Lin Rong-San

Lin Rong-san (Chinese: 林榮三; 27 May 1939 – 28 November 2015) was a Taiwanese politician, publisher and businessman. He was the founder of Union Bank of Taiwan, and the publisher of Liberty Times and Taipei Times.[2]

Lin Rong-san
Born(1939-05-27)27 May 1939
Died28 November 2015(2015-11-28) (aged 76)
Taipei, Taiwan
OccupationFounder, Union Bank of Taiwan; publisher of Liberty Times and Taipei Times
Net worth$3.9 billion (November 2015)[1]


He won election to the Legislative Yuan in 1975, and was named Vice President of the Control Yuan in 1992, but stepped down to focus on the Liberty Times.[3]

In June 2008, Forbes magazine ranked him as the seventh richest of Taiwan, with a net worth of US$2.7 billion.[4] Lin fell to eighth on the same list in 2010,[5] then slid to tenth in 2011.[6] In November 2015, his fortune was valued at US$3.9 billion.[1] Lin was awarded the Order of Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon by Lee Teng-hui in 2000, followed by the Order of Propitious Clouds with Grand Cordon from Chen Shui-bian in 2008.[7]

His older brother is the billionaire real estate developer Lin Yu-lin.

Personal life

Lin died at home in Taipei on 28 November 2015, from cardiopulmonary failure caused by a tumor.[8]


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