Linstead is a town in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica in the West Indies. In 1991 its population was 14,144. It is located 12 mi/19 km NNW of Spanish Town.


Close to Ewarton and Windalco Ewarton works, a large aluminum plant employing many of the local population. Often employing a job share scheme as work in the area is scarce. It holds a Grand Market celebration each Christmas Eve when people come out and fill the streets, small shops sell toys and other Christmas gifts, and events and parties are held in the square. It was popularized in the song Linstead Market.


Victoria All Age

  • Trinity Preparatory
  • Saint Dominic Preparatory School
  • Bread of Life Preparatory
  • Mickleton Preparatory
  • Victoria Primary
  • Wakefield Primary
  • McGrath High School

Notable natives


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