Lips of Lurid Blue

Lips of Lurid Blue (Italian: Labbra di lurido blu, also known as With Lips of Lurid Blue and With Lips of Filthy Blue) is a 1975 erotic drama film written and directed by Giulio Petroni.[1][2][3]

Lips of Lurid Blue
Directed byGiulio Petroni
Written byFranco Bottari
Giulio Petroni
StarringLisa Gastoni
Corrado Pani
Music byEnnio Morricone
CinematographyGábor Pogány
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)


Traumatized when they were children, her by erotic effusions of her parents, him by a repulsive experience of sexual initiation built by the fathers, Elli has become nymphomaniac, Marco homosexual. Perhaps to find a way out from their deviations, perhaps to support each other, the two are married. The marriage, however, does not solve their problems, nor will be facilitated by the unexpected return of George, the English antiquarian already "friend" of Mark, who now struggle to snatch Elli. Nuanced, for the woman, the encounter with a solitary writer who could heal; rejected, by Marco, one last chance for salvation, broke the tragedy: the professor kills the girl who loves him and then throws himself from a tower, under the eyes of Elli and George.



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