Liselotte Ebnet

Liselotte Ebnet, also Ammann-Ebnet (11 February 1932 – 25 September 2009) was a German operetta soprano and mezzo soprano, as well as an actress and dubbing artist.[1]

Ebnet was the third wife of the actor Lukas Ammann. The couple, who married in 1959, had a son who died at the age of six after a fall from a balcony. She died in Munich at age 77.

Discography (partial)

  • Der König und ich, Label: Philips 1966
  • Und der Himmel hängt voller Geigen, Label: Sonocord 1982 (2 LPs)
  • Viktoria und ihr Husar/Blume von Hawai, Label: Eurodisc 1990
  • Das Feuerwerk, Label: Hamburger Archiv für Gesangskuns



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