Line I (Buenos Aires Underground)

Line I is a planned addition to the Buenos Aires Underground.

Line I will run Parque Chacabuco ("Directorio") to Ciudad Universitaria with 18 new stations. The route length is 12.6 km. The future of this line (which had the lowest priority in the expansion plans) is currently uncertain since it has been proposed that a Metrobus line be built instead, which would follow the same trajectory as the line.[1]

The first phase would include a route from Parque Chacabuco to Plaza Italia ("Serrano"), having 6,6 km and 10 stations.[2]

Phase 1

This line is planned as follows:

Serrano - Directorio

Costa Rica
Díaz Vélez
Pedro Goyena

Phase 2

  • Palermo (interchange to Line D)
  • Chenaut
  • Jorge Newbery
  • Teodoro García
  • Virrey del Pino
  • Barrancas de Belgrano


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