; WACMPI;
The Atom Strikes! APS;USASC;USDW Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Battle of San Pietro John Huston WACMPI; APS Battle of San Pietro Infine
Birth of the B-29 APS;AAF;USDW
Brought to Action USN;WACMPI
Bulletin on the Okinawa Operation USMC Battle of Okinawa
Carriers Hit Tokyo! Ed Herlihy Universal Studios 5 min. 19 s,
D-Day: The Normandy Invasion Operation Overlord
D-Day -1 Operation Overlord
Death Mills Billy Wilder USASC Holocaust
The Enemy Strikes WACMPI; APS Battle of the Bulge
The Fight for the Sky WACMPI;USAAF Air war over Europe; Narrated by Ronald Reagan
The Fleet That Came to Stay Budd Boetticher WACMPI; OWI Battle of Okinawa
Fury in the Pacific WACMPI; USA; USN; USMC
Glamour Gal USMC Artillery in the Battle of Iwo Jima
Here is Germany Frank Capra Occupation orientation
Hollywood Victory Caravan William D. Russell WACMPI; USDT Hollywood USO
Intelligence and the Japanese Civilian USMC Occupation orientation
The Last Bomb Frank Lloyd USAAF Operation Matterhorn; Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Feature
Know Your Enemy: Japan Frank Capra and Joris Ivens
Mr. and Mrs. America USDT Bond drive
My Japan USDT
The Negro Sailor Henry Levin USN
Okinawa Bulletin #2: Final Phases USMC Battle of Okinawa
On to Tokyo WACMPI; APS
Our Job in Japan WACMPI; APS
Pearl Harbor Payback Air Force dogfights and B-29 raids on Japan
Remember These Faces USN; USCG; USMC Wounded in Action marines and sailors in the Pacific
Seeing Them Through WACMPI; American Red Cross Activities of the Red Cross the previous year
The Ship That Wouldn't Die
Story with Two Endings Lee Strasberg
The Stilwell Road USASC; British and Indian film units Narrated by Ronald Reagan
The Story of the 14th Air Force Photographers of the 14th Air Force The Flying Tigers
Target Tokyo USAAF
Target Invisible DOT The use of Radar in the War
Time to Kill USAAF; USN
To the Shores of Iwo Jima OWI; WACMPI Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
The Town Josef von Sternberg OWI; WACMPI
Tuesday in November John Houseman OWI; WACMPI
The True Glory Garson Kanin and Carol Reed OWI; British Ministry of Information Won Academy Award for Documentary Feature
Two Down and One to Go Frank Capra WACMPI; USAPS
The Two-Way Street WACMPI About the Lend-Lease program
Watchtower Over Tomorrow John Cromwell OWI; WACMPI Concerns Dumbarton Oaks and the founding of the UN
Why We Fight:War Comes to America Frank Capra USASSD; USASC
Wings for This Man USAAF About the Tuskegee Airmen. Narrated by Ronald Reagan
Your Job In Germany Frank Capra USAAF Written by Dr. Seuss. Concerns occupation of Germany


TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
A Tale of Two Cities USDW; Army-Navy Screen Magazine Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
That Justice Be Done George Stevens OWI; OSS; WACMPI Nuremberg Trials
Seeds of Destiny Gene Fowler Jr. USDW; UNRRA Asks public for humanitarian aid to post-war Europe and Asia
Special Delivery USDW; Army-Navy Screen Magazine Operation Crossroads (the atomic tests bombings on Bikini Atoll)


TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
Don't Be a Sucker USDW Anti-intolerance film
Thunderbolt! William Wyler USDW About US airstrikes in Italy; introduced by Jimmy Stewart

Year uncertain

TitleDirectorAgencies or Organizations involvedNotes
Know Your Ally: Britain OWI; USASC
Victory Gardens USDA

Netherlands and Belgium

The low countries were overrun by Nazi Germany in the May–June 1940 blitzkrieg. The Dutch East Indies, the Netherlands most important colony, was conquered by Japan in early 1942. However each had a government in exile which set up the Belgian Ministry of Information and Netherlands Information Bureau, which produced the following films. There were also films made by the resistance while the respective countries were occupied.

Year Title Director Agency Notes
1941 Belgique toujours Hippolyte De Kempeneer Belgian resistance movement Dutch title: Immer België; English title Forever Belgium
1942 Little Belgium Belgian Ministry of Information Nominated for Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
1942 People of the Indies Netherlands Information Bureau
1942 Holland in the Western Hemisphere Netherlands Information Bureau
1942 High Stakes in the East Netherlands Information Bureau
1942 The Dutch Next Door Netherlands Information Bureau
1943 Glorious Colours Alfred Travers Netherlands Information Bureau

Soviet Union

In the Soviet Union, unless otherwise noted, the Central Newsreel Studio produced these films.

YearTitleDirectorOriginal titleNote
1941 For the Front Gurgen Balasanyan Razmatchakati hamar Produced by Armkinokhronika
1941 Fascist Boots Shall Not Trample Our Motherland A.Ivanov & I.Vano Не топтать фашистскому сапогу НАШЕЙ РОДИНЫ Produced by Soyuzmultfilm
1942 Day of War Mikhail Slutsky День войны/Den voiny
1942 Leningrad in Combat Roman Karmen Ленинград в борьбе/Leningrad v borbe
1942 Crushing Defeat of the German Troops under Moscow Ilya Kopalin Разгром немецких войск под Москвой
1943 Ukraine in Flames Aleksandr Dovzhenko & Yuliya Solntseva Битва за нашу Советскую Украину
1943 The People's Avengers Vasili Belayev Народные мстители/Narodniye mstiteli
1943 Stalingrad Leonid Varlamov
1943 The City That Stopped Hitler: Heroic Stalingrad Narrated by Brian Donlevy
1943 In the Sands of Central Asia Aleksandr Zguridi В песках Средней Азии/V peskakh Sredney Azii
1943 Przysiegamy ziemi polskiej Aleksander Ford Title in Polish
1944 Sons of Armenia Gurgen Balasanyan Hayastani zavaknere Produced by Armkinokhronika
1944 K voprosu o peremirii s Finlyandiey Yuli Raizman Produced by Sojuzintorgkino Studios
1945 Fall of Berlin – 1945 Yuli Raizman & Yelizaveta Svilova Битва за Берлин 1945 г.
1945 Victory in the Ukraine and the Expulsion of the Germans from the Boundaries of the Ukrainian Soviet Earth Aleksandr Dovzhenko & Yelizaveta Svilova Pobeda na Pravoberezhnoi Ukraine i izgnaniye nemetsikh zakhvatchikov za predeli Ukrainskikh sovietskikh zemel
1945 The Rout of Japan Iosif Kheifits Razgrom Yaponii

Soviet films made for foreign markets

In addition to the above the Soviet cinema import company Artkino produced the following for foreign markets.

1942 Our Russian Front Joris Ivens & Lewis Milestone Narrated by Walter Huston
1942 Moscow Strikes Back Ilya Kopalin & Leonid Varlamov Nominated for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject
1943 Russians at War
1947 The Nuremberg Trials C Svilov Soviet view of the Nuremberg Trials

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