Linux Voice

Linux Voice was a Linux and open source magazine (print and digital) which began publication in the UK in April 2014. It was sold on news-stands around the world.

Linux Voice
The first issue of Linux Voice
EditorGraham Morrison
Frequency12 per year
First issue2014 (2014)
Final issueSeptember 2016
CountryUnited Kingdom


The magazine started as a result of a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in late 2013, which raised over £120,000.[1] The editorial staff of the magazine came entirely from the UK magazine Linux Format. They resigned to pursue a different agenda in magazine/online publishing.[2][3] Editorial Director Andrew Gregory claimed the magazine would return a portion of profits to "the community that we serve".[3]

The magazine shared 50% of its yearly profits with reader voted FOSS projects. The profits were split between 'software' and 'projects and distros' with the top 3 winners in each category receiving a part of the total funds. In 2015 the winners in the software category were Scribus which was awarded £1000, GIMP was awarded £300 and Inkscape was awarded £200. In the projects and distros category, the Open Rights Group was awarded £1000, the Electronic Frontier Foundation was awarded £300 and the Free Software Foundation was awarded £200.[4]

Nine months after an issue was published, it was made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license for all to read without charge in both PDF and ePub formats.[5]

On 27 October 2016 it was announced that Linux Voice was merging with Linux Magazine.[6]


In addition to the magazine, the team produced a fortnightly podcast covering Linux and wider free software issues. This continued after the closure of the magazine before ending in November 2017.[7]


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