Line of succession to the former Yugoslav throne

Law of succession

The succession is determined by Article 36 of the Constitution of 1931, which states 'King Alexander I, of the Karageorge dynasty Reigns over the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. King Alexander I shall be succeeded by his male descendants in the order of primogeniture'. The order of succession after Crown Prince Alexander is:[1]

Art. 37. If the King has no male descendants, he shall designate his heir from the collateral line. If the King has not prior to his death designated his heir, Parliament shall in joint session elect a King from the same dynasty.

Current situation

Article 37 of the Constitution of 1931 states that, should there be no eligible descendants of King Alexander, the reigning monarch has the right to designate heir presumptive from the collateral lines of the House of Karađorđević. In case the monarch died without designating an heir, the Parliament would have had a right to elect a new monarch. The living male members of the collateral line of the House of Karađorđević are marked with an asterisk (*) in the above list.

Line of succession on 29 December 1945


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